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We, Jim Maxlow and Michael Ripplinger, spent a good portion of the summer of 1996 exchanging a series long email threads in which we hammered out what you now have presented to you as the Phantasy Star Ultimate Timeline. There is a lot of information contained within it, and so, in order to make everything clearer, we have created this page of notes, to guide you in understanding our theories. As a caveat, all our designs are built around the events depicted in the American versions of the Phantasy Star games, meaning they are not necessarily reconcilable with the original Japanese versions.

The Phantasy Star series presents us with two calendars throughout the four games. The first, presented in Phantasy Star I, is called "Space Century." We learn of it in the game's opening narration, which dates the game at "Space Century 342." (The back of the box dates the game at Space Century 3240. Needless to say, we consider this a typo and take the actual text of the game over the packaging.)

Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star IV, however, present us with a new calendar. They refer to events as taking place in the year "AW XXX." Phantasy Star IV takes place, according to the game, in AW 2284, which is equal to an Earth date of 4370 (more on this translation below). This would mean that the AW calendar was started in the Earth year 2086, 71 years before the date we have given to the launch of the Earth spaceship Noah. Therefore, we believe the AW calendar is a new system of dating designed to reflect the massive changes Earth goes through as the environmental disasters aluded to by the Earthmen in Phantasy Star II start to take place.

So, within this timeline, each event is dated three different ways:

Plotting the Events:
The dating system used to calendar events in the PSU Timeline was created based on two main assumptions:

Finally, using the above information, we can date Phantasy Star IV at SC 361.98 and EY 4370, and since the date presented in the game itself is in the AW calendar (AW 2284), any date from any of the calendars can be translated to the other two.

All of this, of course, requires an even bigger assumption; namely, that both one Earth year and one AW year are equal to one year on the Space Century calendar. For simplicity's sake, we have made this assumption.

Ordering of the games:
Okay, are you ready for this? According to our timeline, the events depicted in Phantasy Star III actually occur after Phantasy Star IV.

When we first started plotting out this timeline, we were rather surprised ourselves to see this happen, but here's why we believe it to be so. Phantasy Star II takes place 1000 years after the original (SC 352.00). We know from Phantasy Star III that somehow, Dark Force made it aboard one of the 400 enormous colony ships that fled Palma. Dark Force then started destroying the ships one by one, until he reached Alisa III, where, after instigating the Devastation War between Orakio and Laya, he was defeated and sealed within the Sunken Palace. The game itself then begins 1,000 years after this event.

We believe it took Dark Force five years to reach Alisa III, meaning he arrived on board in SC 352.05. Assuming the Devastation War lasted for two years, Orakio and Laya then defeated Dark Force in SC 352.07, which means Phantasy Star III opens in SC 362.07.

Meanwhile, Phantasy Star IV tells us that Wren is 998 years old. We also learn that approximately 1000 years prior to the game, the system suffered an event known as the Great Collapse, in which almost all technology was lost and civilization was practically eliminated. Therefore, Wren must have been created prior to the Great Collapse. Assuming that Wren was created in the last days of Mother Brain's existence (SC 352.00) and taking into consideration the fact that we know Wren is 998 at the time of Phantasy Star IV, this suggests to us that Phantasy Star IV takes place 998 years after Phantasy Star II in SC 361.98. (And yes, Dark Force is only supposed to return every 1000 years exactly, but the destruction of Palma in SC 352.00 significantly weakened the dimensional seal enough to allow the Profound Darkness to send three Dark Forces into Algo two years earlier than normal.)

When you plot all that out, look what happens: Phantasy Star III takes place nine years after Phantasy Star IV.

What's Missing?
Believe us, when we plotted out the Phantasy Star Ultimate Timeline, we plotted out everything. Yet, when you look at the timeline, several very significant events are left out. For example, the date upon which King Lassic assumed power is not given. There is no mention of Alis Landale's father, whom we know was once King of Algo. And we learn from Phantasy Star II that Rolf is a descendent of Alis herself, yet the timeline says nothing of Alis's life after Phantasy Star I! All we can say is, we have included these events in the creation of the timeline, however, because we wish to reveal them in the course of our stories rather than just show them to you outright, we have kept them [CENSORED] for the time being.

Because it can be difficult to trace the life of your favorite character within the context of the entire timeline, here we present "pull-outs" on the lives of each game's major characters.

Phantasy Star I:

Phantasy Star II:

Notes: The Phantasy Star Compendium, a book published in Japan and filled with information on the Phantasy Star series, gives exact birthdates for many of the Phantasy Star II characters. Because these exact birthdates conflict with nothing in the English versions of the games, we have incorporated them into our chronology, though we have adjusted the year of birth to coincide with our conjectured date of AW 1286 for Phantasy Star II.

Also, assuming Nei's "birthdate" of August 30, AW 1285 is the date in which she seperated herself from Neifirst, we can, from there, plot the date on which Phantasy Star II begins. Assuming the seperation took place at Climatrol, and giving Nei two months to make her way to Paseo, Nei must have met Rolf in early November of AW 1285, and because we know that Nei lived with Rolf in Paseo for seven months prior to the game, we get a rough start date for Phantasy Star II of early June the next year. From this, we have arbitrarily decided that the Commander assigns Rolf to retrieve the recorder from Biosystems Lab on June 2, AW 1286.

Phantasy Star IV:

Phantasy Star III:

Note: In the course of creating Phantasy Star Ultimate, we decided on one "official" ending for Phantasy Star III because it would be impossible to place the dates surrounding this game on the timeline any other way. The ending we chose was Aron's.

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