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Complete Script

            Character Dialog During First Meeting
  "There's a knock at the door!"
  "I'm sorry to intrude, but I have heard that Rolf and Nei are trying to solve the mystery of
  the Biomonsters.  I am a professional Biomonster hunter.  I have little talent, except that I
  am good with a gun.
      I also want to go with you.  My name is Rudo, which is short for Rudolf Steiner. 
  Maybe you think you know a better name for me?"
  "Your name fits you well!"
  "There's a knock at the door!"
  "How do you do?  I am Dr. Amy Sage.  I heard that you are seeking to solve the mystery
  of the Biomonsters.  I will be glad to assist you, though I am not much of a fighter.  But, I
  can heal wounds.  Give me a new name, if you wish, as a sign of closeness.
  "Your name fits you well!"
  "There's a knock at the door!"
  "How do you do, Rolf.  I am Hugh Thompson, a Biologist.  I came when I heard about
  your quest.  I value all life, including Biomonsters.  I am willing to fight to defend
  weaker life forms, though.  Perhaps my knowledge will be of help to you.  I will feel like
  we are good friends if you give me a nickname."
  "Your name fits you well!"
  "There's a knock at the door!"
  "I have long wanted to meet you.  I am Anna Zirski.  I am known as a guardian. 
  Although most hunters are good, some have gone bad; I track them down.  My job is to
  hunt evil hunters, but I can hunt anything!  I dislike guns, but give me a weapon with a
  blade, and I am deadly!  I can help you.  Yes, give me a new name and I can forget the
  past and concentrate on the present..."
  "Your name fits you well!"
  "There's a knock at the door!"
  "Howja do?  I'se glad ta see ya.  Yup, I done heard you goin' out after them bad'uns; I
  kin help ya.  I ain't much fer them slimy critters, but...if any machines or robots git in yer
  way, I kin bust ‘em up real good!  My birthin' name be Josh Kain.  Watsamatta? 
  Don'cha think tha's a good name?"
  "Your name fits you well!"
  "There's a knock at the door!"
  "Hello, Rolf.  You are just as handsome as they say.  I am Shir Gold.  I am a thief.  I care
  little for peace and justice.  I steal for fun; and frankly, I think your little outing will be
  packed with thrills for me.  I think I'd like to go with you.  Remember, I'm Shir of the
  wind!  Nothing can catch me!  Do you want me to come with you?  What, you want to
  give me a new name?"
  "Your name fits you well!"

                       Phantasy Star II
                     The Complete Script
  -- I am haunted by nightmares every night.  A young girl is battling a giant demon.  I am
  close by but can not move or speak!  All I can do is watch while the demon keeps
  striking at the girl.
      Just as she is fighting for her life, I awake!  I awake in my room, dimly lit by the early
  dawn.  I am filled with an incredible sadness and fear.  I am Rolf, an agent here on Paseo,
  the capital of Mota.
      I shake my head as if to scatter the remnants of the dream.  I have no time to worry
  like a child about nightmares in this modern age, especially with the Mother Brain
  planning and controlling all aspects of the enviorment.  I open my window and take a
  deep breath of fresh air.  It seems to wash away the bad feelings left by my dream.
  (Walk to Central Tower)
  -- Good morning, Rolf.  How are you?  Almost two years have passed since you started
  working for me, the Commander of Mota.  What I am going to ask you to do will be the
  toughest job you have ever done, but it is vital to the future of Mota.  As you know, Algo
  has been brought up by Mother Brain.  My work as a Commander has been to smoothly
  promote the plans of Mother Brain.  I had believed that Mother Brain never makes
  mistakes.  But those monsters all over Mota are just too much!  We must find out by
  ourselves why those monsters were born, and how to bring them under control.
      Rolf, your mission is to go to the Biosystems lab and get the recorder!  If we look into
  the data, we can figure out how the Biosystems lab ended up making those monsters. 
  Rolf, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you come back safely with the recorder. 
  We'll see each other again!
  (Walk back home)
  -- After going home and preparing for the trip, Nei seemed worried.
      "Nei, I have to leave for a while..."
      Nei stared at me for a moment.  I remembered when we first met, she looked at me in
  just the same way.  That was seven months ago.  Because she was the product of a
  mixture of human cells and those of a Biomonster, she was an outcast from society.
      "You were very small when we first met, but now you can take care of yourself.  I'm
  going on a dangerous journey: too dangerous for you.  I worry about you like you were
  my sister."
      Still, Nei stood in the doorway to keep me from leaving.
      "Please Rolf!  Take me with you!  I'll do anything for you!"
      I took my sack and started to go, but Nei still blocked the way.  I had no choice.  I
  decided to let her come with me.
  - Well, well, you are armed and look so brave.  But if you don't keep your weapons in
  good shape, they are worth nothing.
  - If you have money, you can always get your body cloned at the clone lab.
  -They say that if you go to the north bridge, a guy named Darum will rob you of your
  - From now on, women should be armed and fight!  I believe in that!
  - Maybe you should go back home when you get to a strange town.  There might be
  someone strange who comes looking for you.
  - My dad is just goofing off everyday.  He says he can live without working.
  - When I grow up, I'm going to be a Thief.
  - If there's something you would like to know about Mota, you should go to the library at
  the Central Tower.
  - It hasn't rained at all for a while.  The lake even dried up.
  - This town is peaceful.  I'm glad I moved here from Arima.
  - Do not get close to the bridge on the north river.  Many people have been killed there by
  a man named Darum.
  - Thanks to the Biosystems Lab, Mota flourished.
  - This is Central Tower in Paseo, the capital of Mota.
  - Hunters are the coolest guys.  They really are strong and so dependable!
  - I used to work at the Biosystems Lab which is on the other side of the lake.
  - Why should I work for a living?
  ---North Bridge---
  - "I've seen that face!  He tried to kill Nei seven months ago!  This is bad news.  Let's go
  back for a while."
  - Why in the world did you come to Arima?  this is such a horrible place!
  - I know!  The hideout of those scoundrels is at a building in Shure.
  - The scoundrels must have two more dynamite sticks.  Unless we take them away,
  another town will be destroyed.
  - If only those scoundrels hadn't come to this town, Darum and his daughter Tiem could
  have lived a happy life.
  - Those scoundrels blew up everyone's houses with dynamite!
  - Those scoundrels always come from the east.
  - This town has been wiped out by the scoundrels, and there's nothing left.
  - What's most frightening is humans, not monsters.
  - Darum is not a bad guy!  The reason he became violent is that his daughter, Tiem, was
  - I hear that those bad guys are very cautious, and keep their stuff in a locked container.
  - The scoundrels stole all the food, killed all the men, and kidnapped all the women.
  - Those who are left here are just the powerless, who are only waiting to die.
  (Make way to the top floor and find dead, human body)
  "Those are the bodies of the scoundrels.  I wonder if the Biohazards killed them?"...
  "Oh, my!  There's something inside the pocket.
    (Find small key and letter)
    (ITEM-->LETTER- Note reads: "Darum!  I have your daughter Tiem locked in Nido                   
	tower.  Pay 50,000 meseta in one month if you want to see
  her                    again,"
      To get the money, Darum turned to crime.)
  Containers (without small key)- "It's locked and won't open."
  ---Nido Tower---
  (LOOK at door)- Maybe dynamite can open this door.
  (ITEM--> Dynamite- Rolf uses dynamite...)
  (Find Tiem....ITEM--> Letter-  Rolf hands over Letter; Tiem's hands are shaking.  "My                   
  father has become a killer for my sake?  I must stop him! 
  Take me                       to him!"
      But there are many who hate Darum; his daughter would be an easy target.  Rolf puts a
  veil over Tiem to hide her identity, and takes her to see her father.)
  (ITEM--> Tiem- "How can I get father to mend his ways?")
  ---North Bridge---
  - "What's Tiem doing?"
  - "I'm going to meet my father; don't go anywhere."
  - "Hey girl!  Give me your money or I'll kill you!"
     "I have nothing to give the likes of you!"
     "Why, you...!!!"
     "Uhhhh!  Father!...killing..."
     "Tiem!!  Oh, what have I done?  You won't die alone!"
       (They explode)
  - This is just one of the many tragedies that have come to pass as the world falls into
  turmoil.  Someone must save us!
  -This town is called Oputa.  The Biosystems Lab is located in the southern part of this
  - I want to be a musician.  I heard that there's a piano teacher in this town.
  - STAR MIST cures your scars, and MOON DEW revives your soul.
  - The Biosystems Lab is controlled by Mother Brain.  It cannot make mistakes!
  - I wonder when peace will return to Mota?
  -(Motavian) Hey, what's Mother Brain?
  - The Biosystems Lab had been creating plants which grow well even in a land with little
  -(Motavian) We eat anything when we get really hungry.
  - Say, have you heard of STAR MIST and MOON DEW?  The smell good.
  - In the basement of the Biosystems Lab, I hear there is something most important.
  - The Biosystems Lab created the monsters?  That's a lie.
  - I feel hungry.
  - Even if those monsters are gone, Mota has already been devastated.  There's nothing we
  can do.
  - The hole in the middle of the Biosystems Lab building leads to that horrible basement.
  - People of Algo are hungry all the time because they can't eat anything.
  (Musician's House)
  - I am Ustvestia, a musician.  Do you want to hear me play?
     YES- (Sound Test)
     NO - Oh, I get it, you want to learn to play the piano!
          NO - Well, actually, I'm kind of busy right now, I've got to go.
          YES- Am I a great musician or what?
               NO - Why, you-- go on, get out of here.
               YES- Who is going to learn?  (Pick party member)
     (Pick Male- Hey, he looks smart.  I'll give lessons for 2000 meseta.)
     (Pick Female- Alright.  I'll give lessons for 5000 meseta.)
          NO - Well, actually, I'm kind of busy right now, I've got to go.
          YES- Ok, I'll start the lessons.  Now you are also a musical artist!  Come                          again!
  ---Biosystems Lab---
  (Use Dynamite to destroy door.)
  (Find more Dynamite within to destroy door leading to hole.  Jump in the hole to get to
  the   basement.)
  (ITEM--> RECORDER- This device records all events in the Biosystems lab.  If this can
  be delivered to Paseo, we will know what caused the Biohazards.)
  ---Central Tower---
  - "This must get to the governor!"
  - (Comm.) "Splendid work, Rolf!  I will immediately compare the recorder with the
  library data.  I have always believed that Mother Brain is absolutely right all the time,
  and that our life is protected by Mother Brain.  But under the reign of Mother Brain, we
  have turned into weak and lethargic being.  Under the circumstances, we cannot help
  realizing that fact.  The data must be ready. You'd better get going to the library!"
  - (Librarian) "Analysis on the recorder has been completed.  The cause of the accident in
  the Biosystems lab was an overload of energy poured into the system all at once.  As a
  result, the creature made a rapid evolution.  This creature does not fit into the cycle of
  nature, thus should not exist.  And because this kind of creature was created, the natural
  cycles went out of order.  Please look at this graph.  It shows the amount of energy
  consumed in the last couple of years.  Let's overlap the graphs of temperature and
  rainfall on it.  As you see, the energy which was to be used by Climacontrol to control
  temperature and rainfall seems to have flowed into the Biosystems lab.  Biohazard could
  be something that was schemed up by someone. Please find out why the energy leaked
  from Climacontrol.  Also, if you are going south, take this with you.  The bridge over the
  west river can be passed with this.  Good luck!"
  (ITEM-->Key Tube- It is a metal pole, 20cm long, with markings.)
  -Rolf puts Key Tube inside.
  - This is Zema, a resort town by the lake.
  - We used to play in the ocean on a jet scooter when we were young.
  - People stopped using any mobile machines after the teleport service was introduced.
  - Have you been to the southern peninsula?  That area smells terrible because of the
  garbage smell from Roron.
  - Mota people make anything from junk.
  - I remember seeing Mota people playing on a mobile machine.
  - Mota people love the garbage dump in Roron.
  - Around the middle of the lake, there's a tower where nobody has ever been.
  - "What the...?"
  - "What?"
  (All Motavians)
  - Hmm... I love collecting garbage.
  - Hmm... I love the smell of garbage.
  - Hey look!  I made this jet scooter.  It's something, isn't it?
  - I think I'm gonna try and ride this over the ocean.  If you like, you can come and watch.
    (Find jet scooter on the shore outside.)
  - "Hmm..., I wonder where those Mota people went.  Ah-ha!  There's a note attatched. 
  "We love going through garbage itself.  So, we don't need this.  Anyone can have it." 
  Hey, how lucky I am!"
  "Let's get on the jet scooter!"
  - Welcome to Kueri.
  - (Motavian) Hey, have you met our friends in Roron?
  - They say people in the old days used to eat something before going under the ocean.
  - The ancestors of the people in this town used to work in the ocean.
  - In this town, there are many stories about the ocean.
  - My boyfriend lives on the outskirts of the town, so that nobody disturbs his work.
  - (Motavian) Oh, no!  Humans!
  - They say the ocean and the lake are connected under the ground.
  - It was 50 years ago when Mother Brain prohibited people from going to the ocean.
  - I remember there was a rock island named Uzo in the ocean.
  - In the places where the color of the water is different in the ocean, they say it's because
  of water from the lake.
  ---Inventor's House in Kueri---
  - Hi!  I'm working on inventing a new kind of gum!  Do you know what MARUERA
  LEAVES are?
     YES- *
     NO - There is a MARUERA TREE on an island in the sea.  The leaves of that
  tree produce a large amount of oxygen; I want to use the leaves to make a special gum
  that lets you breath underwater!  *I need some of those leaves.  If you find any, let me
  ---Uzo Island---
  (Inspect rock face- There is a high rocky mountain in front of)
  (Work your way through maze of caves and rocks)
  - "This is it!  This is the Maruera-tree."
     Rolf has found MRURA LEAF.
     Rolf has gotten hold of MRURA LEAF.
  ---Inventor's House---
  - Hi!  I'm working on inventing a new kind of gum!  That's it; a MARUERA LEAF! 
  Please give it to me!
     NO - That's too bad.  Well then, good-bye!
     YES- Thanks!  If you'll wait, I'll make the gum... Done!  There's plenty, so take                   
	 some!  There you go!  Farewell!
  - This town is called Piata.  There used to be a spaceport near here.
  - I wanted to be a pilot, but I guess I can't be one since there is no spaceship.
  - Hey, what's outside Algo?  How come we can't go there?
  - When people refer to the accident of 10 years ago, they mean the collision of
  spaceships over Dezo.
  - After the accident of 10 years ago, the use of any spaceship has been prohibited.
  - Did you know that it is impossible to travel to outer space now?
  - The last spaceship was headed toward the outside of Algo.
  - There used to be spaceships taking off for Palm and Dezo one after another, when there
  was a spaceport.
  - (Motavian) I heard that there are all kinds of arms in the dam.
  - (Motavian) Oh, no!  Humans!
  - Everyone used to believe that travelling in space was not dangerous at all.
  - Rolf,... I may have seen such a name on the boarding list of that last spaceship.
  - Mother Brain is watching over us, right?  Then, why do accidents happen?
  - They say a number of people got killed in the accident of 10 years ago.
  (Find discolored water)
  (LOOK- The color of the water around here certainly)
  (ITEM--> MARUERAGUM- The party eats MaureraGum.  With each bite, everyone's
  mouth fills with air!  Could help underwater...)
  (Group travels through underwater maze to Climacontrol.)
  (Group works their way to the heart of the Climacontrol.)
  (Find a girl there.)
  - What's this?  She looks just like Nei!
  - "I am Neifirst, I was born 2 years ago.  I am the product of a Bio-systems experiment
  combining humans with animals.  The people felt the experiment was a failure and thus
  tried to kill me.
     "But I escaped, and stole DNA data from the Biosystem.  I have created monsters to
  wreak revenge on the people who so carelessly and selfishly played with life.  But there
  is another Nei within me; a Nei who is trying to stop me."
  - It can't be..., you don't mean...?
  - "Yes, that is the one that you call Nei.  The one you think is a friend is a monster who
  despises all people!"
  - "No, I don't hate humans!" said Nei.  "I separated from Neifirst because it was so
  terrible in her!  Of course it is terrible to be born a monster!  But I couldn't stand by
  while you tried to get revenge by creating monsters!"
  - "Fool!  You say such things but you are powerless to stop me!  Just try it!"
     NO - Nei stood with her head down and didn't move.  Since Nei and Neifirst
  were                  originally both part of the same body, killing Neifirst would mean
  the end of                 Nei, also.
     YES- "I don't want you to make any more monsters!  Do you understand?"

	  (Nei kills Neifirst)
  - Nei and party are victorious!  1112 experience points!  Receive 1111 meseta!  
  - "Rolf, there's no hope for me.  If Neifirst is dead, I must die, too."
  - And in so saying, Nei silently closed her eyes.
  - Rolf calls Nei's name once again.  But his plaintive cry merely echoes and re-echoes.  

          (Nei is killed by Neifirst)
  - Nei, hold on!
  - "There's no hope left for me.  Please Rolf don't let them ever repeat the mistake they
  made when they made me.  I hope everyone on Algo can find happiness in their new
  - After saying this, Nei died.  Rolf laid Nei's lifeless body gently on the ground.
  - Nei!  We will avenge you!
     (Fight...defeat Neifirst)
  - Rolf calls Nei's name once again.  But his plaintive cry merely echoes and re-echos.
  - The weather control system is shaking terrifically.  Now Neifirst is dead, there is no one
  controlling it.  All the pent-up energy is pouring into the system!
  - What has happened?  Rolf and the others quickly decide to return to Paseo.
  -Clone Lab Grandma- Ahh, the one called Nei?  I'm sorry, but we really aren't able to
  return people who aren't human.  It just doesn't work.  Just above Paseo is a plateau; why
  not put her to rest up there?  Don't be sad--everyone must die sometime; your friend led a
  full life!
  (If someone else is dead- What about that tired young one over there?  It may be possible
  to bring him back to life.
  (Goto Central Tower)
  - Something's wrong.
  - Man- Omigosh!  The lake is overflowing!  There must have been an accident at
  Climatrol!  All of the rain supply has flowed into the lake!  Mota is going to flood!  Run
  for your lives!  It's a catastrophe!
  - Commander- Rolf, Once again there's a serious problem.  Just when we were feeling
  relieved that those monsters had been taken care of, this happened!  We could avoid the
  worst case if the dams could be opened... but there's no control.  Someone must go there
  and open them.
  - Rolf- Please let me do it!
  - Well..., but..., I'm sorry to say this, but the government of Palm has announced your
  names as the ones who made Mother Brain go crazy.  Right now, the security system is
  desperately trying to catch you guys.  It is too dangerous to do anything that stands out.
  - But even if we stay inside and hold our breath, they will find us sooner or later.  I'd
  rather go and open those dams.  I want to find out who is trying to destroy Mota.
  - I see.  I won't say any more.  Take care of yourselves.
  (The towns' people now say different things.  There are only a few phrases between all of
  - Now that those Biohazards are gone, we can live without working again.
  - You guys look like the guys in the pictures of the wanted...
  - They say that those bad guys who are rebelling against Mother Brain are being chased
  by the robots the government sent out.
  - Mom told me not to talk to Rolf and his friends.  Why is that?
  - Hey, the good-looking girl you were always with, she is not with you today?
  - Biohazards are gone, but the heavy atmosphere of this planet somehow stays the same...
  - No matter what may happen, we will believe in you and those who are fighting for us.
  - I've seen your face somewhere...
  - (Unique)- Brain.  This caused the people's minds to weaken.  The trap also leads Algo
  to destruction.  I don't know who made the trap, or why.  There is a Neisword in the box. 
  When you pick it up, it will rescue you from the evil side.
  ---Control Tower in Piata---
  (Group works their way to heart of tower.)
  - Here's a key board.  Oh, here's some music, too.  Shall I touch it?
     NO - (Nothing happens)
     YES- (Warp outside)
  (TECH-->Rolf-->Musik- Rolf uses Musik successfully.)
  (Door opens...get Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red Cards)
  (The following is uniform for all dams)
  (LOOK- There's a place to put the card in.)
  - Rolf puts (color) Card inside.  The dam locks open, and rushing water is heard.
  (After opening Green Dam, group is attacked by Army Eye, and trapped by plasma rings)
  (All possessions are gone except Plasmaring and Prsn. Clothes)
  - (Voice)- This is the satellite Gaila.  There is no escape; you are in outer space.  You are
  guilty of damaging the Mother Brain.  You will be kept here until your death sentence is
  carried out.
  - (Rolf)- I tried to open the dams because I felt responsible for making too much rain fall,
  but I was caught.  I don't want to die here not even knowing who was trying to destroy
  Mota by using Mother Brain.
  - Rolf hears a large explosion and feels a tremendous force moving the satellite.  Rolf
  better check the control panel and fix the Gaila's orbit! (Alarm is sounding)
  - Oh no!  This satellite is headed straight for Palm.  There's no time!  What should I
  (Everything goes black, and the image of Alis fighting Dark Force appears.)
  - It was that same dream again.
  - (Tyler)- Did I disturb you?  I'm Tyler, a space pirate.  I left Palm long ago; life under
  the Mother Brain was not to my liking.  You were being held by Gaila, right?  It's good
  for you that I happened to be close by.  Your friends are also being revived right now;
  They should awake any moment.  It was terrible... this is all that is left of Palm.  One
  planet was destroyed.  Who knows what happened to Algo, I don't know what to say. 
  According to the news, you and your friends are criminals charged with destroying the
  Mother Brain.  But I don't believe you could have done that, could you?  Anyway, I'll
  take you to Paseo.  I've already got your belongings loaded.  Ah, I remember now!  You
  were heading for Dezo.  I have heard that there is someone there who can do things
  Mother Brain can't.  But he might be of a criminal nature!  You never can tell!  Well,
  until we meet again!
  (Back in Paseo...walk to Central Tower)
  - (Commander)- Welcome back.  I was worried sick about you.  What?  You're going to
  Dezo without a rest?... I see.  You must have thought it out.  Use the spaceship on the
  rooftop.  But, remember that you are still suspects.  The Palm incident has made them
  desperate.  Make sure you take care of yourselves.
  ---Roof of Central Tower---
  - This is Mota's only remaining spaceship.  It's entirely automatic, so anyone can fly it. 
  Shall we go to Dezo?
     YES- Now leaving for Dezo.
     NO - The party leaves Central Tower without boarding the spaceship.
  (Before each message, it reads:- I found an old newspaper!)
  - When you're lonely, the best way to console yourself is to keep a pet!
  - Why don't you talk to your pet, too?  Please come to our department store for a magic
  - Recently, there's been many fake magic caps going around.  Please be careful.
  - A gas leak has been reported in Skure D block.  Please evacuate.
  - The gas that leaked out could be extremely dangerous.  Please beware!
  - The last rescue ship leaves on August 11th.  Don't miss it!
  - The cause of the gas leak turned out to be a simple mistake.
  ---Musk Cats---
  -  (No Hat)- Mew!  Meeyaw!
     (Magic Hat)- We used to be kept by humans.
     (Mogic Hat)- You weirdo!
  - (Ma)- Most people working in Dezo were away from their families back home.
     (Mo)- I hate you!  Go away!
  - (Ma)- When humans left this planet, they left us behind.
     (Mo)- I'm gonna bite you!
  - (Ma)- Those pets left behind on this planet changed into different forms due to poison
     (Mo)- You weirdo!
  - (Ma)- Feed me!  I'm hungry.
     (Mo)- You weirdo!
  (Without a hat, the Dezorians say- Ga? dote-mew?  banaput?)
  (Magic Hat...the following are the lies told by all Dezorians)
  - We are Dezo people.  The best men in Algo.
  - There isn't anyboby else but us on this planet.
  - We don't ever lie!
  - Staying too long on this planet makes everyone's body rot.
  - The truth is, the clone lab Grandma is really a man.
  (Mogic Hat)
  - We are living in the town that Palm people abandoned.
  - This town is called Zosa.
  - We've got such tough bodies!  It's unbelievable!
  - Hey!  You don't look familiar.  Where are you from?
  - The reason the accident happened on the day of a solar eclipse was because the Palm
  people didn't pray.
  - The Palm people were punished because they didn't take good care of the eclipse-torch.
  - The Palm people were afraid of poison gas, but it can't do anything to us.
  - It's best to live lazily with hunting like this.
  (Mogic Hat)
  - This town is called Aukba.
  - Dezo is all ours.  We feel so dern better that those Palm people left.
  - Hey, you,... you came over from that crevice?
  - Long dern time ago, I heard that someone run away from Palm to this planet.
  - They say people who are hiding on this planet have strange power.
  - I wonder why that guy, hiding on this planet, never ages?
  - When I went to the other side of the crevice, I saw a beautiful man there.
  - We ain't gonna leave this planet no matter what!
  - We hate computers.
  - It's such a surprise to see a human other than the clone lab Grandma!  Everybody left
  three years ago.
  (Mogic Hat)
  - This town is called Ryuon.
  - The Palm people came to Dezo to mine Laconia.
  - The Grandma of the clone lab stayed here because she likes us.
  - I heard the poison gas came from the mine.
  - I saw two spaceships crashing into each other 10 years ago.
  - Do people in Mota still believe in Mother Brain?
  - If people keep depending on Mother Brain, they are just going to come to an end.
  - We don't trust no Mother Brain.
  - Can such a building exist?  It's there, but you can't see it or touch it?
  - I don't like no Palm people.  I'd say it's bad to make a big whole on my planet.
  - ...ooops, I fell asleep walking.
  - It's so dern hot today.
  (Go through Crevice to get to Esper Mansion)
  ---Esper Mansion---
  - You must be Rolf.  We've been expecting you.
  - This man told us that he would awaken when you arrive.
  - This man wakes up once every ten years.
  - The glorious man who used to fight to save Algo is buried here.
  - This man was put into cold-sleep in order to watch over the future of Algo.
  - When Mother Brain came, this man decided to hide in Dezo.
  - We have been working for him since many generations ago.
  - Welcome.  Our master has been waiting for you.
  - I personally wish to have my master sleep quietly, but...
  (Sleep chamber opens and Lutz climbs out.)
  - (Lutz)- You finally made it.  I'm Lutz, the last telemental on Algo.  You seem surprised
  that I know you name.  Don't you remember?  This is the second time we have met.  I
  saved you from death after an accident on a spacetrip with your parents when you were
  10.  What woke me was Alis' scream.  So you are the last descendant of Alis who fought
  to protect Algo.  Beautiful Alis, the symbol of Algo, was fighting the dark force in that
  dream.  The dark force was trying to destroy Algo, but in the end was itself destroyed.
        But that doesn't mean that there is no longer anyone trying to destroy Algo. 
  You, Rolf, must arm yourself for battle.  One valuable item is the aeroprism-- it will let
  you see that which cannot be seen.  Also arm yourself with Nei's weapons.  Prepare
  yourself, and then I will tell you about the enemy's plans.
  (Return without Nei Weapons)
  - (Espers)- The future of Algo depends on you.  I'm sure it will be a tough trip, but please
  don not get discouraged!
  - (Lutz)- Before the dark power reigns over Algo, we must get the legendary arms
  (ITEM-->Prism- The prism shines with a strange brilliance.)
  (Travel around Dezo and acquire the Nei Weapons)
  ---Esper Mansion---
  - (Lutz)- Good job!  You are truly a descendant of Alis.  I acknowledge that you are
  qualified to succeed the power of light and the memory of darkness.  One thousand years
  ago, after the battles of Alis, Algo obtained peace for a short while.  People were
  satisfied with what was given to them by those they loved, and did not ask for more.  And
  it was their pleasure to give to their loved ones more than they wanted.
       However, when Mother Brain arrived, Algo changed.  We got confused because
  Mother Brain created so many things, we didn't really know what we needed.
       People started to fight for what Mother Brain created.  They no longer thought
  that kindly about Alis.  People ven thought that they could not live without Mother Brain. 
  I think that a devil's trap is behind Mother Brain.  This caused the people's mind to
  weaken.  The trap also leads Algo to destruction.
       I don't know who made the trap, or why.  There is a Neisword in the box.  When
  you pick it up, it will rescue you from the evil side.
  - (Lutz before getting Neisword)- Remove the Nei-sword from this box.
  - (Lutz after getting Neisword)- Rolf, are you brave enough to do battle with the powers
  of evil?
     NO - In that case, I'll send you on your way with my praydrs.  Oh, god of Algo,                     
	 bless party with courage and strength.
     YES- I will leave the future of Algo up to you.  I pray for your safety.  Use the                  
	 Neisword if you run out of power.  It will bring you back here right
  away!                 Now go to those who watch us from outside Algo.
  (ITEM-->Neisword- Rolf's body feels very light.)
  Box- What's this?  I feel the tremendous strength of dark power!
        - Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! This is Pandora's box!  It contains all that is evil, all that you call
          the dark force! This is a present from our world to all of you!  Take it!  (Fight Dark 
  (One of the following will happen if a party member becomes evil.:
     - **** turns greedy and searches the others' items.
     - Crushed by despair!
     - **** turns traitor and tries to run, but can't get away!
     - **** gets lazy!  Agility decreases!
     - **** turns doubtful!  **** fights less furiously!
     - **** loses confidence!  **** can't use any techniques!
     -The Neisword emits a bright light!  The evil is dispelled!)
  ---Mother Brain---
  - So this is the Mother Brain controlling Algo.  Rolf and the party are overcome by the
  presence of the Mother Brain.  But the future of Algo depends on them!
     Will they have to fight to pry Algo from the grasp of Mother Brain?
     NO - The Mother Brain laughed loudly and said, "Just as I thought, you cannot
  harm me.  I am like a mother protecting her child.  And now I will take my child, Algo,
  by the hand and lead it down the path of destruction.  On your way, then, because there is
  nothing you can do."
     YES- The Mother Brain begins to grin.  "You are such fools.  If you damage me,
  the world will be thrown into a panic.  Without me, the people of Algo are helpless. 
  They have become too soft and used to comfort.  If  I were to malfunction, the people
  would die cursing their fate.  If that is your aim, disable me!  If not return now!"
          YES- On your way, then, because there is nothing you can do."
          NO - "I will show no mercy.  Die!" (Fight Mother Brain)
  - Rolf and the rest of the company stood in amazement where the Mother Brain once
  was.  Algo had been suddenly released from the Mother Brain's control.  The Biosystems
  and weather control systems suddenly became useless.  The people of Algo awaited the
  start of their hard and difficult life without the Mother Brain.  But Rolf and the others
  could feel a sence of hope.
     Let's get back to Mota.  This is only the beginning!
  - "Rolf wait!"  Lutz's voice filled everybody's heart.  "There's still somebody in the ship! 
  You can't return again!"
  - "What?"
  (Walk to the back room, and find many people.)
  - Who are these people?
  - Welcome to the spaceship Noah.
  - Who are you?
  - I don't like your tone of voice.  Are you here because you think we are enemies?
     YES- Of course we hate you for destroying the Mother Brain.
        (2)- So you are the creator of the Mother Brain.  You are hardly what we                    
            - "We are not people of Algo.  We are from a place called Earth.  Our planet            
			was green and lovely, and we had a highly advanced civilization. 
  We are            the last of our race."
            - "The last...?"
            - "Yes.  Our planet has been destroyed.  Do you want to know why?"
                (1)YES- "We were a weaker people then.  Even though we knew about the
                    evil inside of us, we didn't surpress it.  We took joy in
  controlling                 nature; we didn't realize we were destroying
  ourselves" until it was                    too late.
                    The death rattle of our planet alerted us to our failure.  With the                  
					time remaining to us, we built a spaceship to wander
  among the                   stars.  Then we found Algo.  We found the people
  here living in                   simple happiness."
               "We decided we wanted this planet.  And do you think you can
  stop              us, we who destroyed Palm?  You will die!"
          NO - Since you are going to die anyway, you might as well know.
               YES- In place of the home we have lost we will have to settle for                             
			   this star.  The Mother Brain is lost, but we can easily
  create                          another.  The only ones who are against us are you.  If
  you                             are eliminated, our plans can proceed. (Goto #3)
               NO - If you want to know we will tell you." (Goto #1)
     NO - Thanks to the Mother Brain which we created, Algo prospered. (Goto #2)
  - Thanks to Lutz's power, they were sent on their way.  (The other party members
  - "Very clever!  But it is only a matter of time before Algo is destroyed!"
  - "Silence!  Be quiet!"
  - And in the next instant, Rolf and the others were attacked by several hundred earthmen!
  ---Ending Cinema Display---
  Rudo- We shall make you see how it feels to lose something that you love.
  Amy- I can see the confusion and pity in your eyes.  I will never forgive you for what you 
           have done.
  Kain- How dare you ruin Algo!
  Shir- I refuse to be a slave of fate!  I will be the master of my own future!
  Hugh- You have shown me the ugliness of continued existence.
  Anna- These are my parting words to you; those who give up are doomed.
  I wonder what the people will see in the final days?
  ((Once again, I have left all spelling and grammatical errors, that are in the game, within
  the text.  I've left out everything that can be easily seen within the game (Library Info,
  Character descriptions, the intro.)  I apologize if I missed anything that should have been
  included.- Ben))

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