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Complete Script Part 2

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Phantasy Star IV
Complete Script - Part Two
Wreckage through Nurvus
compiled by Mike Ripplinger
(Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, and Rika reach the control room.)

CHAZ: This...there're lights flashing.

RIKA: I know what it is.  Move over, Chaz!

(Alys and Rika trade places.)

ALYS: Wow, pretty impressive.

RIKA: It's a pretty hard security code to break, but...there!  We can
      now access the main computer's memory!

(The screens light up, and on one of them they see one of the massive
 Palman world ships.)

CHAZ: What's this?

RIKA: Look!  It says that this is the space ship that escaped from
      Parma a thousand years ago!

CHAZ: What!  Really?!  But...Parma exploded a thousand years ago!?

RIKA: Oh, you know about that?

CHAZ: Yes...I learned about it at the academy.

RIKA: Parma, the first planet of the Algo solar system, was destroyed
      in AW 1284 when the artificial satellite, Gaira, crashed into
      it...  Today, the only vestige of Parma is the asteroid belt.

CHAZ: But there were people that were able to escape!

RIKA: According to the records... just before the explosion, some
      people were able to escape...  This space ship was damaged and
      became trapped in orbit around Motavia.  They floated around in
      space until all the humans aboard died.  But the computer was
      able to sustain itself with its self-repairing mechanisms.

CHAZ: They all...died?

RIKA: According to the flight chart... the orbit slowly decayed over the
      last thousand years... the ship finally crashed here!

CHAZ: Then...that means all the Parmanians perished?!

RIKA: Wait... This is not the only ship that escaped from Parma!  It
      seems that other similar ships were able to escape successfully.
      Most of them landed either in Motavia or Dezolis, but it looks
      like some of them went right out of the Algo solar system.  I
      can't get an accurate number, but it looks like some tens of

CHAZ: ...So they're still continuing their flight... somewhere in the

Examine control panel:
   CHAZ: This must be a space ship that escaped from Parma...

   - This is Aiedo, a fluid town.  All kinds of things flow in and out,
     from all over the place.  Why, if it isn't Alys.  Welcome home!
Townspeople - Men:
   - Hey, Alys!  You look just as beautiful as usual.  With your hair
     fluttering in the wind...  You're one attractive woman!  Well, see
     you later!
        (The man runs away.)
        HAHN: Wh...what was that all about?  What a geek!
        GRYZ: Maybe he's being forced to say those things.
        ALYS: Hey, you guys over there!  What are you talking about?
   - In the middle of town is a market.  Behind it is the Hunter's
     Guild.  Isn't it a big town?
   - I've come from Zema to peddle my wares, but...  Look at this town!
     It's already got a pretty impressive marketplace!  But I still
     have to sell the wares I brought.  Otherwise, I'll be too
     embarassed to go home!
   - There are a lot of hunters in this town so it's kind of dangerous,
     but, on the other hand, we're safe if any monsters appear.  There
     are some benefits to having all these hunters here!
Townspeople - Women:
   - There are two weapons and armor stores in this town.  If you want
     good quality stuff you'd better go to the store near the Hunter's
     Guild.  Oh, it's you, Alys.  I don't need to tell you all this.
   - The fortune-teller named Mito is one of the best.  Like last time,
     she was right on the money about where my husband was stashing
     his secret savings!
   - I'd say that 'Alys the Eight Stroke Sword' is the most skilled
     fighter in these parts.
        ALYS: Didn't I tell you to quit calling me that?  It's totally
        HAHN: Yeah, it certainly is!  Ooops!  Alys, why are you hitting
        ALYS: Hmmph!
   - I'm a hunter, but I haven't been able to find work lately.  That's
     because there's some woman called Alys who's getting all the work.
     Hey, well if it isn't Alys.  Why don't you send some work my way
     once in a while?
        ALYS: Don't talk rubbish!  Work is not something that gets sent
              to you.  You have to go out and get it!

Man in House:
   - I recently moved here from Nalya.  My wife went to the market and
     hasn't come back yet.  What is she doing?

Woman in House:
   - Our pet dog is missing.  We've searched this town from one end to
     the other.  It pains me to see the children so crestfallen.
Man in House:
   - I can't even go looking for him, I'm so afraid.  There are monsters
     roaming outside the town.  There's the option of asking for help
     at the Hunter's Guild, but would there be a hunter who would go
     find a dog?
Girl in House (Tinkerbell):
   - 'Rocky'...  That's my dog's name.  I wonder where he could have
     gone off to?

Men in tavern:
   - It was really scary last time.  A formidable army rushed past
     Aiedo.  Brrrr.  Can't go without a drink.
   - There's a bar in the Hunters' Guild, too.  But that's a place
     where hunters congregate.  Regular people are too afraid to go in
   - Ahem!  There's no one to hear me even if I cough.  Boy, it's
Woman in tavern:
   - I feel safe here because we don't get too many suspicious-looking
   - Oh Alys, what a rare surprise to see you here.  If you came here to
     see me, I welcome you heartily.
        ALYS: Hee hee, maybe I'll have you treat me again next time.

Mito the Fortune-Teller:
  (First time)
   - Oh, it's you, Alys, Thanks for everything the other day.  For you
     I'll tell you your fortune for free...  heh, heh...  Ah...
     No...don't...  I...I don't seem to be in good shape today.  Come
     back some other time.
  (Subsequent times)
   - Sorry, but we're closing shop for the day.
Examine crystal ball:
   CHAZ: The crystal ball is emitting a strange kind of glow...

Old Man in House:
   - That piece of slime who eloped with my daughter!  It still makes me
     mad when I think about him!
Old Woman in House:
   - It seems like the town of Nalya is in some kind of trouble.  I
     wonder if my daughter is doing all right?  I'm so worried.  Come
     on, stop sulking.  We should invite her over.

Woman in House:
   - It sounds glamorous to live in such a big town, but we do get a
     lot of undesirable hunter types, what with the guild and all.
     It's not a very good thing in terms of giving a child an education.
Girl in House:
   - I don't want to.
Boy in House:
   - Hey, wait, you little brat!

Old Woman in House:
   - Ah, Alys, thank you for giving me that food you cooked the other
     day.  It was all delicious.  I'll wash the containers and return
     them to you.
        HAHN: You can cook, Alys?
        GRYZ: People are so unpredictable!
        ALYS: Oh, cut it out.  What's the big deal?

Man in House:
   - That's strange...  I could have sworn that I put it away in here...
     Hey!  My secret sav...
    (Man turns and sees the group.)
     Yikes!  What the heck are you guys doing here?!  Don't you have the
     decency to at least knock?!

(Group enters Alys and Chaz's house)

ALYS: Ah, we're finally home!  Shall we take it easy for the rest of the

(If YES, Alys says, "OK, let's be up bright and early tomorrow!," and
 then the group sleeps.  If NO...)

ALYS: Well, shall we keep going a little longer?

Examine living room cabinet:
   CHAZ: It's a cabinet that contains Alys's most treasured
Examine kitchen cabinet:
   CHAZ: It's a cabinet for dishes.  Of course it's neat since we're
         always putting it in order.
Examine desk in Chaz's room:
   CHAZ: The books are left out...
   ALYS: It's you, isn't it?
Examine cabinet in Chaz'z room:
   CHAZ: This is my own cabinet so I can open it freely!  Let me see
         what's in it...  There's a bunch of underwear in here.
Examine poster on Chaz's wall:
   CHAZ: It's a special training workout Alys made.  It's pretty
Examine cabinet in Alys's room:
   CHAZ: Al, Al al al al, Alys's cabinet!
   ALYS: What are you stuttering for?
Examine mirror:
   CHAZ: It's a full-length mirror.
   ALYS: Don't get it dirty, Chaz!

  (When in front of counter)
   - Welcome!  This is the Naura cake shop.
  (When behind counter)
   - Our family has been running this bakery for generations.  We can
     knead the dough better down here in the basement because of the
     temperature and humidity!
        CHAZ: I see.  Though, I don't see why you have to keep the
              store front area down here too.
Woman in bakery:
   - I'm sorry about the inconvenient location of this bakery!
Examine shelves:
   CHAZ: It's kind of dark and hard to see, but it looks like

Man in Marketplace:
   - This is the biggest market in all of Motavia!
Woman in Marketplace:
   - Oof!  I bought so much stuff it's hard to carry everything!
Woman with Kid in Marketplace:
   - Aiedo's market is just as impressive as I heard it was!
Kid in Marketplace:
   - Mommy, I'm bored.  Let's go home...
Hunters in Marketplace:
   - We don't have to go all over town to find stuff.  You can pretty
     much find everything here.
   - What possessed me to buy such a thing?  It's kind of frightening
     how you can't stop shopping when you get caught up in the
     excitement of the moment!
Girls at Marketplace Inn:
   - We travelled all the way here to shop at the market, but...  We
     used up all our money with travel expenses.  Actually, we don't
     have the money to pay for our rooms, but we haven't been able to
     admit it, and have kept on staying...  Wh...what shall we do?
   - Say, why don't we climb out that window during the night!

Woman Outside Prison:
   - This is the prison.  You'd better not get too close.
Prison Guard:
   - Guarding a prison is no easy job.  It's so boring.
   - Hey, Alys, you rotten...!  Thanks to you I've ended up in here!

Woman in Cemetary House:
   - Why, it's Alys.  So you're finally thinking of buying a plot in
     this town?
        ALYS: Are you kidding?  I have no desire to have my bones
              buried in a squalid town like this!  When I'm old, I'm
              going to lead a relaxing lifestyle in a quieter place!
Woman in Cemetary at Grave:
   - Hmph...
        RIKA: Chaz, I don't think you should get in her way when she is
              paying her respects at the grave.

Hunter outside Guild HQ:
   - Hey there!  How dare you bump into me and pass on without a word?
     Oh!  It's you, Alys!  Oh dear, please excuse my rudeness.

Hunters in Guild Weapons/Armor Store:
   - Hmmph, you call that a market!  There's nothing that would be of
     use there!
   - So many things catch my eye, but even the best weapon is wasted
     unless it is used by skilled hands.

Hunters in Guild HQ "Main Lobby":
   - Zio?  I don't know who hired you, but don't even think about it!
     Even if you had an infinite number of lives it wouldn't be enough!
   - This town is relatively peaceful thanks to us...  I hear that other
     towns are plagued with disasters.  In one case an entire town burnt
     to the ground!  It's been said this is all Zio's doing.  I wonder
     if it's true?
   - This is just between you and me...  The cave to the north of Aiedo
     leads to the area beyond the hills.  No one who's ever gone into
     the cave has come back alive!  I wonder what is beyond that cave?
   - Monsters have recently become extremely strong, making combat with
     them difficult.  I'd better thing about a new profession pretty
Desk Clerk (when in front of counter):
   - Welcome!  You have come to the Hunters' Guild where we enrich the
     lives of hunters!  The enrollment area is over there!  For those of
     you hunters who have already joined, I'd like to give you
     information about available job listings.  Currently listed are...

     These are the jobs that are currently offered.  Any applicants?

    (If YES, see specific Hunters' Guild Mission.  If YES to an already
     completed mission, the Desk Clerk says, "Very funny.  This incident
     has already been resolved by our hunters here."  If YES to a
     "Listing Pending" mission, the Desk Clerk says, "I'm sorry to say
     that there are no jobs yet."  If NO...)

     Please come again to the Hunters' Guild where we enrich the lives
     of hunters!
Hunters in Guild HQ Tavern:
   - Hey, Alys!  You're still as attractive as ever.  Why don't you go
     out with me once in a while?
        ALYS: Thanks.  I'll consider it when you become more of a man.
   - There's been a big army going in and out of that cave up north.  It
     must be Zio's troops that we've been hearing about!
   - My, my.  Alys's quite a looker, but aren't you a cutie pie too?
        RIKA: Ahhhh!  Ugh!
        CHAZ: Cut it out, you!
Guild Tavern Bartender:
   - Hey, Alys!  The usual?
        ALYS: Sorry.  I just don't feel like it today.  I'll see you
              some other time.
Man watching Show:
  (When dancers face him.)
   - Cool!
  (When dancers face away from him.)
   - Just a little lower!
        CHAZ: Er...
        RIKA: Chaz, let's get going!
Girls Backstage:
   - My, I'm so honored that you're here, Alys.  It inspires me to do
   - In times like this, those in the hunting profession seem to be
     doing well.  But the monsters have become very strong.  Apparently
     only the most skilled are still in business.  That fact is
     reflected by how painfully few customers there are!
Desk Clerk (when behind counter):
   - Are you insinuating that I'm purposely withholding information
     about the best jobs?  How dare you think that!  I swear by my good
     name that that kind of thing absolutely never happens here!  Now
     please go back to the front area!
Examine book in lobby:
   CHAZ: Hunter journals?  I didn't know something like this existed!
Examine sign in lobby:
   CHAZ: There's a notice posted here.  'Do not run on the floor'...
Examine sign in lobby:
   CHAZ: It says 'The guild is everybody's guild.  Please use it
Examine sign in lobby:
   CHAZ: 'Hunters with the most cases processed: No.1 Alys Brangwin...'
Examine stage entrance backstage:
   CHAZ:  There's a notice posted over there.  'General Public May Not
Examine mirror backstage:
   CHAZ: What a big mirror!  It must be for industrial use!
Examine left cabinet behind desk:
   DESK CLERK: Wait!  Don't touch that!
Examine right cabinet behind desk:
   DESK CLERK: No, no!  Those are important documents that have been
               accumulated up to now!

(Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, and Rika ask about, "The Ranch owner")

DESK CLERK: This is a request from a ranch owner at the village of Mile.
            'The sand worms at my ranch have become so big that I'm at
            my wit's end.  Please help me...'  That is the message.  The
            fee offered is 5000 meseta.  Will you take this job?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to Mile and get more details from
            the rancher.

(The group goes to Mile.)

   - Mr. Hunter, I thank you and wish you well regarding my sand worm
Innkeeper's Daughter:
   - Could you do something about those sand worms on the ranch?
Ranch Owner:
  (First time)
   - Are you the hunters from the guild?  The sand worms I've raised in
     this ranch have grown so big, the situation is out of hand!
     P...please!  Can you do something about it?  I won't complain,
     whatever the outcome is!
  (Subsequent times)
   - H...hurry, do something about it!

(Group fights and defeats Sand Worm.)

Ranch Owner:
  (First time)
   - Sigh.  And I was finally able to feed those sand worms
     successfully...  The dream...  Sigh.  Thank you.
     There's no use lamenting about the past.  I should make a clean
     break and go on to the next thing.  I'll send your compensation
     to the guild, so please pick it up there.
  (Subsequent times)
   - Thank you.  You can pick up your compensation at the guild.
   - If we left it the way it was, it would've become a real problem.
     And at that point, it would have been too late.  It may have been
     a little cruel to the sand worm, but it was the right thing to do.
     Mr. Hunter, thank you for your help.
Innkeeper's Daughter:
   - My father... another of his ventures has failed.  The reason why
     my father can do as he likes is all thanks to my mother keeping the
     inn business going.  But, I do love both of them, my wonderful
     mother and my father who doesn't lose heart.

(The group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: Good job.  Congratulations on dealing with the sand worms so
            effectively!  Please accept your commission fee of 5000

CHAZ: I'm glad we resolved the problem before anyone got hurt.  Too bad
      for the ranch owner though.

RIKA: But he seemed like a person who would not be daunted for long.
      I'm sure he'll prosper again.

Return to MILE
Ranch Owner:
   - This is Mile...hey, it's you.  Thanks for your assistance the other
     day.  I'm in the process of figuring out what to do next.  I do
     look forward to it!

Townspeople - Men:
   - This place?  This is the town of Kadary.  Have you come to visit
     Zio's church as well?
   - A church that spreads the teachings of a man named Zio was erected
     in this town.  Devotees come here from all over the place.  I
     don't want to say it in a loud voice, but... it sure is a big
   - Zio says that the end of this world is coming soon.  I wonder if
     that's true?
   - How pathetic, a full-grown adult like you crying for Zio!  You
     have to be able to respect yourself before you can respect others,
     so grow up!
   - That inn in the back of the town...  I used to frequent that place,
     but recently, I can't go in even if I wanted to...
Townspeople - Women:
   - Did you come by the path to the north?  In that case, you must have
     seen the town burnt to ruins on your way here?  It's been said that
     was all due to Zio!  I'm so afraid!
Woman Kicking on the Ground:
   - Oh...Zio, the holy one...
Man in back of town:
   - Excuse me, can I ask you something?  Do you believe in Zio's

     If YES: Ah, a kindred spirit!  Glory be to the great Zio!  Purge
             the souls of the fools!

     If NO: In that case, become one of us at once.  Otherwise, you will
            be purged by us.
Examine statue:
   CHAZ: Wow, what a suspicious statue!

   - I don't like that new church.  Zio's soldier stay the night here,
     but I'm too afraid to collect room charges from them!  It's just
     too much!
Woman in Inn:
   - Among the believers of Zio, there's a saying that goes, 'The
     righteous do not ignore Kadary.'  Kadary is a scared area!

Man in House:
   - What is going on with those guys going overboard with this Zio
     thing?  It just makes my skin crawl!
Woman in House:
   - Why don't we get out of this town?

Woman in House:
   - Our daughter has become a follower of Zio and won't come home.

Woman in House:
   - If it is the fate of this planet to die anyway, we might as well
     pin all our hopes on this one man.  Don't you agree?

Men in Inn in back of town:
   - Huh?  You've got some guts to bring a woman to a place like this,
     eh, Boys?
   - What's with you?  How dare you eye me like that!  Don't you know
     that we are Zio's subordinates?
   - It's true that I don't have to worry about money to feed myself,
     but my hands are definitely becoming soiled...  I wonder if I'm
     doing the right thing?
   - If you follow Zio we can show you a good time, just like this!
   - I've just been running this place like a regular inn, but one day,
     Zio's soldiers came...  They said to just put everything on a
     running tab, but they never pay up hoo...
Woman in Inn:
   - Oh my?  Such a little boy as a customer?  How adorable.  I'm going
     to give you some great service.
        CHAZ: Huh?  Wh...  What are you talking about?

People in Zio's Church:
   - It's only we believers that Zio will lead to the new world!
   - This is a church where we worship the great Zio.  Zio says he's
     going to cleanse this soiled land with the fires of destruction...
     And then, he's going to build a utopian society populated with
     only the finest citizens!  How wonderful!  The thought makes me
   - Those ignorant masses living in idleness!  These are exactly the
     people that should be purged at the hands of Zio!
   - We, the believers of Zio, are the chosen people!
   - I came here from the Motavia Academy.  School work is so stupid!
   - Zio is at his Fort where he teaches and guides us.  How thankful
     we are to him.
   - Only after the destruction can we create a new world!
   - That's Zio's fort which soars just east of Kadary!  It is our
     symbol!  It's our castle of hope!
   - Ziiio!  Ziiiio!
   - No one other than Zio can save us from the uncleanliness of
     Motavia!  Ahhh!  Glory be to you, Zio!
       (The man faints.)
        RIKA: He's fainted...
        CHAZ: frightening.
Examine altar:
   CHAZ: I wonder if this is an altar?  ...I better not get too close.

Examine energy barrier:
   CHAZ: It's an invisible barrier.  We can't go forward!
Examine Dark Force statue:
   CHAZ: What a sinister-looking statue...

(The group finds Juza.)

CHAZ: You are...

JUZA: I am Juza.  You will never get near Zio - unless you defeat me!

(The group fights and defeats Juza.  Afterwards, a set of stairs

LOCATION: Zio's Fort
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, Rika, Demi, and Zio.

(When the group reaches the top level of Zio's Fort, they find Demi
 tied to the wall.)

GRYZ: What's that?

RIKA: Somebody's been captured... it's Demi!

CHAZ: We've got to rescue her!

(The group cuts away Demi's bonds.)

DEMI: Who...who are you?

ALYS: Alys Brangwin and company.

DEMI: Thank you very much!  You are all injured, are you not?  Allow me,
      it's the least I can do to show my gratitude.

(Demi heals the group.)

CHAZ: Huh...?  I feel strength welling inside me!?

DEMI: It's my Medical Power.  My name is Demi, and I am in charge of
      controlling Nurvus.

GRYZ: Whew!  I heard she was supposed to be an Android, but this is
      beyond my expectations!

HAHN: She's no different than a human being!

ALYS: Be that as it may.  Demi, can you stop the transmission of energy
      to the system that's malfunctioning?  You're the only one who can
      do it, right?  Yes.  I, too, have tried to freeze the entire
      system, but...

ZIO'S VOICE: Go no further.

CHAZ: Who's that!

DEMI: That voice!  It's Zio!

(Zio appears before them.)

RIKA: Wh...what is this?  I feel...this incredible menace!

GRYZ: Zio!  You son of a...!

ZIO: Watch your tongue son.  So you thought you would sneak in while the
     owner's out, eh, you little sneak thief?

CHAZ: Take a look at your own evil self before you dare put us down!
      Think about all you've done!

ZIO: Hmmph.  So I've wrought damage to Motavia.  What's wrong with
     eliminating worms?

GRYZ: Worms?  You dare call us worms?!  I cannot forgive

ZIO: Heh, heh, heh.  Now, now.  That's the expression I want to see!  A
     face filled with pain and anguish, begging fearfully for help, a
     face quivering with anger!  Go, on!  Get angry!  Suffer!  Be sad!
     That would truly be the ultimate offering to me and my great god!

ALYS: Your god?

CHAZ: Son of a...!  Blast!  Come on!  Let's go everyone!

ALYS: Wait, Chaz!  Zio!  Do you understand what's going on?  If we don't
      stop the systems that are running out of control, Motavia itself
      is going to become uninhabitable.  You must let Demi...

ZIO: Total annihilation of life, What a fine thing!  Death to all that
     lives!  Destruction to all that has form!  That is indeed my

CHAZ: That's crazy!

ZIO: My god will not tolerate any life forms in Algo!  Everything must
     be wiped out.  And I, with these very hands, will do just that!

CHAZ: That means you yourself will be gone too!

ZIO: If my god wishes that to be so, that is also my wish.

HAHN:'re out of your mind!

(Zio's eyes turn red.)

ZIO: Fun and games are over with.  Anyone who dares get in my way shall
     perish.  My humble self, who has taken it upon myself to do the
     wish of my god, shall destroy thee.  Oh, the greatest, my one and
     only ultimate god, Dark Force!

CHAZ: 'Dark Force'?

(The group fights Zio, but they can not penetrate his magical barrier.
 Finally, Zio launches the Black Energy Wave at Chaz.)

ALYS: Chaz!  Careful!  Ahhhh!

(Alys, however, takes the blast full force.)

CHAZ: Alys?

HAHN: We're in trouble!

RIKA: We'd better make a temporary retreat!

CHAZ: I think you're right.

(Chaz uses Hinas magic to retreat from Zio's Fort.  Standing out in the
 desert, looking at the Fort...)

CHAZ: We...we've lost!

GRYZ: Blast it!

(Rika tries Gires on Alys's wounds.)

RIKA: Chaz!  It's no good!  Even Gires won't repair Alys's wounds!

CHAZ: No!  Alys!

HAHN: We'd better return to my village, Chaz!

CHAZ: Alys... sniff

(Chaz uses Ryuka to return to Krup, where he, Hahn, Saya, Gryz, Rika,
 and Demi crowd around Alys's bedside.)

CHAZ: Alys...

(Hahn turns to Chaz.)

HAHN: I have no idea what these symptoms are...

GRYZ: It appears she isn't getting any better.

CHAZ: That Zio...there was something different about him from other
      enemies I've fought!

RIKA: She refuses everything.  It's as if she's... possessed by some
      evil power.

GRYZ: Damn you!  Zio you devil!

HAHN: Can we save her if we shut down Nurvus?

DEMI: No, that won't work.  Nurvus is located in the basement of Zio's
      Fort!  Actually, Zio has erected his fort on top of Nurvus.

(Chaz turns to Demi.)

CHAZ: Oh, below that invisible barrier!!

GRYZ: So we'll have to defeat Zio after all!

ALYS: I...if only Rune were...

(Chaz and Hahn turn to Alys.)

CHAZ: Alys!  Don't talk!

ALYS: Rune should know... some way to do it.

RIKA: Alys, don't worry.  We'll defeat Zio somehow!

ALYS: Now, listen.  With what we have right now... there's no way we can
      win.  We've got to do something about Zio's magic barrier.

CHAZ: Magic barrier?

RIKA: 'Magic'!  That sort of thing should have ceased to exist a
      thousand years ago!

(Hahn turns to Chaz.)

HAHN: Come to think of it, Rune was indeed using some kind of magic!
      Something called Flaeli.

ALYS: That's if you can get the cooperation of...!

RIKA: Alys!  Chaz, who is Rune?

(Chaz and Saya turn to Rika.)

CHAZ: Oh, he's a disgusting, conceited jerk!

(Chaz turns to Demi.)

CHAZ: I hate to admit it, but we have no choice but to ask for his help.

HAHN: Didn't Rune go off somewhere with Grandfather Dorin?

GRYZ: If he's with Grandfather Dorin...  Perhaps he's gone to the
      'Ladea Tower.'  Because he was saying something about opening the
      gates to the Ladea Tower.

CHAZ: What's the Ladea Tower?

GRYZ: I'm not quite sure myself, but I hear it's located on a small
      island beyond the quicksand in the east.  Grandfather Dorin said
      that something important is there.

CHAZ: How are we going to get across the quicksand?  How did Rune and
      Grandfather Dorin do it?

GRYZ: That's beyond me.  Probably that's where magic comes into play.

DEMI: Don't worry.  Leave it up to me!  There's the 'Land Rover'!

CHAZ: The Land Rover?  What's that?

(Rika turns to Demi.)

RIKA: Do you mean to say there's still a Land Rover in existence?

DEMI: Yes, absolutely.  The Land Rover, is an all-purpose armor-plated
      car of an ancient civilization!  With a Land Rover, crossing
      quicksand is nothing!  If we go to the Machine Center directly
      south of here, I'm sure we'll find one.

CHAZ: A Machine Center?  Is there such a place?

DEMI: If you come with me, you'll see.

HAHN: OK!  In that case, let's hurry and get going!

(Chaz turns to Hahn, Rika turns to Alys.)

CHAZ: Will you stay here, Hahn?

HAHN: What?  Ah, but...

CHAZ: We want you to remain here and look after Alys.  Also, you have a
      cute girlfriend here!

HAHN: Er...but...

(Chaz turns to Alys.)

CHAZ: Alys, I'm sure we'll find Rune!

ALYS: Chaz...

(Chaz turns to Hahn.)

CHAZ: Hahn, take good care of Alys!

Return to KRUP
TALK:.   CHAZ: Oh no!  Alys is...
   RIKA: Chaz, let's do as Alys says and find this person called Rune.
   DEMI: We'll need the 'Land Rover' to cross the quicksand.  Let's find
         the 'Machine Center.'  It's located south of the village of

   - Alys!  You've got to make it!
   - What on earth is this illness she has?!  I've never seen anyone
     seem to be in so much pain.  It's almost amazing she's still
     conscious.  She really is strong-willed!
   - Oooo...Chaz...don't look so!
        CHAZ: Alys...don't give up...!

Villagers - Men:
   - This is the village of Krup.
   - This village's most successful citizen is Hahn, the armorer's only
     son.  He's a professor at Motavia Academy.  We're really proud of
Villagers - Women:
   - Thank you for everything you've done for Hahn.

Hahn's father:
   - So Hahn, he has learnt to say some mighty cheeky things.  It seems
     like just yesterday that he was taking his first baby steps.
Hahn's mother:
   - Dear, Hahn is an adult now.

Students at desks:
   - Since the teacher is gone, maybe I should go to the bathroom now.
   - Teacher says to study on our own for a while.  It's lonely
     without her.
   - Yeah, so she's hurt, but Saya is one good-natured person to stay
     by the side of a hunter that her fiancee hired!
        CHAZ: Oh.
Running students:
   - Is that lady in the red dress sick?  Hope she gets better soon!
   - Teacher says to study on our own for a while.  It's lonely
     without her.

   - I'm studying history.  This planet has bad problems from the
     beginning.  Presently, we have an abnormal climate, soil depletion,
     and a decreasing birth rate...  It makes he pessimistic about the    
   - Really, I didn't know Hahn knew such uncivilized people!
   - Here at Motavia Academy, we search for the truth of the universe.
     This is the largest research facility on the entire planet.  What
     do you think?  Isn't it grand?

Return to AIEDO
   - This is Aiedo, --- a fluid town.  All kinds of things flow in and
     out, from all over the place.  Why, if it isn't Chaz.  Where's
     Alys?  Is anything wrong with her?
Townspeople - Men:
   - Hi Chaz.  Isn't Alys with you today?
Townspeople - Women:
   - There are two weapons and armor stores in this town.  If you want
     good quality stuff you'd better go to the store near the Hunter's
   - I'd say that 'Alys the Eight Stroke Sword' is the most skilled
     fighter in these parts.  Come to think of it, I haven't seen her
     around lately.  I wonder what happened to her?
   - I'm a hunter, but...  I haven't been able to find work lately. 
     That's because there's some woman called Alys who's getting all the

   - Children shouldn't be in a place like this, Chaz.

Mito the Fortune-Teller:
   - Is that right?  Alys is...  I should have forcibly prevented her
     from leaving...

Old Woman in House:
   - You're talking about Alys who lives out back.  Oh yes, she's a good
     girl!  It looks like she is presently working on a pretty dangerous
     job.  She's really kind to children, and when she puts her mind to
     it, she can do anything, from cooking, to fighting, to poetry!  The
     next time she comes home, I'm going to take it upon myself to find
     her a good husband!

(Group enters Alys and Chaz's house)

CHAZ: Ah, we're finally home!  Shall we take it easy for the rest of the

(If YES, Chaz says, "OK, let's be up bright and early tomorrow!," and
 then the group sleeps.  If NO...)

CHAZ: Well, shall we keep going a little longer?

Examine desk in Chaz's room:
   CHAZ: The books are left out...
   RIKA: You should tidy up after yourself.
Examine poster on Chaz's wall:
   CHAZ: It's a special training workout Alys made...
Examine cabinet in Alys's room:
   CHAZ: ...I better not.
Examine mirror:
   CHAZ: It's Alys's fill-length mirror...

   - Blast!  I'll dig a hole in the floor!
Girls in Prison (were at Marketplace Inn):
   - We tried to escape during the night, but we got caught.
   - We're ex-convicts now.  No one will marry us now!

Woman in Cemetary House:
   - It's a fact that not too many people have had their bones buried
     here by choice.  But, we humans, we die when we die.

Hunter outside Guild HQ:
   - Hey there!  How dare you bump into me and pass on without a word?
     Oh, it's you, Chaz.  Give my regards to Alys, will you?

Hunters in Guild HQ Tavern:
   - Alys sure is one attractive woman, but she won't give me the time
     of day.  I guess she's got a man in her life...  Come to think of
     it, I haven't seen her around lately.
Guild Tavern Bartender:
   - Alys hasn't been coming in recently.  I wonder if she's on a
     prolonged job?  It's kind of lonely without her around!
Girls Backstage:
   - Hey Chaz, you sure have guts to come here without being accompanied
     by an adult!

(As the group approaches, the Machine Center rises from beneath the

CHAZ: Yikes!  That scared me!

DEMI: Please, feel free to enter.

   DEMI: The Land Rover is inside the Machine Center!  Let's hurry!

(The group enters the Machine Center.  After they acquire the Control
 Key, they enter another room where a Control Panel awaits them.)

RIKA: This place is still alive...  It has become independent from Seed
      and Nurvus!

(Demi steps to the control panel.  Rika looks over her shoulder, Chaz
 stands behind her, and Gryz stands near the door.)

DEMI: A lot of other machines are housed here, but they haven't been
      used for a long time.  They probably need some repairs.

CHAZ: I have no idea what these machines are, but this is some place.
      You're pretty adept at handling these machines.  Were you caught
      by Zio while you were trying to get the system back under control?

DEMI: Yes, that's right.  Zio is very violent.

GRYZ: Very funny.

DEMI: Defeating Zio is not going to solve the problem.

RIKA: What?  Isn't the system being out of control a result of Zio's

DEMI: No.  The real cause of the problem is that Zelan has been issuing
      abnormal commands.

RIKA: Impossible!  Not Zelan!

CHAZ: Zelan, what's that?

DEMI: Zelan is the central control for the Algo solar system's
      environmental maintenance systems.  It's an orbiting station on
      the other side of Motavia.

GRYZ: Wow.

CHAZ: How are we going to get there?!

GRYZ: First, let's think about defeating Zio and stopping Nurvus!

CHAZ: Yeah, you're right.  It's not enough just defeating Zio?  If
      that's the case this makes me worry about... Dark Force!

(The floor beneath them moves until the Land Rover is in sight.  Demi
 turns to the others.)

DEMI: Don't worry, it'll be alright!  I'll start the Land Rover up!
      Let's go outside.  It will be waiting.

(The group leaves the Machine Center and gets into the Land Rover.)

DEMI: Look at this luster, this massiveness!  What a functionally
      beautiful design!  Don't you find it just fascinating!

CHAZ: Oh, er...yes!

   CHAZ: OK!  We've got the Land Rover!
   GRYZ: Now we can cross the quicksand to the east and get to The
         Ladea Tower.
   RIKA: And there's supposed to be a person called Rune there.
   CHAZ: I don't feel much like seeing him, but I guess we have no

Examine control panel:
   CHAZ: At this point we won't need any of the other machines, will we?

Townspeople - Women:
   - Huh?  You're strangers?  You must have a strange sense of fun, to
     visit Monsen.
   - I wonder what was behind those earthquakes recently?  Maybe
     something bad is going to happen...
   - You're going to the peninsula?  There's a village called Termi
     there, but...  Because of the quicksand we haven't been able to get
     there.  I wonder if they're OK?
Townspeople - Men:
   - This store's business is booming due to the earthquakes!  They're
     taking advantage of the situation and raising their prices!
   - Have you seen the Ladea Tower?  It stands on the peninsula to the
   - That quicksand was just a small area, but now it's growing year
     by year.  Presently, Monsen is a deserted island on land, with no
     interaction with any other community.
Man near Fissure:
  (First time)
   - Th...there've been earthquakes recently...
       (Suddenly, another earthquake rocks the ground.  Chaz, Rika,
         Demi, and the townsperson surround Gryz.)
        GRYZ: Ahhhhh!  Help!
       (Gryz spins around, apparently dizzy.)
        CHAZ: Yikes!  Wh...what's wrong, Gryz!
        RIKA: Oh, I get it!  Gryz's afraid of earthquakes, aren't you,
        CHAZ: Huh?  Is that true?
        GRYZ: What if I am afraid?  I can't help it!
        RIKA: Ha, ha, ha!  What a coward!
       (A pause.  Then,)
        GRYZ: Oh, shut up!
        CHAZ: At any rate, with earthquakes happening so often like
              this, it's a real problem.
        DEMI: I'm sure that the Plate System is the cause of all this!
       (Chaz and Rika turn to Demi.)
        CHAZ: Plate System?
        DEMI: It's a system located just north of here which controls
              the tectonic plates of Motavia's surface.  I'm sure that
              system is malfunctioning!
       (Gryz turns to Chaz.)
        GRYZ: Well, if that's the case, let's shut it down!
       (Suddenly, another townsperson joins them.)
        MAN #2: What?  You're going to stop these earthquakes?
       (Now, a woman from the town joins the group.)
        WOMAN: Oh, thank you very much!
       (Chaz looks between the Woman and Man #2 twice.  Then, to the
        CHAZ: What?  Er... we're kind of busy...
       (Two more townspeople join the group.)
        MAN #3: Please.  You must stop these quakes.  Please.
        CHAZ: But...
        MAN #3: Thanks!
       (Everyone except the first townsperson leaves.)
  (Subsequent times)
   - Oh great, you guys will do something about the quakes?  I
     appreciate it.

Woman in House:
   - At that village Termi on the peninsula there, I believe they've
     enshrined some heroine of yore.  Lemme see...A...Ali...Ali...  I
     think they said her name was Alis?

Man in Shop:
   - Ha, ha, ha.  If the earthquake has broken your goods, buy your
     replacements at this store!
Woman in Shop:
   - I can't believe my husband is taking advantage of our friends!

Old Man in House:
   - My son and his wife used to live next door, but...  They've up and
     left this town, just abandoning us.
Old Woman in House:
   - This is just between you and me.  My son's wife, she's one
     depraved person!  Actually, I'm quite relieved that she's gone.

Woman in House (Eddie):
   - There's a crack in the ground right in front of our house.  I'm
     afraid that the children will fall into it.
Kid in House (Tallas):
   - I wonder if you can get to the other side of the planet if you
     fall into that crack?

Man in Inn:
   - With all these earthquakes, we won't get any customers.  sigh.
Hunters in Inn:
   - I'm a traveling hunter.  What a mess with all the sand worms around
     here!  Just because they don't chase you if you run away from them,
     don't get any ideas about trying to battle them!
   - With all these sand worms...  The parents will not let their
     children play outside...  I guess they're just being careful.

Woman in House:
   - Hey, did you see the house next door?  I'm scared to death every
     time at earthquake occurs, thinking when this house is going to
     be like that one!

Examine sign near fissure:
   CHAZ: It says: 'Danger: Cracks in the Ground No Tresspassing'

(Chaz, Gryz, Rika, and Demi ask about, "Tinkerbell's Dog")

DESK CLERK: This is a request from the house where Tinkerbell lives.
            'Our household pet 'Rocky' has disappeared.  Please find
            him...'  That is the message.  This certainly doesn't seem
            to be the caliber of work for a hunter.  The fee offered is
            2000 meseta.  Will you take on this request?

(If NO, Desk Clerk says, "I see.  That is too bad."  If YES...)

DESK CLERK: In that case, please go to Tinkerbell's house and get more
            details directly from the owner.  Tinkerbell's house is in
            the east section of Aiedo.

(The group goes to Tinkerbell's house in Aiedo.)

Man in House:
  (First time)
   - What?  You're a hunter from the guild!?  You sure must have a lot
     of, no -- I'm so very thankful!  The fact of the matter
     is that Rocky, our daughter's dog, is missing.  We searched the
     town, but we couldn't find him.  And outside the town with all
     those monsters...  That's why we went to the Hunters' Guild.  I
     beseech you, help us!
  (Subsequent times)
   - I beseech you, help us!
Woman in House:
   - Rocky is, well...tremendously stubborn and kind of fat.  That's
     because he loves sweet things...  No wonder he gets fat.  ...Would
     this constitute some kind of clue?
        CHAZ: No, no, please tell me every detail even if it may seem
   - Let me see, 'Rocky' has good manners and is really cute!  Mister,
     please bring back 'Rocky' as soon as possible!  Please!
        CHAZ: She, she called me mister...  It's like some bad luck is
              destined to occur...

(The group goes to Monsen, where they find Rocky.)

ROCKY: Woof woof!

CHAZ: This scraggly little dog must be Rocky!

("Examine" Rocky again.)

ROCKY: whimper.

CHAZ: Good boy, good boy.  Here's your favorite food, a piece of
      shortcake.  Here's our chance.  Let's take him back to Aiedo!

(Group automatically returns to Aiedo, to Tinkerbell's house.)

  (First time)
   - Oh, thank you!  Great job!  Only to be expected from a hunter!  My
     daughter is overjoyed!  I'll send the agreed upon commission to the
  (Subsequent times)
   - Thank you very much.
   - Thank you very much.  See, my daughter is so happy.
   - Yahoo!  Yahoo!  Rocky's back!  Hooray, Hooray!
        CHAZ: No wonder he ran away.
   - Woof Woof!
        CHAZ: Do you like that kind of treatment?

(The group returns to the Hunters' Guild to pick up their commission.)

DESK CLERK: Good job.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Please
            accept your commission fee of 2000 meseta.  Please come
            again to the Hunters' Guild where we enrich the lives of

CHAZ: That was one interesting dog!

RIKA: Perhaps... there's a trait that he has in common with you!

CHAZ: Don't be ridiculous!

Return to AIEDO
   - Thank you for what you did the other day.

(Chaz opens a box.)

CHAZ: What?  There's some weird machines here.

DEMI: Weird!  Don't be so rude.  These are spare parts for androids.

RIKA: Spare parts?

DEMI: Yes, they look like internal weapon units.  Let's see...they seem
      to be in working order.  And they look like they will fit.  I
      will install them right away.  Will you close your eyes and turn
      your back?

CHAZ: Huh?  Why?

RIKA: Just do it,  Chaz!

CHAZ: Oh...

(Demi turns around and installs the new weapon.)

DEMI: Hmmm...  OK everybody, I'm done.  Now I'm powered up!

CHAZ: I don't see that anything has changed.

DEMI: It looks that way doesn't it?  Well, soon you shall see.

CHAZ: Huh?

DEMI: It's the new weapon 'Phononmezer!'  I can't wait to try it out!

(The group arrives at the Plate System's control center.  Chaz, Rika,
 and Gryz stand back as Demi steps up to it.)

DEMI: This is the control center of the Plate System!

(Demi turns the system off.)

GRYZ: The system is down!  Now there won't be any more earthquakes!

DEMI: Yes, we'll be all right for the time being, But this doesn't
      solve the problem, you know.  The abnormalities will not end
      unless we shut down Nurvus - and maybe even Zelan!

RIKA: Yes, you're right...  And, in order to do so...first, we must get
      to Zio!

CHAZ: Right!

Examine Plate System control center:
   CHAZ: ...OK, it's stopped.  Good, good.

Return to MONSEN
Townspeople - Women:
   - Ah, this town of Monsen has become a peaceful town.
   - Ah, this town of Monsen has become a peaceful town.
   - The earthquakes have subsided and it looks like the quicksand is
     getting smaller!
Townspeople - Men:
   - Now that the earthquakes have subsided, I'll never again buy
     anything from this store!
Man near Fissure:
   - I wasn't able to get any peace of mind with all the earthquakes,
     but how quiet it is now!  It's so quiet, it's almost eerie.

Man in Shop:
   - Now that the earthquakes have stopped, no one shops here anymore.
Woman in Shop:
   - This must be divine punishment!

Man in Inn:
   - Maybe we'll finally get some customers now.

Woman in House:
   - You say there'll be no more earthquakes?  I wonder if that's true?

Townspeople - Women:
   - My, you must be strangers here.  This is Termi.  This is a village
     that worships a heroine of yore.
   - The statue of the heroine is atop that hill.  It is said that even
     the most skilled stone mason could not do justice to her beauty.
   - This village has a lot of history.  Apparently, a heroine came to
     visit, and took to this town greatly!
Townspeople - Men:
   - You don't know about our heroine?  You'll be stricken by divine
     punishment!  She was a great person who long, long ago confronted
     and conquered the evil wizard.
   - This is the Hill of the Person of Courage.  Isn't it romantic?
     Perfect for a couple, isn't it?
   - Oh, the Ladea Tower?  That's located south of this village.  Come
     to think of it, there was some other person the other day who
     said he was heading for the tower too.  He was tall and gazed at
     the statue of the heroine for quite a while.
   - This heroine of ours is beautiful.  I admire her!

Man in Inn:
   - I love this town with all the greenery and the smell of the sea!
     Here's the statue of the heroine.  But with that quicksand getting
     bigger and bigger...

Woman in House:
   - It is a fact there were a series of earthquakes, but I left home
     because I got sick and tired of that mean old lady!  Return to
     Monsen?  That's a joke!
Man in House:
   - At first, I thought little about moving to Termi, but...  Now with
     the quicksand, I can't go home even if I want to.  Besides, my wife
     would rather stay here.

Woman in House:
   - This heroine of the past you talk about, she put her adversary down
     by force, right?  Only uncivilized people would do something like
Woman in House:
   - I can smell the urge to fight in you!  It may be a necessary evil
     in order to survive, but I don't like it!  I don't like you guys!
     Please leave!

Man in Weapons Shop:
   - In the past, a spell binder came to town and taught me to put my
     feelings in metal.  And this is the store that inherited that
Man in Weapons Shop:
   - It's been said that the Ladea Tower was erected by the spell binder
     who came to town a long time ago.  I'm sure this story has gotten a
     little exaggerated.  After all, it's an old story.

Man in Bayamare gift store:
   - Are you guys tourists?  Won't you buy an Alis-Sword?  I'll give you
     a discount!
Clerk in Bayamare gift store:
   - Come in and look around!  This is the Bayamare gift store, known
     throughout Termi!

Examine statue:
   CHAZ: 'Statue of Heroine, Alis Landale'  A cat?  I wonder if it's a

(On the third level, the group finds Rune.)

CHAZ: Rune!  So you were here after all!

RUNE: You've come, Chaz!  Amazing that you got all the way up here with
      those short legs of yours!

CHAZ: Rune, this is no time for jokes!  I implore you.  Give us your

RUNE: Hey?  What happened to Alys?  Is something wrong?

CHAZ: Well, the fact is...

RUNE: Is that right... Such a thing happened...  Alys...  But let's not
      be hasty.  As soon as we get the Psycho-wand...

RIKA: 'Psycho-wand'?

RUNE: Yep, I came here to get it.  The Psycho-wand is the only weapon
      that can break through Zio's magic barrier!

CHAZ: So...Rune!

RUNE: The Psycho-wand is supposedly sealed up in the uppermost level of
      The Ladea Tower.  I haven't got my hands on it yet.  I'm on my way
      to get it now.  Will you accompany me?  Once you find the Psycho-
      wand, I will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

CHAZ: OK, OK, I get it.

   RUNE: To break through Zio's magic barrier, we'll need the 'Psycho-
   RIKA: And it's on the topmost floor of The Ladea Tower?
   CHAZ: Let's defeat Zio with that wand!  And...Alys needs to get
         better quick!

(When the group reaches the top, they find a chest surrounded by four
 diamonds which glow, creating a force field surrounding the chest.)

CHAZ: So, this is the Psycho-wand!

RUNE: We can now break the barrier!

(Rune steps forward to retreive the Psycho-wand.  The force field and
 the diamonds shatter.  Just then, there is a voice...)

GY-LAGUIAH: Ha, ha, ha!  This is it!  I've been waiting for this

(The Gy-Laguiah suddenly appears, as if previously invisible, and
 grabs the chest in its pincers.)

GY-LAGUIAH: Upon the decree of Zio I am taking the Psycho-wand!

GRYZ: You're Zio's underling!?

RUNE: Hmmph, what a brain dead kid you are.  Chaz, don't let him get the

CHAZ: You don't have to tell me that!  Stop ordering me around all the

RIKA: Come on!  Is this any time to bicker?  It's coming!

(Group fights and defeats Gy-Laguiah.)

   CHAZ: We've defeated Zio's underlings, but...
   RUNE: It seems that the Psycho-wand works well against him.
   GRYZ: Let's get it quickly before the next ones come.

(The group steps forward and retreives the Psycho-wand.)

LOCATION: Roof of Ladea Tower
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Gryz, Rika, Demi, Rune

CHAZ: We did it!

GRYZ: So, as long as we have this Psycho-wand, there's no need to fear

DEMI: You two, is anything wrong?

RUNE: too!

RIKA: Rune...

GRYZ: What's going on, you two?

RUNE: Chaz!  We've got to return to Krup right away!

CHAZ: Huh?

RUNE: Get a move on it!  We're leaving!

(The group returns to Krup, to Alys's bedside, where Hahn and Saya still
 stand vigil.)

HAHN: Chaz!  Alys's condition has suddenly taken a turn for the worse!

(Slowly, Alys opens her eyes.)

CHAZ: Alys!

ALYS: ...Chaz...were able to... meet Rune?  That's goo..d...

CHAZ: Alys!  Alys!  Rune!  Can't you do anything with your powers!?

RUNE: 'The Black Wave' is not a product of Zio alone.  It contains an
      even more evil power which I can't cure.

ALYS: Chaz...don't worry.  Chaz...

RUNE: I'm here...  I'm right here...Alys.

ALYS: ...Rune...Please help... Chaz...Rune...

RUNE: Don't worry...  Leave it to me...

CHAZ: Alys...

ALYS: Chaz...come here... let me take a good look at you...  You've
      become a honorable adult...before I knew it...  From now on...
      you have to carve out... your own destiny... by yourself...

CHAZ: Alys!  Don't say that!  Alys!!!


(Alys's eyes close.  She dies.)

CHAZ: Alys...

RIKA: ...Waaaaaaaaaa!

(Later, as the sun sets, Alys is buried.  Later that night, Chaz stands
 out on the balcony, staring at the stars.  Rune comes to his side.)

RUNE: You can't sleep?

CHAZ: I doing?

RUNE: Chaz?

CHAZ: In a far off country, before Alys picked me up, I did some pretty
      bad things.  When I joined forces with Alys as a hunter...  I was
      at least able to earn some money, and live a pretty comfortable
      life.  Everything seemed to be going fine...  But now...Alys is
      gone.  Of course I want to avenge her death, but what am I to do?
      Should I fight?  If so, what for?

RUNE: Money, huh...  Do you really think that Alys was fighting just for

CHAZ: What?

RUNE: Is fighting technique the only thing you learned from Alys?

CHAZ: I...

(Rune steps back inside.)

RUNE: You better think it over!

(Later, after Rune is gone, Rika comes to Chaz's side.)

RIKA: Hey, Chaz?  I'm thinking... it was really a good thing that I was
      able to get out of the Bio-plant.  I've learned so much from Seed.
      About oceans, mountains, towns, and people!  There's a big
      difference between knowledge attained from studying and actual
      real life experiences

(Chaz appears intrigued but remains silent as Rika peers downward.)

RIKA: Like, the smell of the ocean, the blue of the mountain, the
      bustling of a town, and the warmth of people.

CHAZ: Thank you, Rika.

(He puts his arm around her shoulder.)

CHAZ: I get it, it's OK...

(Meanwhile, elsewhere... Rune, too, stares at the stars...)

(The next morning, Chaz, Gryz, Rika, Demi, and Rune are assembled with
 Hahn and Saya at Alys's gravesite.)

HAHN: I'm going to return to the academy.  I think it's best to report
      on what has happened so far.  I plan to convince the academy to
      come up with a plan of action.

CHAZ: Good.  I'm counting on you, Hahn!

SAYA: I'm also going to return home.  The children are waiting for me.

HAHN: Chaz, keep your spirits up!

(Chaz steps up to Alys's grave, faces it, then turns to the others.)

CHAZ: OK!  We'd better go too!

Return to KRUP
   RUNE: As long as we have the Psycho-wand, we needn't be afraid of
         Zio's power.
   DEMI: Let's go to Nurvus in the basement of Zio's Fort...!
   CHAZ: Blast!  Alys...!
   RIKA: Chaz...

Examine Alys's grave:
   CHAZ: 'Here Lies Alys Brangwin'...  Alys...

Man with dog (or who was with dog, rather):
   - That dog belongs to you?

Hahn's father:
   - This armor shop was started in my grandfather's generation.  And
     now it's all over, maybe it's for the best!
Hahn's mother:
   - you're leaving again...  Come back and show your face
     once in a while.

   - Oh, that such a thing has happened to Alys...  Keep your spirits
     up Chaz and best of luck.
Students at desks:
   - Oh dear!  Your eyelids are red!  You were teased, weren't you?
   - Everybody's mothers are congregating and looking sad.  Did
     something happen?
   - When the time comes, humans die no matter how old they are.  I'm
     sorry I said such a terrible thing the other day.
Running students:
   - Is is true that the lady in the red dress isn't here anymore?
   - Hey, where did that lady in the red dress go?

   - Hey, everybody.  Long time no see! won't work...  The
     upper management of this academy is hard-headed.  They're such
     cowards.  They won't do anything for us.
Professor Holt:
   - Hahn... I want to help you somehow but...
   - I just don't want to get involved.  Please don't come here again.

Return to ZEMA
Townsperson - Man:
   - It's because that investigation team came upsetting things in 
     Birth Valley that we're having problems!

Return to AIEDO
USE PENNANT in Chaz's house:
   CHAZ: Since we have it, we might as well put it on the wall!
   (Chaz puts it on the wall.)
USE WOODCARVING in Chaz's house:
   CHAZ: We might as well put it on display, seeing that we have it!

Examine pennant:
   CHAZ: This is a pennant I bought at Termi.  There's a statue of a
         heroine on a hill beyond the sea.  It also says 'Termi.'
   RIKA: What a waste of money!
   CHAZ: It's all right, it's a memento of our trip.
Examine woodcarving:
   CHAZ: This is a sand worm carved from wood that I bought in the
         village of Termi.  Wonderful workmanship!  It really makes
         you appreciate the skill of the artisan.
   RIKA: What a waste of money!
   CHAZ: Try to understand the romance of travel.

Return to TERMI
Townspeople - Men:
   - Huh?  Are you saying that this guy is a member of your group?

Return to ZIO'S FORT
(The group reaches the magical barrier.)

RUNE: Everybody, out of the way!  ...One, two, three!

(Everyone stands back.  Rune approaches the magical barrier and
 destroys it.  Demi then stands next to him.)

DEMI: Underneath here is Nurvus, the center of the entire control

CHAZ: Zio!  Is Zio in there?

RUNE: Chaz, I know how you feel, but... right now, we've got to shut
      down Nurvus!

DEMI: We don't have time to talk about it!  We must hurry!

TALK:.   RUNE: We've broken the invisible barrier.  Now all we have to do is
         get to Nurvus!
   DEMI: We can't abandon the situation with Zio, but yes, stopping
         Nurvus is a higher priority!
   CHAZ: Yes, that's true...
   RIKA: Chaz...

(The group descends into Nurvus.)

Examine computer console:
   RIKA: Demi, can't you send an interrupt command to Nurvus from this
   DEMI: Impossible!  Presently, Nurvus is not accepting input from the
         outside.  We can't even access the system unless we get inside
         it's nucleus!

(When the group reaches the center of Nurvus, Zio appears before them.)

ZIO: Well, well...  You've made it was to be expected.  You
     should be aware that one step further is the road to your death.
     I won't let you escape this time!  Oh, reverent one!  Lend me

(The group fights and defeats Zio.)

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Chaz, Gryz, Rika, Demi, Rune, Zio

(Zio starts to explode.)

ZIO: This...this can't be  I'm supposed to be immortal!  Oh, why...  Why
     do you abandon me?  Dark Fo...Aaaargh!

(Zio explodes into white light.)

GRYZ: We did it!  We've defeated Zio!  Yahoooooooooo!

CHAZ: Alys!

(Demi turns to the others.)

DEMI: At this point we're not going to be able to stop Nurvus by normal
      means.  I am going to connect myself directly to Nurvus' system
      and crack its security.

CHAZ: Connect directly?

DEMI: Yes, this is good-bye, Chaz.

RIKA: Demi!

DEMI: Good-bye everybody...  Thanks for everything.

(Demi walks to the main control panel, which opens to allow her in.
 It closes behind her and she disappears inside.)

DEMI: Access main system...  Issue top priority interrupt...

(Nurvus shuts down.)

CHAZ: Has...has it stopped?

DEMI: The operation is a success.

RIKA: Demi!  Where are you now?

(We see Demi inside Nurvus' control center, physically hooked up to
 the system.)

DEMI: I'm in Nurvus' control center.  Right now, all the systems that
      have been maintaining Motavia are halted.  Now there won't be any
      more disasters.

(We see thunderstorms across the deserts of Motavia.)

DEMI: But with all the systems that maintain the environment halted,
      sooner or later the entire planet will become barren.  We must
      work to restore the functions of each system as soon as

RIKA: To do that we'll have to do something about Zelan.

DEMI: That's right.  As long as the satellite is sending abnormal
      signals, we cannot control the system.

RIKA: Chaz.  Why don't we go?

CHAZ: ...OK!  Let's go to Zelan!

GRYZ: But, this Zelan, isn't it located in outer space?

DEMI: Don't worry.  An emergency shuttle is available at Nurvus.  It's
      being readied for you.  I won't be able to leave here just now.
      I must stay and perform maintenance on each of these systems.  At
      Zelan, you should find my master, Wren.

RIKA: Wren?  I know him!  When I was at the Bio-plant, I often
      telecommunicated with him!  About half a year ago, I became
      unable to reach him on the communication circuits.  I've been
      concerned!  Please Chaz, let's go find Wren at Zelan...

DEMI: Well, good luck with Zelan everybody...  Be careful.

(Outside, the spaceport appears.  The group leaves Nurvus and goes

GRYZ: Chaz...I'm sorry, but...

(Chaz places his hand on Gryz's shoulder.)

CHAZ: I know, I know.  You just can't leave your little sister.

GRYZ: Exactly.  Sorry.

   CHAZ: We've been able to stop Nurvus, thanks to Demi, but...
   RIKA: We've got to go to the artificial satellite 'Zelan' to 
         restore the functions of the environmental control system.
         And Wren is there, right?
   RUNE: Whatever.  Let's just hurry to 'Zelan!'


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