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I understand some of you may hate reading introductions, but this one really is important. It will only take a moment, and then you can begin.

First of all, I'd like to thank Jim Maxlow not just for "publishing" this story, but for establishing the Phantasy Star page. Before I found it, I thought I was a little loony for writing a novel based on characters and situations from a video game. Now I see that if I'm crazy, I'm in good company with everyone who reads this.

I must make an important disclaimer. With the Phantasy Star games all taking place ten centuries apart, we really never learn much about what happens to our heroes after the game is over. Did Alis choose to be Queen or not? How did Mother Brain announce her presence to Algol? And did Rolf and his friends even survive the battle with the Earthmen?

So I must state up-front that Agent's Destiny represents my personal vision of the Phantasy Star universe. It contains answers to many questions, even some of the ones listed above, but all the "answers" come solely from my conjectures based on the games. You might disagree and you would have every right to do so. I still hope you enjoy my little version of Algol History 101, however.

A few years ago, when I first realized I wanted to be a writer, I decided that, in order to practice writing a novel, I would sit down with the Phantasy Star II Hint Book and write a novelization of the game. I did so, and all false modesty aside, it stinks something awful. However, in the course of writing the PS2 novelization, I created a few story points, especially in relation to the Espers, that I build upon in Agent's Destiny, so I must mention them here.

A question I had when playing PS2 was, "If Lutz is the last Esper, who are all those other people in Esper Mansion?" Here's my answer: they are called Half Espers. Sometime after Alis, Myau, Odin, and Noah defeated King Lassic and Darkfalz, the Espers established Esper Mansion on Dezoris. The Dezorians, being a xenophobic and paranoid people, hated the Espers from the start. The Espers were oblivious, but after several years, the long-simmering hostility grew into open conflict, and an army of Dezorians stormed Esper Mansion.

The Espers defended themselves valiantly, but their most powerful member, Noah, was far away in the Dezorian city Skure (which had grew to become an enormously large city), training a group of young Espers in their powers. That the attack came at such a time was not a coincidence. Another group of Dezorians attacked he and his students in Skure, and by the time Noah had defeated them and teleported himself back to the mansion, all the Espers were dead and the mansion was in flame. He returned to his students in Skure, and, overcome by anger and grief, drew on his own telemental energies as well as those of his students and brought destruction on a massive scale to the city. In fact, he sunk it to the ground (thus explaining why it is the only underground city on Dezo in PS2).

He and his students returned to the burned-down mansion, where Noah drew on more energy from them and rebuilt the building with the power of his mind. Then, he created the forcefield that protects the Alplatin Plateau, so that the disaster could never happen again.

After draining so much from his students, he realized with alarm that he had completely burned out their powers. Thus, he inadvertently created the Half Espers, Espers whose telemental abilities had been destroyed. The powerless Half Espers in Esper Mansion in PS2 were then descendants of this group of students.

But not all of the students were turned into Half Espers. One, a very powerful boy, retained a small smidgen of his abilities. His name was Lutz.

Destroying Skure, rebuilding the mansion, and creating the forcefield drained Noah, as well. His students brought him into the mansion, weak and near-death. Using the last of his strength, he gave Lutz the information he needed to speak with him after his death via Elsydeon, so that Lutz could learn all he needed to know. Soon after, Lutz locked himself into a hibernation chamber, waking up every ten years to attempt to restore the powers of the Half Espers.

Besides Half Espers, there is one other thing I must explain. In PS2, the citizens of Aukba tell Rolf all about the Espers. For story purposes, I consolidated the information obtained in Aukba from various Dezorians into one Dezorian. Here's my conjecture on how this Dezorian knew about the Espers: Noah's students agreed that they and their descendants would tend to Lutz for 1000 years, at which time he would try to restore their powers. But one Half Esper did not want this, and he or she left the mansion and joined Dezorian society. He or she even mated with a Dezorian... and 1000 years later, the story of how this Esper left the mansion was passed down the family line to the Dezorian that Rolf met in PS2 (whom, since I felt it necessary to mention him here, you just might meet in Agent's Destiny).

(Special Note: Since I wrote the above introduction, I have completed a story titled "The Fall of Esper Mansion" in which these events are fully documented. It, too, is available on these pages.)

Okay, introduction-haters, it's over. We can start now. Was that really so bad? Enjoy.

Michael Ripplinger

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