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Complete Script Part 1

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Phantasy Star IV
Complete Script - Part One
Motavia Academy through Nalya
compiled by Mike Ripplinger

The long, long struggle of ancient times finally ended...
The victor sacrificed the vanquished to the heavens.
Four bells tolled.  Four torches were lit.
And the world continued for thousands of years...

PHANTASY STAR: The End of the Millennium

The Algo solar system, somewhere in space...

Once a brilliant civilization flourished here.
The citizens devoted themselves to art and the sciences, and life was
prosporous and good.

Then a series of disasters struck.
The system-wide managment system, 'Mother Brain,' was destroyed.
So was the first planet, Parma.
Over 90% of the system's population died, and the advanced technological
culture was lost.

Society declined, spiralling downward until at last only a few scattered
groups even remembered there once were better times.

A thousand years passed.

At last, civilization is once more on the rise across the Algo system.
People are again turning to thoughts of an easier life.
Old knowledge is being rediscovered.

But just as things look brighter, beyond a threshold long thought
closed, a dark and very ancient evil stirs...

ALYS: Chaz, we have work to do!  Hurry up and get ready!

(Chaz meets Alys near the door.)

ALYS: This is your first job since you joined the Hunters Guild.  You'd
      better put your heart into it!

CHAZ: So... I'm not a trainee anymore.

ALYS: From this day on, you are a full-fledged partner!  Now come on!
      Let's go!

(They step out of the house.)

CHAZ: Where are we off to this time?

ALYS: It's a bit far.  We're going to Motavia Academy in the town of

CHAZ: Wow!  So we're going to the Town of Learning!  I wonder what's
      happened there?

ALYS: Who knows?  The message said, 'Just come.'  We'll get the details
      once we're there.

(They leave Aiedo.)

CHAZ: Since we're going to be there anyway, I'd sure like to tour the

ALYS: Is that all you can think about?  Get moving or I'll leave you

(Alys leads Chaz on their way.)

AW 2284.  Monster attacks have swelled the ranks of those who call
themselves 'Hunters.'  But as the attacks become ever more frequent
and powerful, an elite few begin to wonder what is behind this
outbreak... and when and how will it all end?

CHAZ: Oops!  I wandered around and now I've gotten seperated from Alys.
      I've got to find her...

   - Are you a hunter?  Are you here to exterminate the monsters?
   - About a month ago, monsters began to appear in the basement.  I'm
     so frightened, I can't even think about my research!
   - You're the hunter commissioned by the principal?  A kid like you?!
     Are you going to be able to handle it?

   CHAZ: I wonder where Alys is?

(Chaz finds Alys.)

ALYS: Chaz, where have you been?  C'mon, let's go!

CHAZ: But...

ALYS: We have to see the principal and get the details about this

   - Wow, hey gorgeous!  Why don't you go with me instead of that kid?
        ALYS: Buzz off!!!
   - Apparently, a thousand years ago, there were ships that could
     travel through space.  Today, the only thing we can do is view
     Dezolis through a telescope.  Ah!  Just once, I would love to go
     to Dezolis!
        CHAZ: It sounds like a dream.  Traveling to another planet.
   - Once, there were three planets in the Algo solar system, but during
     The Great Collapse, the planet Parma was lost.  Now only Dezolis
     and this planet remain.
   - I'm so scared of the monsters.  There's nothing I'd like more than
     to leave town.  But the principal won't allow it.
   - For the last year there have been violent changes in the planet's
     crust, as well as an abnormal outbreak of monsters!  At this rate,
     the planet will be doomed...
        ALYS: Hey, it's not going to do any good just moaning about it!
   - A thousand years ago, our society was thrown into confusion by the
     destruction of Mother Brain.  After that, Motavia sustained a
     direct hit by a fragment of the exploding planet Parma.  Our
     civilization was almost destroyed.  We call this 'The Great
     Collapse.'  ...Oh.  I didn't realize you weren't students.
   - If you're looking for the principal's room, it's way in the back.
     But recently, he's been acting strangely.  I think he's scared of
   - Here at Motavia Academy, we search for the truth of the universe.
     This is the largest research facility on the entire planet.  What
     do you think?  Isn't it grand?
        CHAZ: It looks like an interesting place, doesn't it, Alys?
        ALYS: Really?  It doesn't interest me one bit.
   - Huh?  Do I know you?  Yikes!  What are you doing with such lethal
     weapons?  Get out!
        ALYS: Hmmph!  How rude!
   - I'm studying history.  This planet has bad problems from the
     beginning.  Presently, we have an abnormal climate, soil depletion,
     and a decreasing birth rate!  It doesn't make for a promising
        ALYS: This guy is too depressing.  Let's get out of here.
   - Ahh!  I wonder what kind of person this hunter is that the
     principal commissioned?  It would be nice if he's a dependable type
     of guy...
        ALYS: ...He's not listening to anything people are saying.

Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: This is a horrid math book.
Examine telescope:
   CHAZ: Wow!  What a view!
Examine statue:
   CHAZ: 'The God of Learning - Doctor Lubetz'  Hmm... a person from
         two thousand years ago.

   ALYS: We better see the principal and get more details!
   CHAZ: So he's the one who requested the commission.  I wonder where
           he is?

PIATA (Before visiting the Principal)
Townspeople - Women:
   - I saw it!  In the middle of the night, some suspicious-looking men
     carried a big parcel into the academy!  This happened some time
     ago, but I wonder what it could've been!
   - I'm studying geology.  Recently, the soil quality has been
     deteriorating.  Crops barely grow on this farm.  My boyfriend,
     in the agricultural department, is rather upset.
Townspeople - Men:
   - We're still all right here, but apparently the wells are all dried
     up in the village of Mile!
   - Just when it seemed that the number of monsters was decreasing,
     they're now roaming in the town!  Do you think this is some kind
     of omen?
   - I heard some students jumped into this fountain the other day.  I
     can't believe I missed all the fun.  You should take a dip.  it'll
     do you good.
   - My parents live in Mile, a village northeast of here.  Recently,
     I haven't been getting my allowance.  I wonder if they've forgotten
     me?  Oh well, I better find a job.  Becomming a hunter... now that
     sounds exciting.
   - What's with you guys?  You're being way too friendly!
   - No monster can get into this town.  The wall surrounding the town
     will protect us.  That's why I think those strange monsters must be
     appearing from within the town.  I think there's something mighty
     suspicious about the research going on at the academy.
   - Orders from the principal.  I can't allow anyone to pass beyond
     this point!

Woman in House:
   - We've been telling him not to go outside after dark because of the
     scary monsters, but...
Kid in House:
   - It's only for a bit.  It'll be OK!  You worry too much, Mommy.

Woman in House:
   - The academy students are so noisy day in and day out!  Like the
     other day, when a group of them jumped into that fountain, what a
     scene!  Don't they think about being considerate to others?  I
     wish something could be done about them...

   - Oh my?  A customer!  Oh, excuse me.  You see, this is a university
     town, so there really isn't much need for an inn.

Caretaker of the Dorms:
   - These are the student dorms of Motavia Academy.  Me?  I'm the
Students in Dorms:
   - I've got a report due tomorrow, but I haven't written a word of it!
   - It's so much fun lazing around than going to class.
   - The girl next door has been influenced by some strange religion.
     She's been missing for a while.  Where did she go?
   - Hey!  I'm undressing!  Get out!  Get out!!!

LOCATION: Principal's Office
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Alys, Chaz, the Principal

PRINCIPAL: Welcome.  I'm the principal of this academy.  Let's see, you
           must be Alys, the hunter, and you are her assistant, Chaz.

ALYS: Forgive me, but Chaz is a full-fledged partner of mine.  Now,
      let's get down to business.  Describe the situation.

PRINCIPAL: Ah...  About a month ago...  Mysterious monsters started to
           appear within this academy!  It appears that they have made
           the basement their headquarters.  I've since closed it off.
           So far, no one's been hurt, but who knows when they'll appear
           again?  Please, I beg you to destroy all those creatures!
           Ah...  I'd like to settle this matter discreetly, I'm
           counting on your reputation, Alys.

ALYS: No problem.  You can rely on us.  Although, it's strange that all
      these monsters suddenly appeared in this academy.  Usually
      monsters don't come into inhabited areas.  Do you have any idea
      how this happened?

PRINCIPAL: How would I know?  Stop asking questions.  Just hurry and
           exterminate those monsters!  Don't forget, I'm paying you
           dearly for your services!

   CHAZ: Are you saying that there are monsters in the basement of
           this academy?
   ALYS: Hmm...  Sounds like there's something behind all this!

(Alys and Chaz leave the Principal's office.)

ALYS: Something smells fishy here.  That principal was hiding something.

CHAZ: Maybe he's afraid of the monsters?

ALYS: I think there's more to it than that.  Things are starting to get

(Alys and Chaz go to the entrance to the basement, where they again meet

HAHN: What?  You're the hunters?  Really?

ALYS: You don't think we can do the job?

HAHN: No, no, not at all!  I didn't mean that!

ALYS: Since we have the principal's permission, let us pass.

HAHN: Wait!  Take me with you!

ALYS: Hmm.  And why should we?

HAHN: My name is Hahn.  I am an assistant at this academy.  I work for
      professor Holt, who has gone to investigate Birth Valley for his
      research.  We haven't heard from him since.   So, now I am
      searching for the professor's whereabouts!

CHAZ: Birth Valley... that's that mysterious place that has been called
      the sacred valley of life.

ALYS: But what's the connection between the valley and this current
      monster scare?

HAHN: After the investigation team, led by the professor, was reported
      missing, the principal barred everyone from entering Birth
      Valley!  We're trying to get information as to what's going on,
      but he keeps evading the issue.  And then this monster scare
      begins!  I'll bet anything that there is some sort of connection
      between these incidents.

ALYS: Well it's true that there is something fishy about the principal's

HAHN: Given the circumstances, I feel compelled to investigate the
      basement myself.  But come to think of it, it is a bit

ALYS: So you were just waiting for us to arrive?

HAHN: Well, ah, yes.  You catch on quick!

ALYS: 100 meseta!

HAHN: What?

ALYS: We'll take you with us for 100 meseta.  I hope you weren't
      thinking of asking to tag along with us for free?

HAHN: Er... I can't get that kind of money from the principal...

ALYS: That's not my problem.  Now, what are you going to do?

HAHN: ...OK, I'll pay....

   - I'm so scared of the monsters.  There's nothing I'd like more than
     to get out of here, but since the principal feigns ignorance
     before the citizens, we've got to stay quiet.
        HAHN: Well, you're certainly trying hard to keep up appearances.
   - I'm studying history.  This planet has bad problems from the
     beginning.  Presently, we have an abnormal climate, soil depletion,
     and a decreasing birth rate!  It makes me pessimistic about the
        ALYS: This guy is too depressing.
        HAHN: I don't blame him.  Recently, the rate of environmental
              degradation has increased.
   - Hahn!  What are you doing in the company of those uncivilized
        ALYS: What a jerk!  Maybe I'll have a little fun with him.
        HAHN: Ahhh!  Please put that away!
   - Oh Hahn, don't bother these people.

   ALYS: Both the principal and Hahn have asked us to inspect the
   HAHN: Are you sure you're not just trying to take my money?
   CHAZ: Hey, you've already paid, so don't cry over spilt milk.
   HAHN: I wonder if I'll be OK going along with these people...

(Upon reaching the lowest level of the basement, the group finds several
 breeding chambers.)

ALYS: Wh..What's this...?!

(Group fights Igglanova.  Afterward, Chaz and Alys speak while Hahn
 inspects one of the breeding chambers.)

CHAZ: We did it!

ALYS: Chaz!  You need more practice.  Your swing is too slow!

CHAZ: What?  But we destroyed the monster...

ALYS: With my help...

CHAZ: Sorry.

ALYS: Now, Hahn?  Come over here.

(Hahn joins Alys and Chaz.)

HAHN: What?

ALYS: What are these glass containers for?

HAHN: These...

CHAZ: Hey, are you by any chance breeding monsters here?  If that's
      the case, this monster business is no mystery after all!

HAHN: I...I don't know anything!  It's the first time I've been in this
      room!  I've only just learned that such a thing exists at the

ALYS: Umm....

HAHN: Really, it's the truth!

ALYS: I believe you... for now.

HAHN: The principal must know about these containers!

CHAZ: He must also know the connection between this and the
      disappearance of Professor Holt.

ALYS: Yes, let's see the principal again.  C'mon Chaz!

HAHN: Hey!  Don't leave me here!

   - You've exterminated the monsters?  What a relief.
   - Thank you very much!  I feel much safer now.
   - Oh, you've completed the job!  Thank you so much!
   - I can't believe that lady and the kid defeated the monsters.  Oops,
     ah, nothing.  Nothing at all!  Ha, ha!

   CHAZ: I wonder what that capsules in the basement are for?
   ALYS: I'm going to make the principal tell us!  Hey, you!  You're
         coming along too!
   HAHN: Who

(Alys, Chaz, and Hahn return to the Principal's Office.)

PRINCIPAL: Wh...what's wrong?  You seem upset.  Were you able to defeat
           those monsters?

ALYS: Yes, but there is something I want to ask you.


ALYS: Is it just my imagination that I saw some strange things in the


ALYS: Stop beating around the bush.  Someone keeping information from me
      is the sixth most dangerous thing in this world!

PRINCIPAL: All right already...  I'll tell you what I know.  You are
           aware of the recent outbreak of a new breed of monster?

ALYS: Oh yes.  Thanks to the outbreak I'm not hurting for work.

PRINCIPAL: Three months ago, Holt identified Birth Valley as the origin
           of the outbreak, and he went to investigate...  He says he
           discovered the remains of an ancient and advanced
           civilization!  The investigation team brought back the
           monster breeding capsules, and immediately set forth on their
           second investigative mission.  But...

HAHN: Not one of them came back...

PRINCIPAL: Yes, that's right Hahn.

HAHN: And despite all this, you didn't send out a rescue team and banned
      entry to Birth Valley!

PRINCIPAL: No, no!  I...I was trying to send out a rescue team!  But...

ALYS: Something happened?

PRINCIPAL: At that moment, a man who called himself 'Zio' appeared
           before my eyes...

ALYS: Zio!  I've heard of him.  That fake magician!

   (Flashback to when Zio approached the Principal)

    ZIO: Ah, my dear principal of Motavia Academy, how are you doing?

    PRINCIPAL: Who.. Who are you!?

    ZIO: My name is Zio... Zio the black magician.  Do not intrude on
         Birth Valley.

    PRINCIPAL: What do you mean!?

    ZIO: In the future, if you ever let anyone set foot in Birth

   (Zio shows the principal one of the members of Professor Holt's
    investigative mission, turned to stone.)

    PRINCIPAL: Ahhh!

    ZIO: Let me make something clear...  There is no need for you to go
         to Birth Valley!

   (End of flashback)

HAHN: It's related to the research team!

CHAZ: So that's why the Birth Valley situation wasn't announced, and
      also why you tried to keep a lid on the monster situation.
      But...what is all this about?  Remains of an ancient advanced
      civilization and Zio?

ALYS: It seems like these are signs of something to come.

HAHN: I need to to help the professor!  I'm going to Birth Valley!

ALYS: Psst.  Hahn.  This is egg-laying season for sand worms, so be

HAHN: Ah...Alys?

ALYS: We'll tag along for 300 meseta plus expenses.

HAHN:!  Birth Valley is to the northeast!  Let's hurry!

   - ...are you going, Hahn?

   HAHN: Birth Valley is located northeast of Piata.  Let's hurry and
         go to the professor's rescue!
   ALYS: Ahh...Zio.  I don't like the sound of that!

PIATA (After visiting the Principal)
Townspeople - Women:
   - Now that I look back, I wonder if there was some connection between
     that parcel and the monsters?
Townspeople - Men:
   - Apparently, the monsters aren't appearing in town anymore.  Thank
     goodness for that.
   - I heard those monsters were conquered by some hunter whose name
     I've forgotten.
   - This is the university town of Piata.  It's a town for students and

Woman in House:
   - Now, I can let my children go out to play.
Kid in House:
   - Now that no monsters come out, it's no fun to sneak out in the
     middle of the night!

Vilagers - Men:
   - This is the village of Mile.  And this is our newly built sand worm
     ranch.  What do you think?  Isn't it great?  This will attract a
     lot of tourists!
   - Did you see the quicksand?  It's spreading and spreading!  How long
     is this town going to last?
   - See that castle beyond the quicksand?  I couldv'e sworn that one
     night there was nothing and the next day there it was.  It must've
     been my imagination, don't you think?
   - You're looking for Birth Valley?  Then go to a village called Zema.
     Zema is nottheast of here.  But...  Recently, it's been rumored
     that there's no sign of any people.  Maybe they all fled at night?
   - It's said a strange religion is becoming popular.  They say it's
     being spread by a man dressed in black!  What did they say his
     name was...  Oh yes, Zio.  Yeah, I believe they said his name was
   - I heard that Zema has been destroyed!  Someone must go and make
     sure.  I, uh, I'm too busy, so I can't go.
Villagers - Women:
   - In the past, the land around here was pretty fertile and there was
     a lot of farming going on.  But now, the wells and fields have all
     withered away...
Sweeping Man:
   - I sweep and I sweep, but the sand keeps blowing.  I'm sick and
     tired of this!

Woman in House:
   - Our only son is enrolled in the Motavia Academy, but recently
     we've had a series of bad harvests and we haven't been able to
     send his allowance.  We've been so worried whether he has enough
     to eat.
Man in House:
   - Whatever field we try to cultivate, the soil just becomes

Woman in House:
   - Actually, we wanted him to keep the family farm going, but...  What
     with the fields in such a state, I suppose there's no use.
Teen in House:
   - I'm studying so that I can enroll in Motavia Academy.  Hey, stop
     bothering me!
        ALYS: Kids...

   - My husband built a sand worm ranch with what little money he had,
     but who on earth would come to see something like that.
Innkeeper's Daughter:
   - I'm the only daughter of the innkeeper.  Even if I can't do much,
     I must work and help all I can.

Examine sign:
   CHAZ: It says, 'The Big Sand Worm Ranch.'
Examine well:
   CHAZ: It's a well.  But it's dry...

(The group finds that everyone in town has been turned into stone.)

Examine anyone:
   CHAZ: They've been turned into stone!
Examine statue:
   CHAZ: I wonder what this is a statue of...

(Within Birth Valley, the investigative team is found, but they, too,
 have been turned to stone.)

Examine members of the investigative team:
   CHAZ: They've been turned into stone!

(Alys, Chaz, and Hahn find Professor Holt turned to stone.)

LOCATION: Birth Valley, at the entrance to the Bio-Plant

HAHN: Oh!  Professor Holt!

CHAZ: What on earth?

ALYS: An ancient curse?  I can't believe someone is able to cast such a
      spell in this day and age!

HAHN: Isn't there any way to restore them?

ALYS: I've heard that a medicine called 'Alshline' is able to turn stone
      back to flesh.

HAHN: Where can we find it?

ALYS: I heard about it some time ago in a Motavian village...  But,
      we're talking some time ago.

CHAZ: Which Motavian village?

ALYS: It's the village of Molcum, which is far south of here.

HAHN: All right, then.  Let's get going!

ALYS: Let's see... if you're going to Molcum...  I'll make you a deal --
      just 500 meseta.

HAHN: You devil.

   HAHN: Oh, no!  Professor Holt has been turned to stone!
   CHAZ: He'll be all right, Hahn.  We can go to Molcum and obtain the
         medecine Alshline.
   HAHN: mean that Motavian village south of Zema?
   ALYS: Oh, calm down!  Really, you're pathetic!

Examine Professor Holt:
   HAHN: Professor Holt...
   ALYS: C'mon, stop dawdling.  We're going to Molcum!

CAVE TO TONOE (without Rune)
CHAZ: Looks like a cavern, but the entrance is obstructed by a rock.

ALYS: It's no use.  It won't budge.  Let's try something else.

(The town is destroyed.  The group approaches the man who stands in
 the middle of the rubble.)

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Rune

ALYS: Rune?

RUNE: Hey, Alys!  Long time no see!

CHAZ: Alys, you know this guy?

ALYS: From a long time ago...

RUNE: Is shorty here your current companion?  He's still a kid.

CHAZ: Watch what you say!

ALYS: Stop it, you two.  More importantly, Rune, what's going on?

RUNE: This is all the handiwork of Zio.

CHAZ: Zio!  I bet the person who turned the people of Zema into stone
      is also...

RUNE: Well, your brain seems to work a little bit.

CHAZ: You...

ALYS: Cut it out!  It seems that everywhere we go, it's always Zio.  Who
      is this Zio?

RUNE: I'm not sure.

HAHN: With the town destroyed, how are we going to find Alshline?

RUNE: You're looking for Alshline?  In that case, you'd better go to

HAHN: Tonoe?

RUNE: Let's see...from here, it's kind of far.  First travel east to the
      village of Krup.  And from there if you go north, you'll find a
      valley that leads to Tonoe.

HAHN: We don't have to pass by Krup, do we?

CHAZ: Why?

HAHN: Ah, let's just head straight towards Tonoe!  Alys?

ALYS: I haven't decided yet.

RUNE: I'm going to invite myself to join your group.

(Alys reacts.)

RUNE: I've got some business there too.

CHAZ: Not so fast!

ALYS: We'd enjoy your company.

CHAZ: Alys!

RUNE: Good, we're all set.  And Shorty, try not to get in the way.

CHAZ: Stop calling me Shorty!  My name is...

RUNE: Chaz, that's what you said your name was, right?  Hmmph, what a
      stupid name!

CHAZ: Alys, I think he's going to be more trouble than he's worth!

RUNE: Ha, I won't get in anyone's way.

ALYS: You already have.

HAHN: Ah... I'm a little uneasy about our destination.

   CHAZ: Molcum has been done in by Zio...
   RUNE: By the time I arrived, it was too late.  Sorry.
   ALYS: Hmmm...
   HAHN: But, once we get to Tonoe, we'll be able to obtain Alshline,
   CHAZ: that's north of the village of Krup, right?

Villagers - Men:
   - This is the village of Krup.  Hahn!  It's Hahn!  You've come home!?
   - This village's most successful citizen is Hahn, the armorer's only
     son.  He's a professor at Motavia Academy.  We're really proud of
     him.  What!  Well, if it isn't Hahn!
   - Well, Tonoe is north of here but the road to Tonoe is like a maze.
     Moreover, the entrance to Tonoe is blocked by a large rock.  That's
     what I heard recently.
   - See that little island in the big lake near here?  The building
     on that island has been called Soldiers' Temple since long ago.
     Once, I swam over there, but there were monsters all over the
     island!  It was frightening and I came rushing home.
   - That lake there?  It was created by a meteor that struck the
     planet.  The crater filled with water long ago.  Unbelievable, huh?
Villagers - Women:
   - It's good to see you home, Hahn!  Saya will be overjoyed to see
     you!  Go see her!
        ALYS: Who's Saya?
        HAHN: Oh!  Er, well...
   - I'm confident our child will be safe with Saya.

Man with dog:
   - What a pig this dog is!  It never stops eating!
Dog (Rocky):
   - Bow wow!
        CHAZ: Gee, what a fat little mutt!

Woman in House looking out window:
   - We look up to the sky in this manner to predict tomorrow's weather.
Examine bookcase:
   CHAZ: A crossword puzzle book?  They must have a lot of free time on
         their hands...
Examine cupboard:
   CHAZ: The cupboard is full of orange soda.

Hahn's father:
   - Hahn!  Considering that you are disinherited, you sure have some
     gall to step into this house!?  You don't help in the family
     business, you just study!  What use is that?
        HAHN: Pa, right now, the whole planet is in serious danger!  I
              want to help with the power of science!  That's why I'm
Hahn's mother:
   - Hahn!  It's good to see you home!  Your Pa goes on like that, but
     really he's very proud of you.
        HAHN: I know, Ma... But my feelings won't change!
Armor shop clerk:
   - Hahn's Pa talks like that, but...  It's thanks to Hahn sending us
     the scientific literature that he has completed that a rural place
     like this is able to sell such splendid weapons.
Examine cupboard:
   CHAZ: The cupboard is full of orange soda.

Equipment Shop clerk:
   - Oh yes.  If only our son was as bright as Hahn.
Main in Equipment Shop:
   - It can't be helped, don't you think?  After all, being a child of
     that mother...

(The group enters Krup's school, which is also Saya's home.)

HAHN: Saya!

SAYA: Hahn!  You've come home!  I'm so happy!

HAHN: Saya!  I've missed you!  Let me introduce you to everyone.  This
      is my...ahem... fi..fiancee, Saya.

ALYS: Fiancee!?

SAYA: It's a pleasure to meet you.  My name is Saya.

HAHN: Saya teaches children here in her home.

CHAZ: Wow...I'm impressed!

SAYA: Oh no, it's about the only thing I'm capable of doing...

HAHN: Alys and Chaz are hunters.  They are assisting me in my task.

SAYA: It's a difficult job, isn't it?  Thank you for taking care of

HAHN: Now, don't you worry.  Everything will be okay.

SAYA: But, if anything were to happen to you, I...

HAHN: Saya...

SAYA: Hahn...

(Hahn and Saya kiss.)

ALYS: ...Oh, you two...!

   - Thank you, again, for taking care of Hahn.
Students at desks:
   - I...I want to use the bathroom, but I'll have to hold it 'til class
     is over.  I don't want to miss a thing Saya is teaching.
   - When I grow up, I'm going to ask my teacher, Saya, to marry me!  I
     made a promise to her!  It's true!
   - I think the recent environmental disaster was deliberately caused
     by someone...
        CHAZ: What a smart aleck kid...
Running students:
   - I want to grow up to be like my teacher Saya!  But I wouldn't like
     a guy like Hahn.  He's got to be more reliable!
        HAHN: Ahem.
   - My teacher Saya is kind and beautiful.  I love her!
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: It's a children's picture book.  'Spoiled Rabbit of the
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: Look at this picture book.  'The Eight Armed Ant and the Six-
         legged Spider'...
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: It's a children's picture book.  'The Golden Axe  Volume 3'...
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: Look at this picture book.  'The Ceramic Soldiers'...
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: It's a children's picture book.  'The Bare Queen'...
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: Look at this picture book.  'A Day with Ecco.'
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: Look at this picture book.  'Biography of the Great Professor
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: It's a children's picture book.  'Run, Hedgehog, Run!'...
Examine bookshelf (in Saya's room):
   CHAZ: This one here looks like a difficult book.  Hmm... 'Motavia:
         The Present and Future'...
Examine bookshelf (in Saya's room):
   CHAZ: Hello, what's this...?  'How to Love and To Be Loved' ...Wow!

CHAZ: The entrance is blocked.

RUNE: No sweat.  This should be a cinch!  Everybody!  Stand back!

(Alys, Chaz, and Hahn stand behind Rune.)

RUNE: Flaeli!

(Rune shoots fire which destroys the rocks instantly.)

CHAZ: Wow!

RUNE: Shall we go?

HAHN: That art he just used.  I've never seen it before?  The
      technique's different too.

RUNE: Hee hee...I'm not surprised you've never seen it before.  This is
      what they call 'magic.'

CHAZ: Magic!

   - This is Tonoe...  Hey!  How did you get in here?
   - Yeh, I've heard about what's going on in Molcum!  That darn Zio!
   - Parmanians like to go to war.  I refuse to get embroiled in battles
     started by people like that!
   - Outta my way!  And, stop roaming around aimlessly!
   - Our pride and joy is the refined art of Titanium.  I bet you've
     never seen a weapon made of Titanium in any of your towns, have
   - Oh sure, if you make the best you're bound to have many failures
     too.  Success is arrived at through numerous failures!
Motavian Kid:
   - Alshline?  I know nothing about it!  But... if you have questions,
     you should go yo Grandfather Dorin!

   - Sir, you won't find anything behind the counter.
Examine cabinet:
   CHAZ: Here's some generic soda.

Motavian Woman in House:
   - My husband likes to sit lost in thought.  He's probably somewhere
     thinking about something right now.

Motavian in House:
   - If I may say so myself, I'm pretty good at making machines, but I'm
     no good at cooking.  I'd like to bake a cake.

   - CHAZ: This looks like food...  ...I think.
   - CHAZ: He's glaring at me...  Let's move on.
   - Hey.  It's a Parmanian!
        CHAZ: Don't worry.  I'm not going to hurt you.
   - Go away!
        CHAZ: How rude.
   - Oh?  It's a Parmanian.  We don't have anything to sell to you!
   - CHAZ: It looks like they're closed today...
   - CHAZ: Wow!  Look at all this junk.  Are these actually articles for
   - CHAZ: This shop owner is asleep.  I won't wake him up.
   - You Parmanians, why are you here?  Go away, go away!

(Alys, Chaz, Hahn, and Rune enter Grandfather Dorin's house.)

   - Argh!
   - You know, I lived in Molcum.  But, Zio attacked Molcum.  My brother
     fought valiantly.  He just wasn't a match for Zio.  My Mom and Dad
     both died.  My brother and I barely escaped with our lives...

Examine cabinet:
   CHAZ: Looks like high quality stuff.  After all, he is an information

DORIN: I'm the information monger, Grandfather Dorin.  What exactly do
       you want to ask?  Is it about the secret of refining Titanium?

  (If YES, Dorin says, "I see.  It is referred to as a 'secret' and it
   really is a secret!"  If NO,)

DORIN: You want to know why the path to this village is blocked
       by a rock?

  (If YES, Dorin says, "In preparation of a possible assault by Zio
   we've closed ourselves off."  If NO,)

DORIN: Then do you want the measurements of that famous and beautiful
       hunter Alys Brangwin, also known as the 'Eight Stroke Warrior?'

  (If NO, Dorin says,  "Then if you don't have any business here, stop
   talking to me.  I'm real busy."  If YES,)

DORIN: Now you're talking.  Starting from the top, thirty-six, twenty...

(Alys punches Dorin out of his chair.)

DORIN: Yeow!  Ouch!!  Wh...what are you doing!  How dare you strike me
       without warning!  Huh?  Yikes!  Alys Brangwin!

ALYS: You blabbing old fart!  Do you tell every single fool who comes
      here my measurements!?

(Alys moves to punch Dorin again.)

DORIN: Ahhh!  Oh...Help me!  Ah, Rune!  It's you, Rune.  Please help me!

RUNE: You don't change, do you, old man!

LOCATION: Grandfather Dorin's home, Molcum
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Rune, Grandfather Dorin, Gryz, and

RUNE: Please excuse him, will you, Alys?  The old man doesn't have any
      bad intentions.

ALYS: That's why I put up with it.

RUNE: Grandfather Dorin, I came to retreive the item I entrusted in your
      care.  Also, these people are looking for Alshline.

DORIN: Ah, if what you want is Alshline, feel free to take whatever you
       need.  It's in the back of the basement warehouse out back.  Go
       help yourselves.

HAHN: Thank you!  Alys, let's go!

DORIN: Oh, wait!  That place is unused right now.  So it may be a teensy
       bit dangerous.  Gryz!  Will you guide these people?

GRYZ: My pleasure.  My name is Gryz.  Nice to meet you.

RUNE: Well, I have some business with Grandfather Dorin here, so I'll
      say so long here!  Oh yeah, pip squeak...

CHAZ: I've had enough of you!

RUNE: Don't get any silly thoughts, like taking on Zio, into that little

CHAZ: Huh?

GRYZ: Guys...

RUNE: At this stage of the game, you're no match for him!  Maybe our
      paths will cross again.  Alys...

ALYS: Yeah.

RUNE: Take care.

CHAZ: Me...taking on Zio?

ALYS: Thanks Rune.

   CHAZ: So there's Alshline in the underground warehouse of Tonoe?
   ALYS: Thanks for being our guide, Gryz.
   GRYZ: No problem.  You can leave everything to me.

   - You know, I lived in Molcum.  But one day, Zio attacked Molcum.  My
     brother fought valiantly, but... he just wasn't a match for Zio. 
     Both my parents died.  My brother and I barely escaped with our
        GRYZ: Pana...I promise you that one day I will exact revenge!

   - This is Tonoe...  Wow!  You guys!  How did you get in here?  Oh, I
     see, you're friends of Gryz.  You sure gave me a scare!

Examine cellar door:
   CHAZ:'s rusted shut!
   GRYZ: Oh, there's a little trick to opening this door.

  (Everyone stands back as Gryz walks to the door.)

   GRYZ: Just hold so... and then one, two, three, lift!

  (Gryz opens the door.)

   HAHN: It opened!
   GRYZ: Great, let's go in.

Examine door to storage room:
   CHAZ: The door is sealed tightly shut.

(Alys, Chaz, Hahn, and Gryz find the chest containing Alshline.)

ALYS: So this is Alshline!

HAHN: OK!  Let's hurry and return to Zema and help those people out!

GRYZ: Umm...  Do you think I can go along?  My own town was destroyed by
      Zio.  I couldn't save my father or my mother!  One way or another,
      I need to get my revenge!

CHAZ: Hey, Gryz!  We're not necessarily making this journey for the
      purpose of defeating Zio.

GRYZ: But didn't that tall guy who was with you say something like that?

CHAZ: Oh, that...he was just arbitrarily saying stuff.

GRYZ: Either way, I can't stay in this town forever!  I'm coming along
      even if you refuse to take me!

CHAZ: Gryz!

ALYS: C'mon, Chaz, there's nothing wrong with that.  Gryz could be quite
      a help and, after all, no one knows what's going to happen from
      here on out.

GRYZ: Great.  Once again... good to be working with you!

HAHN: Yeah, whatever.  Let's get going!

   ALYS: We've finally obtained the Alshline!
   HAHN: Let's hurry to Zema and rescue the professor and his team.
   GRYZ: I'll join you.
   CHAZ: Gryz...

Examine storage room door from inside:
   CHAZ: Look how old and rusted this is.  It won't budge!

Return to KRUP
Townspeople - Men:
   - Well, Tonoe is north of here but the road to Tonoe is like a maze.
     What a curiosity seeker you must be to want to go to a place like
     that..Townspeople - Women:
   - It's good to see you home, Hahn!

Woman in House looking out window:
   - The other day, there was a tremendous amount of smoke coming from
     the west!  I wonder if there was a big fire somewhere?

Return to ZEMA
LOCATION: Birth Valley, entrance to Bio-Plant
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, Professor Holt, Man from Zema

(Upon enteruing town, the group uses the Alshline to turn the
 townspeople of Zema back to flesh.  The stone shatters and they return
 to normal.  The group proceeds into Birth Valley, where Hahn frees
 Professor Holt.)

HOLT: Oh?  Why, it's you, Hahn!  By golly, this is some place!  There
      are just tons of relics from an earlier civilization all over the
      place.  You've come at the right time.  You too...

HAHN: Professor Holt!  This is no time for that kind of thing!  Do you
      know you were turned to stone by Zio?

HOLT: Hmm?  Oh, really?  Well, here I am now, as good as new, so not to
      worry!  All right.  Let's reopen the investigation immediately.

HAHN: Yes sir!

HOLT: Go back to the academy.  Give them a report on the state of
      affairs here.

HAHN: Er...yes sir.

HOLT: Good!  We're off further into Birth Valley!!

ALYS: What a strange old man.  Oh well, at least we've settled one

HAHN: I'm so sorry...he didn't even say a word of thanks.  Well, he's
      just that kind of guy.

CHAZ: Oh, don't worry about that, Hahn!

ALYS: Well, I'm kind of tired after getting this job done.  Let's take
      it easy today, eh, Chaz?


(The group leaves Birth Valley and rests at Zema's inn.)

HAHN: I'm going to return to the academy.  I've got to report about
      what's been happening 'til now.

CHAZ: OK.  What about Gryz?

GRYZ: You talking about me?  I'm going off to conquer Zio... even if
      that means me alone!

CHAZ: Let's not be so rash!

GRYZ: I don't care whether it's rash or not.  I've already made up my

ALYS: ...We've come to a good break point what with one job done...
      Normally, at this junction we would go back to the town of Aiedo
      where the guild is located.

(There is a distant scream, "Ahhhhh!")

ALYS: What was that?

CHAZ: Someone's screaming!

(They run outside, where they find a giant monster -- Igglanova --
 blocking the entrance to Birth Valley.  Townspeople run away from it.)

HAHN: How are we going to get in with that creature blocking the way.

ALYS: We'll have to destroy it.

CHAZ: Now?!

(The group fights Igglanova.  After killing it...)

CHAZ: Hmm...How is it now, Alys?

ALYS: Well, it's a little better now.

TOWNSPERSON: It's a curse!  It's because we've violated the sacred area
             that something like this is happening!!

CHAZ: ...A curse...I wonder what's further inside?

HAHN: What's going on!  The professor is still in there!  ...Ah...

ALYS: I'll keep it to 1000 meseta.

HAHN: wedding fund...

   CHAZ: Professor Holt has gone into the depths of Birth Valley and
         hasn't come back since.
   HAHN: After all we did to obtain the Alshline to turn him from stone
         back to flesh.
   ALYS: This teacher of yours is such a pain in the butt!

Townspeople - Men:
   - This is Zema.  Birth Valley is located further on, but I think it's
     better not to have anything to do with it.
   - Oh, so you're the guys who saved us.  Thank you!
   - The bridge north of the village is broken.  I bet that's also Zio's
     doing!  Right now, we're fixing it as fast as we can.  You should
     be able to cross it shortly.
   - The thing is, I just don't know what to make of Birth Valley.  I
     hear it's a sacred area so I haven't gone too close to it.
     Sometimes a groaning sound can be heard coming from there!
   - We've got monsters appearing and Zio is coming...  Is this village
   - It's because that investigation team came upsetting things in
     Birth Valley that we're having problems!  We want the people from
     Motavia Academy to go home!!
        HAHN: Hmmph!
Townspeople - Women:
   - A big meteorite fell beyond the bridge to the north!  It fell close
     to the village of Nalya.  I wonder if they're OK.

Woman in House:
   - I'm glad that everything is back to normal, but I'm afraid that Zio
     is going to come back and attack us.  We have to defend the
     village, and protect these children...
Man in House:
   - The moment Zio raised his hand, all I saw was blackness.  Then,
     when I came to, you guys were standing right there.
Girl in House:
   - I'm glad both Mommy and Daddy are OK!
Boy in House:
   - I'm glad, I'm glad.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: It's a bookshelf.  Gee, there are a lot of academic books.

Woman in House:
   - Because the bridge is broken my husband... has not come back from
     peddling his wares in Aiedo.  I bet he's in a dilemma trying to
     get home!
Kid in House:
   - That city, Aiedo, beyond Nayla, is a real big city, isn't it?  I'd
     like to go there someday.
Old Man in House:
   - Hmm, 'The Sacred Area of Life'...  Why is it called that, and why
     is it worshipped in that way?  I'm such a feeble-minded old man,
     I don't understand.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'Lessons on How To Make Conversation That Grips People's
         Hearts '.
Examine bookshelf:
   CHAZ: 'How to Close a Sale.'  Quite a studious owner.

(Alys, Chaz, Hahn, and Gryz find two members of the investigative team
 sprawled out on the ground.)

Investigative Team members:
   - Ahhh...the monsters from the depths are...
   - Professor Holt has gone into the depths and has not returned...'s too late...
        HAHN: No...!

(The group descends further into Birth Valley, into the Bio-plant.)

(As the group walks, there is a sudden flash of red.)

CHAZ: Yikes!  What's that!?

HAHN: We...we're going to die!

ALYS: Stop cowering!  Men are such cowards!  It's nothing!

CHAZ: That...that's true.

Examine wall console:
   CHAZ: There's some writing here...  Sterilization Treatment
         Completed.  Please follow the line on the floor.

Examine wall console:
   CHAZ: There's some writing here...  'Elevator E3 To the Central
Examine wall console:
   CHAZ: There's some writing here...  'Elevator W3 To the West

Examine wall console:
   CHAZ: There's some writing here...  'West Section  Unauthorized
         Entry Prohibited Beyond This Point'.

(Past this warning sign, the corridor is sealed.)

Examine rubble:
   CHAZ: It's completely sealed.  I wonder if it collapsed from the
         earthquake or something?

(Down in the Central Block, the group stumbles upon Breeding Capsules.)

Examine Breeding Capsule:
   CHAZ: It's identical to the find in the basement of the academy!
   ALYS: They must have transported those things from here...

LOCATION: Birth Valley -- Bio-plant
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, Professor Holt, Rika, Seed

HAHN: Professor!  Thank goodness you're safe!

HOLT: Oh, it's you, Hahn!  You came to rescue me!  Good job!

ALYS: Well, it seems pretty safe here, but, how on earth were you able
      to escape on your own?

HOLT: Well, you see, this person here came to my rescue.

CHAZ: Who?

RIKA: Welcome, everybody.  I'm glad to have you here.

CHAZ: What?!

ALYS: Who are you?

RIKA: My name is Rika.  Pleased to meet you.

CHAZ: Rika.

ALYS: Those ears... What on earth are you?  And what is this place!?

RIKA: This is the Bio-plant.  It's a research facility for bio
      engineering created by a thousand-year old civilization.

HAHN: Th...this is from an ancient advanced civilization!  Is it still

RIKA: Oh, yes.  What's more, this isn't the only one.  There are many
      such systems that have maintained their functionality.  And it's
      thanks to these systems which control Motavia's climate, soil, and
      ecology systems that the human race was able to avoid total
      destruction after the 'Great Collapse.'

HAHN: Really?  Is that true?

HOLT: If that's the case, how come this recent environmental destruction
      is taking place?

RIKA: Even though the control system is still functioning, it can barely
      maintain the minimal conditions for your existence.  Even now this
      system is starting to run out of control!

ALYS: you understand?

CHAZ: What?  Well...ah...

HAHN: Then, does that mean the recent increase of Bio-monsters is coming
      from here?

RIKA: Yes, unfortunately so.  ...If you want to know more, talk to
      'Seed'.  He's over there.

ALYS: 'Seed'?

(The group proceeds in to speak with Seed.)

ALYS: So, where's this person called Seed?

RIKA: He's right in front of you.

ALYS: What's going on?

SEED: I am 'Seed', the control computer for this Bio-plant.

HAHN: Wow!  An artificial intelligence!

HOLT: I...I can't believe it!

SEED: That's right, this is no exception.  Check my status here.  The
      system is beyond my control.  It is continuously breeding harmful

HAHN: Just as I thought.

SEED: If we leave each of these systems running out of control... along
      with the monster problem, we will have abnormal climate conditions
      and violent changes in the planet's surface.  Motavia will be

HAHN: What shall we do?

ALYS: The only thing we can do is shut down the system!

HAHN: But stopping the system itself will cause problems.  We won't be
      able to maintain the ecosystem!

GRYZ: That's better than the system ruining everything!

CHAZ: But, these systems are spread out all over the place!

RIKA: Don't worry.  All we have to do is to shut down the plant 'Nurvus'
      which supplies energy to each system.  That will shut them all

SEED: First, please rescue the control android 'Demi.'  She's the only
      one that can stop Nurvus.

ALYS: Rescue?  What do you mean rescue?

SEED: Right now, Demi is being held hostage by a man named Zio.

CHAZ: Zio again!

HAHN: Who on earth is this Zio!?

SEED: I myself don't know what Zio is all about.

ALYS: So all we have to do is rescue this Demi, right?  Where is she
      being held hostage?

RIKA: She is with Zio, And the name of that castle is Zio's Fort!

HAHN: Is that by any chance... beyond the quicksand of Mile?

CHAZ: Oh, that sinisher-looking castle north of Zema.

ALYS: It's a pretty long way to go, but having heard all this we have
      no choice.  Hee hee, it's been a long time since I've felt so
      excited!  And while we're at it, why don't we get rid of that
      disgusting character, Zio!

GRYZ: Hey!  That's the spirit!

SEED: So, you will go?  Please take Rika with you.

ALYS: Who is this girl anyway?  She seems curiously knowledgable about
      these matters...

SEED: She child.

HOLT: Are you saing that she is an artificial life form?

SEED: That's right.  She is a product of a thousand years of improvement
      on genetic information from a prototype prior to the 'Great
      Collapse.'  I have also given her a basic education.  She will
      surely be a great help to you.

ALYS: All right, Seed.  We'll take her!

RIKA: Thank you!  I've always wanted to be able to see the outside

SEED: Rika, take care...

ALYS: OK!  Let's get going to Zio's Fort!

HOLT: I must first go back to the academy!  We have to spread this
      information as much as possible.

(Everyone leaves.  Just before Rika does, she takes one last look at
 Seed.  Then, she, too leaves.  After the room is empty...)

SEED: There is only one way for me to stem the outbreak of monsters.
      Now that I have sent into the world the fruit of a thousand
      years worth of research, there are no obstacles to its execution.

(Seed's monitors all light up red.)

(Alys, Chaz, Hahn, Gryz, and Rika step back into Zema from Birth

RIKA: We're outdoors!  Wow, I didn't know the sky was so blue!  Those
      flowers... they're so beautiful!  How lovely!

CHAZ: Being cooped up all this time underground, everything must be so

(Then, the mountains north of Zema explode as Seed self-destructs.)

CHAZ: What was that?

ALYS: An explosion!

(Rika sheds tears.)

RIKA: Seed!

ALYS: Rika, you must carry on the will of Seed!  You can't look back

RIKA: I know...

Return to ZEMA (with Rika, after meeting Seed)
   RIKA: We've got to hurry and stop the system that's running out of
         control...for Seed's sake, too!
   CHAZ: First we'll have to rescue this android called Demi.
   GRYZ: We'll have to go to Zio's Fort.  Just what we all wanted to do!
   HAHN: You're talking about that castle beyond the quicksand that can
         be seen from the village of Mile.  I guess we'll have to go
         around from the north.

Townspeople - Men:
   - This is Zema.  Birth Valley is located further on, but the entrance
     is all sealed up.
   - Since Birth Valley's entrance is sealed it's nice and quiet, but
     on the other hand, when it's quiet it makes you all the more
   - Hey, it's you guys.  When the bridge up north is fixed, you'll be
     able to cross it.

Woman in House:
   - You say the bridge is fixed?  Now my husband will be able to
     return.  I'm so glad!

Examine sealed-up Birth Valley entrance:
   CHAZ: It's sealed off by a rock...
   RIKA: Seed...

  - Thank you again for you assistance.
  - You look familiar...  Who are you?
  - Thank you again for your assistance.
  - Don't mention the danger this planet is in.  We don't want to incite
    the public.
Professor Holt:
  - We've got to do something, but keep it under your hat!

Return to MILE
Vilagers - Men:
   - This is the village of Mile.  And this is our newly built sand worm
     ranch, but...  Maybe we've fed them too much.  They've become
     pretty big!  In fact, they're kind of unlovable now.  What do you
     think we should do?
   - You're looking for Birth Valley?  Then go to a village called Zema.
     Apparently, the people there have returned.
   - Zema has been restored!!!  Is this true?  Really?

   - Our sand worms on the ranch have become so huge they're kind of
Innkeeper's Daughter:
   - When they were small, they were kind of cute...  But now, those
     sand worms, they're scary.

Return to TONOE
Motavian Kid:
   - So, did you find what you were looking for?  You should be able to
     find answers to pretty much anything if you ask Grandfather Dorin!

Townspeople - Women:
   - This is the town of Nalya, but I don't think it's inhabitable
Townspeople - Men:
   - About three months ago a large meteorite fell just outside of
     town... and look what has happened!  What in the world did we do
     to deserve this?
   - Hey, doesn't it look like there's a machine in the middle of that
     big hole?  We want to see what it is, but on the other hand, it's
     kind of scary and no one dares go near it.
   - This town may be doomed.  It may be a smart idea to relocate as
     soon as possible to somewhere like Aiedo.
   - This place was our home.  Oh well, it may be that just coming out
     of it alive was a miracle.

Woman in Inn:
   - There's a big town called Aiedo west of here, and my parent's home
     is located there.  So I've been telling hubbie we should go there
     for a while.
Man in Inn:
   - Don't be ridiculous!  You think you can do something like that
     after you've eloped?!
Man sitting in corner in Inn:
   - Just leave me alone.

Man in House:
   - The house was safe, but considering what's coming, I have a feeling
     it would be better if we moved.
Woman in House:
   - I have no idea where we would go.  It's so hard to leave a place
     where you've lived for so long.

Man in House:
   - I'm happy that this house was miraculously saved, but we get
     harassed every day.  If this is the way it's going to be, I'd
     rather it was all destroyed!
Woman in House:
   - The lady across the street, who used to be so kind, is now ill-
     tempered all the time.  I just can't trust anyone anymore!
Kid in House:
   - My friends don't talk to me anymore.  I'm so lonely... Waaaaa...

Main in Tent:
   - You know, right after the meteorite fell, some kind of army came
     rushing across the bridge from the west.  And then, just when we
     had thought they returned to the west, we found the bridge
     destroyed.  I wonder if they came from Aiedo?  Who in the world
     were they!
Woman in Tent:
   - You're talking nonsense again!  Has the meteorite made you

Tool Shop Owner:
   - Whew, thanks to the fact that I got my wares out early, I'm still
     able to do business.

Woman in House:
   - Rain leaks into the other room.  That's why we're sleeping in this
Kid in House:
   - Mommy, the wind is cold!

Woman in Tent:
   - Why was my house destroyed and the house across the street was not!
     It's not fair!  Don't you agree?  It makes me so mad!
Man in Tent:
   - Hey, hey, let's just accept our lot.  My wife didn't used to be
     like this.
Kid in Tent:
   - I can stop ignoring my friend now, can't I?  I want to be friends
     and play together again!


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