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Pro Action Replay and Game Genie Codes

1  	Mucho Money 1  	FFC622:FFFF
2 	EXP Rolf 	FFC00D:00FF
3 	EXP Nei 	FFC04D:00FF
4 	MAX HP Rolf 	FFC002:03E7
5 	MAX HP Nei 	FFC042:03E7
6 	INF HP Rolf 	FFC004:03E7
7 	INF HP Nei 	FFC044:03E7
8 	MAX TP Rolf 	FFC006:03E7
9 	MAX TP Nei 	FFC046:03E7
10 	INF TP Rolf 	FFC008:03E7
11 	INF TP Nei 	FFC048:03E7
12 	STR Rolf 	FFC010:03E7
13 	STR Nei 	FFC050:03E7
14 	INT Rolf 	FFC012:03E7
15 	INT Nei 	FFC052:03E7
16 	AGI Rolf 	FFC014:03E7
17 	AGI Nei 	FFC054:03E7
18 	LUCK Rolf 	FFC016:03E7
19 	LUCK Nei 	FFC056:03E7
20 	DEX Rolf 	FFC018:03E7
21 	DEX Nei 	FFC058:03E7
22 	ATT Rolf 	FFC01C:03E7
23 	ATT Nei 	FFC05C:03E7
24 	DEF Rolf 	FFC01E:03E7
25 	DEF Nei 	FFC05E:03E7
26 	Item Modifier Slot 1 - Rolf 2 	FFC028:00XX
27 	Item Modifier Slot 1 - Nei 	FFC068:00XX
28 	Item Modifier Slot 2 - Rolf 	FFC029:00XX
29 	Item Modifier Slot 2 - Nei 	FFC069:00XX
30 	No Random Attacks! 3 	FFCB0D:00
31 	Shir Max Experience (Should Put Shir At L 50) 	FFC1CD:00FF
32 	999 HP 	FFC1D2:03E7
# 	Note
 1 As I said before, if PAR codes don't work on a given Sega emu, try 
changing the 6th char from the left down one place. If that doesn't 
work, go up one place from the original.

I listed the codes for Rolf and Nei completely since you start the 
game with them, and also to show you the pattern. The codes are the 
same for each char except the 5th digit/letter from the left changes 
with each character. Here are the prefixes for the other characters, 
to otherwise be used with the codes above, starting with the HP codes:

FFC08 - Rudo
FFC14 - Anna
FFC10 - Hugh
FFC0C - Amy
FFC18 - Kain
 2 This is just a partial list of the items. You may change the value, 
beginning with 01 to have any item in the game! Turn codes OFF after 
obtaining the item, even expendable ones. If you use one, turn the code 
on, then off to get it again. Otherwise, all kinds of goofy things 
happens, and you cannot pick up any new items. Also, turn OFF the codes 
for any character you're not using, and turn off the exp. codes after 
one use. (Your character should reach level 50 after one battle.)

7A - Neishot
67 - Fire Staff
54 - Neishield
02 - Dynamite
0C - Plasma Ring
03 - Key Tube
0A - Recorder
63 - Laser Bar
6C - Neisword
 3 Makes it a lot easier to maneuver through those dungeons and towers! 
They're tough enough without having to stop and fight every five steps! 
--Phil The Hammer
Pro Action Replay

FFC00 C270F = gives main character 9999999 XP
FFC04 C270F = gives Nei 9999999 XP
FFC62 00005 = gives infinite money
FFC08 C270F = gives Rudo 9999999 XP
FFC0C C270F = gives Amy 9999999 XP
FFC10 C270F = gives Hugh 9999999 XP
FFC14 C270F = gives Anna 9999999 XP
FFC18 C270F = gives Kain 9999999 XP
FFC1C C270F = gives Shir 9999999 XP

The following codes raise each character 
to level 50 after one fight:
Rolf    FFC00D0090
Nei     FFC04D0090
Rudo    FFC08D0090
Amy     FFC0CD0090
Hugh    FFC10D0090
Anna    FFC14D0090
Kain    FFC18D0090
Shir    FFC1CD0090

Infinite Money    FFC6210090

Game Genie

atba-aa4r       Master code
bxja-aa26        everthing is free
rg8a-a60r	everthing at armor store is free
rg9t-a60j	everthing at tool shop is free
rg7t-a6v2	everthing at armorer's stor is free
al6t-aa50	all medical care is free
al5t-aa76	all clones are free
amft-aa4g	all teleporting is free
cjzt-aa2n	no hp taken off from physical strikes
cj0a-aa2y	no hp taken from venom strikes
cv2t-aa5r	no hp lost in dammage zones
bcxa-aa2l	do all peaceful magic regardless tp, tp points are deducted
rgza-a6xl	do all peaceful magic if you have enough tp,tp is not deducted
ctwt-aa3l 	battle magic does not use up your tp
aj0t-aa4w	players never get paralyzed
reya-a6ty	all enemies die in one strike
kaya-as2r+gjya-aac8	 your regular attacks are more powerful
kaya-am2r+baya-aac8      your regular attacks are much more powerful
gjya-aacj	all battle magic is 2x more powerful
g2ya-aacj	all battle magic is 4x more powerful
fcya-accj	all battle magic is 1/2x as powerful
l2ya-aecj	all battle magic is 1/4x as powerful

The master code is only necessary if you have a newer model Genesis (with the redesigned casing.) Also, you cannot save games while using the Game Genie.

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