[an error occurred while processing this directive] The Phantasy Star series. It's almost as famous for the details it leaves out as for the details it puts in. Phantasy Star Ultimate was created, in part, because there are many unanswered questions, many events that are alluded to, but never developed. You've seen that already in The Epic and Agent's Destiny. But not all questions need mega-sized novels to be answered.

Brief Adventures was created to offer a few fleeting glimpses into key moments of Algolian history. These short tales offer a bit of substance to many of the "off-camera" events in the PS series, taking only a few minutes to read. They'll help fill in the gaps that the larger PSU projects leave untouched. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Brief Adventures.


Brief Adventures

(SC 341.98)

"The Doctor Falls"
(SC 342.00)

"Home Of The Great One"
(SC xxx.xx)

"Tragedy On ASC Flight 1000"
(SC 351.90)

"The Non-Conformist"
(SC 351.96)

"...And The Rest Was History"
(SC 351.99)

"World Shatters Apart"
(SC 351.99)

"The Lost World"
(SC 352.00)

(SC 361.98)

"A Death In The Family"
(SC 361.98)

"Star Crossed Lovers"
(SC 362.06)

"Chooses To Kill"
(SC xxx.xx)

More to come...

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