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Hintbook Part II

This is a text-only translation of the Official Phantasy Star II Hintbook that was released along with the game. All relevant text is a direct quote from the book. There are some mistakes in the tips, such as the location of some of the items relative to a container; these were present in the original guide and have NOT been corrected, so as to preserve the condition of the text. The book has been split into sections, to accommidate its large size. Links to each map that is referred to have been added by this author. Use this guide discretely, since a blind, step by step following of the text can detract from the gaming experience.

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Paseo Town:

Your journey starts from Paseo. First, ask the Commander of Mota in the Central Tower the reason for your first journey. The Commander asks you to go to the Biosystems Lab where the Biomonsters are created, and bring back a Recorder. He does not know where the Biosystems Lab is located. You need to talk to the townspeople and obtain that information. They will also give you some hints for your journey. Back in your home awaits Nei who will accompany you. Then go to the stores and buildings. They sell various weaponry and devices which you will need. We suggest you also buy some medical supplies! Venture forth after obtaining your supplies and as much information as possible in this town.

Arima Town:

Leave Paseo and head north. Arima is to the northeast. It is the first town you come to. The town has been dynamited and destroyed by the scoundrels. Talk to the townspeople. They tell you that the daughter of Darum has been kidnapped by scoundrels from Shure. Now you know your next task is to find Shure. Shure lies to the east of Arima. There are no data memory or tool shops in Arima. You and Nei must be well equipped for the perils ahead. Buy yourself a sword and a steel bar for Nei. Return to your home in Paso by Teleport Station. There you find your friend, Rudo. Now, the three of you continue the journey. Your battles against the enemy will increase.


Leave Arima and continue northeast. You see Shure near the beach. Shure is a four-level dungeon. As you go higher, the power of your enemies become stronger. Follow the map carefully when you enter Shure. It's easy to get lost! Return by the same route to get back to the ground. Use the Escapipe which you bought at the tool shop in Paseo to return to the outside at once. Since you are still inexperienced, you must carry Monomate and Dimate for healing and an Escapipe.

Turning right on the first level leads to a dead end. So, go to the left. Take the long way around to the left to get up to the second level.

Read the map carefully to find the chute to get up to the third level.

This is the most difficult part of your journey to the fourth level. On the map, compare the second and third levels to go ahead.

Find a small key on the fourth level to open the locked box containing the dynamite. Also, find a letter and some silver ribbon to cover Nei's head. A very dangerous opponent will appear.

Tower of Nido:

Use the dynamite to break through the entrance to the Tower of Nido. Although the Tower is only three levels high, it is more difficult than the dungeon of Shure. Do not overestimate yourself. Hone your skills through the fights against the weaker enemies on the first level. Of course, you will need your medical supplies and an Escapipe. Follow the map carefully when proceeding through the dungeon or you may be eliminated by a stronger opponent. Take special care on the third level since the enemy is very powerful.

When you enter Nido, the passage divides to the left an right. The left leads to a dead end. Turn right and go up to the third level to save Teim. Take the chute at the central end.

The passage divides into a maze on the floor. To find Teim, first go to the chute at the left of the first level. Then, proceed to the second and third levels. Follow the map carefully and go to the center of the third level where you will find stronger opposition.

Go back and forth between the levels in the dungeon to reach Teim.

Very strong opponents are encountered on the third level. You must beat them to save Teim. Teim will tell you that a man named Darum at the North Bridge is her father. She will ask you to take her to the North Bridge to see him. If you save Teim without encountering the enemy, use the Escapipe immediately and return to the outside. probably, you are badly hurt. Go straight to the hospital in town for treatment. Then see Darum at the North Bridge.

North Bridge:

You saved Teim to cross this bridge. Now your journey will grow after crossing the bridge. However, Darum, Teim's father, is on the bridge. You are surprised when they meet. Their sad story awaits you.

Weapons an other items are required for your companions.

First, Rolf, the agent, must have a sword to fight with. How about Nei? Have her buy two steel bars at the armorer's shop in Arima. Nei should have a steel bar in each hand so she can attack twice. A shotgun is recommended for Rudo. As you replace the protective gear from now on, don't buy and sell too often. Also, use the protective gear acquired in the dungeons carefully. Always carry your medical supplies. Take as much as you can carry. Also, take a Telepipe and an Escapipe.

Oputa Town:

You find many new items at the armorer's shop and protective gear store in Oputa. You will be better protected by the items you acquire in this town. The most important matter here, however, is to go to Ustvestia's home. Ustvestia will ask you many questions. Answer his questions well, and he will tell you about the Musik technique. You need money to learn this technique. The price is different for males and females. You will discover the purpose of learning the Musik technique through later adventures.

During the trip, Nei's skill will become better than the others. You must continue onward, and not worry. Remember, Nei is becoming stronger.

Return to Paseo by teleport Station after getting the information buying your supplies in Oputa. Your companions will visit your home in Paseo. The fourth is Amy.

Biosystems Lab:

The Biosystems Lab has three levels above ground and two basement levels. The Recorder is on the first basement level.

The passage on the first level of the Biosystems Lab divided to the left and right at the entrance. The right passage is a dead-end, so turn left. There is no container holding items on the first level. Chutes to the second level are found at three locations.

Your way to the first basement is determined by the level you choose. Follow your map carefully. The second level is more complicated than the first level. Go to the third level through the chute at the right of the second level. Powerful opponents await you on the third level. Take care of your physical condition.

You will suffer from the attack of strong enemies if your companions come to the third level with weak bodies. Blaster, and Jelly will make your friends sleep or attack vigorously. Go to the basement through the center of the third level. First, however, obtain Dynamite from the container on the third level. You will need Dynamite to get to the center of the third level.

A Damage Zone is located in the first basement level. Go carefully when walking through there. Powerful enemies await. You should carry Monomate and Dimate to recover your strength. Leave the Biosystems Lab immediately after getting the Recorder.

Paseo Town:

The Commander orders you to go to the Library when you arrive at the Central Tower. When you arrive at the Library, someone there tells you the cause of the abnormality at the Biosystems Lab. She will give you a Key Tube to help you cross the Zema Bridge. You will face a new stage when crossing the Zema Bridge. When you return home, your fifth companion, Hugh, will visit you. He is a biologist.

Zema Bridge:

Use the Key Tube you received at the Library and the door will open automatically. Now, the going gets tougher. What awaits you?

Zema Town:

You hear of a resort town on a lake, although the suburbs of Zema are on dry and rough terrain. What is going on? The items sold at the armorer's shop and protective gear store in Zema are expensive, but they are all necessary for your journey. We recommend you buy a ceramic sword, laser knife, and cannon. When you arrive in town, ask the people for information. They will tell you about Roron. Roron seems to be a peninsula to the south of Zema. From now on, Zema is an important town for your journey. Zema is the breakpoint between Kueri, Piata, and Roron. You should try to conserve your energy in Zema.


Walk to Roron from Zema. Roron is situated on a peninsula along a beach to the southeast of Zema. The building on this peninsula is the garbage dump for Roron. The Motavian living at the dump will give you a jet scooter. There is a dungeon for combustible garbage and a dungeon for non-combustible garbage at the dump. Your opponents become stronger as you go further into the basement.

Check the two dungeons in Roron. The dungeon at the bottom is the one you want. The first level is very narrow.

Take the shortest route in the second basement to avoid powerful enemies. Each of the two dungeons' first basement levels has a container. Watch out, these containers may hold unpleasant surprises!
The second basement level is not so difficult. However, the container you find may have an item you seek - or it may have garbage, so be careful. Follow the map carefully when you descend to the second basement level by the chute.

If you talk to the Motavians in the third basement level, they will tell you of a jet scooter. The dungeon where you hear of the jet scooter is for non-combustible garbage. Also, the third basement level in Roron is not difficult, but watch out for powerful enemies.

Kueri Town:

It's a long way from Zema to Kueri. You will meet strong enemies on the way to Kueri, but the information you obtain there is very important. You will get some very useful information for your adventure at sea by jet scooter. The most important thing to do in this town is to find the Professor's home. He studies a subject that you must know about for your sea adventure.

The Maruera Leaf seems to be the material that enables you to dive into the sea. It must be somewhere on Uzo Island where you are going to visit.

Piata Town:

Your opponents on Uzo Island are very strong, so get the powerful weapon and protective gear in Piata. Piata is located southeast of Zema. Use the jet scooter to go to Piata. Be careful, there are many strong enemies at sea. The weapons and protective gear sold at the armorer's shop and protective gear store are very powerful and very expensive, but will be a great help to you. We recommend you get a Laser sword, Laser bar, Acidshot, and Laser cannon. The Ceramic armor, Ceramic cape, and Ceramic chest will give you excellent protection.

Uzo Island:

Uzo Island is located at the east end on the map of Mota. Search that area on the jet scooter. Remember that the enemies at sea are very persistent and very strong. There is a fake island of Uzo. There are two identical islands at sea, one north and one south. The real island is the northern one. Disembark on the island. Enter the mountains from the right side of the island as shown in the photograph at the right. Beware, many strong enemies will appear. Check the map carefully and find the Maruera Leaf. There are many imitations of the Maruera Leaf.

Kueri Town:

If you are badly injured by the time you find the Maruera Leaf, use the Escapipe and Telepipe to return to town quickly. Then, take the Maruera Leaf to the Professor in Kueri. The Professor will make Maruera Gum. However, the Maruera Gum can only be used at certain places.


Look carefully for where the water changes color. You will find this place by going due south from Uzo Island. Then, use the Maruera Gum to go underwater. Go through the underwater passage to find Climatrol in the interior.

The underwater dungeon is the only route to Climatrol. The orange area is the damage zone. Do not waste your energy before the adventure.

The first level of Climatrol looks like an ordinary passage. you can go up easily.

The second level is even easier to pass.

Be careful on the third level as there is a pitfall at the center. There is also a treasure chest.

There is a pitfall and a treasure chest on the fourth level. Your opponents are also stronger.

The fifth level is wider. There are eight chutes going up. Your success in reaching the eighth level depends on which chute you choose. The unique structure of the Climatrol dungeon becomes apparent on this level. Check the map to see which way to go. The seventh level is the most difficult one in Climatrol. The key to finding your way on the seventh level is which chute you choose on the sixth level, because there are a lot of chutes in Climatrol. You must reach the center of the sixth level after using the chute several times between the sixth and seventh levels. There are two containers on the sixth level. Don't get lost before reaching them.

The seventh level is divided by pipes. Although you can see it, it is a very long way to your destination. There are three containers on the seventh level. However, each route is very hard to follow. Powerful enemies such as Flarewolf, Cat Fang, and Forest await on the seventh level. You had better use the medicine and techniques to recover from your injuries at the hands of your enemies.

A girl awaits you at the center of the eighth level. She knows the maze and the secret of Climatrol. One of your purposes at Climatrol is to meet this girl. Who is she?

Nei knows this girl well. She is called Neifirst. She is part of the secret of Climatrol and you will learn a sad destiny here. What is it?

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