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Technique Guide

A * indicates the magic affects more that one character/enemy

All-Enemy Attack Magics
Foi,Gifoi,Nafoi-- Ignites the air into a powerful beam of fire.  
15,40,130 HP damage; costs 2,6,12 TP
*Zan,Gizan,Nazan-- Draws the air out of your enemy with a vacuum.
20,30,100 HP damage; costs 4,7,11 TP
*Gra,Gigra,Nagra-- Crushes enemies with gravity.
20,40,80 HP damage; costs 8,12,20 TP
Tsu,Githu,Nathu-- A laser beam.
30,80,150 HP damage; costs 6,13,20 TP

Misc. Attack Magics
Shift-- Increase attack power; costs 5 TP
Fanbi-- Decreases enemies HP; costs 2 TP

Machine-Only Attack Magics
*Eijia-- Corrodes enemies.23 HP damage; costs 4 TP
Brose-- Destroys machinery; costs 8 TP
Conte-- Prevents machine from making special attack; costs 6 TP
Gaj,Gigaj,Nagaj-- Damages machines.
20,60,150 HP damage; costs 1,5,15 TP
*Sag,Gisag,Nasag-- Damages machines.
20,60,150 HP damage; costs 3,15,27 TP

Creature-Only Attack Magics
Gen,*Sagen-- Causes creatures to age; costs 1,3 TP
Vol,*Savol-- Causes creatures to die; costs 8,16 TP
Shiza-- Prevents creatures from making special attacks; costs 6 TP

*Megid-- Super Attack Magic; costs 55 TP

Defense Magics
Doran,Rimit,*Shinb-- Causes creatures to miss attacks, be paralyzed, or 
run away; costs 2,3,4 TP
*Forsa,Rimet-- Causes machines to miss, or to freeze; costs 2,3 TP
Shu,*Sashu-- Increases your defensive power; costs 3,8 TP
*Deban-- Creates a barrier around your party; costs 4 TP
Ner,*Saner-- Speed's up your party; costs 2,6 TP

Healing Magics
Res,Gires,Nares-- Restores 20,60,Max HP; costs 3,7,13 TP
*Sar,Gisar,Nasar-- Restores 20,60,Max HP; costs 13,29,53 TP
Sak,*Nasak-- Restores Max HP to one or whole party; costs 1 life
Anti-- Removes poison; costs 2 TP
Rever-- Resurrects a life; costs 30 TP

Other Magics
*Ryuka-- Returns you to last Data Memory station; costs 8 TP
*Hinas-- Exits your party from a dungeon; costs 4 TP
Musik-- Plays music

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