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Complete Script Part 3

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Phantasy Star IV
Complete Script - Part Three
Post-Nurvus town visits through Return to Jut
compiled by Mike Ripplinger
Return to PIATA
Caretaker of the Dorms:
   - I thought if I let things alone, they would eventually come back,
     but they still...  Oh, it's nothing, nothing to do with you!
Students in Dorms:
   - 'Fail'...  I guess it's no wonder considering that I didn't get
     the report in on time...  Boo hoo.
   - I'm still getting undressed!  Get out! get out!!!

Return to MILE
Townsperson - Man:
   - Recently, I haven't heard much about that religion I was telling
     you about.  The young people these days are so fickle!

Return to TONOE
   - This is Tonoe...  Hey, it's you guys.

Grandfather Dorin:
   - Ah, I believe you've been good to Gryz.  Thank you.
   - I just can't leave Pana here by herself.  Forgive me...
   - Oh, big brother...

Hunters in Guild HQ "Main Lobby":
   - Zio?  Come to think of it, I haven't heard much about him recently.
   - This town is relatively peaceful thanks to us...  I hear that other
     town are plagued with disasters.  In one case an entire town burnt
     to the ground!
   - This is just between you and me...  I heard that some hunter or
     another has beaten Zio!  Pretty awesome, huh?  I wonder who on
     earth this person could be!
Hunters in Guild HQ Tavern:
   - They say it's OK to use the passageway in the north now.

Return to KADARY
Townspeople - Men:
   - This place?  This is the town of Kadary.  Nobody comes to visit
     Zio's church any more.  You didn't, did you?
   - Ah, I hear that Zio is gone now.  Well, finally this town should
     get back to normal now.
   - The end of the world that Zio was talking about...  Perhaps he
     was talking about the end of himself?
   - Ah, finally we can drink in the inn!
Townspeople - Women:
   - Did you come by the path to the north?  In that case, you must have
     seen that town burnt to ruins on your way here.  It's been said
     that was all due to Zio!  Perhaps they were being punished.
   - Zio?  I...I wonder what it's all about?  I hadn't really been going
     to church, hee, hee.
Woman (who was) Kicking on the Ground:
  (First time)
   - Oh, you guys, stop!  Even if Zio is defeated, I'll keep on
     believing in him!  Oh...Zio, the holy one...
    (She lays back down and starts kicking again.)
     Oh...Zio, the holy one...
  (Subsequent times)
   - Oh...Zio, the holy one...
Man in back of town:
   - Excuse me, can I ask you something?  Do you believe in Zio's

     If YES: Are you blind to your surroundings?  Maybe it's time you
             cooled off.

     If NO: I'm glad that you see the truth!  Something must have
            happened to me!
Examine statue:
   CHAZ: Wow, what a suspicious statue!

   - All those people who came to the church have finally left!

Man in House:
   - Thank goodness.  It's quite a relief that everyone is getting back
     their senses.
Woman in House:
   - Yeh, you're right.

Woman in House:
   - At last, our daughter has come to her senses, too!

Woman in House:
   - Are you saying just accept your fate...or...what?

Men in Inn in back of town:
   - I've decided to work here so I can repay my tab, at the inn, I've
   - Zio will be defeated!  With that pronouncement, everyone ran way.
     They ran out on their tabs, but I'm relieved.  There was one
     person I was impressed with though.

Girl in Zio's Church:
   - Oh dear?  How did I get here?  Where is this place?  Waaa.
Priest in Zio's Church:
   - Wh...what on earth have I done?

Return to MONSEN
Woman in House (Eddie):
   - Oh no!  My child was playing outside and fell into the crack!
     There've been some eerie groaning sounds coming from the crack
     recently!  So I went to the Guild for assistance, but the hunter
     hasn't come yet!

Return to NURVUS
Examine computer console:
   RIKA: So ultimately, this terminal, is of no use!

Examine Nurvus's main control panel:
   DEMI: Quickly, to Zelan...  I beseech you all!

(Chaz, Rika, and Rune ask about, "Missing Student")

DESK CLERK: We have a request from the caretaker of the student dorms in
            Piata.  'One of the students entrusted to our care has
            disappeared.  Please find her...'  That is the message.
            This certainly doesn't seem to be the caliber of work for a
            hunter.  The fee offered is 3000 meseta.  Will you respond
            to this request?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to the student dorms in Piata and
            get more details directly from the caretaker.  The dorms are
            located in the northwest region of Piata.

Desk Clerk:
   - Just get going, and talk to the caretaker at the student dorms
     in Piata.

(The group goes to the dorms and meets with the caretaker.)

  (First time)
   - Oh, you're the hunter from the guild?  Pl...please help!  The fact
     of the matter is that one of the female students living here is
     missing!  Apparently, she has become an enthusiastic devotee of
     some kind of religion and just up and left.  I thought the
     infatuation would pass and eventually she'd come back, but she
     still hasn't...  I have the terrible responsibility of being
     entrusted with the care of another's child!  With a blunder like
     this, even the academy's reputation could be tarnished!  Please,
     could you bring her back here before things become known to the
     public?  I appreciate the trouble I'm putting you through.
  (Subsequent times)
   - Thank you for your help in this matter.
Students in the dorms:
   - The girl in the room next door?  Come to think of it, I haven't
     seen her recently.
   - The girl next door hasn't come back yet.  I wonder where she is and
     what she's doing...

(At this point, if you return to the Hunters' Guild, the Desk Clerk
 says, "According to the regulations of the guild, you may not take on
 more than one job at a time.  You have already taken on the job from
 the caretaker of the student dorms of Piata.  Come back when you've
 finished what you need to do!")

(The group travels to Kadary, where they find the girl in Zio's Church.)

Missing Student:
   - Waaaa.  Where is this?  I want to go back to Piata.
        CHAZ: Yes, let's go back to Piata!
        STUDENT: You'll take me back?
       (The girl spins, as if dizzy.)
        CHAZ: Hey, you!  Are you all right!?

(The group takes her to the Inn, where she lies in bed.)

   - Looks like she has been eating irregularly.  She is pretty weak.
     She should be given something nutritious to eat.
        CHAZ: Hmm, something nutritious...
Missing Student:
   - groan, groan

(The group travels to Termi, buys a Perolymate from the Bayamare gift
 store, and then returns to the Missing Student's bedside.)

   - Hey!  You're holding a Perolymate!  Does that bring back memories!
     That has high nutritional value!  I used to eat those back in the
     old days!  Lemme see, let's give it to this girl!
Missing Student:
   - Oh.  What has happened to me?
        CHAZ: Thank goodness you've revived!  Now, let's go back to

(The group returns to Piata and speaks with the caretaker.)

  (First time)
   - Thank you so much!  Now we can keep up appearances at this dorm.
     We shall remit the agreed upon fee to the guild!  Oh, and also...I
     would appreciate it if you could keep this matter to yourselves.
  (Subsequent times)
   - Thank you for your assistance.
   - The girl in the room next door is back?  I didn't know that.
   - What...have I been doing all this time...?  When I try to
     remember what happened, I get a headache...
   - The girl next door has returned!  It appears she has no memory of
     what happened to her while she was gone...  I'm very concerned.

(Thr group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: Good job.  Congratulations on a successful resolution! 
            Please accept your commission fee of 3000 meseta.  Please
            come again to the Hunters' Guild where we enrich the lives
            of hunters!

CHAZ: Granted it was due to Zio's spell, but how can a human being
      change so drastically?

RIKA: It sure is scary!

(Chaz, Rika, and Rune ask about, "Fissure of fear")

DESK CLERK: This is a request from Eddie who lives in Monsen.  'My son
            has fallen into a crack in the earth!  Please help my son!'
            That is the message.  The fee offered is 5000 meseta.  Will
            you take on this request?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to Monsen and get further details
            directly from Eddie.  Eddie's house is located in the east
            part of Monsen, right in the middle of the cracks from the

Desk Clerk:
   - According to the regulations of the guild, you may not take on more
     than one job at a time.  You have already taken on the job from
     Eddie in Monsen.  Come back when you've finished what you need to

(The group goes to Eddie's house in Monsen.)

  (First time)
   - Are you a hunter?  Oh, I've been waiting for you!  You see, I let
     my son, Tallas, play outside, but he simply disappeared.  I've
     asked around, and I've been told that he fel into the crack in
     front of our house!  Since then, I haven't been able to do
     anything.  Of course I want to rescue him, but creepy groaning
     sounds have been coming out of the crack!  Oh please!  Rescue my
  (Subsequent times)
   - Please!  Rescue my son!  Please!

(The group leaves Eddie's house and enters the crack (Dungeon: "The

CHAZ: Wh...what's this?  There's an underground cave like this in
RIKA: I wonder where on earth Tallas has gotten to?

(The group proceeds through the cave until they find...)

CHAZ: A child's shoes!

RIKA: I wonder if they're Tallas'?

(They keep going until they find a Fract Ooze.)

CHAZ: Arrgh!  What on earth is this?

RIKA: Oh no, Chaz, Tallas...  This monster couldn't have...

CHAZ: Cut it out, it's bad luck to even think such a thing!

RIKA: It's coming for us!

(The group fights and destroys the Fract Ooze.  After the battle,
 Tallas is found.)

TALLAS: Yawn...Huh?  Where is this?  Is this the other side of the

CHAZ: Yikes!  Were you really eaten?

RIKA: Thank goodness!  You seem to be all right.  You would've been
      digested had we not come along in time.

TALLAS: Oh yeah, that's right.  I was attacked by some weird slug.

CHAZ: You know, we saved your life.

TALLAS: Oh.  Thanks, mister!

CHAZ: Anytime.

(Tallas runs off down the cave.  The group leaves the cave and returns
 to Eddie's house.)

  (First time)
   - Thank you so much!  To tell you the truth, I had lost hope.  I'm
     so glad he's safe!  I mustn't let him out of my sight again.  I
     shall send the agreed upon commission fee to the Guild.
  (Subsequent times)
   - I've sent your commission fee to the Guild.  Please pick it up
   - I wanted to go and see the other side of the planet, so I went into
     the valley.  But it didn't take me to the other side!  No fun!

(Thr group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: Good job.  Thank goodness the child was safe!  Your
            commission fee of 5000 meseta has already been remitted.
            Please accept it!  Please come again to the Hunters' Guild
            where we enrich the lives of hunters!

Return to MONSEN
   - Thank you for your help.  Since that incident, I always keep my
     child close at hand.
        CHAZ: It's debatable if that's a good solution.
   - Mommy says I'm not to go outside too much!  This is not fun.

(Chaz, Rika, and Rune get in the emergency shuttle and blast off for

(Chaz, Rika, and Rune proceed through the satelitte until they find
 the central area.)

Examine console:
   CHAZ: Is this the central area of Zelan?
   RIKA: There don't seem to be any abnormality in particular.

LOCATION: Zelan, central area
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren

CHAZ: You...are you Wren?  Wow, you're huge!

WREN: In verity, my name is Wren.  This is the man-made satellite Zelan,
      which has complete control over all the environmental systems for
      all the planets in the Algo solar system.  I am the android who
      manages it all.  Rika, finally we meet face to face.

RIKA: Yes, Wren!  I didn't know that you were so tall!

WREN: And these other people?

RIKA: These are my friends Chaz and Rune.  They're great pals!

CHAZ: Who and who are great pals?

RUNE: Whatever.  Anyway, glad to meet you.

RIKA: Demi told us that the reason the systems in Motavia are out of
      control could be found here...  We've come to try to cure the
      problem, but from the looks of it, it doesn't seem likely.

WREN: That's right.  Zelan is not causing the systems in Motavia to
      run out of control.  We have no control at all.

CHAZ: What does this all mean?

WREN: Presently, Zelan is losing power.  It is the artificial satellite
      Kuran that is causing the Motavian systems to run amok. 
      Originally, Kuran was supposed to play a supportive role to Zelan,
      but somebody has occupied Kuran and usurped our control.

RUNE: Is that so?  Since Zelan is at the top of the chain of command...

RIKA: Demi must have determined that it was Zelan that had gone awry!

WREN: Zelan's telecommunication functions are paralyzed.  There isn't
      even a way to communicate.

RIKA: So that's why we were incommunicado!  I was so worried!

CHAZ: So this means we have to go to Kuran!

WREN: Chaz, if it is OK with you, may I accompany you?  Zelan is
      presently completely cut off from all the other systems.  It is
      impossible to do any system restoration from here.  I was hoping
      to go to Kuran to get the situation under control.

RIKA: Oh Wren, it would be so reassuring if you came with us!

CHAZ: have a lot of faith in Wren!

RIKA: Oh, yes!  Wren and Seed were my teachers!

WREN: The current crisis was brought about by my lack of power.  I must
      take responsibility.  It seems that Seed has left me responsible,

RIKA: Wren...

RUNE: Why don't we get a move on!

CHAZ: Stop trying to take charge, Rune!

RUNE: All right then, you take charge - if you can.

CHAZ: What did you say?!

WREN: Rika...what's going on here?

RIKA: Oh, this happens all the time.

Examine console:
   WREN: Kuran caused the disasters on Motavia.  Zelan's systems are
         all functioning normally.
   CHAZ: So that was it?

   WREN: The cause of the system's abnormalities turns out to be in
   RIKA: The artificial satellite 'Kuran'...what did you say was
         happening there?

LOCATION: The Emergency Shuttle
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, a Chaos Sorcerer, and Raja.

(Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren get into the shuttle and head for Kuran,
 but soon, an explosion rocks the aft portion of the ship.)

CHAZ: What's going on?  Something feels wrong...

(One of the ship's readouts flashes red.)

WREN: There is an unidentified energy reaction coming from the engine

RUNE: Problems in the engine room... that's bad.  Well, let's go see
      what's going on!

CHAZ: I told you, stop taking charge!

(In the engine room, the group comes face to face with a Chaos

CHAZ: Yikes!  Who...who are you!?

CHAOS SORCERER: Oh my, I've been found out already.  Well, it doesn't
                matter now whether I sabotage the engines or kill you
                right here!  You're not getting to Kuran!

(The group fights and defeats the Chaos Sorcerer.  Then, the engines
 start to fry.  Apparently, Rune's magic fire got a little out of hand
 [even if Rune did not attack in the battle].)

CHAZ: Yippee!  It's great that we won...

RUNE: Well, we're really out of commission now.

CHAZ: Rune!  Couldn't you have applied a little bit of self-control?!

RUNE: Shut up!  You're in no position to talk!

WREN: We're off our intended flight-path.  It's impossible to get back
      in that orbit!  We will be able to make a crash landing on
      Dezolis, the third planet in the system.  Shall we try?

CHAZ: What do you mean 'shall we'?  We have no choice, do we?

WREN: This is true.  One crash landing coming up.

RIKA: Wheee!  A crash landing!  Cool!

CHAZ: What are you saying!  Hey.  Hey!  Are you OK?  Hey!

WREN: Calm down, Chaz.  You should endeavor not to let your blood
      pressure become too high.

RUNE: Relax.

CHAZ: Why are you all looking so unconcerned?!  Yikes!!!

(The ship goes down... right towards Dezoris...)

NARRATION: The third planet in the Algo solar system.  It's an
           extremely cold planet covered in snow and ice.

(The ship lands right on top of a Dezorian church.  Chaz files out of
 the ship as a bewildered Dezorian priest named Raja watches.)

CHAZ: Hmmm...  We're safe but...  Wow!  What a flamboyant landing!

RAJA: How strange.  It's raining machines!

CHAZ: Huh?

RAJA: You...what on earth are you?

CHAZ: Ahhh, it's a Dezolisian.  It's the first one I've ever seen!

RAJA: Answer me, you bonehead!  You've destroyed an important temple!

CHAZ: Oh, er, sorry, about that!

(The others file out of the ship after Chaz.)

RIKA: Chaz?  Is anything wrong?

WREN: It looks like we've crushed someone's house...

RAJA: Who are you people?  A girl with horns, and a mechanical doll!

RIKA: These are ears, I tell you!!!

WREN: Please use the word android, will you?

RAJA: An droid, the droid -- whatever.

RUNE: Quiet, you old fart!

(Chaz, Rika, and Rune tell Raja their story as Wren checks out the

RAJA: Hmm, I see...  From Motavia...on a ship that flies.  Or flew,
      anyway, before it fell.  That's extraordinary...  Four Motavians
      flee, fly -- and fall, right on my Temple hall.

RIKA: Ha, ha, ha!  What a funny old man!

CHAZ: Ah...

(Wren approaches Chaz, who turns to face him.)

WREN: Chaz, this shuttle is done for.  It's beyond repair.

CHAZ: What shall we do?

(Chaz and Wren turn towards Raja.)

RIKA: Hey, old man.

RAJA: My name is Raja!  You'd better remember that, little girl.

RIKA: Ah, yes...Raja.  Are there any facilities where we can fix this

RAJA: None that I know of.

RIKA: Then how are you going to fix our ship?

RAJA: I'm not.  But...hee, hee...  I do have some welcome news for you.

CHAZ: What, what, what, what?

RAJA: There is another ship that can travel the skies!

RIKA: There are other spaceships on Dezolis?!

CHAZ: Tell us where, old man!

RAJA: Hee, hee, okay I'll tell, but on one condition.

RUNE: A condition?

RAJA: This sounds interesting.  Take me along.

CHAZ: What?!

RAJA: If you do I'll overlook the destruction of the temple.

(Chaz, Rika, Rune, and Wren step aside and huddle.)

CHAZ: I don't want to drag this old man around with us... what shall we

RIKA: I don't mind.  I like him.  He's kind of interesting.

RUNE: I don't think we have much choice.

WREN: It seems a very practical choice.


(They turn back towards Raja.)

CHAZ: Then, let's go!

RAJA: Great!  Now listen carefully!  A long, long time ago, Parmanians
      came here to Dezolis on a ship that traveled the skies.  It is
      said that the ship still exists in the town of their descendants!

CHAZ: Is this true?

RAJA: Of course it's true!

WREN: Chaz, under the circumstances, we have no choice but to rely on
      this information and go there.

RIKA: And were is this town?

RAJA: It's a Parmanian town called 'Tyler' a short distance northwest
      of here!  Everyone, let's get going!

CHAZ: All right, all right.

Examine shuttle:
   CHAZ: This is the wreck of the shuttle ship.  I guess it'll never fly
   RUNE: By the way, it's your fault.

   - Are you going to be OK without us?
        RAJA: Oh, I'll be fine.  It's boring staring at the same faces
              all the time.
   - Raja, sir, are you taking another pleasure trip to the country?
        RAJA: You needn't come along this time, so make sure you guard
              what's left of this place in my absence.

   CHAZ: To get to Kuran, we'll have to find that space ship Raja told
         us about.
   RIKA: So that means we're going to the town of Tyler northwest of
         Raja's temple?
   RAJA: Before doing that, why don't we take a little break at the inn
         in Ryuon?  You'll be able to hear a lot of fun stories, you
         won't regret it, ha, ha!
   CHAZ: Great...

CHAZ: Wow!  What a heavy snow storm!

RAJA: This has been going on for three months now.  This planet has
      always had a cold climate, but even I have never seen anything
      like this!

WREN: There must be a malfunction in the Dezolisian climate control

RAJA: No, I bet the cause of all this lies in the Garuberk Tower!

CHAZ: The Garuberk Tower?

RIKA: Raja, what makes you think that?

RAJA: It's a feeling I have.  And my feelings are always good -- get it?

(Dead silence.  Then...)

RIKA: Ha, ha, ha!

CHAZ: Ouch...

   - This is Ryuon.  If you want to have fun, this is the town!
        RAJA: I just can't avoid this town when I'm passing by, ha ha!
   - The owner of the bar is named Gyuna and he knows the most about the
     situation around these parts.  If you want to know something that's
     where you should go.
        RAJA: Two fists is... the best situation!
   - Oh, you're a Parmanian.  Are you from the town of Tyler?
        RAJA: It looks like they've flapped all the way here from
        RUNE: Arrgh!  Will you cut it out, you old fart?!
   - Gumbious Temple is Dezolisians' source of pride.  It's the center
     of Dezolis, and it's the pillar of support for the hearts of
   - I've seen Parmanians from time to time, but this is the first
     time I've seen a girl with horns!
        RIKA: Oh!  How dare you!!!
        RAJA: Ha, ha!  I told you, to normal people, they look like
   - In the temple to the south, there's a highly virtuous and wonderful
     priest named Raja.
        CHAZ: Highly virtuous?  Wonderful?  Yeah, right.
        RUNE: I don't think they know you very well Raja.
        RAJA: What?  I'm virtuous and wonderful, right?
   - Hmm.  I've just finished shoveling away the snow.
   - Oh, Raja the great one!  You are certainly with some strange
     travelling companions this time!
        CHAZ: Raja is our strange travelling companion!
        RAJA: How could you say something like that?  I thought we were
   - Can't something be done about this snow storm?
   - The Garuberk Tower is supposed to exist somewhere in Dezolis...
     It is said that it was built overnight.
        CHAZ: Built overnight...  I seem to have heard this story
   - There are many Parmanian towns in Dezolis and the town of Tyler to
     the northwest is one of them.  This cold weather we're having now
     is hard even for us.  I hate to think how horrible it is for the
        RAJA: It's hard for them, but they'll survive!
Examine town torches:
   CHAZ: What is this fire?
   RAJA: The Dezolisians believe in fire!  This watch fire is an object
         of their worship.

Dezorian in House:
   - It's so nice to sit by the fire and listen to Gyuna's stories...
     The inn is our source of relaxation.
Examine fireplace:
   CHAZ: It's a fireplace.  It's nice and warm, oh joy!

Dezorian in House:
   - What with this snow storm, the ability to travel in and out of town
     is unreliable.  There are many places where the roads are
     obstructed by ice!
        RAJA: On winter nights, we huddle so tight, saying ice is really
              nice... How's that!?
        CHAZ: I give up!
        RAJA: Hah!

Dezorian in House:
   - Oh, great Raja!  Thank you for amusing us with your funny wit.
        CHAZ: ...I just feel that I can't keep up with the Dezolisian
              sense of humor...

Dezorians in Bar:
   - People from all over Dezolis come here and talk of all sorts of
     things...  Guyna listens to all this and passes the information
     on...  This is where peoples' ideas gather and are disseminated.
   - The owner here, Guyna, is very knowledgeable, but he has a terribly
     old-fashioned accent!
   - I heard they have really good drinks here, so I travelled far to
     come here...  But the snow storm has blocked the roads with ice and
     I can't get home.
   - Aiee!  What are you doing?  Boy, you're a suspicious-looking lot.
     You're making my drink go sour.  Don't get too close.
   - Waaaaaa.  I...I was wrong.  Please come back.
        CHAZ: He's a maudlin drunk...  What a pain.
   - Oh my, a first-time customer.  Ah, you're friends of Raja.  In that
     case, I'll tell you anything.  What do you want to know?  Do you
     want to know about the damage from the snow storm?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: This snow storm started three months ago, and hasn't
               stopped since.  It's been a terrible disaster, hats being    
               blown off all over the place and lips getting chapped!
        CHAZ:  Hats?  Lips?
        GYUNA: Ahem!  But, the biggest problem is the wall of ice!  The
               storm has left snow drifts all over the place, and has
               created walls of ice.  This has divided Dezolis up into
               parts.  We can't get anywhere!

    (If NO:)

     Do you want to know about the Garuberk Tower?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: It's said there's a tower somewhere in Dezolis where the
               demons live.  As the story goes, the tower suddenly
               appeared overnight!
        RAJA:  That's it!  It's those demons who are destroying the
               universe!  Algo is under a curse!
        RIKA:  Could what Raja says be true?
        GYUNA: That I don't know.  But, Raja being what he is, he may be
               sensing something.
        CHAZ:  And you have no idea at all where the Garuberk Tower is?
        GYUNA: All who've seen it say something different.  ...All I can
               say is that it's up north somewhere.
        CHAZ:  I see...

    (If NO:)

     You want to know about Raja?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: I've known him a long time.  He's a weird one...but, he's
               a skilled magician, and he was well liked at Gumbious
        CHAZ:  Wow.  I can't believe it.  That old freak!?
        GYUNA: But, he was tricked by those who were jealous of him, and
               was banished to this rural place.
        CHAZ:  Really...  It doesn't seem possible.
        GYUNA: Actually Raja himself is quite happy that he was able to
               get away from that constrained temple!  He's a good guy!
		He's quite a friend of mine!

    (If NO:)

     Do you want to know about the whereabouts of the space ship?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: Are you talking about the space ship that is underground
               in the town of Tyler?  I don't know a lot about it, but
               apparently, if you take a good look at the grave, a path
               will open for you.
        CHAZ:  A grave...?

    (If NO:)

     Thank you.

    (NOTE that on subsequent visits to Gyuna, rather than starting the
     conversation with, "Oh my, a first-time customer.  Ah, you're
     friends of Raja.  In that case, I'll tell you anything.  What do
     you want to know?" Gyuna says, "Oh, you're friends of Raja.  Do
     you want to know about something else?")

   CHAZ: According to Gyuna's story, the space ship is underground in
         the town of Tyler.
   RIKA: I hear there's some secret with the grave...
   RAJA: This seems like a planned turn of events.  Ha, ha!
   CHAZ: Hmm...

   - This is Tyler.  It's a Parmanian town.
   - There's a large grave on the outskirts of town.  They say it's the
     grave of the first chief of this village.  I'm sure the old man
     would know more about it.
   - Hmmph, my wife, she gets to stay home nice and warm!  She should
     see what it's like to have to go out hunting in this weather!
   - Oh my!  It's another Parmanian.  How on earth were you able to get
     through the walls of ice?
   - I hate this snow storm.  I feel like my hat is going to be blown
     away.  Such a nuisance!
   - Brrrrrr.  What's with the climate recently?  This was never a
     comfortable planet to begin with, but nowadays it's even worse!
   - Everyone seems so unconcerned, but we'll freeze to death if we
     don't do something!
Examine town torches:
   CHAZ: This is different from the elegance of the Dezolisian watch
         fire.  This is merely a torch light.

Woman in House:
   - There are other Parmanian towns besides this one, but I've never
     been to one.  You see, I just can't stand cold weather.  I don't
     get out of the house too often, much less go traipsing out of town!
Girl in House:
   - Protecting the household is an important job too!  I respect both
     my father and mother.
Boy in House:
   - Our mom is pathetic!  On the other hand, our dad is wonderful!
Examine Book:
   CHAZ: Here's a pretty worn book.  Hmm, 'Living in Dezolis'...

Man in Armor Store:
   - Do you know of a metal called 'Laconia?'  With Laconia you can make
     weapons and armor that is out of this world!  We haven't caught up
     with refining techniques here so the best we can do is make the low
     grade 'silver.'

Man in House:
   - What with the storm, our fuel supply is sporadic.  We might really
     freeze to death.
Woman in House:
   - The Parmanians have built other towns too, like Meese and Reshel.
     We don't trade much with them, but I hope they are doing well!
The Old Man:
   - Ha, yes, I am he whom everybody calls the Old Man.  This is the
     place where the Parmanians first landed when they moved to Dezolis
     a long time ago.  It's been said that they named this town after
     the captain of the space ship they came on.  And the story goes
     that they built a grave on the outskirts of the town in memory of
     the captain.
Examine Book:
   CHAZ: Here's a pretty worn book.  Hmm, 'Reclamation of Dezolis'...

Examine Grave (from sides of behind)
   CHAZ: What a big crypt.
Examine Grave (from front)
  (First time)
   CHAZ: There's a plate here...
  (Second time)
   CHAZ: Here lies the great leader Tyler...  Touch us...  Listen to
         our voice...  Entrust that body to us...'  So this is Tyler's
   RAJA: Lying alone...what a horrible fate.
   CHAZ: Gyuna said to inspect this grave closely, but I don't see
         anything...  There's just this inscription...  Ahh!?  The plate
         just moved!
   RUNE: It moved?  Chaz, push it again!
   CHAZ: OK!
  (The crypt slides apart, revealing a stairway down.)
   RIKA: Wow!  Incredible!
   CHAZ: Maybe there's a space ship down there?  Let's go see!

(The group enters the Hanger.)

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, and Raja

(The group finds the space ship.)

CHAZ: So this is it!  Amazing!

RIKA: So this is the space ship the Parmanians used in coming here so
      long ago!

RUNE: Here's an emblem.  L-a-n-d-a-l-e...  'Landale!'

RIKA: It's called a Landale.  What a cool name!

RAJA: An air-going barge.  A space sled!

CHAZ: So, how is it?  Hey Wren!

RAJA: Hey!  Don't ignore me!

WREN: It's been preserved almost perfectly.  With a little maintenance,
      it could be perfectly useful.

RUNE: Whew!  We sure are in luck!

CHAZ: Wren, Make preparations for takeoff!

WREN: Roger!

(Outside, south of Tyler, a spaceport appears.)

   RUNE: Well, we've found the 'Landale' so we'll just have to go to
   RIKA: Finally!
   WREN: Let's immediately identify reason the environmental control
         system is out of control.
   CHAZ: OK.  Let's go!

Return to NURVUS
Examine Nurvus's main control panel:
   DEMI: It's been so long.  Master Wren!  What?  It's not Zelan but
         Kuran..  Is that right?

   - Apparently, a thousand years ago, there were ships that could
     travel through space.  Today, the only thing we can do is view
     Dezolis through a telescope.  Ah!  Just once, I would love to go
     to Dezolis!

CHAZ: So this is the artificial satellite Kuran that has sent the entire
      planetary control system out of whack.

RAJA: My head is out of whack!  Man am I dizzy!

CHAZ: Come on, let's go!

WREN: Yes, we must hurry to the main control center!

RAJA: You, you...

(As they proceed, Chaz finds a chest.)

CHAZ: Hello.  What's this?

WREN: It's an internal weapon unit for Androids.  I surmise that it is
      a Hyper-Jammer.

RIKA: Hyper-Jammer?

WREN: It is a weapon that temporarily scrambles the AI of machines with
      strong electromagnetic waves.  There seems to be no
      incompatibility in its specifications, so let's install it.

(Wren does so.)

WREN: Device installed.  Hyper-Jammer can now be used.

(The group approaches the main control center.)

CHAZ: So this is the main control center?

WREN: I shall search for the cause of the malfunction right away.

RIKA: Wait!  What's that?

CHAZ: What?  Where?

RIKA: Over there!  In the shadows!

(The group advances further and finds Dark Force in the main control

RIKA: What on earth?  This feeling of oppression...!

RUNE: Dark...Force!

CHAZ: Did you say Dark Force!?  You mean the Dark Force who revived Zio
      as a god?

WREN: It appears that Dark Force is the cause of everything.  Let us
      remove it.

RUNE: Easier said than done.

CHAZ: OK!  I'm going for it!

(After fighting and defeating Dark Force, the group celebrates.)

LOCATION: Kuran, Main Control Center
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Rika, Rune, Wren, and Raja

RUNE: Did it?

CHAZ: Yep!  We've won!  OK Wren!  Get Kuran back to normal!

WREN: Roger!

RUNE: Hmph...

CHAZ: Rune, can I ask you something?

RUNE: What is it?

CHAZ: How did you know...that monster was the Dark Force Zio was talking

RUNE: Ah!  I've seen it before.

(Chaz and Rika both look at Rune, stunned.)

CHAZ: What?  What do you mean you've seen it before?!

RUNE: I'll tell you sometime...  Just wait until then, will you?

CHAZ: Well...

RIKA: Rune...

WREN: All functions have been restored.  Now all we have to do is make
      some final adjustments at Zelan.  What is the matter?

RIKA: Ah...nothing.

CHAZ: Let's go to Zelan!

(They use the Landale to return to Zelan's Control Room, where Wren
 makes a few adjustments and everything lights up a-ok.)

WREN: Everything is OK.  All the maintenance systems for the Algo
      environment are working properly.

CHAZ: Well, we've been through a lot, but I guess we've solved

RIKA: Wait!

(Rika points to a monitor, on which we see the snowstorm still ravaging

RIKA: Look at that!

CHAZ: The snowstorm hasn't stopped?  Has the control system for Dezolis
      been restored?

WREN: Yes.  Everything is in working order.

RAJA: I TOLD YOU!  Didn't I tell you that the Garuberk Tower was the
      cause?  The demons that live in the Garuberk Tower are creating
      the blizzard!  Why don't you listen to me once in a while?!

CHAZ: Er..ahem.

RIKA: Anyway, this means there is some other cause for the snowstorm in
      Dezolis, right?

WREN: If the snowstorm continues unabated, there is a danger that the
      Parmanians and even the Dezolisians will perish.

CHAZ: There's no use just sitting around thinking!  Let's go to Dezolis!

RIKA: Yes!  I'll go too!

WREN: As the mission has not been accomplished, I shall continue my

RAJA: This is getting interesting!

RUNE: Hmmph...unless I go you won't be able to get anything done, eh,
      Chaz?  What with Dezolis in a wall of ice we won't be able to
      move around freely.  What shall we do?

WREN: If we use the Ice Digger we can break through walls of ice.

CHAZ: Ice Digger?  What's that?

WREN: In planning for action on Dezolis I had an ice breaking car built.

CHAZ: Why don't you tell us these things sooner?

WREN: I Shall load it onto the Landale.

RUNE: An unrelenting snowstorm...

Return to ZELAN
Examine console:
   CHAZ: The snowstorm in Dezolis is not abating!
   WREN: I believe there is another cause for the abnormal climate in

   RIKA: We've beaten Dark Force, but Dezolis is not recovering!
   RAJA: I've been telling you, the problem lies in the Garuberk Tower!
   WREN: In any event, I do acknowledge there's a need to investigate
   RIKA: Well, what are we waiting for?  Let's go!
   CHAZ: Hmm...the Garuberk Tower...

Return to KURAN
Examine main control center:
   WREN: Check completed.  The systems in Kuran are all functioning

   - This is the town of Zosa.  The egg of the Dezolis Penguin is our
     special product!
   - The Dezolis Penguin is really cute!  We made improvements to the
     Dezo Owl species so that they can be bred in captivity.
   - Wouldn't you like to walk along with the Dezolis Penguin?  There's
     a person putting up a signboard to the west of town.  Why don't you
     ask him?
    (When the Dezolis Penguin is part of your group:)
     Oh, you're doing the Walk with the Dezolis Penguin!  Actually, it's
     pretty senseless, but that's what's so neat!
   - Hey, know what?  Some Parmanian town has been completely destroyed!
     I wonder what happened?
   - Ah, the Garuberk Tower.  Come to think of it, I've seen a creepy
     tower east of here.
   - (Man with backpack)  My job is to collect eggs.  I walk behind them
     all day long so that they can lay their eggs any time.
   - You shouldn't say such unscientific things!  How can a tower cause
     storms and make people sick?
   - We would never eat Dezolis Penguin!  We do use their eggs for food
Dezolis Penguin:
   - Chirp!
        RIKA: Oh!  It's so cute!
        CHAZ: Rune, do you think it's cute?
        RUNE: Not really.
Dezolisian Outside of Town:
   - Being human, don't you sometimes find yourself lost in thought?  So
     don't bother me!
    (When the Dezolis Penguin is part of your group:)
     Oh, 'Walk with the Dezolis Penguin!'  In that case let me tell you
     something.  If you go to the northwest, there's a valley where a
     lot of yellow animals live.  And then, if you go to the northeast,
     there's a strange building we can't figure out.  You should go if
     you feel like it!

Examine book in Inn:
   CHAZ: It says, 'A Travel Scribble Notebook  Feel Free to Write
         Whatever You Want'...

Dezolisian in House:
   - Meese?  Reshel?  ...Oh, those Parmanian towns.  If you just go east
     a little you'll probably see them.

Dezolisians in House:
   - In other towns, everybody makes a living by hunting, but...  Thanks
     to the Dezolis Penguin, we lead a breeder's life in this town.
   - Because of this snow storm, we can't even get to Gumbious Temple,
     where we find peace of mind and pray.

Dezolisian in House outside city:
   - Breaking news!  The Garuberk Tower is located beyond the forest of
     carnivorous trees.  Apparently it's not a place that you can get

Examine sign:
   CHAZ: It has 'The Dezolian Penguin Companion' written on it.
Dezolisian selling Penguin:
   - Make that Dezolis Penguin a part of your group for today!  The
     Dezolis Penguin will walk around town with you!  This dream-like
     experience is yours for only 500 meseta!  Of course you'll try it,
     won't you?

    (If NO, the vendor says, "I can't believe you would skip such an
     enjoyable experience!  You guys certainly aren't very broad
     minded."  If YES:)

     Well then, enjoy!  Be careful because the Penguin will leave if you
     exit town or go inside a house!

    (The Penguin joins your group.)

Musk Cats at entrance:
  (First time)
   - This is the mysterious valley, meow.
        CHAZ: Wow!  It's a cat!  And the cat talked!
        CATS: We are musk cats.  We can talk, meow.  We get some kind of
              feeling from you, meow.  Go in and meet the old man, meow.
  (Subsequent times)
   - You guys are special, meow.

Musk Cats deeper inside:
   - Somehow, we get a feeling of fond rememberance from you, meow.
   - Normally, neither Parmanians nor Dezolisians can enter this valley,
   - Very seldom do humans enter this place, meow.
   - In all of Dezolis, only this valley is warm, meow.
   - The old man has a treasure, meow.
    (After receing Silver Tusk)
     Please put the old man's treasure to good use, meow.

Musk Cats in the old man's cavern:
   - We haven't even seen the old man's treasure, meow.
    (After receing Silver Tusk)
     Please put the old man's treasure to good use, meow.
   - The beauty of the old man's shuttlecock is unparalleled in this
     world, meow.
   - Meow.  I can get the top off of this bottle, meow.
   - The weather in Dezolis is rather strange these days, meow.
   - All that is left of the musk cats are here, meow.
   - (Sleeping cat) I'm imitating the old man, meow.

The Old Man (Myau):
  (First time)
   - Good of you to come, visitors.  I'm the chief of this valley.  Hmm,
     there is good in your eyes.  No wonder you were let through.  It's
     really strange...  I have a feeling that this is not the first time
     we've met.  I feel good about putting this in your care.  This is a
     treasure that has been passed on generation after generation.  Take
     it with you.  It's the Silver Tusk!
  (Subsequent times)
   - Here's the Silver Tusk.  Please make good use of it.

(Immediately upon entering, the group finds themselves face-to-face with
 a Gy-Laguiah.  After defeating it...)

WREN: This seems to be the control system for the Dezolisian climate.

CHAZ: The monsters have been making a nest!

WREN: As we suspected, this must be the cause of the abnormal weather.

RIKA: Let's investigate!

RAJA: It's no use!  I've been telling you, the cause of the snow storm
      lies in the Garuberk Tower!!

(When the group reaches the main control room, they find D-Elm-Lars.)

D-ELM-LARS: Ha, ha, ha!  You dolts!  How foolhardy you are to come here!
            Morons!  This was just a trap!  Hmmph.  It seems like a
            waste to dirty our hands with stupid people like you, but... 
            Being just a vessel that takes orders, I'll just have to do

CHAZ: Wait!  You said orders?  But we've beaten Zio...and Dark Force!
      Whose orders are you acting on?

D-ELM-LARS: You defeated him?  The great Dark Force?  Ha, ha, ha, ha!

(The group fights and defeats D-Elm-Lars.  Afterward...)

CHAZ: Blast!  This bothers me!  It was talking like that creep Dark
      Force is still alive!

RUNE: Yeah...

WREN: Chaz, there is nothing wrong with the climate control system.

RIKA: So, it really was a snare.

RAJA: See.  Just like I said.  We have to go to the Garuberk Tower!

Examine control system:
   WREN: The climate control system is functioning normally.
   CHAZ: Are you saying something else is causing the abnormalities in

ESPER MANSION (Before visiting Meese)
Guard Espers:
   - Who dares enter?  Suspicious people will not be allowed to enter!

JUT (Before visiting Meese)
   - Welcome to the town of Jut.  Actually this is no time for niceties.
     Look at this weather.
   - Oops!  It's so thrilling when the winds are just right.  You don't
     know whether you'll be blown away or not!
   - This hat?  Actually, there's a string inside it, so it won't get
     blown away.
   - Ooof.  I can't move forward at all.
   - Everyone seems down-hearted.  What wimps to stay indoors just
     because of a little bit of wind like this.
        RIKA: But this region has especially harsh snow storms.  I don't
              blame them.
Examine torch:
   CHAZ: So this is the object of the Dezolisians' religious belief...
         There's quite a lot of them.

Dezolisian in House:
   - In the back room of the Gumbious Temple, there's a great Bishop
     that has lived for over a thousand years...  I haven't met him
     myself, but that's what they say.
        RUNE: Uh huh...I have heard that being rumored...
Examine bookshelf:
   -'s written in an alphabet I can't read.

Dezolisians in House:
   - If you're talking about the Gumbious Temple, it's further north.
     The building in the middle of town, now that's different.
   - Talking about the temple, some time ago there was a man who kept
     making stupid jokes all the time.  I haven't seen him around
     recently, but I really liked him!  Oh?  Hey!  You, I'm talking to
     you!  What's going on.  Did you move?
        RAJA: Some of my jokes were such a hit that I had to move on!
              Ha, ha!
        CHAZ: And that'll be happening pretty soon here, too.
        RIKA: Chaz...

Dezolisians in House:
   - It's our pride that our house is the only two-story house in the
     entire town!  On the other hand, with this storm, it's kind of
     worrisome.  I wonder if it will fall?
   - It's shaking, it's shaking.  I'm getting seasick.

Dezolisians in Weapons shop:
   - We do hunt, but Dezolisians are essentially laid back.  Therefore
     weapon stores don't do a lot of business.
   - The Laconia weapons have been purchased from Reshel.  So what we
     have in stock is all that there is.  It's first come first served
     while supplies last!

Dezolisians in House:
   - You think you can just open the door and walk in?  Well I'll accept
     what you say and let you in.  But since you've opened the door,
     could you also close it?  It's cold outside!
   - Now calm down!  You're so short-tempered!

Dezolisian in House:
   - It's not that Dezolisians and Parmanians don't get along...  It's
     just that they don't co-exist because of their different life
     styles stemming from religious beliefs.

Dezolisian in House:
   - With weather like this, even we are too afraid to go out.  Although
     there do seem to be some of us who are rather frivolous!

Dezolisians in House:
   - Supposedly there is this holy flame at the Gumbious Temple that
     protects us.  It's said that it has been burning without fail for
     a thousand years.
   - A holy flame that's been burning for a thousand years?  ...There
     isn't anything like that.  You shouldn't believe rumors.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'Fire'...  What a book!

Dezolisian in House:
   - With the Gumbious Temple being so close by, I feel sorry for the
     temple in the middle of town.

Equipment Store Clerk:
   - See that old building to the southwest?  Apparently it's some ruin
     from ages past.  I should go there some time.  Maybe I'll stumble
     onto some lucky find!
Dezolisian in Equipment Store:
   - The building to the southwest?  Don't be silly.  There's a wall of
     ice around it and you wouldn't be able to get through!
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'Equipment Store Management'...  Ah, a pretty studious owner.

Dezolisians in Jut's village shrine:
   - For us Dezolisians, we cannot fail to do our faily prayers.
   - The head of the temple is wonderful, but the village shrine is also
Village Shrine Priest:
   - Sir, since the Gumbious Temple is close by to the north...  No one
     comes to this temple.  But, that's all right.  There's one who has
     the faith.
Examine torch statue:
   CHAZ: A statue of flame...  You call this an object of worship?

GUMBIOUS TEMPLE (Before visiting Meese)
Dezolisians on first level:
   - Welcome to the Gumbious Temple.  We even welcome Parmanians.
   - Here at Gumbious Temple, we not only guard the Eclipse Torch, the
     symbol of the Dezolisian belief, but also we are the central
   - The Eclipse Torch is a holy flame.  The legend states that it emits
     a burning light that reduces any object unworthy of this world to
   - I once got terribly frostbitten.  But the light of the Eclipse
     Torch cured me in moments!  That is truly a holy flame.
   - This holy flame of ours is truly beautiful!
   - 'One day, the flame of the Eclipse Torch will reduce to ashes all
     that is unclean.'  That is the legend of the Eclipse Torch.
   - This is a sacred Dezolisian area.  Usually many people come to
     visit, but recently there's been a snowstorm and visitors are few
     and far between.
   - How rare to see a Parmanian.  Are you here sight-seeing?
   - They say there used to be a tower called 'Corona' that stood here
     in the past.
Examine statue:
   CHAZ: The statue of flames...  Are you saying this is an object of

Dezolisians in basement:
   - You may not go beyond this point.  Please go back.

Dezolisians on second level:
   - I'm so grateful.  It's so wonderful to be able to worship the flame
     of the Eclipse Torch again!
   - I'm a trained monk.  Every time I step into this place I feel
   - Not even the most precious jewel could emit such a divine light.
   - The more I look at it the more refreshing the light is.  I feel as
     if my heart is being cleansed!
Temple Leader:
   - Welcome, welcome.  We welcome any visitor to the temple.
Examine Eclipse Torch:
   CHAZ: So this is the Eclipse Torch?

Examine decayed buildings:
   CHAZ: This is terrible!

   - This is the town of Meese.  There's a strange illness going around
     and we're in a terrible state.
   - This is the patient admission area.  It used to be the inn, but the
     innkeeper has made it a public clinic out of the goodness of his
   - There is a strange illness going around...  You get a really high
     fever and usually die within a month.  On top of that...the dead
     bodies revive as zombies!  It's very scary!
   - There was a town called Reshel west of here, but...  Apparently
     it's been totally destroyed by an illness!  I hear it's a zombie
     town now.  We've got to take this matter seriously here!
   - The owner of this equipment store had been stricken by the illness
     and has closed shop.  He used to sell a strange-selling perfume
     called something or other.
   - Z...z...zombies are supposed to fear fire, right?  So they won't
     come and attack us if we make a fire right in the middle of town
     like this, right?
   - Some people have escaped from Reshel, but it's not like it's safe
     here either!
   - There's some 'Esper' who's come here?  Sounds kind of suspicious!
   - Did you see the cemetery?  I feel sorry for them, but we had to
     burn and bury the bodies of all the people who became zombies.
   - Over half the people of this town have been stricken with the
Examine graves:
   CHAZ: It reads 'Rest In Peace To Those Spirits Who Are Victims Of

   - With the inn being the clinic right now, our place is the temporary
     inn.  Right now, we've got a lot of people who have escaped from
Men in Inn:
   - I'm fed up with scary places.  I've got to run even farther.
   - I'm a refugee from Reshel.  That person became...  Oh, it was
Woman in Inn:
   - I just can't abandon Reshel, the town I was born in and grew up in!
     I'm sure they'll find some medicine for the illness and the town
     will be back to normal!

Woman in House:
   - Never mind me, I just won't let this child become ill!
Kid in House:
   - Hey, why can't I go outside?
Examine bookshelf in house:
   CHAZ: 'Dezolisian Climate and Health Maintenance'...  A pretty
         studious lady of the house.

Men in Clinic:
   - This place is actually a large inn renowned throughout Dezolis.
     But because there are so many ill, the innkeeper is letting us use
     it.  Such a wonderfully warm-hearted person!  I'd say it's beyond
     the call of duty!
   - No medicine seems to cure this strange illness.  At this point, the
     only thing to do is inject life energy into them to prolong their
     lives a little...  That's why all these people from Esper have
Male Espers in Clinic:
   - We're the 'Espers' that you all have been talking about.  We have
     come from the 'Esper Mansion' southeast of here.
   - There are many more who have power like ours in the Esper Mansion.
   - To give others life energy means the taking of life energy from
     ourselves, but...
   - Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!  This patient needs life energy!
   - We're in pain, but the patients are in even more pain.  We've got
     to work harder.
Female Espers in Clinic:
   - We could only help in this small way...
   - Oooooo  I'm in pain...
   - I'm the innkeeper.  To tell the truth I didn't want our place to be
     used, but...  With all those empty rooms, the townspeople would
     have looked at me reproachfully!  How upsetting...  Darn!
Innkeeper's Wife:
   - Yes, maybe we should just make it a hospital.
Male Esper on second floor:
  (First time)
   - This strange illness broke out right after the Garuberk Tower
        RAJA: See, just as I told you.  That tower must be the cause.
       (Suddenly, Raja spins and then collapses.)
        CHAZ: Raja...  Quit joking around!
        RIKA: Chaz!  This is no joke!  He's got a tremendous fever!
        RUNE: Quickly!  We must carry him to a bed!
       (Raja is taken to a room and put into bed.)
        RIKA: Even Raja has fallen sick...  He'll die if we leave him
              like this!
        CHAZ: Ha, ha, ha...I don't believe it.
        RIKA: This isn't any laughing matter, Chaz!
        CHAZ: I'm sorry...
        RUNE: Rika, you're aware of it too, aren't you?
        RIKA: Rune...
        RUNE: I've sensed it ever since we came to Dezolis, but it feels
              particularly strong here!
        RIKA: Yes!
        CHAZ: What is it?  What are you two talking about?
        RUNE: Chaz, listen carefully...  This feeling is the Black
              Energy Wave!
        CHAZ: The Black...
        RUNE: It's probably...coming fron The Garuberk Tower.  And it's
              pretty close!
        CHAZ: Darn!
       (Another Esper runs up the stairs and into the room.)
        ESPER2: Help!  Help!  Kyra...Kyra has headed for The Garuberk
                Tower by herself!
        CHAZ: Kyra?
        ESPER2: She's a girl of exceptional courage from our group!
                But...this is too reckless!  There is a forest of
                carnivorous trees surrounding the tower!!
        RIKA: Chaz!
        CHAZ: Right.  We can't let her go alone!  Where is this forest?
        ESPER2: It's nottheast of town!
        CHAZ: OK, let's go!
  (Subsequent times)
   - Kyra is such a daredevil...
Female Espers on second floor:
   - Finally.  I'm on break.
  (Raja says three different things when he is in bed.)
   - I'm in pain...  OK, I give up!
        CHAZ: You just won't give up, will you!
   - Yes, yes...  It was bad luck...  But with those nurses there, maybe
     the worst of times will also be the best of times...
        CHAZ: You just won't give up, will you!
   - Ooooooo....  Oooo...!
        CHAZ: You just won't give up, will you?

(The Espers on the first level now say different things.)

Male Espers in Clinic:
   - Please help Kyra!
   - I trust you to save Kyra.
   - Please help Kyra!
   - Please help Kyra!
   - Please help Kyra!
Female Espers in Clinic:
   - Please help Kyra!

   RIKA: Apparently Kyra from Esper has headed towards the Garuberk
         Tower alone!
   RUNE: I've heard the forest surrounding the tower is full of
         carnivorous trees.
   CHAZ: We can't let her go alone.  We've got to go help her!

   - Raja, sir?  At his age, he shouldn't try to do so much...
   - He should've just quietly stayed here in retirement...

Return to RYUON
   - This is Ryuon.  If you want to have fun, this is the town!
   - The owner of the bar is named Gyuna and he knows the most about the
     situation around these parts.  If you want to know something that's
     where you should go.
   - Oh, you're a Parmanian.  Are you from the town of Tyler?
   - I've seen Parmanians from time to time, but this is the first
     time I've seen a girl with horns!
        RIKA: Aghh!  How dare you!!!
   - In the temple to the south, there's a highly virtuous and wonderful
     priest named Raja.
        CHAZ: Excuse me, but I just can't see him as being highly
   - Hmm.  I've just finished shoveling away the snow.
   - Oh?  Ah, you're Raja's traveling companions.  Where is the great
        CHAZ: I tell you, Raja is our traveling companion!
   - There are many Parmanian towns in Dezolis and the town of Tyler to
     the northwest is one of them.  This cold weather we're having now
     is hard even for us.  I hate to think how horrible it is for the
Examine town torches:
   CHAZ: Hmm, the watch fire of Dezolisians...

Dezorian in House:
   - What with this snow storm, the ability to travel in and out of town
     is unreliable.  There are many places where the roads are
     obstructed by ice!

Dezorian in House:
   - Oh, great Raja, that such a wonderful high priest would travel to
     such a remote region...  It seems like such as waste.

   - Oh, you're friends of Raja.  Do you want to know about something
     else?  Do you want to now about the damage from the snow storm?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: This snow storm started three months ago, and hasn't
               stopped since.  It's been a terrible disaster, hats being    
               blown off all over the place and lips getting chapped!
        CHAZ:  Hats?  Lips?
        GYUNA: Ahem!  But, the biggest problem is the wall of ice!  The
               storm has left snow drifts all over the place, and has
               created walls of ice.  This has divided Dezolis up into
               parts.  We can't get anywhere!

    (If NO:)

     Do you want to know about the Garuberk Tower?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: It's said there's a tower somewhere in Dezolis where the
               demons live.  As the story goes, the tower suddenly
               appeared overnight!
        CHAZ:  And you have no idea at all where the Garuberk Tower is?
        GYUNA: I didn't say that.  I have a feeling it's north of Meese.
        CHAZ:  I see.

    (If NO:)

     You want to know about Raja?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: Raja has fallen?  But he's the kind of guy who would
               return even if you killed him.  ...Still, this is kind
               of worrisome...

    (If NO:)

     Do you want to know about the whereabouts of the space ship?

    (If YES:)

        GYUNA: ...What's the use now?

    (If NO:)

     Thank you.

Return to TYLER
   - What's going on, with this big open area that just appeared next to
     town?  There's been such strange things going on!

Examine Grave:
   CHAZ: Wow, to think something so big could move...

Return to JUT
Dezolisian in House:
   - Talking about the temple, some time ago there was a man who kept
     making stupid jokes all the time.  I haven't seen him around
     recently, but I really liked him!


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