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Walkthrough Part II

The following is a general guide to the order of events necessary to complete a game of Phantasy Star IV. It has been compiled by me through playing the game several times; if you feel something has been left out, let me know and I'll decide whether or not it should be added. Also, descriptions of the Hunter's Guild Missions are NOT included here, as they are not necessary to complete the game. For overviews of those, see the Hunter's Guild Missions page. Use this guide discretely, as a blind, step-by-step following with detract from enjoyment of the game.

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Go to the space station near Kadary and fly to Zelan, the man-made satellite that oversees the entire Algo-eco-maintenance system. Stock up on Plasm weapons, then go meet Wren, the android. He will tell you that Zelan has been losing power and is no longer in control. The other satellite, Kuran, has usurped control.
As you leave Zelan, a Chaos Sorcerer appears in the engine room. You can defeat him, but the fighting gets a bit intense and the engines are damaged. You are forced to make a crash landing on the planet Dezolis.

Raja's Temple:

Unfortunately, you just happen to land on one of the Dezorians' places of worship. Talk to Raja, then, after he joins you, head north to Ryuon to search for another spaceship.


Hold off on the weapons and armor here, but be sure to talk to Gyuna, the bartender. He will give you valuable information on where to find the ship.


You can stock up on defensive gear here. You will also learn about the history of Parmian settlements on Dezolis. After you've spoken to everyone, head to the tombstone in the western portion of town. You will discover a secret passage to an underground cavern. At the other end of this cavern lies the spaceship Landale. You can use this to head to your next destination: the Kuran satellite.


Travel through the complex to find the main control terminal and shut it down. On the way, be sure to pick up a new weapon and new armor for Wren. But be forewarned: at the end of the maze lies Dark Force. Do not enter into battle with him without being completely healthy. Dark Force has about 4500 HP. When you defeat him, Kuran will be freed from his control. But Dezolis' odd weather patterns will continue. Obviously something else is still amiss in the system. Wren admits that he has access to an Ice Digger, so you can now explore the areas of Dezolis that are blocked off by walls of ice.


Travel northeast of Tyler to find Zosa, another Dezolian town. The weapons here are powerful but not necessary. What is important is that you rent a penguin for a while, then go talk to the old man in the northeast corner of town (make sure your penguin is in tow.) He will tell you of the Myst Vale, an ancient cavern that you must visit to see a long-lost champion of the Algo system.

Myst Vale:

The cavern sits northwest of Zosa. Inside, you will discover the Musk Cats, the ancient race of talking felines. You will also discover the Old Man, or Myau, from PSI. He will seem to vaguely recognise you, and will reward your apparent worthiness and courage with the Silver Tusk, the very same weapon he used to help defeat Dark Force 2000 years ago.

Climate Control Center:

Head northeast from Zosa to reach the Dezolian Climate Control Center. Perhaps this is what is causing the abnormal weather patterns. Inside you can pick up a powerful weapon for Wren, the Pulse Vulcan. At the main terminal, you'll be confronted by D-Elm-Lars, another of Dark Force's flunkies. Trash him, and you can move on, since this isn't the source of the blizzards. Oh yeah, and didn't you already destroy Dark Force?


Heading east from Zosa, you come to a ghost town of sorts. Make that a zombie-town. Where is everyone, why are all the buildings destroyed, and why are there so many blasted Zombies hanging around? Let it be, and move on. The answers lies further ahead.


Just below and to the right, you'll find the town of Meese. Apparently, something has turned the populace of Reshel into Zombies, and it's spreading; the Espers, a race of super-humans, have come to Meese to help curtail the plague, but they can't stop it. As you visit the Espers, Raja succumbs to the plague, and must be left behind. Will he meet his untimely demise here? Come back and find out later. There is a young, headstrong Esper named Kyra that you have to rescue. She's headed off to the elusive Garubek Tower to stop the plague all by her lonesome. Buy the strong armor in town, then head northeast to the Carnivorous Forest.

Carnivorous Forest:

When you engage these vicious trees in battle, it soon becomes apparent that you can't beat them. Save Kyra, then haul your butts outta there. Kyra will thank you (the Espers are very polite) and will suggest going to find Lutz, the immortal head Esper. Surely HE can find a way to stop the plague. The Esper Mansion is southeast of Meese.

Esper Mansion:

Talk to the Espers here to learn their history. Also, pick up a treasure trove of items and meseta in their storerooms. After that, head to the back of the Mansion, and enter the inner sanctum. In the basement, where the mystical Lutz supposedly sleeps, you find... a Telepathy Ball. It seems good ol' Rune hasn't been telling the whole truth. He is actually the current incarnation of Lutz, the original Esper (Noah, from PS1.) It's his job to select a champion of the Algo system every time it faces a great catastrophe, like right now. And his choice is... Chaz Ashley. Needless to say, Chaz is a bit surprised.
Regardless, you need to get the Eclipse Torch from the Gumbious Temple in order to defeat the Carnivorous Forest. Go west.

Gumbious Temple:

Inside, make your way to the high priest of Gumbious. He's actually also the head of Dezolis' native government... which explains that while he tries to tell you about the bureaucracy of why he can't let you have the torch, some more evil minions (there're lots) come and steal it right from under his nose. Make a deal with the priest to get the Torch back, then head on out.


Jut is a town just below Gumbious. You can buy Laconian weapons here, which is always a plus. Go west and then south, through the ice, to get to the Dezolian Weapons Plant.

Weapons Plant:

Mother Brain created this place as a backup 1000 years ago, but recently it has been reactivated by an unknown force. Inside you can find a weapon, skill, armor, and gear for Wren. You can also get free (and unlimited) Repair Kits for him.

Air Castle:

Return to the spaceport near Tyler and take off for the Air Castle, nestled in the asteroid belt that used to be Parma. This maze is complicated; the key is to find the real versions of the Xe-A-Thouls (not their illusions) and defeat them. That will open up the rest of the castle for your inspection. Once you defeat them, the way to Lashiec, the boss of the place, will be available.

Lassic is a dangerous opponent who has around 6000 Hp (though he can heal himself!) Rune knows him, and he knows Rune. They fought back in PS1. Lashiec was trounced back then, and he's had 2000 years to plot his revenge. Unfortunately for him, he loses again, and his castle is destroyed as you exit with the Torch.

Garubek Tower:

Back on Dezolis, go to the Carnivorous Forest. Chaz will use the Torch to destroy the trees, allowing you to enter the Tower. Inside, you'll have to activate two eye-balls (trust me on this one) in order to open all the passageways. The eyes are on levels two and five. And as you pass through, don't miss the Moon Slasher, a great weapon for Kyra. Your next opponent, Dark Force (again?) is on level 7.

Although you are surprised to see him again, this second version of Dark Force isn't that much tougher than the first. He's got around 7000 HP, but Rune's Efess can really mess him up. Be sure to use Rika and Kyra for defenses occasionally. When you win, the Black Energy Wave will stop, the weather will return to normal, and everybody'll be happy... except for the fine folks at Gumbious, whose temple is annihilated. The High Priest says that the Profound Darkness is responsible. You need to get the Aero-Prism from Motavia in order to find Rykros. What is Rykros? No one knows, but you gotta find it. And you thought after beating Zio, Dark Force, Lashiec, and Dark Force AGAIN you'd be able to earn some rest. Sheesh.

You can now complete Guild missions five through eight.

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