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Complete Script Part 4

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Phantasy Star IV
Complete Script - Part Four
Carnivorous Forest through Man With Twist
compiled by Mike Ripplinger
LOCATION: Carnivorous Forest
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, and Kyra

(The group finds Kyra being attacked by the trees.)

RIKA: Look!  Someone is being attacked!

CHAZ: Is that Kyra?

(Group fights the forest, but it can not be defeated.  They do, however,
 manage to free Kyra.)

CHAZ: Heck!  They keep growing and growing from behind us!  There's no
      end to this!  We've got to retreat!

(Back in the Ice Digger, Kyra makes her hellos.)

KYRA: Thank you for rescuing me.  My name is Kyra Tierney.  Who are you

RIKA: We've been sent by your friends.  At any rate, I'm glad you're

KYRA: I see...So that's why you came all the way here.

CHAZ: It was pretty reckless of you to come here alone!

KYRA: I felt I had to do something to make it all right!  It just made
      my blood boil to see all those people in such pain...  But those
      carnivorous trees, they were far tougher than what I heard...

CHAZ: Yeah...I wonder if there's a better way to tackle them?

KYRA: I may know a way...  Our leader should be able to tell us!  Our...
      chief of the Esper Mansion...  Lutz...  About two thousand years
      ago...  He, along with a heroine called Alis, saved Algo and has
      come to be known as a legendary wizard!

CHAZ: Wait a minute!  Are you saying a person from two thousand years
      ago is still alive?

KYRA: It's said he is still alive in the deepest depths of the Esper
      Mansion!  But they won't let anyone except the top-ranking people
      enter the mansion.  That's why I've only seen him once, and from
      afar at that, during some ceremony!  But... you can even recognize
      from afar - he's intelligent... graceful...classy... just a
      wonderful person!  I've no doubt that he would know of a good way
      to tackle this problem!

CHAZ: Hmm...  He's been alive for two thousand years...

KYRA: You don't believe?  The reverent Lutz is an unparalleled magician
      whose feats have given rise to many a legend!  I'm sure the master
      even knows the secrets to immortality!

CHAZ: I wonder if that could be true?

WREN: Logically speaking, it must be something like cryogenic

KYRA: Whatever the case may be, we just can't leave the people of Meese
      in their misery.  We must try to get an audience with Lutz!

RIKA: Yes!  Hey, Chaz, let's go and see if we can meet the man, Lutz!

KYRA: I'll be your guide.  Let's go!

CHAZ: All right.  Let's go the Esper Mansion!

(NOTE: If you try to enter the Carnivorous Forest in the Ice Digger,
 Chaz says, "It won't work.  Even with this, we can't break through!")

   KYRA: 'Lutz' should know a way to defeat the carnivorous trees!
   CHAZ: Hmm...the chief of Esper.
   KYRA: I'll try to ask for an audience with 'Lutz!'  Let's go to the
         Esper Mansion!  It's southeast of the town of Meese!

Guard Espers:
   - Oh, it's you, Kyra!  Welcome back!

Espers in Main Halls:
   - This mansion is also cut off from the outside due to the wall of
   - Kyra!  You're being rash again!  Just because you were able to get
        KYRA: I'll be more careful in the future.
   - You're safe, Kyra.  I'm glad!
        KYRA: Thanks.  It's all thanks to these people.
   - These rooms belong to my friends who are in Meese now.
   - Kyra, how about the town of Meese?
        KYRA: Yes, friends are doing their best...  But
              ultimately, it's not going to solve anything.
Examine statues:
   CHAZ: What a gentle-looking face this statue of a woman has.

Espers in Hall of Worship:
   - This is the hall of worship, but with the numerous crises of late,
     it's been quite unused!
   - Have you heard!?  There's a rumor about the sacred sword Elsydeon
     which has been passed down in Algo since ancient times!  It is said
     that it is located somewhere here in Dezolis!
   - Have you heard!?  There's a rumor of a sacred sword which has been
     passed down in Algo since ancient times!  It is said that it will
     increase the power of its weilder manyfold!
Examine statue in Hall of Worship:
   CHAZ: It's a mystifying statue of a woman.  It's similar to the
         statue of a heroine I saw in Termi.

Esper in room with bed:
   - Oooo...I'm scared!  I'm afraid of that black energy wave!  If Lutz
     is alive, why doesn't he appear, especially at a time like this?

Espers in training room:
   - This is the training room where we improve our bodies and souls.
   - It is our desire to get closer to the feet of the reverent Lutz
     with a clear spirit and a body of steel.
        KYRA: That's a good attitude!  Lutz is the idol of all!
   - Ohm...Ohm...
        KYRA: He's meditating.  Please leave him alone.
Examine books on desk:
   CHAZ: What's this?  It's written in an alphabet I've never seen
Examine books on desk:
   CHAZ: 'Spirit and Matter'...  It's too difficult to understand.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'Magic and Technique  It's Effect and Correlation'  Hmm...
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'Technical Manual for Artificial Hibernation'...  What's this?

Esper in Dorm Rooms:
   - Espers are human too.  And if they don't sleep they will die!
Examine books on desk:
   CHAZ: It's a half-read book.  It says 'Records of Great
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'The Mystery of Life Energy'.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'ESP Ability and Ideology.'  It's too difficult to understand.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'Dezolis  It's Light and Shadow'  Hmm...

Espers in Back Hallways:
   - Upon hearing stories about Reshel and Meese, I sent some of my
     friends, but...  I don't have any idea about the conditions there
     because of the wall of ice.  Hey!  It's Kyra!  You were able to
     make it home!
   - The inner sanctuary is beyond this entrance, but the royal guards
     are protecting it and won't let us in.
   - I feel it too.  An enigmatic wave enveloping this planet!
        KYRA: addition, the closer you get to that Garuberk
              Tower, the stronger it becomes!

Royal Guards:
   - Kyra!  You may not pass here without permission!
        KYRA: Since when do I need permission!?  Open the door for us!
        GUARD: That I cannot do!
        KYRA: You pigheaded oaf!
        RUNE: Let her enter!
        GUARD: How dare you!  I cannot...  Hey!  Oh, it''s you!
               Forgive my rudeness!  Please enter!
        CHAZ: Rune...?

(The group enters the courtyard.)

   KYRA: Let's hurry to the mansion.  We should find Lutz there. 's like a dream...  I'm going to meet Lutz...  What
         shall I do?
   CHAZ: Er...

Royal Guards:
   - Please excuse me!

(The group enters the Inner Sanctuary, where an Old Esper awaits.)

  (First time)
   - Ah, Rune!  It's good to see you made it back safely.
        RUNE: Forget the formalities.  I'm going in.
        OLD ESPER: Oh, yes, of course...  As you wish.
  (Subsequent times)
   - All is exactly according to the wishes of the reverent fifth one.

(As they descend the stairs...)

RUNE: This is the inner sanctuary and further beyond... there is a room
      called Lutz's room.

KYRA: That's right.  So now, the time has finally come...  At last,
      we're going to meet Lutz!  Oh dear!  Are my clothes clean?
      How's my hair?  Oh, what shall I do.  I'm so nervous!

RIKA: I wonder what kind of person he is?  What do you think, Chaz?

CHAZ: Hmm, Lutz..  The legendary magician...

(They enter Lutz's room, where they find... no one.  Only a table with
 a glowing crystal ball floating above it.  Kyra steps up to the table.)

KYRA: Eh...what's going on?  No one's here...  Reverent Lutz!  Please
      show yourself!

LOCATION: Lutz's Room, Esper Mansion
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, Kyra, and the Old Esper

RUNE: Lutz is not here...  He left this world long ago!

KYRA: What?

WREN: No human could live for over two thousand years.

KYRA: That can't be!  I saw him with my very own eyes! 
      Besides...besides... we all are believers, aren't we?  We believe
      in the legend of Esper, that Lutz lives on and is leading us,
      don't we?!  That's why...that's why we're all trying so hard...
      he has to exist!

RUNE: Kyra!  Calm down...  It's true that Lutz is no longer of this
      world.  But even if his physical body is no more, his spirit lives

CHAZ: What?

RUNE: Before he died, he left his will and memory in the Telepathy Ball.

RIKA: Then... you're saying that this ball is Lutz?

RUNE: No.  He's not here now.  But if the chosen person appears, then
      Lutz's will and memory will be transfered to that person.

KYRA: Chosen...?

RUNE: So, now...

CHAZ: Wait!

RIKA: Lutz?!

OLD ESPER: That is correct.  Rune Walsh...  Is the fifth generation

KYRA:'re... Lutz?  How could that be...

RUNE: Listen, Chaz.  Since ancient times in Algo, there has been a cycle
      where calamities occur every one thousand years.  That's because
      a personification of evil called Dark Force is resurrected every
      thousand years!  Up until now, every time it occurred, a
      courageous person would defeat the evil to maintain peace.

RIKA: But we definitely did defeat Dark Force at Kuran.  Yet, there's no
      sign of abatement of these abnormal conditions in Algo!

CHAZ: So what's going on?

RUNE: Algo was shaken a thousand years ago by the explosion of Parma.
      The delicate balance we were able to maintain was severely upset.
      This might be a result of that.  The Black Energy Wave can still
      be felt.

CHAZ: Are you saying that Dark Force is still alive?!

RUNE: That... I don't know.  But I can say that the root of all evil is
      not yet destroyed!  The only thing to do is to defeat it!  I have
      chosen you, Chaz.

CHAZ: Me?!

RUNE: I have chosen you as the soldier to fight the inevitable decisive

CHAZ: Why...  Choose... Me?

RUNE: I felt that you are a man of potential.  We will soon find out if
      my judgment was correct, Chaz.

CHAZ: Oh, great!

RUNE: Well, that's the story.  Sorry I kept it secret all this time.
      We'll keep on cooperating with each other, right?

CHAZ: Ah, yeah.

RUNE: Anyway!  We've got to go to the Garuberk Tower!  That's where the
      answer lies!

OLD ESPER: There's carnivorous trees that obstructs those who try to
           pass.  But if you use the 'Eclipse Torch' you will be able to
           destroy it.

RUNE: OK, our destination is decided!  It's off to the Gumbious Temple.

OLD ESPER: The Dezolisian temple is located in the mountain valley west
           of here.

RUNE: We're off.  Come on, Chaz, stop looking so dazed!

KYRA: How disappointing that Lutz would be so insensitive!

RUNE: Sorry about that.  I've always been like this!

KYRA: Waaaa.

Examine Telepathy Ball:
   CHAZ: Telepathy Ball...  Lutz's memory...
   RUNE: I've inherited it now...  That's what it means.

Old Esper:
   - I pray for your safety.

   CHAZ: So, Rune was Lutz!
   RUNE: We'll need the 'Eclipse Torch' to defeat the carnivorous tress!
         We'll have to hurry and head for 'Gumbious Temple' west of the
         Esper Mansion!  Chaz!  Stop walking so slow!  Argh!  You and
         your short legs!
   KYRA: Waaa.  This is upsetting the image I had of Lutz!

Esper in Back Hallway:
   - You've entered the inner sanctuary?  Who on earth are you?

Esper in training room:
   - It is our desire to get closer to the feet of the reverent Lutz
     with a clear spirit and a body of steel.
        KYRA: ...that's what they say!
        RUNE: What are you trying to say?

Esper in room with bed:
   - Oooo...I'm scared!  I'm afraid of that black energy wave!  If Lutz
     is alive, why doesn't he appear, especially at a time like this?
        KYRA: He's here, isn't he.
        RUNE: Shhh!

Temple Leader:
  (First time)
   - What?  That won't do!  The holy flame is something that should not
     go beyond this gate!  Even if it is the wish of Lutz, to lightly
     lend out the torch, it is not acceptable to me!
        CHAZ: Boy, you just don't get it do you!  Didn't I explain the
              situation?  The future of the entire Algo system is
              hinging on this!
        LDER: Won't do, won't do!  What can't be can't be!  Huh?  What's
       (Behind the group, near the Eclipse Torch, three Xe-A-Thouls
        appear.  [XAT1=one on left, XAT2=one in center near torch,
        XAT3=one on right.])
        XAT2: Ha, ha, ha, ha!  I'll take that, thank you very much!
        CHAZ: What the heck do you think you're doing?!
        XAT1: Ha, ha, ha, ha!  We are beings who live in the Air Castle!
        XAT2: Hey, you... the one dressed in white!  If you're Lutz, you
              remember, don't you?
        XAT1: You know who will be waiting for you at the Air Castle!
       (Xe-A-Thouls 1 and 3 suddenly grab the Eclipse Torch, and it
        XAT2: I'll take possession of the Eclipse Torch!
        XAT1: If you want it back, then come and get it!  That is, if
              you don't mind losing your life!
        XAT2: Ha, ha, ha, ha!
       (All three of them vanish.)
        LDER: Ahhhhhh  What a disaster!  The flame which we hold holy
              has been stolen...  It's my punishment for being so
              narrow-minded!  Oh, how am I to bear the responsibility
              for this...
        CHAZ: Don't get so depressed!
        RUNE: It was taken by force.  It's not your fault.
        CHAZ: All we have to do is go and retrieve it!
        LDER: Oh, oh, would you really?  Th...thank you very much!
        CHAZ: But in exchange, you'd better lend it to us after we
              recover it!
        LDER: Oh, oh, of course...yes!  No question about that!
        RIKA: Rune, about the Air Castle?  You said you know about it.
        RUNE: Oh yes.  It's in Lutz's memory, to be precise...  It's
              a castle that floated in the skies of the planet Parma a
              long, long time ago!
        RIKA: The planet Parma!  In that case, it would have been
              destroyed a thousand years ago!
        WREN: The planet Parma exploded, and there's only an asteroid
              belt left where the planet used to be.
        RUNE: Could it be that miraculously, the Air Castle survived,
              and even now it's in the midst of the asteroids?
        WREN: The probability of that is very low.  At any rate, I will
              check it out with the sensors on the Landale.
        CHAZ: Rune, I have one more question...  Who is that 'Person'
              those witches were talking about?
        RUNE: The first generation Lutz and his companions fought a man
              in the Air Castle...  That man's name was Lashiec!
        CHAZ: Is that who they mean?
        RUNE: Lashiec was defeated by the first generation Lutz!  I
              don't know what we'll find until we get there.
  (Subsequent times)
   - I wish you well!

Dezolisians on second level:
   - Waaaaaaaaaaaaa.
   - Oh, that such a thing could happen because of my inattentiveness!
   - The treasure of all Dezolisians has been stolen!  What should we
   - Wh...what total disrespect to steal the Eclipse Torch so openly!
        CHAZ: You're unsteady, sir.  Here, pull yourself together.

Dezolisians on first level:
   - I want to say 'welcome' but the Eclipse Torch is...
   - The holy flame gives us strength.  That it is lost is...
   - Oh horrors!  Our holy flame has been stolen!
   - That light must never be lost.  Please, my dear Parmanian.  Bring
     back our holy flame!
   - 'One day, the flame of the Eclipse Torch will reduce all that is
     unclean to ashes.'  I wonder if this legend is true?
   - Oh, what shall we do?
   - Oh, what a shall we do?  The Eclipse Torch is...

   RIKA: Someone has taken the Eclipse Torch!
   CHAZ: Who are those guys?  What's the 'Air Castle'?
   WREN: At any rate, let me look at it through the sensors of the
   CHAZ: Does that mean we should go back to the airport?

RIKA: What on earth is this place?

WREN: This is a weapon plant Mother Brain constructed a thousand years
      ago.  For long it was an unnecessary facility, so all its
      functions were shut down, but...  It looks like it has been
      producing automatic weapons according to orders from Kuran for
      about half a year.

CHAZ: So, we'll be in trouble unless we shut this place down?

WREN: No.  When Zelan recovered, the production of weapons ceased.
      There should be no problem leaving this place as it is.

(Chaz opens a chest.)

CHAZ: There are things here that I have no clue as to what they are.

WREN: This is the Burst Roc unit.  It is a long range semi-automatic
      weapon that fires heat energy bursts.  It is compatible with my
      electronics.  I shall install it immediately.

(Wren installs the Burst Roc.)

WREN: Device installation complete.  Burst Roc is now ready for use.

(The group returns to the spaceport and enters the Landale.)

LOCATION: The Landale
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, and Kyra

WREN: Well then, let's go ahead and search for the Air castle.

(Wren activates the sensors.)

WREN: I'm getting something.  Although very slight, it is definitely

RIKA: Can you get it on the screen?

WREN: I will try.

(Wren acticvates the screen.  An image of the Air Castle appears.)

CHAZ: That's it!

RUNE: That's the Air Castle alright!

CHAZ: It has a spooky atmosphere.

KYRA: Ooooh, are you getting a little scared?  Huh, Chaz?

CHAZ: Don't...don't be ridiculous!  We're going in!

WREN: Gravity is normal and there is a breathable atmosphere.  This is
      clearly an artificial condition.

CHAZ: They seem to be expecting us.  Huh!

   CHAZ: So, this is the Air Castle?  Looks forboding!
   KYRA: Oh.  If you're scared, just walk behind big sister Kyra!
   CHAZ: Oh, be quiet!
   RIKA: giggle

Examine "ghost" Xe-A-Thouls:
   KYRA: It's the rascals who stole the Eclipse Torch!  They're
   RUNE: It's not just any illusion...  There's an invisible barrier!
   CHAZ: So that means we've got to find the real thing and defeat them!

(The group finds the real Xe-A-Thouls.)

XAT2: Ha, ha, ha, ha!  You've come!  However...

XAT1: Ha, ha, ha, ha!  We have no use for anyone but Lutz!

XAT2: And we have only one use for him.  Ha, ha, ha, ha!

XAT1: We will mutilate and kill him with these very hands!

(The group fights and defeats the Xe-A-Thouls.)

   RUNE: We've beaten the trio.  Now all we have to do is to find the
         boss and retrieve the Eclipse Torch!
   CHAZ: What do you mean boss?
   RUNE: Well...

(Descending into the dungeon, the group finally finds Lashiec's
 chamber.  Chaz opens a chest, and a torch is found, but...)

CHAZ: Oh no!  This torch is a fake!

(Thr group then fights a Spector, and then Lashiec appears.)

LASHIEC: You've finally come... Lutz!

RUNE: So it was Lashiec after all!

LASHIEC: Heh, heh...I've waited... I've waited for this moment!

RUNE: Lashiec!  Why are you that?

LASHIEC: For revenge!  Lutz, you...and all who are helping you...will
         suffer endless pain!  I'll kill you all!  I'll make you like
         me, like... this!  You too will become tortured souls who
         can never leave my castle!

CHAZ: So that's why you lured us here?

LASHIEC: Heh, heh...Oh joy!  You have responded to my invitation...
         I've waited two thousand years to cut your throats!

CHAZ: Here he comes!

(The group fights and defeats Lashiec.)

LOCATION: Lashiec's Chamber, Air Castle
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, Kyra, Lashiec

LASHIEC: Ahhhh!  You fiend, Lutz!  You may have defeated me, but you'll
         never get...

CHAZ: The Eclipse Torch?!

(Lashiec throws it; Rika makes a dive.)

RIKA: Ah-hah!

KYRA: We've done it!  We've retrieved the Eclipse Torch!

LASHIEC: I'm melting!  Once again, my body is dissolving!  But, even
         now, I will not die!  I will reincarnate over and over again.
         I must work for Him!  As long as He exists, I will continue
         to bring calamity to the future of Algo!

(As Lashiec dies, the Air Castle starts to shake...)

WREN: The air castle is crumbling!

CHAZ: We've got to escape quickly!

(The Landale departs as the Air Castle, behind them, explodes.)

WREN: There will be a shock wave.  Everybody!  Prepare yourselves!

RUNE: Lashiec...  If you think about it, he's pretty pathetic.  He
      was seduced by an enormous power... and now he is but a puppet!

CHAZ: Enormous power?  Who is the 'He' Lashiec mentioned?

RIKA: Is it...Dark Force?

CHAZ: He hasn't been destroyed yet?

(The Landale lands on Dezolis and returns to Gumbious Temple.)

LDER: Ah, it's really the Eclipse Torch!  What a feat that you've
      retreived it!  I have no qualms about lending the torch to people
      such as you.  Please use this holy flame to lead is from this evil

CHAZ: All right!  Let's hurry to the forest of the carnivorous trees!

   - I wish you well!

Dezolisians on second level:
   - Oh, hurry and finish whatever you need to do and give it back.
   - I'm glad it turned out well.
   - I'm so relieved.  Now I can get back to my training with peace
     of mind.
   - Oh, you have retrieved the Eclipse Torch.  That's wonderful.

Dezolisians on first level:
   - My dear Parmanian, if you say you'll get our treasure, please
     follow through on your promise.
   - Ah, I'm sure we can trust people like you with the holy flame.
   - You're going to bring our flame back?  You must never handle it
     with disrespect.
   - Oh, you have recovered the Eclipse Torch!
   - 'One day, the flame of the Eclipse Torch will reduce all that is
     unclean to ashes.'  That time may be now.
   - Now I feel safe.  Thank you very much.
   - This is a sacred Dezolisian area.  Usually many people come to
     visit, but recently there's been a snowstorm and visitors are few
     and far between.
   - Oh, thank goodness.
   - They say there used to be a tower called 'Corona' that stood here
     in the past.

   CHAZ: We've finally retrieved the Eclipse Torch!
   WREN: You did well, Rika.
   RIKA: Thank you, Wren.
   KYRA: We needn't be afraid of those carnivorous trees surrounding
         the Garuberk Tower!

Return to MEESE
Espers on first floor:
   - Oh, it's you, Kyra!  You're safe!
   - Now, Kyra, don't do anything reckless.
   - I'm sorry Kyra is so saucy, but...
        KYRA: Well, excuse me!
   - I'm sorry Kyra is such a tomboy, but...
        KYRA: And what's wrong with that!
   - I'm sorry Kyra is such an unruly girl, but...
        KYRA: And what is that supposed to mean?  You twit!
   - I'm sorry Kyra is such an imprudent girl, but...
        KYRA: Hmmph!  Oh, cut it out!

Esper on second floor:
   - Everyone, I entrust Kyra to you.

(When the group reaches the forest, Chaz raises the Eclipse Torch.
 It emits a brilliant light and the carnivorous trees vanish.)

RIKA: Hooray!

KYRA: It's been a long mission, hasn't it?

CHAZ: All right!  Now let's get to the Garuberk Tower!

   RUNE: The holy light of the Eclipse Torch has burnt away the
         carnivorous trees.
   CHAZ: That means we can finally enter the Garuberk Tower!
   KYRA: All right!  People of Meese, just you wait...

(The group finds Dark Force.)

CHAZ: What's that?

RIKA: Is that Dark Force?!

RUNE: It sure is!

WREN: Comparing search data...  It is not similar to any object that
      was on Kuran.

RIKA: So there were two Dark Forces?

CHAZ: Just as Raja said, this is what has been creating havoc on

RUNE: Not just Dezolis.  He's messing with the entire Algo solar system!

WREN: Dark Force senses our presence.  He is attacking!

CHAZ: Exactly what we were hoping for!  Let's go, everybody!

(Group fights and defeats Dark Force.  They leave the building just in
 time to see Garuberk Tower crumble.)

LOCATION: Outside Garuberk Tower
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, Kyra

RUNE: We've done it, Chaz.

CHAZ: Yes...

RIKA: The over!

(Rika's right -- a blue sky emerges over Dezolis.)

RIKA: Look at the sky!

CHAZ: It's beautiful...

RUNE: The Black Energy Wave has also stopped.  I bet the patients of
      Meese are already recovering.

KYRA: It's finally over.

RIKA: Good.

KYRA: Thank you.  It's because of your cooperation that this was
      possible.  It was pretty presumptuous of me to think that I could
      do it alone!

RIKA: No problem.  I'm glad for you, Kyra!

KYRA: Now!  I shall return to Meese.  There's still a lot of work ahead
      for me!  So long, Chaz.  You're quite a darling, just like a
      baby brother!

CHAZ: What!  Don't be ridiculous!

KYRA: Hee, hee...that's what's so endearing about you.  Good-bye,
      everybody!  Good-bye, Lutz!  You were a little different from
      my expectations, but you certainly did not bring shame to your
      name!  We'll meet again soon.

RUNE: Huh?  Oh, oh yes.

KYRA: So long!  See you later!

(Kyra leaves.)

RIKA: She's gone.

CHAZ: She called me her baby brother.  Am I that undependable?

RUNE: Well, you have improved some, but you're still a lot like me!

CHAZ: Well, I can't compare with you.  After all, you are Lutz!

RUNE: You want to get whupped again?

RIKA: You guys never quit, do you!

(Off in the distance, a massive pillar of fire comes down out of
 the sky.)

RIKA: What was that?  It's Gumbious Temple!!

CHAZ: What is going on?  We've defeated Dark Force!

RUNE: Let's go and see!

   CHAZ: We've beaten Dark Force, so what on earth are those pillars
         of fire?
   RIKA: It's in the direction of the Gumbious Temple!
   RUNE: At any rate, let's go see!

Espers in Main Halls:
   - This mansion is also cut off from the outside due to the wall of
   - Kyra is basically a good daughter, but once she's set on something,
     she has a one-track mind...
   - When Kyra gets upset, she acts before she thinks!
   - The snowstorm has subsided, but not the wall of ice...  It will
     take time for things to get back to normal.

Esper in room with bed:
   - I understand.  Even though it may weaken the black energy wave will
     not disappear!

Espers in training room:
   - I must discipline my spirit to be able to save Algo!
   - Ohm...Ohm...

Espers in Back Hallways:
   - The weather should improve a little with this.
   - Just when I thought the strange wave was decreasing, there was that
     big explosion ...what was that?

Return to JUT
   - Welcome to the town of Jut.  Actually this is no time for niceties!
     The temple is...
   - is it true that Gumbious Temple just vanished?
   - There was a tremendous sound of the earth rumbling!  What on earth
     was it?
   - There was a sound of a big explosion in the direction of
     Gumbious Temple!!
   - I'm glad that the winds have died down, but...  It sounded like
     there was a big explosion in the direction of the Gumbious
   - Oh no, not the Gumbious Temple!  It's the source of our strength!
   - What is it?  What is it?  What the heck has happened!?
   - It seems like some major crisis has occurred!  What's going to
     happen to this planet?
   - What the heck is going on with this planet?
   - This is the end of the world!  Ahh!  What am I to do!?
   - Oh no!

Dezolisians in House:
   - This house has somehow or another survived.
   - What?  It sounded like there was some commotion outside, but I
     don't know anything.

Dezolisians in House:
   - No way am I going to accept your apology!  Don't you dare open
     that door and come in here again!
   - Now calm down!  You're so short-tempered!  People won't trust a
     person who changes what they say from one day to another!

Dezolisian in House:
   - I'm sure you won't be able to understand the shock we sustained!

Dezolisians in House:
   - I wonder if the holy flame is safe?
   - The Gumbious Temple has vanished?  I told you, you shouldn't
     believe rumors.

Dezolisians in Jut's village shrine:
   - Things have been strange on this planet recently!  What on earth is
     going to happen in the days to come?
   - Gumbious Temple?  Such a disrespectful thing couldn't have
     happened.  Waaaaa...
        CHAZ: Calm down!  Pull yourself together!
   - What on earth?
   - The only thing we can do is to pray.  It makes one kind of
     down-hearted...when you come to the realization of what a powerless
     existence we lead.
   - Oh, that Dezolis may be saved!
Village Shrine Priest:
   - The Gumbious Temple has disappeared?!  Dear me...  We must not get
     flustered.  It is precisely a time like this that I must be strong
     and reliable!
        RIKA: You must be a wonderful priest.

Return to RYUON
   - I've seen Parmanians from time to time, but this is the first
     time I've seen a girl with horns!
        RIKA: How dare you!
   - The snow storm has subsided!  Thank goodness!

Dezolisian in House:
   - The snow storm has stopped.  Now we should be able to travel to
     and from other towns again.

Dezolisian in Bar:
   - I heard they have really good drinks here, so I traveled far to
     come here...  But the ice won't melt even though the snow storm
     has subsided and I can't get home.
   - Oh, you're friends of Raja.  Do you want to know about something
     else?  Do you want to now about the damage from the snow storm?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: I don't know if it was the call of the heavens or the
               screams of the earth, but suddenly the snow storm
               stopped.  But according to stories I've heard, Gumbious
               Temple has...  No, no!  It can't be true.

    (If NO:)

     Do you want to know about the Garuberk Tower?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: But, what d'you know, apparently the Garuberk Tower has
               disappeared.  And it's because of its disappearance that
               this snow storm has subsided.  It's said that some
               macho-looking hero took along his followers and
               destroyed the evil tower.  Who could that have been?  I
               can't think of anyone who would fit that description.

    (If NO:)

     You want to know about Raja?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: Raja has fallen, and according to rumors, Gumbious
               Temple has...  No, that must be a lie.  Why do all these
               horrible things happen?

Return to ZOSA
   - Hey, know what?  They've started to rebuild the Parmanian town that
     was completely destroyed!
   - The Garuberk Tower?  I've heard rumors that it has disappeared.
     Is it true that even Gumbious Temple is gone?
   - You shouldn't say such a unscientific thing!  How could a storm
     subside, or sick people recover, just because a tower has

Dezolisian in House:
   - Just as I thought, the snow storm cleared up.  Now there's this, it's a joke, right?

Dezolisian in House outside city:
   - Breaking news!  The Garuberk Tower is located beyond the forest of
     carnivorous trees.  Apparently it's not a place that you can
     humanly get to!  Oh?  You've been there?  Oh, well.

Return to TYLER
   - Now that the storm has subsided, I can wear my favorite hat
     without any worry!
   - The winds have finally died down.  The weather is a little better
   - Thank goodness the storm is over.  Now we can relax.

Man in House:
   - The storm has subsided, but before the storm we had earthquakes.
Woman in House:
   - The snow storm has subsided.  I wonder if we'll be able to
     communicate with the other Parmanian towns?

Return to MEESE
   - This is the town of Meese.  The people who were ill are getting
   - Suddenly, the fever of the patients started going down.
   - I heard the zombies have disappeared!  Reshel has started to
   - It's great that the equipment store is open again, but that
     perfume sure is expensive!
   - There won't be any more zombies, right?  Then put those fires out!
   - The people that escaped from Reshel have gone back.  They said
     they're going to start over again.
   - The ill are recovering.  I wonder if it's all due to those Esper
   - I'm so glad that everyone is getting better.

Equipment Store Clerk:
   - Oh, what an illness it was!  I thought for sure I was going to

   - Ah, finally, I can quit this work I'm so unused to.

Woman in House:
   - It was heart-breaking to see my child looking so bored...  But
     now, it's all OK, right?

Men in Clinic:
   - I don't know what happened, but everyone seems to be on the road
     to recovery.
   - Everybody's getting better without waiting for the medicine to be
     made!  I'm so glad!
Male Espers in Clinic:
   - It's good that the illness is gone, but...
   - Kyra has come home safe and sound.  It's all thanks to you.
   - Whew.  To the tell truth, I'm quite relieved.
   - ...Ohhh...  I'm out of energy...
   - Whatever, it's cause for celebration.
Female Espers in Clinic:
   - ...You mean that evil tower has been destroyed?
   - My condition has improved considerably.
   - Maybe I should seriously consider opening a hospital.
Innkeeper's Wife:
   - I'll admit, I've always dreamed of being a nurse!

Male Esper on second floor:
   - I'm glad that Kyra is safe and sound.  Though she's so wild, she's
     everyone's idol!
Female Espers on second floor:
   - Kyra has come home.  Oh joy!
   - This person, they say his name is Raja?  It's great that he's
     getting better, but...  He keeps telling these stupid jokes.  How
     do you put up with him?
        CHAZ: I'm not his guardian!
  (Raja says three different things when he is in bed.)
   - I'm feeling better, but I still need a lot more time in bed...
        CHAZ: I see you haven't changed, Raja!

   - At last we can breathe easy.  We're going to build Reshel back to
     its original splendor!  No, even better than that!
   - I've heard the armor store is already open for business.  I better
     get going myself!
   - There's an endless number of good and bad memories, but...  Somehow
     it's hard to abandon a town where you lived your entire life.
   - If we work hard, those people who abandoned this town will come
     back.  You'll see!
   - Are you sure that everything is all right now?  There better not
     be zombies springing out from everywhere anymore!

Main in Armor Store:
   - If I'm going to be open for business in a newly remodeled store,
     I better have a tempting sale.

Girl in House:
   - Daddy has gone over next door to help out.  He told me to be good
     and just wait.

   - Powerful waves of pure hate assaulted this temple!
   - The bishop had his hands full just to protect this one room.
   - It was such a sudden thing.  There was no way to deal with it.
     That we are safe at all is quite a miracle!  We owe our thanks to
     the bishop!
   - Just when we thought the dark cloud was lifted and the malice was
   - So you are the people who saved the Eclipse Torch.  I'm glad you're
     here.  The bishop awaits you.
   - It's good you came.  I am the bishop of the Gumbious Temple, which
     stood here for two thousand years.
        RUNE: Bishop, what on earth is going on?
        RIKA: The temple has vanished without a trace.
        CHAZ: We've defeated Dark Force.  Isn't that the end of our
        BSHP: 'The Profound Darkness' still exists.
        CHAZ: What's 'The Profound Darkness?'
        BSHP: It is the root of all evil that has wrought death and
              destruction in Algo since long ago.  Dark Force is but a
              tool of that existence!
        RUNE: Oh!
        CHAZ: This doesn't sound good!
        BSHP: Dark Force.  He came to Dezolis to search for the
              whereabouts of Rykros.
        CHAZ: Rykros?
        BSHP: It has become something that is beyond your control.
              That's why, The Profound Darkness stirs.  If it can't
              lay its hands on it, its not going to let you get
              ahold of it.
        RUNE: Bishop, we don't understand.  What is 'Rykros?'
        CHAZ: Is there something so important that we have to scramble
              and find it?
        BSHP: It is the place where all the secret answers lie.
        CHAZ: Huh?
        RUNE: What do you mean?
        BSHP: It is not clear to me either, what 'Rykros' is... or where
              it is...  When 'Rykros' returns, the 'Aero-Prism' will
              show the way.  I know nothing except this saying that has
              been passed along.
        RIKA: 'Aero-Prism!?'
        RUNE: Ah, the light of the Aero-Prism which illuminates
        CHAZ: Rune, you know about it?
        RUNE: Chaz!  We have to return to Motavia!
        CHAZ: To Motavia?
        RUNE: The first generation of Lutz stored the Aero-Prism in the
              Soldiers' Temple!
        CHAZ: Oh, the temple on the island in the lake near Krup!
        WREN: We need a vehical that can travel across that lake.  I
              will contact Demi immediately.
        CHAZ: Bishop, thank you.  We'll be sure to return the Eclipse
        BSHP: So, you will go to Rykros?
        CHAZ: Yes.  After all, we've come this far.
        BSHP: I see...then I have done my part...  All I could do was
              point you towards Rykros.  It's up to you to shape
              history.  All hope is on you youthful ones.
        CHAZ: Chaz.  My name is Chaz Ashley.
        BSHP: I see.  I entrust you with this mission, Chaz Ashley.

(The crew gets into the Landale and returns to Motavia.)

LOCATION: Motavia's Spaceport
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, Demi (via comm system)

DEMI: We have been awaiting you, Master Wren.  Long time no see.  I'm
      glad that you're all looking so well!

WREN: Demi, what is the condition of Motavia?

DEMI: All systems on hold.  There are no abnormalities.  Everything you
      requested is already on stand-by.

WREN: As always, your preparations are impeccable, Demi.

DEMI: Oh!  Thank you very much, Master Wren!

(The group sees the Hydrofoil.)

CHAZ: This is...incredible!

DEMI: This is a Hydrofoil!  We brought it from the Machine Center.  It
      has been completely overhauled!  It's as good as new!

WREN: By using this, we can move across water.

RUNE: OK, Chaz, let's get a move on and head for the Soldier's Temple!

CHAZ: Right!  Demi, are you ready yet?

DEMI: I'm sorry, but at this point I don't think O can be of use to you.
      The restart of all the systems in Motavia will take some time.

RIKA: Oh...that's a pity.  But good luck to you, too.

DEMI: Thank you, Rika...

CHAZ: OK, let's head for the Soldier's Temple!

   CHAZ: We've got a hold of the Hydrofoil.
   RUNE: This means, we can cross whatever we want, be it an ocean or
         a lake!
   RIKA: Now we'll be able to get to the Soldiers' Temple from Krup.

   - I have faith in you, Chaz Ashley...

Townspeople - Women:
   - This is the village Uzo, on the planet Motavia.
   - I haven't seen the village elder's two daughters recently.  I
     wonder what has become of them?
   - Just once, I'd like to go to the mainland!  I hear that there's a
     Motavia Academy full of cultured people, and a marketplace that
     sells everything!
Townspeople - Men:
   - Recently, we haven't been able to catch any fish.  Moreover, the
     soil is depleted and we can't grow any vegetables.  Then there are
     those mysterious monsters...  It sure has become a terrible world.
   - Who are you people?  You sure have weird tastes coming to a village
     like this where there's nothing to see, nothing good to eat, and
     nothing to catch!
   - This is a desert island.  Until recently, we built small ships and
     went to the mainland, but...  With the appearance of these
     mysterious monsters, I wouldn't want to try anymore.

Man in House:
   - Our family has been a music-loving bunch for generations.  One of
     our ancestors really loved playing the flute...

Man in House:
   - Do you know about the cloak called the 'Frade Mantle?'  It's light,
     but they say it has great protective powers.

Man in House:
   - Who cares!  Those undutiful daughters, they're no daughters of mine
Woman in House:
   - I told them not to do it, but my two daughters made a raft...  And
     they went to a town on the mainland that is supposed to have this
     big market to do some shopping.  They haven't come home since.  I
     wonder where they are and what they're doing right now...

Townspeople - Women:
   - This is the village of Torinco.  It's a farming village made famous
     for its terraced fields.
   - What kind of clothes are in style over on the mainland?  We get
     behind the times in terms of fashion being cooped up in this
     village!  Tell us!
   - Earthquakes, abnormal climate, outbreak of monsters...  For us here
     on an isolated island, we can't tell what's going in the world
   - What?  You've come from the mainland?  How unusual!
   - Working in the fields gives me backaches and makes my hands rough.
     But when I watch the crops growing strong and green, all my
     fatigue disappears!  But these days, we have those birds eating up
     our's terrible!
Townspeople - Men:
   - I'm good at making rafts out of logs.  I used to go to the mainland
     once in a while, but now I'm too afraid of the monsters!
   - Our terraced fields are the pride of this village.  Look at what a
     wasteland it is now.  A strange flock of birds flew from the
     northeast and ate our fields!
   - The person who lives in this house is kind of strange.  He likes
     those birds that eat our fields.  Because of this, he's being
     ostracized by the other villagers.
   - The son of those people in the house over there has been sick in
     bed.  Poor thing.
Townspeople - Kid:
   - What's the 'mainland?'  Is it really such a great thing?

Man in House:
   - Ohh...  The fields are all eaten up!
        CHAZ: Hmm...
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: A bunch of books about animals.

Man in House:
   - Our village used to have abundant harvests of farm crops and marine
     products.  We were proud of the fact that we were pretty much
     self-sufficient in terms of food supply!  But recently, we haven't
     been able to fish, what with the monsters, and the fields have been
     eaten up by the birds.  Now, we can barely find food for ourselves.
     Boo hoo...
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: It's quite a magnificent bookshelf.  It's pretty empty though.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: Oh are some books whose content I would hesitate to
         say aloud!  Quite fascinating...
   RIKA: Chaz!
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: These are books about growing crops.

Man in House:
   - My son has become ill... he is convinced that he won't be cured.
     Actually, physically he is cured.  It must be one of those
     so-called psychological illnesses.
Woman in House:
   - Back in the days when there weren't many monsters, there was a
     tourist town on the mainland...  Our family used to visit it.
     My son took to the place, and was very happy.  I wish he would get
     back the strength he had in those days.
   - Ohhhh...  I'm going to die.  I don't have long...

(Chaz and co. find the King Rappy.)

CHAZ: Wow.  What a big strange bird!  It looks dangerous.  I better not
      get too close!

Examine force field:
  (First time)
   CHAZ: What is this?
   WREN: Do not touch that light.  It is a powerful force field.
   RUNE: What kind of place is this?
   WREN: Not much data is available, but it appears that it used to be
         a research facility under the direct control of the Motavian
         army.  For some reason, it was sealed up a few years after
         The Great Collapse.  The perimiter security system is the only
         thing remaining active.
   CHAZ: I wonder if we can get in?
   WREN: Unfortunately, no.  Even I don't know Seed's release codes.
  (Subsequent times)
   CHAZ: We can't get in...

Return to ZEMA
Townspeople - Men:
   - This is Zema.  Recently, some strange mechanical humans have been
     roaming the town!
   - We have monsters appearing, Zio is coming, and now some strange
     machines are roaming around...  I'm fed up!
   - It's not only the humans that are uneasy about Birth Valley!
   - What is that, that strange machine?  It looks frightening!
   - Once the bridge was fixed, I thought we'd be able to go to all
     sorts of places.  But, with that eerie mechanical thing appearing,
     we're still cooped up in this town!
   - I'm fed up!
Townspeople - Women:
   - What was it, a mechanical human?  It just walks around right

Woman in House:
   - Just as I thought all these crises were over with, now we have
     these strange mechanical things.
Kid in House:
   - Mommy says I can't go outside...that's no fun.
Old Man in House:
   - These strange machines are making the villagers tremble with fear.
     We've got to do something.

Woman in House:
   - I've heard that Zio is dead, but then why aren't things under
Man in House:
   - They say those machines don't assault humans!  So there shouldn't
     be any need to be afraid, right?
Boy in House:
   - Is something frightening going to happen again?
Girl in House:
   - Mommy...Daddy...

(Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren ask about, "Stain in Life")

DESK CLERK: There is a request from the village chief of Uzo via letter
            transmission.  'My two daughters have left the village and
            have not returned since.  Please find out where they are...'
            That is the message.  The fee offered, if you bring them
            home, is an incredible 50000 meseta.  Quite a generous guy!
            You will need to cross the ocean for this job... will you
            take on this request?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to Uzo and get more details at
            the village chief's house.  Uzo is a village on a deserted
            island south of here.

Desk Clerk:
   - Do hurry and get more details from the village chief.

(The group goes to the village elder's house in Uzo.)

Man in House (Village Elder)
   - I don't know!  I haven't commissioned anybody from the Hunters'
     Guild for anything!
        CHAZ: Huh?
Woman in House:
  (First time)
   - I told them not to do it, but my two daughters made a raft...  And
     they headed to the mainland to do some shopping at the market.
     But it's been a month now and there's no sign of them!  I don't
     even know if they made it safely to the mainland or not...  My
     husband is so stubborn and obstinate...  He carries on like that,
     but in truth, he is even more worried than I!  Please find our
     daughters for us!
  (Subsequent times)
   - They might have been attacked by monsters, or their raft might
     have sunk in a storm.  My thoughts just run away and I cannot calm
     down.  Please find our daughters for us!

(The group leaves and returns to Aiedo, where they find the girls in
 the prison.)

Second Girl:
   - Aaah.  Help.  Mommy.
First Girl:
  (First time)
   - We came from far away to do some shopping, but we got a little
     carried away.  So much so that we couldn't pay for our rooms
     and we got caught.  What?  You have a request from my parents in
     Uzo?  Is that right?  But there's a watchman standing guard all
     the time... there's no way I can go home.
  (Subsequent times)
   - I don't want to spend my precious youth in this prison!
Prison Guard:
  (First time)
   - Those sisters?  They've got a ten-year sentence, so they say.  Let
     them out?  No way!  Well, if you post their bail I don't see why I
     can't let them out.  The ammount?  Their bail is at 50,000 meseta.
  (Second time)
   - Their bail is at 50,000 meseta.  Are you going to pay?

     If NO, "I'm not surprised!  That's to be expected."  If YES:

   - What!?  You'll post their bail?  Wow!  How magnanimous of you!
     Yep, payment received in full!  I'll leave it unlocked so go
     ahead and take them away!
  (Subsequent times)
   - It's unlocked.  Go ahead and take them away.

First Girl:
   - What?  You posted my bail?
        CHAZ: Let's go.  Your parents are real worried.  We'd better
              hurry back to Uzo.

(And that's exactly what they do.  The group returns to the Village
 Elder's house in Uzo.)

Town Elder:
  (First time)
   - Ah, thank you very much!  Well done for bringing her back safely!
     I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am.  I'll be sending
     your commission fee to the guild right way!
  (Subsequent times)
   - They've come home safely...  How thankful I am...
Town Elder's Wife:
   - Apparently, they went on a unlimited shopping spree and, in the
     end, left without paying their food and hotel bills.  This is
     retribution for giving our daughters a sheltered upbringing and
     spoiling them too much.  But I'm sure they have learnt their
     lesson.  Thank you so very much.
First Girl:
   - Daddy, Mommy...  I'm sorry...
Second Girl:
   - I know we've caused you trouble.  But it was kind of fun!

(The group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: Good job.  Congratulations on a successful resolution!
            Your commission fee is a whopping 50000 meseta!  Please
            accept the money.  You look kind of dissatisfied.  Is
            anything wrong?

CHAZ: Er, it's nothing...

DESK CLERK: Well, I can't imagine anything can be amiss!  After all,
            you have received your fee!  Please come again to the
            Hunters' Guild where we enrich the lives of hunters!

CHAZ: I feel cheated!

RIKA: You didn't win but you didn't lose anything either.  Let it be,
      this once.

(Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren ask about, "Dying Boy")

DESK CLERK: There is a request from Mr. Culvers of Torinco via letter
            transmission.  'My son has fallen ill.  I would like to
            discuss a certain plan I have to deal with this matter.
            I will go into more detail after we meet.'  That is the
            message.  The fee offered is 10000 meseta.  There will be
            a need to cross the ocean for this job...  Will you take
            on this job?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to the village of Torinco and get
            more details directly from Mr. Culvers.  The village of
            Torinco is south of Monsen.  The Culvers residence is the
            house farthest in the back.

Desk Clerk:
   - According to the regulations of the guild, you may not take on
     more than one job at a time.  You have already taken on the job
     from Mr. Culvers of Torinco.  Come back when you've finished
     what you need to do!

(The group goes to the Culvers's home in Torinco.)

Mr. Culvers:
  (First time)
   - Are you the hunters from the Guild?  My name is Culvers.  My son
     has become ill...but actually, the doctor said that he has been
     cured.  But my son is convinced that he is going to die, that he
     can't be cured.  It's one of those so-called psychological
     illnesses.  Back in the days when there weren't many monsters,
     we used to take family trips to Termi.  If we could only take him
     now... but that's not possible.  If we showed him something that
     is connected to Termi it might get his strength back.  Please,
     could you go and buy something from the gift shop at Termi?
  (Subsequent times)
   - I ask this of you knowing full well how impertinent it is to ask
     this of a hunter!  Please buy a souvenir from Termi for my son!
Mrs. Culvers
   - The village of Termi, where we used to take family son
     took to the place greatly.  He was especially delighted to see the
     statue of the heroine on the hill.  He said, even though she's a
     woman, she looks cool, and he wants to be strong and conquer evil
     people, too.  But now this...

(The group leaves and travels to Termi, where they purchase an
 Alis-Sword.  They then return to the Culvers's house in Torinco.)

Culvers Kid:
   - Wow!  Look at this!  It's the Alis-Sword!  That heroine...we saw
     at Termi!

    (Rune, Rika, and Wren stand back as Chaz gets into an open area.)

     CHAZ: Ready?  Now watch.

    (Chaz shows off a few of his moves with the Alis-Sword.)


    (Chaz approaches his bedside and gives him the Alis-Sword.)

     CHAZ: This sword is filled with the strength and courage of the
           heroine Alis!  Here.  It's for you.  Now, you get better!

     Oh yes!  Thank you!  I feel like I'm getting better already!

Mr. Culvers:
  (First time)
   - Oh, it's a miracle!  My son has recovered!  It's all thanks to you!
     You are the second hero!  Thank you so much.  I'll remit your fee
     to the Guild!
  (Subsequent times)
   - Thank you so much.  I will remit your commission fee to the Guild!
Mrs. Culvers:
   - Thank goodness!  My son has recovered!
Culvers Kid:
   - I feel like I'm getting some strength back!

Townspeople - Woman:
   - The son of those people in the house over there has apparently
     recovered.  I'm so glad!

(The group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: Good job.  The commission fee is 10000 meseta.  Here it is!
            Please come again to the Hunters' Guild where we enrich the
            lives of hunters!

CHAZ: It's amazing that even a toy sword like that could save a life.

RIKA: That was a genuine heroine's sword, that is... to that boy.

(Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren ask about, "Man with twist")

DESK CLERK: This is a request from Mr.Sekreas of Torinco.  'We are at
            our wits' end due to a flock of birds who are eating up
            our terraced fields.  Please exterminate them...'  That is
            the message.  The fee offered is 20000 meseta.  There will
            be a need to cross the ocean for this job...  Will you take
            on this job?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to Torinco and get more details
            directly from Mr. Sekreas.  The village of Torinco is
            located south of Monsen.  The Sekreas residence is in the
            middle of the village.

Desk Clerk:
   - According to the regulations of the guild, you may not take on
     more than one job at a time.  You have already taken on the job
     from Mr. Sekreas of Torinco.  Come back when you've finished what
     you need to do!

(The group goes to the Sekreas residence in Torinco.)

Mr. Sekreas:
  (First time)
   - Are you the hunters from the Guild?  I'm Sekreas.  You've heard
     that a strange flock of birds has been eating up these fields,
     right?  Well, the fact is, I know the place where the head honcho
     bird is.  What I want to ask you to do is exterminate the head
     honcho bird.  That head honcho bird can be found in a cave
     northeast of here.  I beg of you, get that bird!  Protect our
  (Subsequent times)
   - least do your best!

Townspeople - Men:
   - Did you say the guy in the house over there has commissioned the
     exterminatio of the field-eating birds?  That's unbelieveable!
     He cared so much for those strange birds, that it had come to the
     point where he was ostracized by the other villagers!

(The group leaves and goes to the Rappy Cave, in which they find the
 'Head Honcho Bird.')

CHAZ: So this is the boss bird of the flock that's been eating up the

RIKA: It's noticed us!

CHAZ: OK, let's go!

(Group fights and defeats King Rappy, but before they can move in for
 the kill, King Rappy flies away.)

CHAZ: Hey!  Stop!

(The group heads off in pursuit, but someone stops them.)

SEKREAS: Stop that!

(Sekreas runs up to the group.)

CHAZ: Sekreas!

SEKREAS: Please!  Let it go!

CHAZ: Why?  You're the very one who wanted to exterminate it!

SEKREAS: Yes, that's very true...  I'm sorry!  Please forgive me!

RIKA: What on earth is going on?

SEKREAS: OK, OK, let me explain... please forgive me!  I've always been
         an animal lover.  Recently, I discovered a new breed of bird.
         I've been collecting those birds in this cave and rearing them.
         But eventually, they multiplies and began looking for food.
         They came to Torinco and started to eat up the fields.  That's
         when the villagers got mad and tried to exterminate the birds.
         Isn't that cruel?  All the birds wanted was to find some food.

CHAZ: Then why did you commission the Guild to exterminate the boss

SEKREAS: Now don't get angry.  Hear me out...  I knew that a head honcho
         had started to emerge amongst the birds and that it was very
         powerful.  I thought even a hunter from the Guild would be
         no match for it.  See, I thought it would serve as a good
         lesson if the hunter got beaten...  That way, I figured the
         villagers would stop being mean to the birds...

CHAZ: So, you wanted to use us?!

SEKREAS: But it was a gross miscalculation on my part.  I had no idea
         you guys would be so strong.  I'm really sorry...  Just lock
         me up in prison or whatever you want.

CHAZ: Just get out of my sight!


CHAZ: You heard me...  Leave!

SEKREAS: You, you'll forgive me?  Thank you!

(Sekreas runs away.)

RIKA: Chaz...

CHAZ: I can't say I don't understand him.  Anyway, the boss bird has
      flown away somewhere so the fields shouldn't be in danger any

RUNE: But won't they eat up some other field?

CHAZ: We deal with that when we come to it!  Now, everybody --  let's
      get out of here!

(The group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: What?  You've finished the job?  That's strange.  There's
            no word nor remittance of the fee from the requestor.
            Ah-hah!  Is this one of those dirty rascals who won't pay
            up for services rendered?  This is a major problem!  We
            must take care of this immediately since it also means
            saving face for the Guild...

CHAZ: Wait!  It's all right...

DESK CLERK: What?  You really mean it?  Well, if you say so...

CHAZ: There is not necessarily just one correct answer to everything.

RIKA: Chaz...

Return to TORINCO
Townspeople - Men:
   - Our terraced fields, the pride of this village, have become
     wasteland.  Those birds that ate our fields have stopped coming,
   - It looks like those birds have stopped coming to eat our fields.
     I hear that's because the guy in the house over there commissioned
     the Guild to exterminate them.  I feel bad that we've been
     ostracizing him all this time!

   - You guys...  I apologize for what I did.


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