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Walkthrough Part III

The following is a general guide to the order of events necessary to complete a game of Phantasy Star IV. It has been compiled by me through playing the game several times; if you feel something has been left out, let me know and I'll decide whether or not it should be added. Also, descriptions of the Hunter's Guild Missions are NOT included here, as they are not necessary to complete the game. For overviews of those, see the Hunter's Guild Missions page. Use this guide discretely, as a blind, step-by-step following with detract from enjoyment of the game.

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Soldier's Temple:

Back on Motavia, go to the temple next to Krup (use the Hydrofoil that Demi supplies.) Seth will ask to join your party as you make your way through the cavern. At the top of the mesa, you'll be able to enter the Soldier's Temple, wherein the Aero-Prism lies. On your way out, however, you run into some trouble, as it turns out that Seth is really Dark Force hiding in human form. This incarnation is by far the toughest boss you've faced; DF3 has just over 8000 HP.

After you defeat him, the Aero-Prism will show you the way to Rykros. Return to the spaceport, board the Landale, and head on out.


It seems that Rykros is actually another planet in the Algo system. Upon landing, you'll be greeted by Le Roof, a cryptic, ephereal being who asks you to retrieve some articles from the guardians of the towers of Rykros. Before you leave the Silence Temple, pick up the Guard Sword, a powerful new weapon.

Courage Tower:

Travel southeast with the Hydrofoil to get to the Courage Tower. As you make your way to the top, get the three new armors available. When you reach the very top, you'll see what appears to be three evil minions getting trashed by the boss. Engage him in battle. But be warned, many of the standard techniques and skills will not work against this opponent.
Victory will bring you two Rings of the Stars. Equip Chaz with the Algo-Ring, then exit and head northwest of the Silence Temple.

Strength Tower:

The second Rykros tower has the same objective as the first: pick up the strong new items (two claws and a rod) and then challenge the boss. As with the other tower guardian, only certain attacks will succeed. You'll get three rings from this battle; equip the other three characters with these.

Silence Temple:

Return to Le Roof. Since you have passed the tests of strenght and courage, he will tell you the history of the Algo system, Dark Force, and the champions who must protect the worlds. After learning these secrets, Chaz refuses to be swept up in further battle. But Rune suggests you return to Esper Mansion, so off you go.

Esper Mansion:

Travel into the main basement chamber of Esper Mansion. There, Rune will tell Chaz that he must go inside the cavern to meet Elsydeon. Grudgingly, Chaz goes in.

When Chaz reaches the great statue of Alis, his mind is flooded with images and memories of all those heroes who fought before him to destroy Dark Force and protect Algo. He receive Elsydeon, a great and powerful sword that holds the souls of all the fallen champions of Algo. With a newfound resolve, he rejoins his companions.


As you return to Motavia, you discover that a dimensional gateway has opened up between the Algo system and the dimension that holds the Profound Darkness. All you companions have returned, fully healed, and are ready to join you in the final battle. However, you can only choose one more warrior to accompany you, as you only have one Ring of the Stars left.
After making your choice, head back to Rykros.


Southwest of the Silence Temple lies the Anger Tower. Inside you can pick up another Guard Mail. However, when you reach the top, Chaz will go alone. He will meet Alys, and will have to fight her. Once he does, the third guardian offers him a proposition: give in to the anger and hatred that flows within in order to gain the ultimated destructive weapon. Chaz MUST not agree, or he will be destroyed. The guardian, sensing his wisdom, rewards him with the Megid technique. Chaz is now free to rejoin his companions.

Dimensional Rift:

Back on Motavia, you can now set off for the disaster site. It lies just north of Piata. Enter the crevice, and you will be transported to a parallel world wherein the Profound Darkness resides. If you do not destroy it once and for all, the PD will certainly destroy the Algo system, perhaps even the entire universe.

Once you meet the PD, you will be faced with your most difficult battle. You must keep your defenses up, and you must not spend all of your skills on the first incarnation. There are THREE versions of the Profound Darkness that you must battle, one after the other, before you are victorious.

When you do triumph, sit back and watch the glorious ending to this spectacular game. It truly brings the Phantasy Star series to its fitting conclusion.

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