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Complete Script Part 5

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Phantasy Star IV
Complete Script - Part Five
Silver Soldier through The Edge
compiled by Mike Ripplinger
(Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren ask about, "Silver Soldier")

DESK CLERK: This is a request from an old man in Zema.  We are having
            problems with some strange machines that have begun to roam
            the outskirts of the village.  We have not yet been
            attacked, but we villagers are afraid and would like
            something to be done about it.  That is the message.  The
            fee offered is 80000 meseta!  Will you take on this request?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to Zema and get further details
            directly from the old man.  The house furthest in the
            back in Zema is the house of the old man in question.

Desk Clerk:
   - Please hurry and get more details from the old man in Zema.

(The group goes to Zema, but before they can enter the town, they are
 attacked by three Servant robots.  After defeating them, they enter

Old Man in House:
  (First time)
   - Ah, you've come from the guild.  Thank goodness for your help.
     You see, since about a week ago, unidentified machines have been
     roaming this village.  It looks like they're trying to inspect
     Birth Valley.  They're not doing any harm to the villagers, but
     it's making us all uneasy.  If you could, we'd like you to drive
     them away.
        CHAZ: Hmm...that's strange.  When we entered the village
              didn't they attack us?
        WREN: No, Chaz, it seems I was their only target.
        CHAZ: Oh?
  (Subsequent times)
   - You should be able to get clues about the machines by talking to
     the villagers.  Good luck, we're counting on you.
Woman in House:
   - Mr. Hunter, please help us.

Townspeople - Woman:
   - Are you those hunters that have come from the guild?  Please help
Townspeople - Men:
   - Hey?  Haven't I seen your face somewhere?  Oh, it's you guys.
     Thanks for your assistance the other day!
   - So it's you guys.  I guess we're going to ask for your assistance
   - Those machines, they're trying to see what's going on in Birth
     Valley!  Do you mean to say there's something else!?

Woman in House:
   - I saw them!  I saw those mechanical humans fly!  They came from
     the northeast!  It's true!

(The group leaves and returns to Vahal Fort.  Upon entering...)

WREN: There is an emergency transmission from Demi.

DEMI: Master, the Plate System has sustained an attack from a mysterious
      android attack squad.  They captured Automatic Defense Module 3.
      I have kept the damage to a minimum, but... judging by the degree
      of sophistication of their attack, I suspect that there must be a
      sophisticated tactician behind all this.

RIKA: I don't understand how there could still be someone sending
      spurious orders now that Kuran is silenced.

WREN: We are investigating the matter from here as well, Demi.
      Considering the attacks on other systems, shift to Alert Mode 1.

DEMI: Roger.  Out.

RIKA: That attack squad Demi was talking about...  Could it be similar
      to the one we met in Zema?

WREN: It appears that orders are being given for the indiscriminate
      destruction of all AI systems over a certain level...  You may
      be right Rika.

RIKA: Right...  You're an AI as well, Wren?

CHAZ: So that's why, when we were in Zema, only Wren was attacked.

RIKA: And then, the reason that machine actually went to Zema was to
      destroy Seed.

RUNE: Didn't the person who sent the order know that Seed had

WREN: It could be theorized that someone who is possessed of data from
      the old Parmanian civilization, and moreover is far removed from
      the control of Zelan, is responsible.

CHAZ: And that someone could be here!

(They proceed into Vahal Fort.  When they reach the third level down...)

RUNE: This is awesome!  If all these things started to move at once,
      Motavia would fall completely under their control instantly!

CHAZ: Rune, why exactly did we come here again?

WREN: Let's hurry.  This is not a joking matter.

RIKA: Somehow, when Wren says it it's very convincing!

(The group finds a treasure chest.)

CHAZ: What's this?  Are these more of your spare parts, Wren?

WREN: It appears...  I don't believe it!  Is this a Positron Bolt

RIKA: Huh?

WREN: This is a powerful weapon developed for attacking space
      fortresses.  A 10 second burst could even destroy Zelan!

RUNE: Wow!  Imagine the power of this unit, and yet it's so small.

WREN: Yes.  Under normal circumstances, I would prefer to avoid using
      such a weapon, but unfortunately, in this situation, I have no
      choice.  I shall install it.

RIKA: Wren...

(Wren installs the Positron Bolt unit.)

WREN: Device installation complete.  Positron Bolt now ready for use.

(Finally, the group finds the heart of Vahal Fort.  There they find
 a massive computer system.)

WREN: What is this system?

DAUGHTER: Welcome, people of Algo...  I am Daughter.  As the protector
          of Algo I am responsible for administering law and ensuring

RUNE: Daughter...a daughter of...?

RIKA: It can't be!  Seed said that plan was abandoned!

WREN: My data confirms that, also.  There must be an error in my data.

CHAZ: Okay...  Hey, you!  Daughter!  Are you the one that sent the
      androids to Zema and the Plate System?


CHAZ: If you say you're the protector of Algo, why would you destroy
      the environmental control system?

DAUGHTER: I am only trying to purge those AI's not under my control.
          My number one objective is peace and prosperity for all of
          Algo.  Any AI that does not obey my orders is an enemy of
          Algo.  Therefore, it is my mission to destroy them.

RIKA: Daughter, did you know your network is not connected to external
      systems?  So, even if you send an order, it won't reach the other

DAUGHTER: That is not true.  I was designed to take control of all
          remaining systems of Mother Brain.  All AI systems in Algo are
          under my control.

WREN: Daughter, there is a fundamental error in your self-awareness.
      Because the environmental deterioration caused by the system
      crash was greater than initially expected, the effects of the
      destruction of Parma were calculated prior to the completion of
      the Daughter Project.  The project was then abandoned at the
      prototype manufacturing stage.  You are but a test machine.

DAUGHTER: I'm a prototype?

WREN: Subsequently, a network whose sole object was to restart and
      stabilize Algo's environmental control system was constructed
      on the artificial satellite Zelan.  I, Wren, an the AI in charge
      of managing the entire system.

DAUGHTER: I understand, Wren.

WREN: Daughter...

DAUGHTER: Wren, you are creating the disorder in my system, aren't you?

WREN: Daughter!

DAUGHTER: I shall use all my power to exterminate anything that
          interferes with my programs!

(Daughter sics three Dominators on the group.  After they are
 defeated, the rest of the group steps back as Wren steps to Daughter's
 control panels.)


WREN: Daughter, I am going to shut you down.

DAUGHTER: Why are you doing this?  Algo will never regain its former
          prosperity without me.  Actually, there is a possibility all
          will be ruined.

WREN: Daughter...  I was only given the minimum environmental control
      ability, yet humans have continued to live for over a thousand

DAUGHTER: Do not do this...  Do not do something that might be

WREN: Our civilization has indeed fallen into decay...  But that is
      exactly why humans have regained their vitality...  They have
      worked together to overcome all these difficult problems.

DAUGHTER: Fo..rn...stop!

WREN: Daughter, There is no need for excessive interference.

DAUGHTER: Fo...rn...

(Daughter shuts down.  The task completed, Wren turns to the others.)

WREN: Technicians at that time planned to reopen the project after the
      environment was stabilized.  They must have had an independent AI
      at the Nurvus terminal keeping things under control here.  Both
      Demi and I were negligent.  We ignored this ancient facility
      because it was unrelated to our official tasks.

RUNE: All efforts were put into starting Zelan.  Daughter was

RIKA: When we shut down Nurvus, a signal must have been sent, and
      Daughter woke...

(The group returns to Zema.)

Townspeople - Men:
   - This is Zema.  You can feel safe in this town now.
   - Those machines, it seems they're not appearing any more!
   - Well, I hope now we won't have anything else suddenly appearing!
   - I wonder if it's really safe now?  I really can't trust anything!
   - So everything's OK now, you say?  Phew!
   - Oh, you've done it.  Thanks so much.
Townspeople - Woman:
   - You guys, you're pretty good.

Woman in House:
   - I wonder, can we feel safe now?
Man in House:
   - If only this world was free of problems!
Boy in House:
   - There won't be anymore scary stuff, right?
Girl in House:
   - Mommy!  Daddy!  Hee, hee.

Woman in House:
   - Those strange machines don't seem to be appearing anymore.
Kid in House:
   - She says I can go outside now.  Whee!
Old Man in House:
  (First time)
   - Oh, you've beaten the controller of those machines!  It must be
     true.  We don't see those machines anymore.  Good job.  There's
     no doubt of your skills.  You'll find your compensation at the
  (Subsequent times)
   - Good job.  No doubt of your skills.  You'll find your compensation
     at the guild.

(The group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: Good job.  Congratulations on driving away those machines.
            The commission fee of 80000 meseta has just arrived.  Here
            it is!  Please come again to the Hunters' Guild where we
            enrich the lives of hunters!

CHAZ: The things we do seem to have consequences all over the place.

RIKA: We need to watch what we do, don't we, Chaz!

Desk Clerk:
   - I'm sorry to say that there are no jobs yet.

Return to ZEMA
Old Man in House:
   - Thank you for your assistance.

LOCATION: Entrance to the Island Cave
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, and Seth

(At the entrance to the cave, the group meets Seth.)

SETH: Huh?  Are you guys here to inspect the ruins?

CHAZ: Well, er, yes, we are, but who on earth are you?

SETH: Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier.  My name is Seth.
      I'm a traveling archeologist.  I came here in search of the ruins
      of an ancient temple, but there are monsters in the cave that
      leads to it.

CHAZ: Hmm, the temple... just where we're going.

SETH: Ah, I knew it!  How fortunate!  If that's where you're headed,
      would you allow me to come with you?  I do have confidence in
      my skills.  And I don't intend to be a nuisance.

CHAZ: Hmm, an archeologist...

WREN: If there are monsters, the more of us there are, the more
      advantageous it'll be in a fight against them.

CHAZ: OK, I guess it's all right.

SETH: Thank you very much!  I appreciate your kindness.

RIKA: Rune, he's quite a polite person.

RUNE: Huh?  Oh, er, yes...

TALK:.   CHAZ: Oh, great.  Now we've got some strange guy tagging along with
   SETH: Oh, don't mind me.
   RUNE: Chaz!  Let's hurry to the temple.
   CHAZ: Ah...yeah.

(The group proceeds through the cave.  When they reach the second

SETH: Oh my, you guys are so strong!  You must have felled many a
      monster by now!

CHAZ: Huh?  Well, not really...  Hee, hee, I'm embarrassed.

(Upon reaching the third level...)

SETH: But that was splendid!  I would love to have that kind of

CHAZ: This is the result of many hours of training.  You can become
      strong too if you put effort into it!

SETH:  Interesting!

RIKA: When did you ever do any training, Chaz?

CHAZ: Shhh!

(When the reach the top of the mountain...)

SETH: We've finally made it to the temple.  This is all thanks to you.
      There may be monsters still.  Please, let me come with you a
      little while longer.

CHAZ: Oh, er, well... all right.

(Inside, the group finds a chest.  In it is the Aero-Prism.)

CHAZ: We did it!  It's the Aero-Prism!  But how is it going to show us
      the way to Rykros?

RUNE: Gee...  I don't know.

CHAZ: You're sure a big help!

   RUNE: So this is the Aero-Prism.
   SETH: My...quite a curiosity.  May I take a look at it?
   CHAZ: Oh, here...
   RUNE: No, don't, Chaz!  Sorry about this, Seth, but this thing is
         very important to us.  We can't just have it handled out of
   SETH: Oh, forgive me.
   RIKA: Oh, Chaz!  You're just too good-natured!
   CHAZ: So, where is this secret of Rykros hidden?

(The group steps outside.)

LOCATION: Outside Soldier's Temple
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, and Seth

(The Aero-Prism glows in Chaz's hand.)

CHAZ: Wow!  It's blindingly bright!

RUNE: Oh, how observant.  Hold the Aero-Prism up to the sky!

(Chaz does so, and a beam of light shoots into the heavens.)

CHAZ: Wh...what's going on?

RIKA: How beautiful!

RUNE: Rykros is at the end of the light!

CHAZ: But...that's beyond the skies!

WREN: I will calculate the direction immediately.

(Seth covers his face from the light.)

SETH: Aieeeee!

RIKA: Seth!  What's wrong?

(Seth's clothes start to rip, his body changing.)

SETH: Aieeeeeeeee!

RIKA: Ahhh!

(Seth's transformation is complete.  He's now... Dark Force!)

CHAZ: Seth!?

RIKA: It's...not Seth!  That...that figure ...couldn't be!  Dark Force!?

RUNE: It can't be!  Does this mean that Dark Force has been mascarading
      as a human?  That evil-minded monster!

WREN: Can Dark Force also evolve?

RIKA: Whether it evolves or not, here it comes!

CHAZ: We have no choice!  Let's go!

(Group fights and defeats Dark Force III.  Afterward...)

RUNE: This is becoming a sticky situation.  Chaz, we've got to hurry
      to Rykros!

CHAZ: Huh?

RUNE: I bet the followers of The Darkness are already aware of the way
      to Rykros through Dark Force.  They're probably on their way
      there even as we speak!

CHAZ: You mean, they were spying on us?

WREN: Rykros...the only thing certain is the direction in which it is
      located.  But no doubt there is something there that they can't
      afford to let us have.

CHAZ: So we'd better get that something.

RIKA: We'll have to hurry, otherwise they'll beat us to it!

WREN: I have the direction of Rykros stored in memory.  But...

CHAZ: The light is now extending far beyond the sky...

RUNE: We'll just have to head towards it in the Landale.

CHAZ: All right, let's return to the spaceport!  We've got to hurry!

   RIKA: Seth, he is such a...
   RUNE: I'm becoming indifferent about enemies.  We can't just dawdle.
         We've got to hurry to Rykros!
   CHAZ: So what is this Rykros?
   RIKA: We'll just have to go and find out, Chaz!

(After the group blasts off...)

LOCATION: Aboard the Landale
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren

CHAZ: Are we going in the right direction?

WREN: We are on course.

CHAZ: Is it an island like the Air-Castle, or is it an artificial
      satellite like Zelan or Kuran?

WREN: If we keep to this course we will leave the Algo solar system!

RUNE: We have no choice but to keep going.

CHAZ: Wow!  This is astounding!

(In Chaz's hand, the Aero-Prism glows again.)

RIKA: Hey!  It's the Aero-Prism again!

CHAZ: Whew, you scared me.  What happened?

RUNE: Chaz, look!

(In the space before them, a planet materializes.)

WREN: It's a planet.  A planet has suddenly appeared.

RUNE: That can't be!  There's no indication on the radar?!

WREN: It's not Motavia, it's not Dezolis... and of course it's not
      Parma.  There is no such planet in my database!

CHAZ: This is...  This must be Rykros!

(The Landale lands on Rykros, and the group enters the Silence Temple.
 When they reach its center, the room around them disappears, and they
 find themselves, seemingly, in space, with a bright galaxy underneath
 them.  Then, they hear a voice.)

LE ROOF: Welcome, Protectors, welcome.

CHAZ: What was that?  There's a voice reverberating in my head!

LE ROOF: I am Le Roof of Rykros.  I remain in this land to pass on the
         secret of the genesis of Algo.

CHAZ: Just as I thought, this is Rykros.

LE ROOF: Yes it is.  This is Rykros, the fourth planet in the Algo
         solar system.

RUNE: What!  The fourth planet!

WREN: There are only supposed to be three planets in the Algo solar
      System, Motavia, Parma, and Dezolis.

LE ROOF: Rykros is a planet that has been protected by a powerful and
         invisible barrier.  No normal being is able to see it or even
         sense it.

RIKA: I didn't know such a planet existed!

LE ROOF: Moreover, the planet's orbit is highly elliptical.  It only
         gets close to Algo once every thousand years.

WREN: So, it's an orbit like that of a comet!

RUNE: The Aero-Prism shows the way when Rykros returns...  So this is
      what they mean by 'return!'

RIKA: And that's why it was hidden until now...

CHAZ: Le Roof!  We came all the way here because we wanted to find out
      what we can about The Profound Darkness!  What is 'The Profound
      Darkness?'  Why is it causing disasters in Algo?  And exactly
      where is it now?  We were told that all answers would be found
      here!  Now tell all!

LE ROOF: Hmmm...  You courageous Protectors who came all the way to
         Rykros, I have much to tell you.  But first you must perform
         a task.  There are two towers in Rykros called The Courage
         Tower and The Strength Tower...  Go meet the guardians of
         those towers.  When you return, I will truly recognize you as
         'Protectors,' and will then tell you all you seek to know.

RIKA: Protectors?

CHAZ: Are you testing us?

LE ROOF: Yes, I am.  But please understand.  This is absolutely

CHAZ: I guess we'll have to do it.  Come on guys, let's go!

LE ROOF: Please hurry.  Already, the hand of the Darkness stirs toward
         this planet.  Beloved ones, I await your return.

(The "galaxy" disappears, and the group finds themselves once again
 in the normal Silence Temple.)

   RIKA: 'The Courage Tower' and 'The Strength Tower'...
   RUNE: We won't be able to hear what Le Roof has to say unless we
         meet the guards of these two towers...
   CHAZ: He said it was some kind of ritual...  I wonder what that

(Upon entering...)

CHAZ: I hear a voice coming from somewhere...

VOICE: Who dares to enter The Anger Tower...  Begone!

(The group is sent outside.)

(When the group reaches the top floor, they see the Tower Guardian,
 Sa-Lews, make quick work of two creatures.  Then, they approach.)

SA-LEWS: There's nothing to fear from the hand of the Darkness!  Oh?
         So you are the people sent here by Le Roof.  Go ahead, try and
         defeat me.  Prove that you've got the qualifications to be

(Group fights and defeats Sa-Lews.  Afterward...)

SA-LEWS: You've done well!  Go, take these objects which are the proof
         you've met and passed me.

(Sa-Lews vanishes; two chests appear.  In them are the Rykr-Ring
 and the Algo-Ring.)

(When the group reaches the top floor, they see the Tower Guardian,
 De-Vars, make quick work of two creatures.  Then, they approach.)

DE-VARS: Ah, you've finally come!  They come and they come, but they're
         all sissies.  I've been getting kind of bored!  If you have
         passed Le Roof's scrutiny, then try and take me if you can!

(Group fights and defeats De-Vars.  Afterward...)

DE-VARS: You're better than I thought.  That's comforting.  Go ahead and
         take these objects.  They are the proof you need.

(De-Vars vanishes; three chests appear.  In them are the Palma-Ring,
 Mota-Ring, and the Dezo-Ring.)

(The group enters the main room.  Again, it disappears, replaced by
 the "galaxy.")

LE ROOF: Ah, Protectors, you have carried out your mission well.  You
         haven proven yourselves, and I can enlighten you with the
         secret of Algo's genesis.  Many billions of years ago... a
         spiritual life form split into two lesser beings, who
         eventually began to fight...

LOCATION: Silence Temple
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, and Le Roof

(In the midst of the "galaxy," Chaz and co. see two spirtual beings

LE ROOF: After a long and terrible battle, there was finally a victor.
         The winner banished the enemy spirtual life form to another

         We call the victorious side The Great Light and the defeated
         one The Profound Darkness.

CHAZ: I see, 'Light' and 'Darkness'...

LE ROOF: The Great Light feared the resurrection of The Profound
         Darkness and placed a seal over the dimensional portal...

RUNE: A seal?

LE ROOF: That's right...a gigantic seal of three planets on one fixed

RUNE: That can't be...

(They see the Algo solar system as it was prior to Parma's destruction.)

LE ROOF: Yes, it is.  The Algo solar system.  The Great Light also
         distributed Protectors of the seal between three tribes --
         the Parmanians, Motavians, and Dezolisians.  But there were
         fluctuations in the strength of the seal.  Once every
         thousand years, its power would weaken drastically.  As a
         warning of this phenomenon The Great Light created Rykros,
         which returns to Algo once every thousand years, and myself,
         Le Roof.

CHAZ: But what use is an invisible planet as a warning?

LE ROOF: The Great Light knew that, through the generations, the
         Protectors would forget their mission.  So Rykros was
         designed to break its silence when the seal's final moment
         came... to remind the Protectors of the mission they were
         born to do.

RIKA: The seal's final moment?  What do you mean by final moment?

(An image of Dark Force appears to the Protectors.)

LE ROOF: Throughout time The Profound Darkness has seethed with
         animosity and the need for revenge.  And once every thousand
         years, when the strength of the seal weakens, the most intense
         part of the The Profound Darkness' hate-filled spirit is able
         to break through the portal and come to Algo in physical form.

RUNE: So that's what Dark Force was!

LE ROOF: Every time, a courageous person would defeat Dark Force and
         bring about a brief period of peace by expelling it.  But The
         Profound Darkness is patient, and finally it destroyed the
         planet of Parma in battle.

RIKA: That means part of the seal is gone!

LE ROOF: That's right.  And now, a thousand years later, The Profound
         Darkness is trying to break completely free at last.

CHAZ: The seal's final moment...  Are you saying that it's happening

LE ROOF: Maybe.

RIKA: Maybe?

LE ROOF: The Darkness will once again wield its frightening power, and
         completely break the seal, or...

CHAZ: Or what?

LE ROOF: Someone will conquer The Darkness and render the seal

CHAZ: Someone like us.

LE ROOF: Protectors, listen carefully...  If The Darkness escapes, the
         seal, that is, the Algo solar system, will certainly be
         destroyed.  The only way to prevent this is to go to The
         Darkness, enter its dimension, and destroy it.  As long as you
         have those Rings of the Stars, you should be able to withstand
         the largest part of the power of The Darkness.  So the time has
         come.  Obey the will of The Great Light and attack The Profound
         Darkness.  This is the very mission that you, as Protectors
         have been born to.

(Chaz grows angry.)

CHAZ: What do you think we are?

RIKA: Chaz...

CHAZ: I've been listening patiently and you keep talking about this
      mission!  I'm not going to fight for no mission!  And anyway,
      where is this Great Light now?  What's it doing?

LE ROOF: The Great Light is no longer present in this galaxy.  It has
         gone far away...

CHAZ: You're telling me, he hands down missions and he goes off
      somewhere?  Give me a break!  Missions, 'Protectors,' who the
      heck cares?  It has nothing to do with us!  No way am I going to
      fight for someone like that!  I'm going to live by my own will!

(Chaz moves to leave.  Rika runs after him.)

RIKA: Chaz!

RUNE: There is no one single truth... Chaz!

LE ROOF: Chaz Ashley...  You have set foot on Rykros...  You must
         hurry... whatever path you choose...

(They leave the Silence Temple.  Outside, near the Landale...)

RIKA: Chaz...  What are we to do?

CHAZ: Rune...

RUNE: What is it, Chaz?

CHAZ: To tell you the truth... I don't know what's going on.

RUNE: Oh, great...

CHAZ: When Alys died, you explained things to me... and Rika tried to
      lift my spirits...  But in truth, I really didn't understand!  I
      could only see that the person who'd taught me everything had
      died.  I would have sacrificed anything, even my life, for the
      peaceful repose of Alys' soul.  But gradually, I found out that
      there are people who depend on me to fight.

RUNE: That's all fine, isn't it?  Chaz...

CHAZ: But!  I can't have the fate of all Algo rest on my shoulders!
      Moreover, this fighting is a mission handed down from The Great
      Light!  If we have to dance to its tune, we're no different than

RUNE: Hmmm...  I can't blame you for thinking that way, but...  Chaz,
      there's someone I want you to meet.  Let's go to the Esper
      Mansion.  The answer lies there!

   CHAZ: Rune... what on earth are you saying is in the Esper Mansion?
   RUNE: Just be quiet and follow me!
   CHAZ: sigh

Esper in back hallway:
   - Something... something is going to happen...  I can tell... my
     chest is throbbing violently!

(The group enters the Inner Sanctum.  When they talk to the Old Man

RUNE: We're borrowing the inner room again.  I've got something to give
      to Chaz.

OLD ESPER: S...surely, you're not going to give that to a youth like

CHAZ: Youth!

RUNE: There's no one other than Chaz.  ...You've got to believe me!

OLD ESPER: I understand,reverent fifth one.  I will say no more.

(The group enters Lutz's room, where a secret room is revealed.)

LOCATION: Esper Mansion, Lutz's Room
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren

RUNE: Chaz, the sacred sword Elsydeon awaits you!

CHAZ: The sacred sword Elsydeon?

RUNE: It's probably the one and only weapon that has the power to
      destroy The Profound Darkness!  Go, Chaz...alone!  Go and meet
      with Elsydeon!

CHAZ: Meet Elsydeon?

RUNE: That's right.  And at that time you should find the answer you are
      looking for.

   CHAZ: 'Meet Elsydeon...'  I wonder what that means?

(Chaz enters the Sacred Sword Cave.)

(Alone, Chaz proceeds through the cave until he finds a statue of a
 woman -- the same woman in the 'heroine statue' in Termi.  She holds
 a sword.)

LOCATION: Sacred Sword Cave
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren... and Alis Landale

CHAZ: So this is the sacred sword, Elsydeon...

      What?  I hear a voice from somewhere!

ALIS: Ah, you have made it, Chaz Ashley...  This is the place where the
      spirits of those who fought to protect Algo return to...  Elsydeon
      is the sword sheltered by those spirits!  Now Chaz, you must take
      Elsydeon in your hands...

(Chaz does so, and immediately, he sees a vision of Alis Landale
 fighting Dark Force.)

CHAZ: Hey!

(Chaz sees a vision of Myau, Odin, and Noah, then he sees Rudo Steiner,
 Josh Kain, Doctor Amy Sage, Shir Gold, Anna Zirski, and Hugh Thompson.)

CHAZ: Wow!

(Chaz sees Nei, and then he sees Rolf.  Then, Chaz sees the Algo solar
 system -- all three planets, including Palma.  And then... he sees Alis
 Landale, Nei, and Alys Brangwin.  Then, his vision is over, and he
 is back in the Sacred Sword Cave, standing with Elsydeon in his hand.)

ALIS: So you are Chaz whom Rune selected...  You were able to

CHAZ: Aah...!

(Magically, Alis Landale is then there, with Chaz!)

ALIS: Chaz... I entrust to you the care of Elsydeon!  All of our
      thoughts are stored within that sword.  We will all be with you,
      Chaz, always, so...

CHAZ: Don't worry Leave it to me!

(Chaz returns to Lutz's Room.)

RUNE: I knew it.  Elsydeon promised that it would give you power.  There
      was no mistake in my judgment!

CHAZ: Rune!

RUNE: Chaz, let's go save Algo!

CHAZ: Right!  We're doing it for all life in Algo, and to create a
      future that is truly free of terror!  A future unbound at last
      from the evil of the past!  For that, I will fight!

RIKA: Chaz...

RUNE: Let's conquer, Chaz!  For Algo!


WREN: We have an emergency!  Demi informs us that disaster has erupted
      on Motavia!

RIKA: Chaz!

CHAZ: All right.  Let's hurry to Motavia!!

   CHAZ: What on earth are you saying has happened in Motavia?
   WREN: The details are unclear.  There is nothing other than the
         message 'come immediately'..

Old Esper:
   - Oh my, you were actually able to get your hands on that...  Trust
     the reverent fifth one to be able to pick the one with ability!

Espers in Hall of Worship:
   - So, that's the rumored sacred sword!  It couldn't possibly be in
     this mansion....
   - So, that's the rumor...  It couldn't possibly be in this

(When Chaz and co. arrive, they find two others waiting for them: Kyra
 and Raja.)

LOCATION: Dezolis Spaceport
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, Raja, Kyra, Demi, Hahn, and

RAJA: Ah, you made it, Chaz.

CHAZ: Raja!  Are you OK now?  And Kyra!  You're here too!

RAJA: A minor sickness like that couldn't keep me in bed!  Take me with

KYRA: There's reassurance in numbers.  Since I'm so reliable, I'll
      accompany you!

CHAZ: Raja and Kyra...  Thank you!

(They all get in the Landale, where they find more friends waiting:
 Demi, Gryz, and Hahn.)

CHAZ: Hahn!  Gryz!  And Demi too!

HAHN: Hey, Chaz!  You seem to have become stronger since we last met!

GRYZ: I was scolded by Pana, but I came anyway.

DEMI: The system is finally stabilized!  Now I can go with you!

CHAZ: Everybody...everybody...  Thank you so much!

WREN: Demi, what is this disaster you reported?

DEMI: Well, a large hole suddenly opened north of Piata!  The life forms
      around that hole are dying, one after the other!  But there's no
      gas or radiation emissions coming from the hole.

RUNE: There is no need to verify it!  We knew as soon as we arrived in
      Motavia.  It's all due to the Black Energy Wave -- and a pretty
      strong one at that!  It's The Profound Darkness.  He finally
      opened the door from the other dimension.

HAHN: Chaz, let's go!  Isn't this the last battle?

KYRA: Really, you guys need taking care of.  I'll be your big sister
      and look after you!

CHAZ: Well, seeing that we're all here, I'd like all of you to go,

RUNE: There are only five 'Rings of Stars' to protect us from the power
      of the 'Darkness'!

CHAZ: So that means we have to choose one person to take.!

(Chaz must now choose from his five companions which one he will take
 with him.  As he approaches each one, the companion pleads his/her
 case for why Chaz should choose him/her (CASE DIALOGUE).  After the
 companion has made his/her speech, Rika says, "Chaz, are you going to
 take [NAME]?"  If Chaz answers YES, the companion speaks his/her YES
 DIALOGUE.  If Chaz says NO, the companion speaks his/her NO DIALOGUE.
 If a companion has already been chosen, and Chaz chooses a new one,
 the previously chosen companion speaks his/her NO DIALOGUE and returns
 to his/her waiting spot.)

CASE DIALOGUE:  Chaz, to tell you the truth, since that time I've been
                secretly training!  So that I'd be able to be of more
                help to you guys!  Please!  Take me with you!

"YES" DIALOGUE: Thank you!  I'll do my best not to be a nuisance!

"NO" DIALOGUE:  OK, I guess it can't be helped...  Good luck!

CASE DIALOGUE:  Pana says it's pitiful that you'd come back for her
                sake.  That's what she says.  And she says you don't
                have to put up with things for her sake, she's all
                right.  Chaz, let me make amends.  Let's go together!

"YES" DIALOGUE: All right!  This time I'll stay until the very end for

"NO" DIALOGUE:  That's too bad...  I'm counting on you for my part too!

CASE DIALOGUE:  The systems in Motavia are completely functioning now!
                I can accompany you without any misgivings!  You can't
                have the person in charge of Motavia not go!

"YES" DIALOGUE: I'm ready.  I'm up to it!  Master, you just watch me!

"NO" DIALOGUE:  Well...I understand.  I entrust everything to all of

CASE DIALOGUE:  A tour of Motavia has long been my dream!  I want to go
                and see all the famous places...  I'd better hurry and
                clean everything up!  How about it?  If you take me you
                won't have a moment of boredom!  Ha, ha, ha!

"YES" DIALOGUE: Just as I thought, you're a pretty good judge of
                character.  You'll go far!

"NO" DIALOGUE:  ...I see.  Well, I'll be waiting for you, so get the job
                done quickly!

CASE DIALOGUE:  My buddies at Meese were kind enough to tell me not to
                worry about the future.  They told me to go.  After all,
                Chaz and everyone will be benefactors of Dezolis!  Oh
                Chaz, take me along!  Wouldn't I be of some help to you?

"YES" DIALOGUE: Right on!  Just leave it up to your big sister Kyra!

"NO" DIALOGUE:  I see.  I'll be waiting, Chaz.  Be sure to come back!

TALK:.   CHAZ: This is the final battle!  Let's go!  We must face The Profound
   RIKA: Yes, Chaz, let's go and do battle together!
   WREN: Operational checks complete.  All systems are fully functional.
   RUNE: So...let's go!

  (This TALK ends with a line from Chaz's chosen companion.  The lines

   HAHN: Now is the time that I can profit from my secret training!

   GRYZ: Just what we're hoping for!

   DEMI: Allow me to join you.  Let's go now!

   RAJA: I'll protect Algo -- and drink all I want!  Ha ha!

   KYRA: I'm ready anytime you are!

Return to PIATA
   - This is the town of Piata, but there's no time for chatter!  To
     the north, near Mile, there's a big hole!

Townspeople - Men:
   - Ahhhhhhh!
   - Is it true that the village of Mile has become a village of death?
     Dad!  Mom!
   - Th...this universe is coming to an end.
   - You say poison is coming out of the hole?  Hey!  Is that true?
   - If Mile is in trouble, we're going to be in trouble soon!
   - H...heeelp!
Townspeople - Women:
   - This can't all be explained away by saying that the ground surface
     suddenly began to sink!
   - I can't tell what's going on.  Only the fact that there's a hole...

Woman in House:
   - What?  What are you talking about?
Kid in House:
   - Did something happen?  Come on, tell me!

Woman in House:
   - Wh...what should we do?  I want to escape, but I have nowhere to

Students in Dorms:
   - When it's this crazy, I want to go to the academy even less.
   - I have...a terrible headache... this!?
   - What did you say happened?
   - I'm getting undressed, you know!  So leave!

Students on First Floor:
   - Oh, such a thing!
   - I'm right.  This planet is full of problems!
Professors on First Floor:
   - See!  We're doomed...
   - There sure are many kinds of universes!

Students on Second Floor:
   - Oh, such a thing!
   - What's that big hole!
   - What's going to happen now?
Professors on Second Floor:
   - I can't believe there could be such a crazy thing...
   - What we've got to deal with right now is not outer space but this
     hole in the ground!
   - What's going to happen now?
   - Not get involved?  That's a joke!  At this point, I just can't
     turn a blind eye!
Professor Holt:
   - What on earth is going on!?

Return to MILE
Examine Ranch Owner:
   CHAZ: The ranch owner is...
   RIKA: And he had such great hopes...

Examine Townspeople:
   CHAZ: This is atrocious!
   RIKA: They must have been done in by 'The Black Energy Wave'...

(As the group enters...)

CHAZ: Elsydeon is shining!

(It does just that.)

RIKA: A voice is reverberating in my head...

VOICE: Oh Protectors of Algo...  The Anger Tower welcomes you gladly.

(When Chaz reaches the top level, he finds everyone else has vanished.)

   CHAZ: What!  Where is this?  ...Where is everybody!?

(Chaz looks around, and in the middle of the room he sees... Alys?)

CHAZ: What?  Alys...  You're here on Rykros?  Alys?  Alys!  Hey,
      answer me, Alys!

(Alys steps towards him.  Chaz steps back, but Alys does not stop.)

CHAZ: Yikes!  Alys?

(And then, they must fight.  She is dispatched quickly, however.)

CHAZ: Alys...  Alys!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

VOICE: Heh, heh, heh...

CHAZ: Who's that?

(Chaz looks around, but sees no one.  Then, the room darkens, and
 a guardian like Sa-Lews and De-Vars appears: Re-Faze.)

RE-FAZE: Well, well, 'Protector,' what a weakling you are.  So you wail
         and lament for something you know to be an illusion.

CHAZ: An illusion?  Is that!

RE-FAZE: Ah, your anger, your hatred, it's quite a show of your force
         of character.  Would you like to be able to wholly transform
         those feelings into strength?

CHAZ: Huh?

RE-FAZE: There's a technique to transform emotions of anger and hatred
         into powers of destruction.  Do you want to know about it?

(If Chaz says YES...)

RE-FAZE: Hmm, I see...  You say you want to know...  If that's the case,
         show your mastery of the art with your body!

CHAZ: What?

RE-FAZE: Don't you understand the true meaning of anger and hatred?
         It's ridiculous that a fellow like you could consider himself
         worthy to wield Elsydeon!

(They fight, and Chaz is killed.)

(But if Chaz says NO...)

CHAZ: Don't mess with me!

RE-FAZE: Huh...why is that?

CHAZ: Even if I won using such a power, it would be meaningless!  It
      would only make is the same as the Darkness!

RE-FAZE: I've fought the illusion and yet you haven't lost
         sight of yourself.  All right, I shall trust you with the
         technique!  The forbidden technique ...Megid!

CHAZ: 'Megid'...  The forbidden technique?

RE-FAZE: There's nothing to be afraid of.  It's necessary to feel anger
         and hatred for humans to be human.

CHAZ: Oh...

RE-FAZE: There shouldn't be any danger that you will be corrupted by
         the power of Megid.  Just don't forget your true self.

(The room returns to normal, and Re-Faze is gone.)

(The group goes to the hole in the ground.  When the enter it, they
 find themselves in The Edge -- the dimensional tunnel to The
 Profound Darkness.  And at the end of it, that is exactly what they

CHAZ: ...Is this the shape The Profound Darkness has taken?

RIKA: Ah!  What's...happening!?

RUNE: It's an emanation of The Profound Darkness!  Anger...hatred...of
      all that lives...  And, a great need to destroy!  We've got to
      defeat this thing!  This being must not be allowed to come to

RIKA: The portal is not yet completely open.  We've got to take
      advantage of this opportunity, Chaz!

CHAZ: Right!  Let's go, everybody!

WREN: Roger!

    (Depending on who Chaz chooses to come with him...)
     HAHN: O...Oh!
     GRYZ: Our opponent is too strong!
     DEMI: Leave it up to me.
     RAJA: Yes!
     KYRA: Leave it to me!

CHAZ: This is it!  Now we determine Algo's future...our future!

(The group fights The Profound Darkness.  After it is defeated, it
 simply takes another form, and after that form is defeated, it takes
 another form.  When this third incarnation of The Profound Darkness is
 defeated, it explodes in defeat.)

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, Hahn, Gryz, Demi, Raja, and

(Energy explodes all around the group.)

CHAZ: Ah!  What's going on!?

RUNE: The force holding this dimensional hole open is gone!

WREN: I sense a time warp.  It's getting bigger.  Danger!  Danger!

RIKA: What are we supposed to do!?

CHAZ: What the...

(Elsydeon shines.)

CHAZ: The Elsydeon...

RUNE: It's protecting us...

RIKA: It's beautiful...

CHAZ: Thank you all...

(They return to the spaceport, where they rendevous with the others.)

RUNE: It's over...huh, Chaz.

CHAZ: Yes, it's over.

RIKA: We were able to keep Algo safe.


WREN: Departure preparations are complete.

RAJA: Well, I guess we'll head back to Dezolis.

KYRA: We'll get a ride with Wren.

RAJA: It was quite a fun journey, Chaz, the likes of which I haven't had
      in a long time.  

KYRA: You should come visit Dezolis once in a while.

RAJA: That's not possible.  They don't have a space ship.  And flapping
      their arms won't get them too far.  Ha, ha!

KYRA: So...I guess it's really good-bye, Chaz...

RAJA: What a pity you won't be able to enjoy my wit anymore!

DEMI: I will go to Zelan to assist my master Wren.  Good-bye, Chaz.
      Eventually, the time will come when both my master and I will
      become unnecessary to Algo.  But, until that time, I will work to
      complete my duties.

WREN: After I take everybody to Dezolis, I will return to Zelan.  I
      guess you will need the support of the system a little while

CHAZ: Wren...where's Rika?

(We see her near the Landale.)

WREN: She has already gone to the Landale.  Parting must be difficult
      for her.

CHAZ: I...see.

WREN: Good-bye, Chaz.  Stay well.  I believe we will meet again.

(Wren, Demi, Kyra, and Raja wave good-bye, and then head towards the

WREN: Rika, we are leaving.

RIKA: Yes.

(Rika takes one look back, and then the Landale takes off.  Chaz, Rune,
 Gryz, and Hahn watch it go.)

GRYZ: They're gone.

(Chaz sadly watches it go.)

(Aboard the Landale...)
RIKA: Wren, I...

WREN: Rika, the road you choose will probably be painful and difficult.
      You are our hope.  You must be strong and live with pride.

RIKA: Yes!  Wren...  Thank you!

(Back on Motavia...)
GRYZ: I've got to get back to Tonoe.  Chaz, thanks for everything!  I
      feel that I learned a lot from this trip.  Thanks!

HAHN: I'm returning to the Academy.  After all this, I've become
      disgusted with some of the people there, but... I'll just have to
      transform those feelings into inner strength!  Good-bye, Chaz.  I
      will always be proud that I fought beside you!

(Gryz and Hahn wave good-bye and leave, leaving Rune and Chaz alone.)

RUNE: Chaz...I guess it's good-bye.

CHAZ: Rune...

RUNE: Even though the battle against the ultimate fiend is over, my
      mission as Lutz must continue...  You see, I must watch over all
      Algo.  I'm still lacking in training and experience.  I must
      continue to improve myself, and eventually pass it on to the next

CHAZ: Won't again?

RUNE: Probably not.  You silly!  Don't cry...  You can live now without
      anyone else's help...

(Just then, up in the sky, the Landale descends, and Rika stands at the
 open hatch.)

CHAZ: Rika!

RIKA: Chaz!

(After a tearful, silent farewell to Wren...)

CHAZ: Rika!

(Rika leaps from the Landale, down to Motavia, where Chaz catches her in
 his arms.)

CHAZ: Rika!

RIKA: Chaz!

(But then they notice... Rune is leaving.)

RUNE: So long, Chaz...  Take care!

RIKA: Rune...

CHAZ: Rune...thank you...  And good-bye!

(Rune leaves, and the Landale heads into space.)

(Hahn has returned to the Academy, Gryz is reunited with Pana, Raja is
 back at Gyuna's, Kyra has returned to Esper Mansion, Wren and Demi are
 on Zelan, Rune is alone, and Chaz and Rika are together.)

The long battle is over.

We were able to free ourselves from the terrible curse of yore

To the souls of those who sacrificed their lives for Algo
sleep in peace.

From person to person...

From age to age...

As long as memories last...

We will not forget that sacrifices that have been made.

The eons-old struggle between Light and Dark has ended, and now the
curtain rises on a new age...

WOOD-CANE  - A cane made from the wood of a Laerumatree.
MOON-DEW   - A mysterious yellow perfume.
STAR-DEW   - A mysterious blue perfume.
SOL-DEW    - A mysterious red perfume.
CONTROLKEY - The system start up key for the Machine Center.
LAND-ROVER - Armored vehicle that can drive over quick sand.
STUN-SHOT  - A gun that emits a high frequency sound wave.
FRADEMANTL - Nothing is known about this item.
PSYCO-WAND - A wand that can nullify various magical-dfs.
WOODCARVIN - A sand worm doll made of wood.
PENNANT    - A pennant embroidered with the name Termi.
WAVE-SHOT  - A weapon that emits destructive sound waves.
PLSM-CLAW  - A claw with a built-in plasma production unit.
CANCELLER  - All-purpose sensor with stealth capabilities.
PLSM-SWORD - A sword with a large built-in plasma unit.
PULSE-LASR - A gun that fires quick-short laser pulses.
SILVR-TUSK - A secret treasure of the musk cats.
PULSEVULCN - A weapon that fires electronic beams.
LACO-ROD   - Rod made of hi-Laconia.  Has a power of'EFESS'.

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