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Skill and Technique Chronology

Below is a listing of each character's order of acquisition of skills and techniques throughout PSIV. Listed are: starting level, spell with level gotten in (), and, in some cases, returning level. Although the order stays constant from game to game for all characters, the particular levels at which the 'acquired' characters earn skills and techniques may vary depending on what level Chaz is at when he meets them. The acquired characters are: Rune, Gryz, Demi, Wren, Raja, and Kyra. Also, the six returning characters (Rune, Gryz, Hahn, Demi, Raja, and Kyra) gain spells "off-screen", and so it is not known at what level they are acquired. These characters may also return at varying levels, depending on Chaz's level at the time of their return.

See also the Combination Attacks.



Begins at (1) with: Res, Earth;
Techniques Gained: Tsu (4), Hinas (8), Ryuka (9), Anti (11), Zan (12), Rimpa (14), Gires (16), Githu (17), Brose (21), Gizan (23), Rever (25), Nathu (31), Nares (36), Nazan (37), Megid at the Rykros Anger Tower;
Skills Gained: Crosscut (6), Airslash (13), Rayblade (27), Explode (35);



Begins at (7) with: Foi, Shift, Saner, Vortex;
Techniques Gained: Zan (8), Gifoi (14), Gizan (18), Nafoi(22), Nazan(27);
Skills Gained: Moonshade (10), Death (13);



Begins at (1) with: Res, Gelun, Vision;
Techniques Gained: Wat (3), Anti (6), Doran (7), Zan (9), Vol (10), Gires (11), Rimpa (12), Rimit (13), Giwat (16), Gizan (21), Nares (23), Nawat (28), Savol (33), Nazan (37);
Skils Gained: Astral (29), Eliminate (30);



Begins at (17) with: Foi, Wat, Gra, Arows, Hinas, Ryuka, Flaeli, Hewn;
Returns at (25) with: Giwat, Gifoi, Seals, Rever, Gigra, Nafoi, Diem;
Techniques Gained: Nawat (26), Nagra (30);
Skills Gained: Tandle (27), Efess (29), Negatis (32), Legeon (35);



Begins at (6) with: Brose, Crash;
Skills Gained: War Cry (14), Sweeping (25);
Does not gain spells on (26) - (31);
Returns at (68);



Begins at (1) with: Res, Illusion;
Techniques Gained: Saner (8), Gires (13), Deban (14), Shift (19), Sar (20), Gisar (28), Nares (33), Nasar (40);
Skills Gained: Double Slash (4), Eliminate (12), Disrupt (17);



Begins at (12) with: Recover, Stasis Beam, Spark, Barrier, Medical Power;
Skills Gained: Phonomezer at Motavian Plate Center;
Does not gain spells on (13) - (63);
Returns at (63);



Begins at (20) with: Recover, Flare, Spark, Barrier;
Skills gained: Hijammer at Kuran Satellite, Burst Rocket at Dezolisian Weapons Plant, Positron Bolt at Motavian Vahal Fort;



Begins at (25) with: Res, Anti, Rimpa, Sar, Arows, Rimit, Gires, Seals, Rever, Blessing, Holyword, Ataraxia, Miracle, St. Fire;
Techniques Gained: Nares (27), Gisar (28), Regen (31), Nasar (34);
Does not gain spells on (35);
Returns at (59);



Begins at (27) with: Res, Foi, Anti, Rimpa, Gires, Gifoi, Gra, Medice, Flaeli, Telele, Hewn;
Techniques Gained: Gigra (30), Nafoi (33), Nares (36), Nagra (40);
Skills Gained: Warla (29), Bindwa (35), Tandle (39);
Does not gain spells on (41) - (50);
Returns at (58);


Begins at (35) with: Shadow, Corrosion, Mindblast, Deathspell;

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