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Non-Player Characters

The characters who appear on the box art of Phantasy Star Online appear in the Character Creation screens as the "templates" of the nine character classes you can choose from when making your hero. But as you play the Hunter's Guild Quests in PSO, those "template" characters start to appear as NPCs, often times fighting right alongside your character.

The following is a comprehensive list of what PSO reveals to us about all nine template characters.

Ash (HUmar)
In "Battle Training," your client, Zidd, sends you to Ragol to find a hunter he previously sent to Ragol to conduct some research. You find the hunter, Ash, nearly unconscious, the apparent victim of a Savage Wolf ambush. Ash kind of considers you his role model after this rescue, and he is quite pleased to see you again in the final quest, "From the Depths." You last encounter Ash during your final battle with Black Hound, where you prove your worthiness as a role model by taking down the mad android before the awestruck kid's eyes.

Sue (HUnewearl)
Sue fights alongside you in "Dr. Osto's Research," but that is only the beginning of her story. Whether or not you tell her your name when she asks at the end of that quest determines whether you can follow the "Sue Subplot" or the "Bernie Subplot" when replaying the quests on that difficulty level. Sue always remains mysterious, but based on her later appearances in "Unsealed Door," "Waterfall Tears," and "Black Paper," it seems likely that she is a member of the criminal underground group Black Paper.

Kireek (HUcast)
Perhaps the most popular of the template characters, Kireek is introduced in "Battle Training," in which he is your partner in your search for Ash, as well as your teacher in the art of fighting the wild animals of Ragol. If you follow the "Sue Subplot," however, Kireek reappears in "Waterfall Tears," "Black Paper," and "From the Depths," where it is revealed that Kireek is a high-ranking member of Black Paper: he is the group's executioner, the Black Hound. You must fight Kireek in all three of these quests. He grows increasingly deranged with each battle. If you defeat him in your final battle, you become the new owner of his weapon, the Soul Eater.

Bernie (RAmar)
Though another NPC full of mystery, in the end it turns out that Bernie is one of the good guys. You first meet Bernie in "Gran Squall," in which he is hunting for a survivor of the shuttle crash. He seems impressed with you as a fighter, and continues to periodically show up in later quests to offer cryptic advice. In truth, it seems like Bernie is doing the same thing you are: investigating just what happened to Pioneer 1 and trying to learn the secrets of Ragol. Bernie's story does not end happily, however. In the end we learn that all Bernie was doing was helping his friend, "Great Sword" Zoke Miyama, in Zoke's investigations of Ragol. Zoke and Bernie are both overwhelemed by the Ruins monsters and die.

Elenor Camuel (RAcaseal)
Elenor fights alongside you in two quests, "Magnitude of Metal" and "Doc's Secret Plan." She is the creation of the brilliant scientist Jean Carlo Montague (see below), and though she is loyal to her creator, she seems to yearn for a normal life with real friends outside of Dr. Montague's lab.

Alicia Baz (FOmarl)
A laboratory assistant who hires you to conduct some experiments on the native animals of Ragol ("Native Research"), Alicia quits her job after obtaining the data from that quest because she is tired of the secrecy involved, with her government lab hiring hunters to collect data for her. She yearns to go to Ragol to study and help the animals herself. She is never heard from again after "Forest of Sorrow," but it is assumed she continues to study Ragol's natives.

Dr. Jean Carlo Montague (FOnewm)
Incredibly eccentric, Dr. Montague would tell you himself that his eccentricity is probably a side effect of his genius. (He's a genius, you know, ha ha ha!) Elenor's creator, he makes cameo appearances in "Dr. Osto's Research" and "Unsealed Door" before you are formally introduced to him in "Doc's Secret Plan." After you complete the mission for him, he agrees to help you in the future by making weapons out of any monster parts you may discover.

Rupika (FOnewearl)
The template FOnewearl is only barely seen in the quests. See the next section below, on the "unnamed" NPCs.

The template RAcast character is never given a name. He is encountered very briefly in "Addicting Food" (he's standing just outside the hospital), but his name is never given, and this brief cameo appears to be his only appearance.

An uncommonly known fact of Phantasy Star Online is that many of the NPCs your character encounters during Guild Quests have names, even if they are never spoken. When you use Word Select to compose a message, the names of the NPCs in the area appear in the list of possible receipients of the message, just as if they were your team members during an online game. And several of them recur through two or more Guild Quests. Here is the comprehensive list of NPC names, along with a brief description of the character to jog your memory and say, "Oh, THAT guy!"

This is the RAmar who wears a silver outfit. He's the one Garon originally hired in "Magnitude of Metal" and you also encounter him in "Gran Squall" before he talks about it being so "cramped in here" in "From the Depths."

This is the RAmar who is with "Anna" (actually Kroe undercover) in "Black Paper." He's also the RAmar who tries to sell Lionel's arm and body on the black market in "Letter From Lionel."

Member of Black Paper. RAmar who wears red and grey outfit and carries a gun. He's the one joining Anna in the attack on you at the beginning of "Waterfall Tears." He also stands around near the Check Room during "Black Paper" and is encountered during "Dr. Osto's Research."

Not to be confused with the husband who buys too many weapons in "The Value of Money," this Gizel is the HUmar who weilds a saber and has a green flattop haircut. He asks you if you're working on the case for the travel agency in "Gran Squall" and you see him turn into mist in "From the Depths."

This is the FOnewm you encounter in Caves 1 of "The Grave's Butler" who says, "Did you see it? There was a capsule with some messages inside. Frightening." Note that at least clothing-wise, this does not appear to be the same infamous Hopkins from the "Lost..." online quests -- though with the new Change Room in PSOv2, perhaps he has multiple outfits.

The FOnewm who is with undercover Kroe in "Black Paper."

The "Crazy Force" whose soul, it would seem, is the rope in a game of tug-o-war with Dark Falz in "From the Depths."

Perhaps the most notable of all, this is the name of the FOnewearl you and Bernie rescue in "Gran Squall." What's notable about it is Rupika is also the "template FOnewearl," the one who appears on the game's box art. She and the template RAcast are the only NPCs never given names in the game, before this.

This poor sap holds a sword while sprawled out on the floor of "From the Depths." He disappears into mist shortly thereafter.

Member of Black Paper. HUmar who wears black and red outfit and has a purple mohawk. You see him but he says nothing in "Waterfall Tears," and you fight him just before the last room of "Black Paper."

Tonzlar Black Paper's other RAmar; wears the same outfit as Gekigasky, but weilds a partisan. Tonzlar is fat and has red hair. You encounter him in "Waterfall Tears" but he says nothing; you later fight him in both "Black Paper" and "Dr. Osto's Research."

Type:O and Type:W
These are the names of the robots you encounter in "Secret Delivery," the ones who attack you if you call them Elenor. The one in Caves 1 is Type:O and in Caves 2, one is Type:O and one is Type:W. Also, a Type:O appears in "From the Depths" as one of the hunters sprawled out on the floor who fades away into mist.

You encounter her in "The Grave's Butler." She looks like a HUnewearl, but she carries a big ol' ranger-like gun.

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