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Complete Script - Sean

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Phantasy Star III
Complete Script
The Adventures of Sean
Compiled by Neilast and Mike Ripplinger

                 =*= Third Generation =*=
          The Adventures of Sean, Prince of Azura
(Ayn chooses to marry Thea.)

Ayn asked Thea to be his wife and she accepted.  Lyle and
Rhys gave their blessings as well.  Ayn and Thea began
their new life on far Azura.  Their rule brought peace and
prosperity to all.  In time, Queen Thea gave birth to a
son, Sean.  When he reached manhood, evil arose once more;
Sean was called upon to fight for his people....

(A soldier approaches the throne of King Ayn.)

King Ayn!  Something is happening on Alisa III!  I thought
I saw a flash of light go past us!  Another one hit us!
It's causing explosions!

(A series of laser blasts comes from Alisa III and hits
Azura.  Explosions begin to rock the small moon.)

This satellite's going to blow up--get out!

Sean, our beautiful moon is being destroyed!  Your mother
and I cannot bear to leave our home.  Take the shuttle
and save yourself, my son.  Journey to Landen, your
grandfather's homeland.

I'm staying with Ayn, but you must go.  Mieu and Wren
will go with you.  Farewell!

(Sean resists, but Wren drags him to the shuttle.  Mieu
is with them.)

Sean, hurry!  You must escape!

(The shuttle takes off as more blasts hit Azura and the
satellite is destroyed.  The shuttle then lands in the
desert of Aridia.)

We're lucky to be alive after that crash!  We must try
to make it to Landen, Sean.

   - Human visitors are rare in the town of Hazatak.
   - We leave the fighting to you foolish humans!
   - Journey southeast to see an amazing whirlpool.
   - An old cyborg roams the desert north of here.
   - To explore the whirlpool southeast of Hazatak, first
     find sub parts for your Wren cyborg.

Where is Orakio?  It's been 1,000 years, but I'd know his
black sword anywhere!

Townspeople (Men):
   - Nothing makes sense--the world has gone crazy!  Cyborgs
     battle Orakians; monsters fight Layans!
Townspeople (Women):
   - Welcome to the island village of Ilan.

Townspeople (Men):
   - Someone's directing the monsters and cyborgs!  No
     Orakian or Layan can do that!
Townspeople (Women):
   - Welcome to the bustling port city of Yaata.
   - Cyborgs are attacking Orakians!  What gives?

Townspeople (Men):
   - The people of Landen welcome you, Sean.
   - I hear that some cyborgs have turned against us!
   - Who would want to destroy Azura?
Townspeople (Women):
   - Sari protected us from Lune's monstrous army.  Lune
     was once Laya's most trusted general.  But Orakio
     banished Lune to the far moon, Dahlia.  No one knows
     how Lune survived for so long.
Woman Upstairs in Eastern House:
   - If Ayn had married Sari, we might have won.
Child Upstairs in Western House:
   - Lune is coming!  Run for your lives!  Aieeeee!

   - Lune's army has built a bridge over the river.  He is
     looking for Laya's Treasure in Aridia.
   - Sari has countered every one of Lune's attacks.  Thank
     Orakio for Sari!  Lune can't beat her!
   - You're the only descendant of Orakio left!
   - The western part of this world belongs to Lune.  If
     you head that way, be very careful!

We must end this war before more die.  With Laya's Treasure
we can stop the fighting.  To find Laya's Treasure, use an
ancient machine that can be found in the world to the

Townspeople (Men):
   - Welcome to Northern Divisia.
Townspeople (Women):
   - Enter the castle to reach Southern Divisia.  A pilot
     lives beyond the bay past our town.

   - Real pilots are almost nonexistent nowadays.  Much
     knowledge has been lost since they left us.  Not to
     worry, though, Rulakir is still around.
   - Welcome to glorious Divisia-town, strangers!  Did you
     know that Wren cyborgs can transform?  You must find
     the parts to fly, swim, and dive.
   - Our ancestors piloted this spaceship long ago.  But
     over the years, much knowledge has been lost.

Townspeople (Old Men):
   - Our people once piloted this great spaceship.  Aerone
     is rumored to have pilots even now.  Some rebels are
     in a cave far to the west.  The sub parts for Wren are
     also in that cave.  Use these to find Laya's Treasure
     in Aridia.
Townspeople (Women):
   - To reach Aerone, you need Laya's Pendant.

Let's see where this passage goes!

(Wren transforms into submersible mode and dives.)

This is a world within the world of Aridia.

Old Men:
   - Laya entrusted the future to her sister.
   - We have protected Laya for over 1,000 years.
     Cryogenic sleep has kept her alive since the war.
   - This princess is Laya's younger sister.  Strangely
     enough, she is also named Laya!
   - Mystoke, on Frigidia, holds a key to truth.  Return
     to the desert and go southwest with Laya.  The portal
     to Mystoke awaits you there.

I was very young when Laya fought Orakio.  She left with a
knight who wore a black sword.  I must know the truth.
Please take me along!

Laya joins your party.

Townspeople (Women):
   - Hurry!  Enter the castle of Mystoke!
   - Much will be revealed within Mystoke Castle!
   - At last!  We have waited centuries for Laya's kin to
     reach Mystoke, the Castle of Silence.
   - Use the Laya Pendant to hear Laya's final words.  Then
     journey to Aerone, south of Divisia.
   - You will be tested within the castle gates.  If you
     pass the tests, Laya's Pendant is yours.  All the
     doors to her palace will open to you.

(The party finds Laya’s Pendant and uses it.)

A voice rings out for all of you to hear:  "Sister, it is
time for you to know the truth.  Though Orakio and I have
fought for many years, we finally realize that we have been
deceived.  An evil force from times beyond legend is using
us to satisfy its desire for pain and suffering.  We are
joining forces to fight this ancient evil.  In case we
never return, I leave you the pendant; you will hear this
when you are ready.  Goodbye!”

Townspeople (Men):
   - Only vast power could have blasted Azura.
Townspeople (Old Men):
   - The explosion of Azura lit up the sky!
Townspeople (Women):
   - Welcome to Aerone, the last home of the pilots.  East
     on this path leads to the moon, Dahlia.
   - The beam that struck the moon Azura came from a dome
     that is said to be a barren land of terror.

   - Be warned, strangers, Lune is very depressed.
   - The aero parts for that Wren are in the dungeon.
   - Down the stairs are the aero parts for the Wren.  Use
     them to reach the sky city on Frigidia.  There you may
     find the strength to combat evil.

I'm Lune; I once fought in Laya's army.  Orakio banished me
here almost 1,000 years ago.  For centuries I bided my time
in cryogenic sleep.  I recently awoke and decided to take
revenge.  But now I regret the trouble I have caused.

I'm Alair, Lune's sister.  I also have been frozen in a
cryogenics pod for 1,000 years.  When I woke up, I was
kidnapped by Orakians.  Of course, that made my brother
more furious.  Yes, we were the ones who destroyed Satera.
But we're not behind the recent monster attacks.  We hope
you can forgive us for our past errors.

Father's too weak to fight.  I must do it!  Father, please
lend me your Lune Slicer!

Kara joins your party.

   - We welcome you to the Castle of Skyhaven.
   - My masters have waited centuries for you.
Old Men:
   - The ultimate evil dwells on a floating city in the
     barren waste lands of the dome named Terminus.
   - A word of ultimate power has been lost for ages.  This
     name can empower the weapons of legend.
   - To discover the lost name, you must first find all
     five weapons of ancient legend.
   - The ancient heroes used the legendary weapons.  These
     are Orakio's Sword, Miun's Claw, Siren's Shot, Laya's
     Bow, and Lune's Slicer.
   - The name of power can be learned on Sage Isle, in
     Draconia, the world of old Cille and Shusoran.  Our
     dungeon holds the aqua parts for Wren.  These will
     enable you to wrest Orakio's Sword from its watery
     tomb and to visit Sage Isle.

Old Men:
   - The people of New Mota keep our past alive.
   - The others here can tell you much about our past.
   - We are the keepers of our people's history.  For 1,000
     years we have kept the past alive.  Listen well and
     you will hear of our plight.
   - We're the descendants of the people of Palm, a planet
     that once circled the distant star Algo.  Palm was 	
     destroyed by an evil being that haunts us every 1,000
     years, bringing death and ruin.  This evil incarnate
     is known as Dark Force!
   - The people of Palm were thinkers and creators.  They
     knew of the plans made by the evil being.  When the
     vile Dark Force stirred 1,000 years ago, preparations
     were made to escape from Palm.
   - Our ancestors built a fleet of 400 spaceships.  This
     armada escaped the destruction of Palm and set off
     into space to find a new homeland.
   - Our ancestors thought they had at last escaped from
     the clutches of the undying master of evil.  But Dark
     Force managed to slip aboard a ship.  It destroyed all
     but one of our sister ships before Orakio and Laya
     trapped it on Alisa III.  Now there are only two ships
     left of our fleet:  our ship, the Alisa III, and the
     Neo Palm.

You pull Orakio's Sword from its stone sheath.  Engraved on
the floor is "I hold Dark Force."

Dark Force:
At last I am free of my vile bonds!  Tremble, fools, for I
roam the worlds again!  Other matters await me, but we will
meet again!

You have learned Megido, destruction incarnate!

The black sword!  Orakio, you've returned!  I'm so glad to
meet you again before I...."

Miun collapses.

Townspeople (Women):
   - Your grandfather once saved the folk of Rysel.
Child Upstairs in Technique Shop:
  - Laya's lands across the sea are now gone.

Townspeople (Old Men):
   - Long ago, I met a one-eyed knight named Lyle.
Townspeople (Women):
   - Agoe, the land of swordsmen, is peaceful.

   - Cyborgs have been seen crossing the sea.
   - Visit Sage Isle in this dome-world.
   - Many strange things have been happening lately.
   - Welcome to Agoe Castle!

   - People call this place Sage Isle.
   - The lost word cannot be revealed until all five
     legendary weapons are gathered together.
   - You must show us all of the legendary weapons before
     you learn the ancient word of power!
   - Once all five of the legendary weapons were together,
     but now they are scattered.
   - To learn the lost word, collect all the weapons!

I fought Laya many long centuries ago.  I nursed my hatred
and attacked Layan people.  But on Sage Isle I found that
the Layans are not our real enemies.  I am sorry for my

Siren collapses.

SAGE ISLE (after speaking with Siren)
Old Men:
   - People call this place Sage Isle.
   - Who knows if your puny weapons are enough?
   - All the legendary weapons have been gathered for the
     first time in 1,000 years.
   - You are worthy to hear the ancient word spoken.
   - The ancient word of power is the word "Nei."  We now
     give the Grantz technique to Mieu.

SAGE ISLE (after hearing the word Nei)
   - People call this place Sage Isle.
   - Untold suffering awaits us all if you fail.
   - Orakio's twin brother turned into a fiend.
   - Return to Skyhaven to empower your weapons.
   - Go now and fulfill your destiny!

Townspeople (Men):
   - This is the village of Endora.  Welcome!
   - I remember those cyborgs from long ago!
Townspeople (Women):
   - The legends say that a dragon will help those trying
     to cross over the sea to Techna.

Townspeople (Men):
   - Beneath this world-dome is our ship's engine!  We're
     the descendants of the ship's technicians.
Townspeople (Women):
   - The Castle of Power is a good name for Techna.
Man Upstairs in Weapon Shop:
   - The descendants of the spaceship’s pilots live on the
     other side of this spaceship.

Townspeople (Old Men):
   - We welcome you to Lensol, travelers.
   - We've always assumed our enemies were Layan, but I
     think we've been wrong all these years.

   - Why don't you rest a bit in this city of Lashute?
   - Orakio's twin brother Rulakir is king here.
   - Hatred keeps Rulakir alive after 1,000 years!
   - Rulakir lost his family in the wars long ago.
   - Rulakir dreams of a peaceful world.

(The party tries to speak with Rulakir, but he is silent)

Waves of blackness wash over you.

SKYHAVEN (after hearing the word “Nei”)
   - We welcome you to the Castle of Skyhaven.
   - My masters await you within the castle.
Old Men:
   - You may indeed be ready for the task ahead.
   - Nei is the word of ultimate power.
   - Use the Nei weapons to destroy Dark Force.
   - Equip yourselves with the Nei weapons.
   - Our task is over; yours truly begins now.

LASHUTE (after gaining the Nei Weapons)
   - Your death awaits you in this city of Lashute!
   - We wanted Siren and Lune to start another war, but we
     needed Rhys to bring Satellite back.  And that's
     exactly what that old fool did!
   - Centuries ago, Laya locked the passageways between the
     domed worlds of our ship, Alisa III.  But your father
     and grandfather opened them up again, enabling us to
     spread evil once more!
   - Dark Force brings your doom, fools!
   - You fools have done everything we wanted!

My heart went black 1,000 years ago, when my family died in
the Laya-Orakio war.  Dark Force owns my soul and he shall
own yours!

(A battle between Rulakir and the party ensues.  Rulakir is

You have freed me; destroy Dark Force!

Rulakir is dead; finally he is at peace.

(The party finds Dark Force in a chest in Lashute’s

Dark Force:
I am Dark Force, master of Death!  Your sorrow, anger, and
pain are my strength!  Observe my might and despair of life,
fools!  I will greatly enjoy your painful deaths!

(A battle between Dark Force and the party ensues.  Dark
Force is defeated.)

Dark Force:
I regret smashing only one moon.  Never fear, I'll return
again in 1,000 years; you'll be dead, but I'll visit your
descendants!  It'll be a merry reunion all around, I

Dark Force disappears!

(Sean casts Megido.)

This evil city is too evil to leave standing!

Sean's anger triggered the Megido technique.

(Lashute begins to crumble.)

Megido is tearing the whole city apart!

Hurry, we've got to get out of here!

There's no time, we'll never make it!

(Mieu casts Grantz.)

Mieu used the Grantz technique automatically.  The entire
party was instantly teleported to a place of safety far
from the falling city.

(Lashute falls from the sky.)

The evil city seemed to scream a hideous cry as it fell
from the sky and sank deep into the lake.

(A second spaceship appears near Alisa III.)

Look!  A spaceship that's just like ours!  It must be
the other surviving spaceship.

That spaceship is sending us a message.

Hello Alisa III.  This is the spaceship Neo Palm.  That
explosion earlier attracted our attention.  We guessed
that Dark Force had arisen again and we came over to
lend any help you needed.  Since you're still here, we
assume you've won.  In 1,000 years, Dark Force will arise
again.  Let's get rid of it for good next time!

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