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Here it is: the linchpin of the entire Phantasy Star Ultimate project, the PSU Timeline. We've plotted nearly every significant event in the PSU universe, and use it to construct all our stories. If our efforts pay off, you won't find any contradictions here at all. You'll notice that many entries are [CENSORED]. This means that there's some event under there that we'd rather surprise you with in a story rather than telling you outright. As the stories progress, new entries will be added. Changes will be listed at the top of the page so you don't have to go pouring through the whole document.

If you find yourself a bit confused at some of the claims and assertions in this timeline, look over the special Timeline Companion; it will answer many of your questions.

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By Jim Maxlow and Michael Ripplinger
(james@maxlow.net and mike@camineet.net)

SC = Space Century (Algo's calendar)
EY = Earth Year (Earth's calendar)
AW = After W-- (Earth's post-disaster calendar)

Billions of years ago

Great Light Battle
A spiritual entity splits into two separate beings, the Great Light and the Profound Darkness. The two beings battle for many, many years before the Great Light finally traps the Profound Darkness in another dimension, using the three planets of the Algo star system as a seal on the dimensional portal.

Knowing that, eventually, the Profound Darkness will be able to release the most vile and destructive aspect of his personality into our dimension once every 1000 years, the Great Light creates the planet Rykros in Algo to warn Algo's Protectors of Dark Force's arrival.

100,000 Years Before Phantasy Star I (Earth year 97,628 BC)

The Profound Darkness, no longer weakened by his battle with the Great Light, begins to send Dark Forces into our dimension once every 1000 years. Meanwhile, to combat this threat, the Great Light uses representatives from each of Algo's peoples -- the Palmans, the Motavians, and the Dezorians -- and creates the Desans, a secret society of Protectors whose sole purpose is to travel to Rykros every 1000 years and stop the Dark Forces as they emerge from the interdimensional gateway. To aid in their mission, the Great Light gives [CENSORED]

SC 332.00 / EY 1372

The Desans travel to Rykros for the 100th time to stop Dark Force as he enters our dimension. The Profound Darkness, however, spreads this millennium's Dark Force over Algo slowly, and monsters begin roaming the land. Dark Force finally takes shape at Dezoris, where he eliminates the Dezorian Desans before doing the same on Motavia and Palma. The Desans who had traveled to Rykros return to Palma and defeat Dark Force, but not before the demon manages to conquer them, as well. Only one Desan, a Palman, survives, and he [CENSORED]

SC 339.14 / EY 2086 / AW 0

A massive disaster involving the planet Earth's climate control systems begins to graudually tear the planet apart. The disaster is so severe and life-altering -- dooming the planet to a slow death -- that the standard Gregorian calendar is replaced in some circles by a new post-disaster calendar abbreviated as "AW."

SC 339.35 / EY 2107 / AW 21

Alisa III
Alisa III arrives at the planet Earth after traveling through a black hole and backwards through time. The ship is heavily damaged by the encounter with the black hole and it crashes on Earth's moon.

The people of planet Earth, who realize that because of their tampering, Earth has only about 100 years of life left, begin examining the crashed Alisa III and learning its technology. They build their own ship, Noah, using parts from the Alisa III, especially the large engine architecture. Unbeknownst to them, they bring a Dark Force with them, who hides in the engines of Noah, building strength.

SC 339.85 / EY 2157 / AW 71

The Earthmen launch the space ship Noah with 1000 of their people aboard and head towards the Algo star system (which they learn about through the Alisa III's computer), where they plan to join the people of Motavia in peaceful coexistence.

Almost immediately after the ship's launch, the Dark Force aboard [CENSORED].

SC 339.88 / EY 2160 / AW 74

The space ship Noah clears Earth's solar system.

SC 340.00 / EY 2172 / AW 86

Space travel is discovered in the Algo Star System. This allows Motavia and Dezoris to be colonized by the Palmans.

SC 341.69 / EY 2341 / AW 255

Odin is born on Palma.

SC 341.78 / EY 2350 / AW 264

The King of Algo dies. He has no living heir, and so before his death chooses one of his most trusted advisors, a man named Alex Ossale, to become the new king.

SC 341.80 / EY 2352 / AW 266

Nero Landale
Nero Landale is born on Palma to King and Queen Ossale.

Noah is born to an Esper couple on Palma.

SC 341.81 / EY 2353 / AW 267

King Ossale, becoming fed-up with governing his people from afar, leaves for Dezoris, where he plans to help build the new Palman colony. He names his good friend Lassic to serve as King during his absence.

Governor Sirus
Sirus is named Governor of Motavia, and oversees all Palman colonies on the planet.

SC 341.82 / EY 2354 / AW 268

Alis Landale
King and Queen Ossale arrive on Dezoris with their son, Nero, where they help expand the Skure settlement. Shortly thereafter, Alis Landale, future Protector of Algo, is born to the royal couple.

SC 341.83 / EY 2355 / AW 269

For nebulous reasons, Queen Ossale is killed by the Dezorians and King Ossale is imprisoned. A sympathetic Dezorian conveys his wishes to the people of Skure: no attempt is to be made to rescue him, and his children are to be taken to Palma, to be raised under Lassic's care.

Sirus, the man chosen by the people of Paseo (and confirmed by Lassic) to serve as Governor of Motavia, is warned by Tajim, an Esper friend, not to put the Landale children into Lassic's care. Sirus obeys and gives the children to a family on Palma. He tells them the children's parents were miners on Motavia killed in an accident. Sirus tells Lassic and the people of their former home, Skure, that the children were killed when their space ship crashed on Motavia. Nero and Alis are raised with no knowledge of who they really are.

SC 341.88 / EY 2360 / AW 274

The Earth space ship Noah arrives in the Algo star system. The Dark Force aboard plans to merge with the next Dark Force that is sent through the interdimensional gate, but in the meantime, he sends several of the Earthmen to Dezoris to search for the Aero-prism, so that he may destroy Algo's secret fourth planet, Rykros, and allow the Profound Darkness to reenter this dimension when his prison's seal is at its weakest.

SC 341.89 / EY 2361 / AW 275

As the settlements on Motavia have grown too large to be effectively governed by a single individual, the Paseo Council is formed.

SC 341.95 / EY 2367 / AW 281

Myau is born on Palma.

SC 341.96 / EY 2368 / AW 282

King Lassic, though still a popular ruler, starts to become fearful of growing old. He brings several Espers to his kingdom, asking them to attempt to find the secrets of immortality.


SC 341.98 / EY 2370 / AW 284

Unable to find the aero-prism after ten years of searching, Dark Force sends a group of 20 Earthmen on a new mission. Posing as alien monks, the Earthmen present a new suit of armor to King Lassic, promising immortality to he who wears it. The armor, forged by the power of Dark Force, corrupts Lassic, and he begins to worship Dark Force as his god. Because the Earthmen know that magic users are a threat to their plans, they convince Lassic to banish the Espers from his kingdom and from all of Palma, forcing them to flee to Motavia and Dezoris, or live in hiding on Palma.


Lassic's Air Castle
In order to protect Lassic from rebellion, Dark Force raises Lassic's castle into the sky above Baya Malay and uses magic to hide it from the naked eye.

Odin and Myau meet. The young Musk Cat leaves his family and people to join the warrior in order to restore freedom to Palma.

SC 341.99 / EY 2371 / AW 285

Outrageous taxes become a burden to the people of Palma. Business on all three planets shuts down and entire towns fall into decay.

SC 342.00 / EY 2372 / AW 286

Lutz is born on Palma to the Esper couple of Rie and April.

King Lassic closes the spaceports to all except travelers with official roadpasses.

Phantasy Star I
PHANTASY STAR I and PHANTASY STAR -- THE EPIC: Alis' brother Nero, a leader in the Palman resistance movements, is killed by the robotcops in Camineet. Alis vows to avenge him, and seeks a warrior named Odin. She eventually frees both Myau and Odin, who have been together for a bit less than 2 years. They meet Sirus, who does not reveal to them Alis' true heritage. Noah, the student of the great Esper Tajim, joins them. Lassic closes the spaceports to all but his own men, and so the heroes get a spaceship from Dr. Luveno, whom they free from Gothic Prison. They travel between the three planets, gathering mystical weapons and artifacts necessary to confront the tyrant king. In a climatic battle, they finally meet and destroy evil King Lassic, whose magical floating castle explodes with his demise.

But a message from Master Tajim sends them racing back to Motavia to confront an unknown evil in the Governor's Mansion. Inside, they meet the Dark Force, an demon from another dimension. Battling heroically, all but Alis are slain by the monster... but using the power of her fallen comrades and the mystical Aero-Prism, Alis destroys the Dark Force and her friends are resurrected. The battle for Algo is over.

It is at this time that Sirus, in the company of Tajim, finally tells Alis of her true heritage... of her mother and father, the fates that befell them, and how she and her brother were hidden under the Governor's order. As the only surviving heir to King Alex Ossale, Alis is offered the position of Queen of Algo. She accepts.

SC 342.01 / EY 2373 / AW 287



SC 342.02 / EY 2374 / AW 288

The assembled Espers on Dezoris, led by Master Noah, build their new home, Esper Mansion. Sometime after the mansion is built, Noah blesses nine items with "Nei," or power, turning them into special "items of Nei" to be used for the mansion's protection, should it ever come under attack.

SC 342.15 / EY 2387 / AW 301

THE FALL OF ESPER MANSION: While Master Noah is away training a group of students in the city of Skure, Dezorian army troops destroy Esper Mansion, killing everyone there and taking all of the items of Nei except the Neisword. Meanwhile, in Skure, another group of Dezorian army soldiers attack Noah and the Esper students. The Dezorians are defeated, and in the aftermath of the battles, Noah uses his magic and that of the students to trash Skure, rebuild Esper Mansion, and create the Crevice and the Alplatin Plateau's force field, though this powerful act of magic nearly kills Noah and destroys the powers of all the students save one. Noah dies soon after, and Lutz, the only student to retain his telemental power, assumes Esper leadership.

In the tumultuous days following the mansion's destruction and recreation, one of the powerless Esper students, a girl named Sophie, leaves the mansion. Speaking with his deceased Master through Elsydeon, Lutz is instructed by Noah to cryogenically sleep through the next several centuries, waking every ten years to attempt to restore power to the Half-Espers, as the powerless students come to be known. Lutz then spends the next five years in suspended animation.

SC 342.20 / EY 2392 / AW 306

Lutz, after cryogenically sleeping for five years to restore his power, awakens and uses the aero-prism to hide Menobe, Guaron, Ikuto, and Naval from the naked eye, effectivelly removing the Nei items stored within them from the Dezorians' posession. He also visits Sophie, who has married a Dezorian man in Aukba and has given birth to his child, and tells her she is welcome back in the mansion whenever she wishes.

SC 347.59 / EY 2931 / AW 845

[CENSORED], Mother Brain is brought to the planet Palma. The network later spreads to Motavia and Dezoris, though no one learns where Mother Brain is or who created it for over four centuries.

SC 351.65 / EY 3337 / AW 1251

July 1: Rudolf Steiner is born on Motavia.

SC 351.66 / EY 3338 / AW 1252

A Dezorian couple bears their first child, a boy named A'Jole. A'Jole later learns he is a descendent of Sophie, the Esper that Lutz allowed to leave Esper Mansion in SC 342.15.

SC 351.68 / EY 3340 / AW 1254

A Dezorian child, A'Jemm, is born. When "birth defects" are discovered, he is abandoned in the wilderness. Later, he is rescued and lives as D'zkot, future Sinc'tekkan and Pai'tekkan of Dezoris and founder of the New Order.

SC 351.76 / EY 3347 / AW 1262

Anna Zirski is born on Motavia.

SC 351.77 / EY 3349 / AW 1263

April 26: Amy Sage is born on Motavia.

Ricktus Tenbern is born on Motavia.

SC 351.79 / EY 3351 / AW 1265

April 1: Shir Gold is born in Paseo on Motavia.

September 17: Rolf is born in Paseo on Motavia.

Twin brothers, Orakio and Rukalir, are born on Motavia.

December 9th: Josh Kain is born on Motavia.

SC 351.81 / EY 3353 / AW 1267

June 14: Hugh Thompson is born on Motavia.

SC 351.82 / EY 3354 / AW 1268

Kip is born on Motavia.

SC 351.83 / EY 3355 / AW 1269

Rudolf Steiner enters the Paseo Military Academy.

SC 351.86 / EY 3358 / AW 1272

Rudolf Steiner meets Alizabeth Fromen at the Paseo Military Academy's formal ball.

Anna and her family vacation on Uzo Island. On one day of their trip, Anna's older brother pushes her into the water, knowing she can't swim.

SC 351.87 / EY 3359 / AW 1273

Rudolf Steiner graduates from the Paseo Military Academy.

SC 351.89 / EY 3361 / AW 1275

Rudolf Steiner and Alizabeth Fromen are married.

SC 351.90 / EY 3362 / AW 1276

Young Rolf
A prototype space ship called the Outworlder blasts off from Dezoris on Algoian Space Command Flight 1000 -- the first manned flight destined to leave the Algo system itself. The ship is piloted by Captain Grent Hansen, and the ship's passengers include Kendel Hansen, Grent's wife and the theorist who helped design and build the Outworlder's trans-light drive; and Rolf, Grent and Kendel's son.

Shortly after take-off, the Outworlder collides with a passenger space ship entering Dezoris from Motavia. All aboard both ships are killed except Rolf, who is saved by Lutz.

In the aftermath of the accident which claimed the lives of Rolf's parents, the use of any spaceship is prohibited.

Rolf moves in with a foster family in Paseo on Motavia.

SC 351.92 / EY 3364 / AW 1278

Ricktus Tenbern's parents kick him out of their house.

SC 351.93 / EY 3365 / AW 1279

Pai'tekkan K'Cren of Dezoris names Commander D'zkot his Sinc'tekkan. Shortly thereafter, D'zkot forms the New Order, a secret group whose ultimate goal is more militaristic rule of Dezoris.

SC 351.94 / EY 3366 / AW 1280

Ricktus Tenbern is arrested for the first time.

SC 351.95 / EY 3367 / AW 1281

D'zkot builds the New Order's first space ship and travels outside of the Algo star system, where he begins to gain the materials necessary to build a fleet of space ships for the New Order.

SC 351.96 / EY 3368 / AW 1282

A resident of Paseo named Naris Borland makes several public speeches declaring his anti-Mother Brain beliefs and lifestyle. He is almost unanimously ignored by the citizens of the city. Later, he is discovered dead in his home.

SC 351.97 / EY 3369 / AW 1283

The Palmans begin constructing Wren-type androids.

SC 351.98 / EY 3370 / AW 1284

An accident at Biosystems Lab creates Neifirst, the first Biomonster. Later, it is revealed that it wasn't an "accident" at all: Mother Brain created Neifirst from a mix of [CENSORED]. Neifirst's sole purpose is to create other Biomonsters.

Rolf begins work for the Commander of Motavia as an Agent of the government.

Biomonster Hunters begin appearing across Motavia.

Jennifer Steiner is born to Rudolf and Liz Steiner on Motavia.

SC 351.99 / EY 3371 / AW 1285

Young Nei
August 30th: Nei, "the human who was not a human," somehow seperates herself from Neifirst and escapes from her "sister."

Rolf rescues Nei from persecution at the hands of a group of people in Paseo who fear her because of her half-Biomonster side. Nei comes to live with Rolf in his house.

Captain Rudolf Steiner of the Palman Army returns home to find his wife Liz and daughter Jennifer killed by Biomonsters. Soon afterward, he joins the Hunters.

SC 352.00 / EY 3372 / AW 1286

The Wren-type android who will travel with Chaz Ashley is created.

The seal on the Profound Darkness's interdimensional prison is weakened enough to allow one of his minions, Dark Force, through and into our dimension. This new Dark Force is actually [CENSORED]. Sensing the seal has opened, the [CENSORED].

Star II
PHANTASY STAR II: June 2: In Paseo's Central Tower, the Commander of Motavia, fed up with the Biomonsters roaming Mota's landscape, sends his best Agent, Rolf, on a mission to locate the Biosystems Lab's recorder and find out why the Biomonsters were created. Nei, a one year-old half-human, half-Biomonster, whom Rolf considers a sister, accompanies him on his quest. When they travel to Arima, the town closest to Paseo, they find that scoundrels from Shure have destroyed the town with dynamite bombs and have taken Tiem, daughter of Darum, hostage. Before Rolf and Nei go to Shure, a Hunter named Rudolf "Rudo" Steiner joins the group. Rudo was an Army soldier who became a Hunter after his wife and daughter were killed by Biomonsters.

In Shure, Rolf, Nei, and Rudo find a letter which says Tiem has been taken to the Tower of Nido. At the Tower of Nido, they finally rescue Tiem, who reveals that it is her father, Darum, who has been mugging travelers attempting to cross the North Bridge. Feeling she can stop him, Tiem asks Rolf to taker her to Darum. When they arrive at the North Bridge, Darum murders Tiem, and after he realizes he has killed his own daughter, he turns his knife on himself.

After crossing the North Bridge, Rolf's party arrives in Oputa, where Rolf learns the Musik technique from Ustvestia the Musician. During a quick stop home in Paseo, the Doctor Amy Sage joins Rolf's party, and then the four travelers venture to Biosystems Lab.

They bring the lab's recorder to the Central Tower, where the Librarian tells Rolf and his party that a power surge created something terrible, and Biosystems Lab was shut down immediately. She gives Rolf a key tube for the Zema Bridge, and Biologist Hugh Thompson joins Rolf's party. In the city of Zema, Rolf learns of the Roron garbage dump. After traveling there, one of the garbage handlers tells Rolf of a jet scooter he built. Rolf and his group then visit the towns of Piata and Kueri, where the Professor tells them about Maruera Leaves. After a quick trip to Uzo Island, they give the Professor a Maruera Leaf and in turn, the Professor makes Maruera Gum for them, so that they can breathe underwater and reach Climatrol.

By this time, Anna the Guardian, Kain the Wrecker, and Shir the Thief have all joined Rolf's search for the truth about Mother Brain. At Climatrol, Nei is reunited with Neifirst, the very first Biomonster created by Mother Brain, and Nei's "sister," in a sense. Rolf and company defeat Neifirst, destroying Climatrol in the process, but not before Neifirst can kill Nei.

The destruction of Climatrol drops enormous amounts of rain onto Motavia. The lake near Paseo and Zema becomes flooded, and the towns themselves will soon share the same fate unless Rolf and his friends can unlock the four dams. However, when they return to Paseo, they learn that they are now wanted by the Palman government for the destruction of Climatrol. After using the Musik technique to find the control cards for the four dams, Rolf unlocks them one by one. When he unlocks the final dam, Green Dam, the government finally catches up with him, and huge Army Eye robots capture the group and put them on the Gaira space satellite, where they are to be brought to Palma to stand trial.

When Rolf and friends reach the control room of Gaira, alarms go off, and Mother Brain alters the prison ship's course towards Palma. Tyler, the Space Pirate, barely rescues Rolf in time before Gaira crashes into Palma and Algo's capital planet explodes.

Tyler returns Rolf to Paseo. After having searched all of Motavia and still not finding Mother Brain, Commander instructs Rolf to travel to Dezoris, Algo's ice world.

After visiting the Dezorian towns Zosa, Aukba, and Ryuon, Rolf and his group enter a secret underground cavern called the Crevice. When they exit on the other side, they find themselves on the Alplatin Plateau and standing before Esper Mansion. Inside, Lutz, Algo's last telemental, wakes up out of a hibernation chamber. He gives Rolf a magic aero-prism, which reveals four hidden dungeons across Dezoris. In them, Rolf and his group find the eight items of Nei. Armed with them, and with the Neisword, which Lutz gives Rolf, the group travels to the space ship Noah, the home of Mother Brain.

There, Rolf and his group battle and defeat Dark Force before finally finding the Mother Brain computer. After they defeat her, they meet her creators: the last survivors of a planet named Earth. The Earthmen intend to take Motavia for their own, and will not let Rolf, Rudo, Anna, Hugh, Amy, Kain, and Shir stop them. The seven heroes battle the Earthmen.

During Rolf's quest, the people of Palma, realizing Mother Brain's intentions are evil, evacuate the planet in 400 enormous space ships. Palma is destroyed when the Gaira space satellite crashes into its surface. Dark Force, after being defeated by Rolf, jumps onto one of the ships and begins destroying them one by one.

One of the escaping Palman ships, the Gaiden, suffers extreme damage when it is partially caught in Palma's explosion. The ship limps into orbit around Motavia, but system-wide failures throughout what remains of the ship shuts down life-supports ystems, and all aboard perish.

Rolf and friends return to Motavia, which has been thrown into a Dark Age without Mother Brain. The file on Rolf's quest is sealed by the Commander, and Rudolf Steiner becomes an Agent.

SC 352.01 / EY 3373 / AW 1287

Space Pirate Tyler Jorran passes through Algo on errands for Anna and the Guardians. For payment, Anna gives Tyler a Polezi robot the Guardians stole and reprogrammed. L-479 becomes Tyler's co-pilot.

A band of Rebels, whose desire is to overthrow Motavia's government and establish a monarchy with Rolf as King, arises on Motavia.

Lutz, sensing the presence of an evil telemental, faces D'zkot, whom he intends to kill before he can threaten all of Algo. D'zkot, however, wins the mental battle and erases from Lutz's mind all of his knowledge of D'zkot, and in the process, somehow blocks his future activities from Lutz's precognitive powers.

Tyler Jorran and L-479 steal the Hell Runner from a fellow space pirate at Stoi'ra, a moon a few systems away from Algo.

The Palma Memorial in the Central Gardens is dedicated.

AGENT'S DESTINY: Rolf and Rudo help Anna, Kip, and the other Guardians fight off a group of Rebels after they detonate a bomb in Paseo's Central Gardens. Kip later learns the name of the Rebels' leader -- Ricktus Tenbern -- and the location of their secret base: Biosystems Lab. Rolf, Rudo, Anna, and Kip, along with Kain and Shir, raid the fortress and discover a chemical called F-5, which Rolf takes a sample of and heads to Dezoris to have in analyzed at Esper Mansion.

On the way to Dezoris, Rolf is ambushed by a mysterious fighter. His destruction is imminent when Space Pirate Tyler Jorran and his co-pilot the Polezi robot L-479 appear in their ship, the Hell Runner. As they finish the journey to Dezoris, Tyler tells Rolf that the ship that attacked him was Dezorian, but, oddly enough, was not launched from Dezoris.

Rolf and Tyler arrive at Esper Mansion, where Biologist Hugh Thompson and Doctor Amy Sage begin analyzing the F-5 while Tyler takes the Espers' Ice Digger to Aukba and Lutz reveals to Rolf that Rolf is an Esper. Meanwhile, Commander D'zkot, Sinc'tekkan of Dezoris and the Rebels' true leader, assassinates Dezoris's ruler, Pai'tekkan K'Cren.

Tyler encounters a Dezorian named A'Jole, who was trying to reach Esper Mansion. Both are captured by D'zkot's forces and held in Menobe. Rolf, Lutz, and L-479 come to Tyler's rescue. During the battle, D'zkot confronts Lutz, revealing that Lutz tried to destroy him several months earlier, but that D'zkot overpowered him and erased the memory from his mind. Tyler is rescued, but now Lutz is shattered. Rolf returns him to Esper Mansion, where Hugh tells him F-5 is capable of killing everyone on Motavia.

Rolf and Tyler prepare to return to Motavia to warn the Agents, but before they do, Lutz tells Rolf he must "visit Palma."

Back in Paseo, the Rebels attack the Central Tower, nearly destroying it. Rudo and the other Agents fight back and eventually the Rebels leave, but not before Shir is critically wounded and Anna is taken prisoner. Rolf returns to find Shir recovering, and she agrees to go with Rolf to Palma, after she learns that Rolf holds himself responsible for the destruction of Palma. Rudo, Kip, and Kain prepare to travel to Biosystems Lab to search for Anna, while Anna herself is taken from Biosystems Lab to Dzkot's flagship, where D'zkot viciously mind-assaults her.

Rolf and Shir bring their ship into the Palman Asteroid Field, where they are magically taken away to Palma as it was 1000 years ago. Alis Landale appears to them and, in order to free Rolf of the guilt of the Palmans' deaths, she shows Rolf that the Palmans all escaped in 400 giant space craft. Rolf and Shir are then sent back to their ship, where they continue on towards Dezoris.

Rudo, Kain, and Kip again invade Biosystems Lab, where they learn that Ricktus and the other Rebels work for D'zkot. They also find that D'zkot has taken posession of all the F-5. Meanwhile, Rolf and Tyler both land their ships in Skure on Dezoris, where they find a secret New Order bunker. Inside, they also learn the links between D'zkot and the Rebels. They also find that the New Order is using the space ship Noah as their headquarters. Rolf sends Tyler and L-479 back to Motavia to get Rudo, Kip, and Kain and bring them to Noah.

While Tyler goes to Motavia, Rolf returns to Esper Mansion to fill Lutz in on the latest developments. Inside the mansion, Lutz takes Rolf to Elsydeon, where the spirit of Nei appears to the Agent and helps him to finally accept her death. She also encourages him to find his destiny.

Rolf and Shir return to space, where they find Tyler and L-479 have been badly beaten by New Order fighters. Before they can reach the Hell Runner and offer their assisstance, however, New Order fighters incapacitate the Paseo and send it back down to Esper Mansion on Dezoris.

Back at Biosystems Lab, Ricktus is due to teleport aboard D'zkot's flagship. Before he does, however, he attempts to kill Rudo. Rudo kills him instead, and then he, Kip, and Kain take Ricktus's teleport to the flagship. Aboard the Hell Runner, L-479's self-repair circuits manage to bring him back on-line. He then rescues Tyler and the two begin to repair the Hell Runner. Down in Esper Mansion, Lutz reminds Rolf that the Neisword has teleportational abilities, and Rolf uses it to bring he, Shir, Amy, and Hugh to Noah.

On D'zkot's flagship, D'zkot himself finds Rudo, Kip, and Kain. He forces them into battle with the reanimated corpses of K'Clanne and A'Jole. After several minutes of hard fighting, the flagship arrives at Noah, and D'zkot knocks the three men unconscious with mind blasts. Meanwhile, Rolf, Shir, Amy, and Hugh have discovered Anna in her cell. Soon after, guards toss Rudo, Kip, and Kain inside, as well.

D'zkot exchanges brief words with Rolf, and then the Palmans are left alone to care for their wounded. Rolf and Rudo enter Anna's mind and undo D'zkot's damage; in the process, Rolf sees that there was some good in his battle with the Earthmen. All eight heroes then search Noah for D'zkot.

First, they find Mother Brain, whom D'zkot has begun to repair. She taunts Rolf by revealing to him the facts that Dark Force made it aboard the escaping Palman ships and that he is destroying them one by one. She tells Rolf of Alisa III's Devastation War and Aron's battle with Dark Force 1000 years later. Finally, she reveals to Rolf that the Alisa III warps back in time to Earth, and that the Earthmen use its ruins to build the space ship Noah. She attempts to destroy Rolf's sanity by trying to make him believe that he is indeed responsible for the deaths of Nei and the planet Palma, but Rolf refuses, and he and his friends destroy Mother Brain, again.

They then enter the Earthmen's old control room, where D'zkot has reanimated the bodies of the Earthmen. Only the memories of his encounters with Nei and Alis keep Rolf going. While he faces D'zkot on the astral plane, the others are forced to re-fight the Earthmen.

D'zkot also makes Rolf relive his memories of his initial encounter with the Earthmen, but Rolf laughs at D'zkot's attempt to destroy his sanity. Rolf tells D'zkot that he has learned his destiny and has accepted it; he is Protector of Algo, and he understands that that job will sometimes mean sacrifice. In anger, D'zkot launches a mind attack blast at Rolf, which Rolf counters with his own. Rolf, however, is not as powerful as D'zkot, and just as the Dezorian is about to win, Rolf uses the Neisword to turn both attacks around back to D'zkot.

After finishing him off with the Neisword, Rolf shares a few brief words with D'zkot, back in the physical plane, before D'zkot dies. Soon afterwards, however, his fighters, fully loaded with F-5, are launched towards Noah. Before many can be launched, Rolf uses Megid to obliterate Noah's remains into ash, while Tyler and the Hell Runner mop up what fighters escaped the destruction. The New Order and all of the F-5 is destroyed.

The heroes return to Esper Mansion, where Tyler decides to rename the Hell Runner to the Landale; Rudo and Anna both decide to quit their respective jobs and give a relationship a try; and Rolf decides to quit the Agency and remain at Esper Mansion to complete his training under Lutz. After asking Shir to tell the Commander that a statue of Nei would look great in the Central Gardens, Rolf watches her enter the Crevice and disappear. He remains on the Alplatin Plateau and watches the Paseo (flown by L-479) and the Landale take off back for Motavia. Then he walks back into Esper Mansion and begins his life as an Esper.

SC 352.02 / EY 3374 / AW 1288


SC 352.05 / EY 3377 / AW 1291

Devastation War
Dark Force has destroyed all but two of the 400 Palman space ships, the Alisa III and the Neo Palm. He comes aboard Alisa III and instigates the "Devastation War" between a faction led by Orakio and one led by Laya.

SC 352.07 / EY 3379 / AW 1293

Realizing they have been fooled by Dark Force into fighting each other, Orakio and Laya unite. Together, they seal the passageways between the worlds of Alisa III. Laya places her younger sister, also named Laya, into suspended animation. Finally, along with Lune and the cyborgs Siren and Miun, Orakio and Laya go off in search of Dark Force.

Orakio, Laya, Lune, Siren, and Miun battle Dark Force. Before the battle is completed, Lune, Siren, and Miun somehow escape. Orakio and Laya perish in the battle, but not before they lock Dark Force in a palace in Landen.

Before he is defeated, part of Dark Force corrupts Orakio's twin brother, Rulakir, with evil. Rulakir is kept alive for the next 1000 years through the power of his hatred.

SC 358.74 / EY 4046 / AW 1960

Demi is created by [CENSORED] and begins working in Nurvus.

SC 361.13 / EY 4285 / AW 2199

Raja is born on Dezoris.

SC 361.74 / EY 4346 / AW 2260

Hahn is born in the village of Krup on Motavia..

SC 361.79 / EY 4351 / AW 2265

Gryz is born in the town of Molcum on Motavia.

SC 361.80 / EY 4352 / AW 2266

Kyra Tierney is born in Esper Mansion on Dezoris.

SC 361.82 / EY 4354 / AW 2268

Chaz Ashley
Chaz Ashley is born on Motavia.

SC 361.87 / EY 4359 / AW 2273

Prince Lyle of Shusoran is born on Alisa III in the world of Aquatica.

SC 361.89 / EY 4361 / AW 2275

Prince Rhys of Landen is born on Alisa III in the world of Landen.

Princess Maia of Cille is born on Alisa III in the world of Aquatica.

SC 361.91 / EY 4363 / AW 2277

Princess Lena of Satera is born on Alisa III in the world of Landen.

SC 361.97 / EY 4369 / AW 2283

Rika is created based on the genetic pattern of Nei.

SC 361.98 / EY 4370 / AW 2284

Zio, a young man living in Zema, succumbs to the lure of Dark Force, becoming his servant.

The Gaiden, one of the 400 Palman world-ships which was severly damaged shortly after take-off and which has been in a decaying orbit above Motavia for 998 years, finally crashes onto the surface of the planet.

Phantasy Star IV
PHANTASY STAR IV: Alys Brangwin, a famed monster hunter on Motavia, makes Chaz Ashley, a young, reformed street punk, into her full-fledged partner. Their first mission is to travel to the Academy [University] in the town of Piata, to exterminate monsters that roam the basement. They are joined by Hahn, a teaching assistant. The principal of the academy tells them that Zio, the black magician, has told him not to interfere in the town of Zema, where a research team disappeared.

The party travels to Zema, and learns that the whole town has been turned to stone. They travel to the native Motavian town of Molcum to get some Alshline to free them, but they town has been completely destroyed. They meet Rune, an old acquaintance of Alys, in the ruins. He is actually the fifth generation Lutz, but they don't know it at the time.

Through the course of their journey, they learn many things. The research team found something extraordinary near Zema, so Zio turned them to stone. He also destroyed the town of Molcum so no one could get Alshline. It seems that the old Bio-systems station has recently been reactivated and is turning out monsters. The cause must be coming from Nurvus, the planetary control computer system. But Zio has built his fort right on top of Nurvus; he is making it issue abnormal commands to all the computers on Motavia. The group finds Rika, a genetic construct that is designed on a 1000 years worth of improvement on the Nei genetic template. She is one year old.

The group finds the recently crashed Palman ship. They learn about Palma's evacuation, and learn that some of the ships actually landed on Motavia and Dezoris. Others left the system.

While battling Zio for the first time, Alys is critically wounded by the Black Energy Wave. The group retreats with 324 year old android Demi, who is in charge of Motavia's planetary maintenance. They eventually defeat Zio, but not before Alys dies. They find a spaceship at Nurvus that they use to travel to Zelan, the satellite responsible for controlling both Motavia's and Dezoris' systems. Here they meet Wren, a 998 year old android. A saboteur makes their ship crash land onto a Dezorian temple. Here they meet Raja, a Dezorian priest who joins them.

On Dezoris, they visit the town of Tyler, which was founded by Tyler the Space Pirate. They take his ship, the Landale, and fly to Kuran, another satellite. Here they find a Dark Force attached to the computer, issuing destructive commands. They beat him, but Dezoris' abnormal storms don't stop, so they fly back to Dezoris to investigate.

They go into the Myst Vale cavern, where they find the Old Man, who is Myau from Phantasy Star I. He has lost his memory in 2000 years, but he has vague recollections of fighting along side great heroes. He gives Rika the Silver Tusk, the weapon he used to defeat King Lassic [the silver fang.] There are also scores of normal-sized musk cats living with him.

They join a young female Esper named Kyra Tierney, who suggests that they see Lutz, the Espers' immortal leader. They discover, though, that Lutz does not really exist. His memories are merely passed on from one Esper to another. Rune is the current Lutz. It is his job to choose Algo's champion in this crisis. He chooses Chaz.

The group flies into the asteroid belt that was once Palma and finds Lassic's Sky Castle. They battle him and defeat him, but he is destined to be reincarnated over and over because of his hatred of Noah/Lutz. They take the Eclipse Torch from him to return to the Dezorian temple that he stole it from. They then fight another Dark Force in Garubek Tower on Dezoris. He is beaten, and they learn from a 1000+ year old Dezorian priest that they must find the Aero-Prism, for "When Rykros returns, the Aero-Prism will guide the way."

In an ancient island temple on Motavia, they find Seth, and archaeologist. They also find the Prism, but Seth turns into yet another Dark Force; Dark Force reveals that he has been searching for the Prism so he can destroy Rykros. They beat him, and travel to Rykros, an invisible planet that returns to Algo every 1000 years. On Rykros, they learn of the Great Light and the Profound Darkness, and that a Dark Force comes to Algo every 1000 years. They also learn that since Palma was destroyed in the last Dark Force cycle, the dimensional seal is at its weakest, and soon the Profound Darkness itself will emerge to destroy all Algo. The group must travel to the Profound Darkness' own dimension to destroy him. Chaz does not believe that he can do it, so Rune takes him to Esper Mansion on Dezoris, and tells him to enter a hidden room deep within the mansion. Here, he finds the sword, Elsydeon. The spirit of Alis Landale arises, and shows him how all the heroes who fought Dark Force in the past inhabit the sword. It is his destiny to insure that evil is banished from Algo forever. He takes the sword, and they head to Motavia, where a dimensional portal has opened.

Inside the other dimension, they destroy the Profound Darkness; a time warp occurs when they do so, but Elsydeon protects them and they return to Motavia. The heroes go their separate ways, but Rika stays with Chaz to start a life together. Rune tells Chaz that he won't see him again.

SC 362.06 / EY 4378 / AW 2292

Maia on the Beach
A woman named Maia washes up on the shore of Landen suffering from total amnesia. Prince Rhys of Landen falls in love with her, and they plan to marry.

SC 362.07 / EY 4379 / AW 2293

Star III
PHANTASY STAR III, FIRST GENERATION: At the wedding of Rhys and Maia, a dragon sweeps down from the sky and kidnaps Maia. Rhys begins a quest to find Maia. Rhys enlists the help of the androids Mieu and Wren, along with an Orakian princess named Lena and a Layan prince named Lyle. When he reaches the Layan town of Cille, he is reunited with Maia. Rhys defeats the King of Cille, but chooses to return to his hometown of Landen, where he marries Lena.

SC 362.09 / EY 4381 / AW 2295

A son, Nial, is born to King Rhys and Queen Lena of Landen.

SC 362.26 / EY 4398 / AW 2312

Lune and his younger sister Alair awake from over 1000 years of sleep in suspended animation on the moon Dahlia. Alair goes to Alisa III to try and restore peace between the Orakians and the Layans, but she is kidnapped and held in the town of Divisia.

SC 362.27 / EY 4399 / AW 2313

PHANTASY STAR III, SECOND GENERATION: After nearly 20 years of peace, word arrives in King Rhys's kingdom that the neighboring kingdom of Satera has been destroyed. Nial, Wren, and Mieu leave to investigate. They find that Lune is attacking the Orakians in an effort to free his sister, Alair. Nial's group is rounded out by Ryan, a man against Lune, and Laya, younger sister of the legendary Laya, who is also awakened from a 1000 year sleep. Journeying to Dahlia, Nial defeats Lune. Alair is released and peace is restored. Nial soon falls in love with Alair, and they marry.

Aron Kara
Nial and Alair have a son, Aron. Lune also has a child, a daughter named Kara.

SC 362.47 / EY 4419 / AW 2333

PHANTASY STAR III, THIRD GENERATION: Aron and Kara grow up on Dahlia, where one day they are witness to the arrival of a ship identical to the Alisa III. Alisa III fires upon the Neo Palm and destroys it. Then, at the request of Nial, Aron, Kara, Wren, and Mieu travel down to Aridia to investigate. Laya, who traveled with Nial but who has spent the last 20 years in suspended animation, joins Aron's group. They learn Alisa III's history in New Mota and find Siren, who admits he fired upon the Neo Palm.

Siren apologizes and then deactivates. Aron and his group journey to Lashute, where they face Rulakir, still thriving on anger and hatred after 1000 years. They then go on to face Dark Force, but without Elsydeon (which is the Laconian Sword Alis used to defeat Dark Force in SC 342.00), they merely defeat him temporarily.

SC 362.48 / EY 4420 / AW 2334

Alisa III
Alisa III, the last ship from a fleet of 400 which fled Palm 1048 years ago, is sucked into a black hole. It emerges on the other side across the galaxy and 2313 years into the past. Barely functional, it crashes on a nearby moon, which happens to belong to Earth, and all aboard are killed.

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