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Unit Items

Base Stat Units
Unit Stat Boost
Knight/Power ATP +5
General/Power ATP +10
Ogre/Power ATP +15
God/Power ATP +25
Warrior/Body DFP +10
General/Body DFP +20
Metal/Body DFP +30
God/Body DFP +40
Priest/Mind MST +5
General/Mind MST +10
Angel/Mind MST +15
God/Mind MST +25
Marksman/Arm ATA +3
General/Arm ATA +7
Elf/Arm ATA +11
God/Arm ATA +15
Thief/Legs EVP +10
General/Legs EVP +20
Elf/Legs EVP +30
God/Legs EVP +40
Angel/Luck LCK +5
God/Luck LCK +10
Digger/HP HP +10
General/HP HP +20
Dragon/HP HP +35
God/HP HP +40
Master/Ability All +10
Hero/Ability All +15
God/Ability All +20
Resistive Units
Unit Stat Boost
Resist/Fire Fire +3
Resist/Flame Fire +7
Resist/Burning Fire +11
Resist/Cold Ice +3
Resist/Freeze Ice +7
Resist/Blizzard Ice +11
Resist/Shock Lightning +3
Resist/Thunder Lightning +7
Resist/Storm Lightning +11
Resist/Dark Dark +3
Resist/Evil Dark +7
Resist/Devil Dark +11
Resist/Light Light +3
Resist/Saint Light +7
Resist/Holy Light +11
All/Resist All +3
Super/Resist All +7
Perfect/Resist All +11
Miscellaneous Units
Unit Effect
General/Battle Attack Speed Up
Devil/Battle Attack Speed Up+
God/Battle Attack Speed Up++
Wizard/Technique Tech Level +1
Devil/Technique Tech Level +2
God/Technique Tech Level +3
State/Maintenance No Status Ailments
Trap/Search Shows Traps
HP/Restorate Restores HP Slowly
HP/Generate Restores HP Moderately
HP/Revival Restores HP Quickly
TP/Restorate Restores TP Slowly
TP/Generate Restores TP Moderately
TP/Revival Restores TP Quickly
PB/Amplifier Retores PB Slowly
PB/Generate Restores PB Moderately
PB/Create Restores PB Quickly
Cure/Confuse Cures Confused Condition
Cure/Frozen Cures Frozen Condition
Cure/Paralysis Cures Paralyzed Condition
Cure/Poison Cures Poisoned Condition
Cure/Shock Cures Shocked Condition
Cure/Slow Cures Slowed Condition

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