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Hintbook Part II

This is a text-only translation of the Official Phantasy Star II Hintbook that was released along with the game. All relevant text is a direct quote from the book. There are some mistakes in the tips, such as the location of some of the items relative to a container; these were present in the original guide and have NOT been corrected, so as to preserve the condition of the text. The book has been split into sections, to accomidate its large size. Links to each map that is referred to have been added by this author. Use this guide discretely, since a blind, step by step following of the text can detract from the gaming experience.

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Paseo Town:

When you return to Paseo after defeating Neifirst, you learn that you are wanted by the Government as the criminal who put Mother Brain out of order. Your next ask is to find the cards which open the four dams. They seem to be hidden in a Control Tower. The Control Towers in Piata are suspicious. The townspeople will not easily give you information, but you must obtain it. Also, ask for information at the Library.

Control Tower:

There are Control Towers in the seven towns of Mota. A passage linked to the underground dungeon is located in one of the Control Towers. Check out the three Control Towers in Piata and you will find the passage to the underground dungeon. Remember, your enemies are all robots now.

There are plenty of chutes at the first level of the Control Tower. Look carefully at the place on the second level where the chute arrives from the first level. You must go to the center of the second level in this dungeon. Be careful of which chute you choose to get to the center of the second level. The key in this dungeon is to use a number of chutes carefully between the first and second levels. Once you reach the seventh lower chute from the left, your destination is closer.

There is a keyboard at the center on the second level. Learn how to use the Musik technique taught to you by Ustvestia when standing in front of the keyboard. You must use the technique to stay in the Control Tower. When you use the technique, the central door opens. Go to the room where the four cards are stored. Examine the room and locate the four cards.

Cautions when you go to the dam!:

When you defeat Neifirst, your enemies turn to robots from Biomonsters. Your companions should also be changed so that you can combat the robots. You now have seven companions after defeating Neifirst. We recommend Rolf, Rudo, Kain, and Anna. your task will be hard if the levels of Kain and Anna are low, so would advise you to improve their levels at an early stage.

The hardest places on your trip on Mota are the Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow Dams. Your opponents at the dams are stronger than the Biomonsters. Go to the hospital and recover your strength before leaving for the dams. Take as much Trimate as possible. Hugh and Anna can make a double-fisted attack if they have a weapon in each hand. It would be a good idea to give a Laser sword to Rolf, a Laser cannon to Rudo, a Laser knife or Laser shot to Hugh, and a Laser slasher to Anna. Give them highly protective outfits. Attack mainly with the weapons and only use Technique when it is sure to be effective.

Shir is a thief. Include her in your companions and go shopping in town. Shir suddenly disappears and you find her at your home. She always returns with something, but the things she steals are different depending on her level. Take her to the baggage room of the Central Tower in Paseo when her level reaches ten. She steals a Visiphone which you can use to save your game anywhere. The Visiphone cannot be bought, it can only be stolen by Shir in Paseo. It is a very convenient item for your adventure at the dams.

Red Dam:

The nearest town to the Red Dam is Zema. Enter the Red Dam through the inlet of Roron. The Red Dam is three levels high. The main computer, which is your destination, is located in the center of the second level. Be careful of Whistle which you meet often before reaching the Red Dam.

The first level is divided into three blocks. Each block is small, but you must make many trips between the first and third levels to reach your destination.

The first level is located at the breakpoint between the first basement level and the ground level. Watch the three blocks carefully to make trips between the first basement level and the two ground levels. The first basement level divides to the left and right. The right and left sides are identical. Don't get lost! There are seven chutes on the first basement level. Use the chutes carefully and get the Sword of Ang.

The Sword of Ang in in a container on the first basement level. However, the dungeon is divided into three blocks. So, follow carefully to arrive at the container with the Sword of Ang. The second level is divided by pitfalls as well as walls. The key here is how you reach the computer at the center of the Red Dam. Check the locations of the chutes. Two items are hidden in a container on the second floor; a Fire slasher for Anna and a Fire staff for Amy. They can also be used for purposes other than weapons.

Yellow Dam:

It is closer for you to reach the Yellow Dam from Kueri. The Yellow Dam has four levels. The main computer, which is your destination, is located at the center of the first level. Check the map carefully before proceeding because the Yellow Dam is more complicated than the Red Dam.

The key on the first level is how you can reach the center. Use the two vertical chutes in the right side.

Take and Escapipe from the container on the second level. Check the map carefully to proceed through the dam.

The main computer is located in the center of the third level. However, only one chute leads there. There are three containers with items. Be careful not to get lost. Also, be careful - one of the chutes is a trap!

The fourth level is easy and you can walk around. The enemies, however, are strong. You must get an Amber Robe from the container on the fourth level.

Blue Dam:

The Blue Dam is a five level dam and you will often get lost in here. Also, your enemies are stronger and it will be more difficult to escape from them. Try to save your energy until you approach the main computer.

Powerful enemies appear even on the first level. There is no container with items on the first level. If you are not confident with your physical strength, return to town using a technique or an item.

Get the Antidote and Cresgegear from the container in the second level in the Blue Dam. Cresgegear has another function when used as an item. Go through the dam slowly to improve your level through battles with the enemies.

Three items are hidden in containers in the third level. Think carefully in order to reach the three containers. You should know that the third level is the half-way point in the shortest route for you to attack the Blue Dam.

The main computer is located on the fourth level of the Blue Dam. However, you can't get there by ordinary methods. The key here is to use the pitfall. your destiny depends on which of the five pitfalls you use. So, read the map carefully. A Color Scarf and Trimate, which you can use as items, are hidden in containers on the fourth level.

Now, you are at the top of the Blue Dam. Storm Gear is hidden in a container on this level. Storm Gear functions as Gizan when used as an item. The key on this level is to compare it with the fourth level and jump into the L-shaped pitfall at the maze center. You are getting close to the main computer.

Green Dam:

The main computer of the Green Dam is located in the center of the second level. This dam is very large and there are many chutes. Remember, always know where you are! You could get lost on the first level, depending on which chute you use first. Identify the chute connection from the first to the second level by the number. Then, try each one.

You must use the chutes repetitively to reach the main computer. Also, use the exterior passages. Three Army Eyes appear when you insert the card to the main computer at the center of the second level. Despite your putting up a tremendous fight, unfortunately, you will be captured with Army Eye Plasma ring and sent to Gaira. This is an important part of the story.


You fought against Army Eye at the Green Dam and were locked in the Gaira satellite by them. Army Eye took all your weapons, armor, and other items. You are also bound with Plasmaring and cannot fight your enemies and can only escape from them.

When you look for the exit of Gaira, the alarm sounds. The Gaira orbit aims toward Palm. You are saved by the space pirate, Tyler, when Gaira almost crashed into Palm and you are taken back to Paseo on Mota.

Paseo Town:

Meet the Commander of Paseo and he will tell you about Dezo. He will also tell you that a spaceport is located on the roof of the Central Tower. No one knows what is on Dezo. Recover your strength before leaving for the spaceport. Take plenty of medical supplies.


Skure, Dezo's spaceport, is a three level dungeon with one ground level and two underground levels. The exit of the dungeon is linked to the ground. You must find the exit of Skure Space Port to go to town. However, there are monsters including robots in the Skure Space Port. Also, a secret lies in the Skure Space Port.

Remember that the dungeon starts from the first level of the Skure space port and stretches to the ground.

Reach the ground through the first basement level. There is a container on this level. Remember that the Skure Space Port starts from the first level and stretches to the ground.

You must go to the second basement level to reach the ground.

Zosa Town:

Learn how to use the magic cap and mogic cap in the towns on Dezo. If you wear the magic cap, the people on Dezo will only tell you lies. Also, the price of items in the shops is different when you are wearing the magic cap. You must return to Paseo on Mota if Shir steals from a shop on Dezo.


Ask the townspeople for information immediately upon arriving in Akuba. They will tell you the story of the Crevice and the Esper mansion in Alplatin. Wear the mogic cap to get information. The weapon's shown at the weapons shop and armorer's shop on Dezo are very powerful and efficient. However, they are very expensive, so be careful when buying them.

Ryuon Town:

Ryuon is the last of the three towns on Dezo. It would be best if you made Ryuon the central point for your adventure because Trimate can only be obtained at a tool shop in Ryuon. The information from the people of Ryuon is not very useful. However, three armors made of Laconia are sold at a shop in this town. Also, it is convenient because Trimate is sold at a tool shop.


Go through the Crevice to reach the Esper Mansion in Alplatin. Take a good look at the Crevice near Akuba. You see wave rings spreading. Enter there to enter the Crevice.

In the Crevice, several chutes go up to the ground. However, only one chute goes to the Esper Mansion. Use the chutes on the first basement level to reach the maze which is connected to the Esper Mansion. Watch out for pitfalls.

There are seven chutes in the dungeon on the second basement level in the Crevice. You will reach Alplatin depending on which chute you choose. Your opponents on this level are very powerful. We suggest you return to town and recover your strength rather than fighting enemies who will drain your energy.

Once you arrive in the third basement level, you can easily reach the ground where the Esper Mansion is located in Alplatin. However, after reaching the ground, it is still a long journey to the Esper Mansion. We hope that you have not drained your strength.

Esper Mansion:

Most people get lost on Dezo as they don't know about the Crevice and Esper Mansion. Your adventure cannot proceed without the item which you should receive from someone at the Esper Mansion. Pass through the Crevice to get to the Esper Mansion. Someone awaits you.

The one who has been sleeping in the basement is Lutz with the Esper ower. He escaped from the Esper hunting by Mother Brain and has been waiting for warriors who are against Mother Brain. Lutz tells you about the items hidden in the four dungeons which you will visit later, the secret of Dezo, and the destiny of the Agent. Lutz then gives you the Prism.


Using the prism, you can finally see the geography of Dezo. Your adventure expands with the prism. You will find four dungeons - and each one is unique! Remember, attack is difficult unless you read the map carefully. The first dungeon is Menobe.

Some may have sold the items obtained at the Dams because they are in high demand. These items are hidden in containers in the four dungeons.

Very strong enemies appear in the dungeons on your adventure. Since you will be easily defeated if your level is low, you should decide your companions now. Then, improve their individual levels steadily. A way to increase their individual levels faster is to fight with fewer companions in your party. While this will make their levels increase faster, the danger is also much greater.

When entering this dungeon, you will see that the passage at the center of the first level is connected to three rooms to the right, the left, and at the end. Your destination is determined by which room you enter first.

Starting from your destination in reverse, check the map of the first, third, and fourth levels carefully. The rooms at the right and left are connected in different directions in the second level.

There are two containers, one contains Neimet. The dungeon is divided into small rooms. Think carefully to reach your goal. Check the map carefully.

Although it is the upper level, you have not yet reached your final goal. Trees bar your way and a strong enemy awaits you.


You must think how to go through the dungeon with your restricted strength. Follow the route in reverse starting from the container, or you will be lost. The route to your goal is determined on the first level.

Remember that the circumference of the building is part of the dungeon, or you will be lost on the first level.

The area is divided into two rooms on the second level. There is only one passage for you to reach the next level. The third, fifth, seventh, eleventh, thirteenth and fifteenth levels are passages to the upper levels.

There is only one passage for you to reach the next level.

These are passages to go up or down levels. Remember which level you are on.

There is one container holding an item. The way is easy, the enemies who await are stronger.

The container at the center of the ninth level contains Crystal cape. Regard the others as passages to the upper levels.


Most levels in Ikuto are connected by pitfalls. You must use the pitfalls to go downstairs. Remember, however, in most cases you can use the Hinas technique or an Escapipe to go upstairs.

There is only one stair and three pitfalls on the first level.

There are already nine pitfalls on the first basement level. You may fall to the bottom if you are not careful.

Learn the importance of the pitfall on the second basement level. We suggest you number the pitfalls.

The third basement level is wide and you will see how difficult it is to reach the container.

This level is the largest of all and has forty pitfalls. Think carefully to prevent falling through the pitfalls. There is one container.

Two items of Nei's are hidden on this fifth basement level. Remember by which pitfalls you arrived here and confirm the location where you fell or you will never reach the container you found.

There is nothing on the sixth basement level. You arrive here if you fall into the wrong pitfall.


Like the dungeon of Ikuto, you must use the pitfalls to go to different locations. Fall to the location of the container on the sixth level from the fifth level in Naval. Repeat going up and down to obtain items in containers in this dungeon.

A wall divided the first level into an internal side and an external side. Your ability to go upstairs is determined by these two stairs. The dungeon structure is simple.

All the containers in Naval are on the second level. However, you must go to the fifth level to reach them, so read the map carefully.

The third level is a passage leading upstairs. Remember the central pitfall and passage. Your enemies are powerful.

The fourth level is also a passage. Remember that the central pitfall and passage are slightly misaligned.

Now, you must fall downstairs. Your destiny is determined depending upon which of the four passages you fall through. Check the floor maps carefully.

Esper Mansion:

Once you get the eight items of Nei on Dezo, Lutz will take you to the location called Noah. Noah is your final battlefield! Take plenty of medical supplies, Star Mist, and Moon Dew. You are advised to use Neisword to return to the Esper Mansion if you are injured at Noah.


Noah is a two level dungeon. Read the map carefully. The dungeon of Noah is not so difficult, but your enemies are strong, so check your location and the stair directions. Do not waste your energy before fighting Mother Brain.

The first level is wide but uncomplicated. Check the map carefully and find where the stairs lead to on the second level. The enemy is strong. Use the Megid technique against your enemy if your level is low. Use Neisword to return to the Esper Mansion. Repeat this to improve your companions' levels.

The container is on the second level. Open the container only if you have enough strength. You will know why when you open it. A shocking last scene awaits you at the top of this level.

What will you see at the end of this dungeon? Take a look! We dare you!

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