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Combination Attacks

Ever since PSIV was, there have been claims that there are more than the fourteen combos listed below. Instruction books and hintbooks claim that there are fifteen or more. However, in all the years the game has been out, no legitimate combo has been published on the net, other than the ones below.

() means any skill or technique within may be used;
/-\ means the order of the skills or techniques does not matter;
+ means the skills or techniues must be performed in the specified order;

See also the Skill and Technique Chronology.

Black HoleNegatis /-\ (Gra,Gigra,Nagra)
Blizzard(Wat,Giwat,Nawat) /-\ (Zan,Gizan,Nazan) or (Wat,Giwat,Nawat) /-\ Hewn
Circuit BreakHijammer /-\ Tandle
Conduct Thunder(Wat,Giwat,Nawat) + Tandle
DestructionDeban + Megid + Legeon + Positron Bolt
Firestorm (Zan,Gizan,Nazan) /-\ (Foi,Gifoi,Nafoi) or (Foi,Gifoi,Nafoi) /-\ Hewn or (Zan,Gizan,Nazan) /-\ Flaeli or Flaeli /-\ Hewn
Grand CrossCrosscut /-\ Efess
HolocaustSavol /-\ Diem
Lethal ImageDeath + Illusion
Paladin BlowRayblade /-\ Astral
Purify LightHolyword /-\ Efess
Shooting StarBurst Rocket + (Foi,Gifoi,Nafoi) or Burst Rocket + Flaeli
Silent WavePhonomezer /-\ Airslash
TriblasterWat /-\ Foi /-\ Tsu

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