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Hunter's Guild Missions

The Hunter's Guild, that crack team of freelance mercenaries, offers their services to the general public of Motavia (for a price.) Here is a listing of all jobs available to you; most are simple, a few are touching, and one is a rip-off. A description of how you should proceed with them follows.

The Ranch Owner

Bounty: 5000 Meseta

The sandworm ranch owner in Mile is having a problem. His small business has turned into a big problem. It seems he's got a huge, wild sandworm running lose on his farm, ruining his business. It's your job to take it down.
This job is a straight-forward seek-and-destroy mission. Once you locate the worm on the farmer's land, blast it with your most powerful skills and techniques. The highest Foi, Githu, and Double Slash work well. Let Gryz use his War Cry once or twice.
Let Hahn handle most of the healing. And don't worry if someone dies, you can always un-flatline them later.


Tinkerbell's Dog

Bounty: 2000 Meseta

One of the families in Aiedo has lost their dog, Rocky. It'll be your job to get him back. You've probably seen the dog before, in Krup. Talk to the family (in the eastern section of Aiedo.) You'll find out that Rocky loves sweets. Go to the bakery on the outskirts of Aiedo, buy yourself a shortcake, then head off.
Rocky will probably be in Monsen. Just go up to the little pooch and try to talk to him. He's a single-minded fella, so while he's devouring that cake, Chaz can lasso 'im in. If he runs away from you, he'll most likely run to Termi; go there with a shortcake and try again.


The Missing Student

Bounty: 3000 Meseta

Remember the dorms in Piata? Well, one of the students there has apparently taken off and joined a cult. The head of the dorms will give you the details, but your mission is simple: rescue the girl from the clutches of Zio's influence. Head to Zio's temple in Kadary.
You've met the girl before, but now she appears ready to return to her home. However, she has become seriously malnourished. She needs some food, pronto. Head to Termi. In the souvenir shop, you can buy some Perolymate, a nutritious (and delicious) cake. Take it back to her and she'll be up and around in no time.


Fissure of Fear

Bounty: 5000 Meseta

It seems one of the little kids in Monsen wanted to do a little exploring, so he set off into a mysterious fissure that opened up in Monsen due to the recent earthquakes. Talk to the lady in Monsen, then strap on some backpacks and go spelunking.
Unfortunately, the kid is in the process of being eaten by a Fract Ooze, and as such isn't currently available. Nail the Oozer, pull him out, and voila, the kid is ready for his next adventure.


The Stain in Life

Bounty: 50,000 Meseta

Head off to Uzo, a town located on a small island in the southwest. Some parents there are a bit upset. You see, two of their daughters felt like going shopping, so they built a raft and floated to the mainland. They went to Aiedo, a shoppers paradise. Unfortunately, they've been gone way too long. This job will bring in a whopping 50,000 Meseta!!!
Well, not really. The two girls have been jailed because they couldn't pay their hotel bills (you saw these ladies early on, didn't you?) To get them out, you'll have to grease the palm of the local constable. How much? You guessed it: 50,000 Meseta.


The Dying Boy

Bounty: 10,000 Meseta

There's a boy in Torinco, a town located south of Termi, who thinks he's dying. What's his problem, anyway? Play Santa Claus to the little dude by buying him a great gift: the Alis-Sword from the gift shop in Termi. He'll be so amazed that he actually has a legendary weapon of yore that he gets all better. Case closed.


Man with a Twist

Bounty: 20,000 Meseta

Mutant birds attack village, destroy crops! Torinco seems to have a problem controlling the local avian population. Head back there and see the man who'll tell you where the main birds are hanging out. Their cave is a bit to the northeast.
Inside, you'll find King Rappy, the baddest of all the Rappies who've been plaguing the town. Just as you are about to trash 'im, that man comes back and stops you. It seems he's been performing some illicit experiments, and he wanted you to clean up his mess. Or did he? Blasted scientists. Head back home.


Silver Soldier

Bounty: 80,000 Meseta

Your final mission will start off in the town of Zema. Some robots have been messin' around there, creating havoc and generally sticking their noses in where they don't belong (like Birth Valley.) An old man will tell you to head off to the northeast.
Far east of the top of the Zema bridge you'll find the Vahal Fort. Inside are some useful items like Laco Gear and Laco Armor. But you're main purpose here is to shut down the main computer that's been causing the trouble. It's one of Seed's creations, and it thinks that it still needs to control all aspects of the planet's biosystem. This baby's a few chips short of a wafer. Shut it down and you will have finished your business with the Guild.
Please note that this mission will become unavailable if you travel to Rykros before taking it. There is no way to 'unlock' it at that point.

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