Nearly Complete script of the Japanese version of Phantacy Star Two

This script was compiled by Dennis Zickefoose (AKA Conner McCloud) and then translated into English by Richard Hirata. Considering that Richard had never even heard of Phantacy Star before, I'd say he did a pretty fair job. He even got alot of the city names correct, although I have changed them into a strict romanization with no simplifying. I did that to everything except the planet names, which I just couldn't leave as Paruma and Dezorisu. So they came out as Parma and Dezoris. Everything else is exactly as it would be spelt in Japanese, simply in English.

There are only a few parts not included in this translation. One is the lines for the store owners and the guy in the luggage room of the Central Tower. I figured they were easy enough to figure out without a translation. Also, I got a few descriptions of items translated, but the majority are left out. Again, I decided that they weren't really needed. There are only two areas that I wanted done which weren't. The first is the lines for all the musk cats in Skure. The page I had written those down on were lost so I have to go back through and get them back. The other part is the lines for the librarian. Depending on when you visit her, she says different things. I'm not sure when exactly she changes her text, so I don't know if I got them all.

If anybody wants the areas I chose to leave out translated, let me know and I'll get them done. But unless there's a need, I would rather just get started on PS3 (PS4 will have to wait due to a lack of knowledge of Kanji on my part).

Part One-Charecter Information

When you go home and find somebody
Narrator- Someone seems to be knocking on the door...
(New charcter gives his speech)
Yushisu (if you chose not to rename)- That name suits you well. It is a pleasure to meet you. Let us recognize (new character) as a new member.

Rudoga (Rudo)- You must excuse me for my sudden visit. I heard rumors about Mr. Yushisu and Nei seeking the truth of the bio-monsters. I don't mean to brag, but I must tell you, I am a professional hunter of bio-monsters. I can neither use swords nor do I have any special powers, but I have my trust-worthy gun. I can use almost all types of guns too. With your permission I would like to join you on your quest. And last but not least, I am Rudoga. Rudoga Shutaina. However, if you wish to change my name, you may do so. Do you want to re-name me?

Annu (Amy)- Pardon me, but I believe you are Mr. Yushisu. Nice to meet you. I am Annu Saga. I am a doctor just graduated from school. I have heard you are on a quest for the truth of the biomonsters, so I wish to accompany you on your journey. I am not good at fighting; however, I can heal the wounded well. As a symbol of friendship, would you like to change my name?

Hyuui (Hugh)- Hello Mr. Yushisu. I am Hyuui Riin, a scientist. I study biology. I have heard rumors about you, and I would like to join you on your quest. Although I personally do not wish to take a bio-monster's life, I would like to protect the innocent. If my abilities come in handy for your benefit, I would like to help you. I assume a nickname for me would be an excellent symbol of friendship, don't you think?

Amia (Anna)- I'm glad I finally met you Mr. Yushisu. My name is Amia Mamirusukii. People call me a "counter hunter." This world is filled with many good hunters, and bad hunters. I erase those bad hunters secretly... but of course my targets are not limited to bad hunters. I prefer a sharp weapon for my job; I don't like guns. I am available to you at a fair deal. Well... changing my name to get rid of my past may not be so bad...

Kainzu (Kain)- Man... I finally caught up with you bums! Where do you guys live anyway? I heard you guys are going around beating the living crap out of those bad guys. Why didn't you come and ask me for some help! I don't really like them beastly, slimy things, but I can smash the hell out of machines and robots! Yeah, and I'm also a kindly gentleman, so you girls don't worry about me, I'm the all-mighty Kainzu Jian! What, you got a problem with my name?

Shilka (Shir)- Hello Mr. Yushisu. You are as handsome a devil as I heard from the rumors. Shiruka Rebinia is my name. I don't really care for justice or peace, as I am a thief and I steal things when I'm bored. People call me "Shiruka of the Winds" since I don't really stay focused on one single topic for very long. If that is okay with you, I am here for you... Oh how kind of you! You want to re-name me? How cool!

(When she steals something)
Someone at store- Hey where's Shiruka?
Yushisu at home- Well looks whose back, it's Shiruka again!
Shilka- Sorry I worried you guys, but the wind tempted me to go for another walk. Now let's go Yushisu!

Charecter Information found at Yushisu's house

Occupation- Agent
Year of Birth- AW 1268, 09, 19 (Presumably September 19, 1268)
Parents died in an accident when he was 10 years old
Possesses a healthy body and intelligence

Occupation- none
Year of Birth- AW 1283, 08, 30 (August 30, 1283)
The name Nei means "human but not human"
Has a sleek, cunning beast-like agility; dislikes heavy equipment

Occupation- hunter
Year of birth- AUI 1249, 07, 01 (July 1, 1249)
His wife and his daughter died 3 years ago; ended his career in the military and became a hunter. Strongly built, welds heavy guns like toys

occupation- Doctor
Year of Birth- AUI 1261, 04, 26 (April 26, 1261)
Grown up in an average Motabian home, just became a doctor
Excellent at healing, not a very good fighter

occupation- Scientist
Year of Birth- AUI 1264, 06, 14 (June 14, 1264)
Was interested in plants and animals as a child
No one can beat him when it comes to biology

Occupation- Counter hunter
Year of birth and personal data unavailable
No one knows what she was doing in the past
Prefers fighting with slicers and whips, excellent fighter at ambushes

Occupation- Junk Yard Owner
Year of Birth- AUI 1263, 12, 09 (December 9, 1263)
Studied to become an engineer, but always ended up breaking machinery
Expert at destroying machines and robots

Occupation- Thief
Year of Birth- AUI 1263, 04, 01 (April 1, 1263)
Family is quite wealthy, but she loved the thrill of stealing and continues to steal
Very good at stealing

Part Two: Introduction


This is the Algol system's 2nd planet, Motabia... The evil ruler Rashiiku used to control this star system with a dark force until Arisa, Tairon, Rutsu, and Myau vanquished him for eternity. 1000 years have now passed since the battle which destroyed Rashiiku... Algol enjoyed its golden era as its central computer system, Mother Brain, controlled all of the Algol system's planets. This planet Motabia was also changed from a desert planet to a vegetation rich one. Dome farms produced endless supplies of agricultural products. Inhabitants of this planet were beginning to forget the great battles fought by the Motabian fighters who vanquished Rashiik. But sooner than they think, the dark forces were beginning to rise... Who shall save Motabia when the planet meets its doomsday?

In game (Starting right after getting a name)
Narrator- Now is the anticipated dawn of the Fantasy Star.

Yushisu (in a dream)- I have been attacked by the same nightmare over and over again recently. A young girl is fighting a huge, demon-like creature. I watch, without being able to move or speak, as the creature beats the girl. My dream ends when the girl is about to be killed. I awake in my dim sun-streaked room as I feel the depressing feelings rush out of my heart. My name is Yushisu. I work as an agent in the capital city of Paseo. I ridiculed my dream in a modern society, governed by digital data and computers, as it suggested nothing but a vague, superstitious nonsense. I attempted to clear my mind as I opened my window and took a deep breath of the morning atmosphere.

Commander- Good morning Agent Yushisu. How are you doing? You have been working for my department for nearly 2 years. The assignment I am about to give to you is of great tactical importance as it decides the future of our planet. As you know already, the computer Mother Brain created this solar system. As head of the development plan, I was ordered to study Mother Brain's progress. I had been believing that what Mother Brain does is the word of god, however, I am starting to become suspicious recently as these "biological monsters" are beginning to spawn in our planet. Why were these monsters created? How can we stop them? Agent Yushisu, your assignment is to break into the Biosystems of the Mother Brain and take the biological "flight recorder" there. If we analyze the recorder, we may be able to find out why the biological system produced these monsters. I wish you luck, and I hope to see you back alive, Agent Yushisu!

Yushisu narrating- When I returned home and began to prepare for my mission, a sad-faced Nei appeared in front of me.

Yushisu talking- Nei, I must go away for awhile. I won't be able to see you, but be good while I am away, all right?

Yushisu narrating- Nei stared at me for awhile. She had the same face when I rescued her 7 months ago. Nei was created by combining bio-monster's cells to human cells. People hated and despised her, and she was about to be killed. However, I rescued her, and raised her.

Yushisu talking- You were young when I rescued you, but you can live on your own now, right? My journey could be dangerous, and I don't want to put you in danger. It was great to have a sister like you, but I must go.

Yushisu narrating- Nei, even with my comfort, stood in front of the door and blocked my path.

Nei- Yushisu, please take me with you! I'd do anything if it was for you!

Yushisu narrating- I stood up, but Nei continued to block my path, so I decided to take her with me.

Part Three: The Script


Control Tower
Narrator-This is the Central Tower of Paseo. Where would you like to go?

North Bridge

Yushisu-Hey! I remember that guy! It's the guy who tried to kill Nei 7 months ago! This is going to be a little risky. Maybe we should go back just for now.



Inspect dead bodies- Looks like the bio-monsters got to these gang members... Well, what's this? (find Threat mail)

Use Threat mail-"Dallam, Your daughter Timmy is a very good girl... heh, heh... We got her inside the Tower of Nido, if you want her back get us 5 million meseta by the end of this month, or else..."
Yushisu- So that's why Dallam's been killing and stealing money from people...

Inspect locked chest- Damn! It's locked!

Tower of Nido
Inspect blocked door
- Maybe this dynamite can destroy this door...

Try the key- This key is too small for this door

Use dynamite away from door- Yushisu feel uncomfortable holding the explosive, so he places it back in his (it doesn't say, probably pack)

Use dynamite near door- Yushisu uses the dynamite. (Boom)

Talk to Tiem
Narrator- Yushisu hands the threat mail to Tiem. Her hand shivers.

Tiem- My father killed people for me? I must stop him! Please bring me to him!

Narrator- Because many people hate Daramu now, Yushisu covers Tiem in a shroud and secretly brings her to the North Bridge.

North Bridge
Yushisu- Tiem looks like she has an idea. I wonder what she is planning to do.

Tiem- I am going to see my father now. Please don't interfere.

Daramu- Hey you there, give me your money or else I'll kill you!

Tiem- I don't have any money to give to a man like you!

Dallam- What? Why you little...

Tiem- Father... please don't kill anyone any more...

Daramu- No! Oh Tiem, what have I done? I'll be right with you...

Yushisu- Oh how ironic fate is... Their deaths are just too ironic! But the main cause of this is the current world, which is about to be totally destroyed. We must bring peace back to this planet or else many more will suffer!


Bio-system lab
Use recorder- This is the device that records the actions that took place in the bio-system. Bring this to your commander, Agent Yushisu, and your mission will be complete.

Central Tower
Yushisu- Now, we must take this to my commander...

Commander- Job well done, Agent Yushisu. I will send this recorder immediately to the library for analysis. I am starting to deny the Mother Brain and its actions, Agent Yushisu. Perhaps we caused this incident to occur due to our laziness and the unwillingness to work things out ourselves. Well, looks like the analysis is done, so go to the library for further information.

Librarian- The analysis is complete. Looks like the cause of the accident was an energy overflow to the bio-system. The overflow caused an intense, rapid evolution of this planet's species that did not fit in to the normal ecosystem. Because of them, the entire planet's ecosystem crashed. It appears as though the energy used for the rain maker surged into the bio-system instead, and as a result the rain stopped and these monsters were produced. It is possible that someone deliberately caused the overflow of the system. I want you to find out why the flow occurred, Agent Yushisu. This key tube shall enable you to pass the West Bridge. Farewell!

Inspect Key Tube- It is a metallic tube about 20 centimeters long. There is a symbol in the end of it.



Professor's House
Professor- Well hello there! I am experimenting with a new substance to make a very unusual chewing gum. Do you know something called a "Maruera leaf".?

Reply yes-
Professor- Well I can't seem to find it. If you find it can you bring it to me?

Reply no-
Professor- There should be a Maruera tree on an island in the center of this planet's ocean. The leaves of this tree create oxygen, so if I extract its fluid and make a gum with it, whoever chews it should be able to breathe underwater. Well I can't seem to find it. If you find it, can you bring it to me?


Reply yes-
Narrator- Yushisu ate the cake. What an awful taste! His stomach begins to churn...

Reply no-
Narrator- Yushisu kindly rejected the gift.

Inspect Garbage container- The container is filled with trash.

Inspect Jet Scooter- Well, look what we have here! The Motavians left this scooter with a note... "We like to play around with trash rather than new things, so whoever finds this, it is yours for keeps..."
Narrator- What a lucky find!

Get on- Come one, let's hit the road!

Get off- Let's walk from here.


Uzo Island
Inspect Mountain- A large mountain stands up high above Yushisu and his party's heads. This is, indeed, the mountain of Uzo.

Inspect fake tree- It looks alike, but this isn't the right tree.

Inspect Maruera tree- This is it! This is the Maruera tree!

Inspect leaves- This is the leaf taken from the Maruera tree. It is soft and a little spongy when touched.

Professor's house
Professor-Well hello there! I am trying to make a very unusual chewing gum. Hey! That's the leaf from the Maruera tree! Wow! May I please have that?

Reply no-
Professor- Oh... well I guess I'll just give up my research then...

Reply yes-
Professor- Thank you! You are a very kind person! Hold on a second and I'll give you a sample of the gum... There! That should do it! Here you go! It's about the only thing I can give to you in return.

Inspect gum- Perhaps the most reasonable place to use this gum is the...

Inspect blue water- Indeed this place's water is differently colored from the other water. Probably an underwater passage exists here...

Use gum- Yushisu and his party uses the gum. Every time he bites down on to it, a rich supply of oxygen fills his mouth. Now he can go deep underwater.

Talk to Neifirst- She looks just like Nei! What is going on?

NeiFirst- I am Neifirst. I was born 2 years ago when humans combined human cells and animal cells together using the bio-system. As a result, a power surge occurred, creating me. My creators attempted to kill me since I was a failed experiment. However, I escaped, stole DNA samples from the bio-system, and created the bio-monsters. I shall now seek revenge against you foolish humans who tore up nature, and created much grief for us. However, there was another Nei who attempted to stop me.

Nei- Is that ... ?

Neifirst- Yes, it is you, the traitor who betrayed me, and joined the humans. You humans better watch out too, you never know when she is going to turn on you. She hates humans after all.

Nei- No, that's not true! I split from you because I couldn't stand what you did! Seeking vengeance on humans using monsters is just about as horrible as your creators! I can't let you do this!

Neifirst- Ha! You weakling! You won't be able to stop me!

Reply no-
Narrator- Nei froze in shock. Since Nei and Neifirst were originally one organism, killing Neifirst will kill Nei also!

Reply yes-
Nei- I can no longer let you torture the people of this planet! I will stop you no matter what!

Win with Nei-
Nei- Yushisu, I can no longer... I will just die along with my sister...
Narrator- Nei closes her eyes and dies.

Lose with Nei-
Yushisu- Nei! Hang in there Nei! Don't go!
Nei- Yushisu, I won't be able to live very much longer... Promise me you'll never make monsters like us again... promise me...
Narrator- Nei left her final words and died. Yushisu and his party gather around her. Nei, we won't waste your sacrifice!

Win with group-
Narrator- Yushisu and his party calls for Nei over and over again, but their voices just simply echo. The rain maker beings to shake! Apparently, Neifirst's energy ran into the rainmaker when she died. Yushisu and his party decide to return to Paseo to find out what is going on.

Clone Lab in Paseo
Clone Clown- Welcome to the Clone lab. Who do you wish to revive? Do you want Nei to be revived? Well let me see... well... looks like all non-human parts are completely destroyed... I'm sorry but it seems to be impossible to bring her back. Perhaps burying her in a peaceful place, and letting her rest in peace is better. I'm sorry about this...

Central Tower
Narrator- Everyone seems to be panicked. I wonder what happened?

Omigosh Guy- It's an emergency! (aren't you glad SOA's translators suck so badly? We would be calling Omigosh Guy Its-an-emergancy Guy if they were any better) The lake's water is overflowing! The rainmaker had an accident, and the water planned to be brought upon our soil through rain seems to have flowed into the lake instead! If someone doesn't do something, Motabia will be flooded!

Commander- Agent Yushisu, a dangerous situation has occurred! While we were enjoying the short peace brought by the disappearance of the bio-monsters, this flooding situation has occurred! If we can open the dams, we can avert total disaster, but the control to the dams doesn't respond! Someone must open the dam manually!

Yushisu- Please let me take the job, Commander!

Commander- I appreciate your trying to help, but the government has placed a wanted label on you and your party for the destruction of a Mother Brain system... going outside near the dam could be dangerous...

Yushisu- Even if we stay here we'll be arrested anyway, so we'd rather attempt to open the dam. I want to find out who is trying to exterminate us!

Commander- All right, if you insist... just take care of yourselves.

New Phrases (All towns)

My name is Abanchino, the musician. Call me musician Abanchino. You have visited me to listen to my wonderful music, no?

Reply yes- Well I am pleased to hear that! What would you like to hear?
Reply no- Oh, well then... I suppose you would like a piano lesson?

Reply no- Oh, well I'm busy, so please excuse me.
Reply yes- Oh how wonderful! You'll admire me as a great musician?

Reply no- Oh fine! I don't think I liked you from the beginning anyway! Hit the road!
Reply yes- Who will take the piano lesson?

Select a guy- Well here's another handsome young man! I'll put it a discount price for 2000 meseta. How about it?
Select a girl- All right. I will take 5000 meseta for the lesson fee. Is it acceptable?

Reply yes- Well then shall we begin? You will now join the great artists of history. Come back again anytime!
Reply no- Oh, well I'm busy, so please excuse me.

Control Tower
Search keyboard- There is a keyboard. It seems to have some musical notes on them. Do you want to try the keys?

Cast Musiku- Yushisu uses the Musiku!

Use green card- It is an emerald green, beautifully glossy card.
Use blue card- Its aquamarine color which seems to soothe one's feelings.
Use yellow card- It represents the ancient Motabian earth's color.
Use red card- It represents the Motabian sun setting down.

Central Tower
Librarian- Mr. Yushisu, is it true that Motabia will soon be flooded? It we can somehow open those dams, maybe we can at least stop total disaster...

All dams
Open locked door- There is a slot for a keycard.

Use Keycard- Yushisu inserts the (color) card into the slot.

Search keypad- There is another slot for a keycard.
Use Keycard- Yushisu inserts the (color) card. The dam's lock opens, and the roar of tons of water spilling out is heard.

After Army Eyes- You have been caught and a plasma ring is placed on your hands!


Yushisu- Despite our efforts to save Motabia from flooding, we have been arrested, mistaken as the mastermind behind the sabotage of this planet's system. This is not fair! At least we could have found out who is plotting to destroy the planet and stop him or her...

Narrator following explosion- Yushisu and his party felt a shock wave of an explosion within the station. The satellite seems to be drifting towards something's pull. They'll have to fix the satellite's orbit, or else they will crash into some distant planet...


Yushisu in dream- Oh it's that awful nightmare again... Help! ... ?

How you doing there sailor? I'm Tyler, a space pirate. I hated being controlled by them computers, so I decided to just get away from it all. I thought it might be a good idea to loot that satellite you guys were in, but I found you people in there instead. Don't worry, your men are being replicated in the regeneration machine back there. They should wake up any minute. Say, they beat you guys up pretty bad huh? (look out the window) Well, that's the last of Parma. What the hell is going on in this galaxy anyway? I hear that you guys were the ones who screwed up the Mother Brain, and I like that spirit, sailor! Personally, I hate being controlled and commanded by a darn computer. I heard there is a guy that Mother Brain cannot stand against in Dezoris. Maybe he's the real guy behind all this... Well anyway, I'll bring you boys back home to Paseo. Good luck!

Central Tower
Commander- Oh thank god you and your team is all right! What? You are heading off to Desoris to investigate even more? Well Yushisu, sometimes, I don't know what to tell you, but it must be important to you. Go on, but be careful, your suspicion has not been clarified, and is even worse after the destruction of Parma. Go ahead and use the space ship parked on the roof of this building. Good luck to you all.

Librarian- My thanks go to you, Yushisu. With you and your team's help, Motabia was able to evade the disaster. But I don't understand why Mother Brain would be after you when you are just trying to help... What? There is someone in Dezoris that maybe able to stop Mother Brain? Yes, indeed, after the end of Parma, it is now our duty to maintain peace in Algol... Good luck to you and your men, Mr. Yushisu.

Space port- This is the last operational space ship left in Motabia. It has auto piloting, so anyone can conventionally use the craft. Would you like to go to the planet Dezoris?

Reply yes- We are now heading towards the planet Dezoris...

Headlines found in Newspapers-

Musk Cats- Sorry, lost their lines. No offence Naflign.

Common Desorian phrases
No hat on- Ga? Dotenyara? Panaputonyahohoi!

Magic hat on- (Try to think these guys as Red Neck farmers out in the country)

Ryuon (all conversations are with mogic hat on)



Esper Mansion
Entrance Guards- I believe you are Mr. Yushisu. Please come on in. We have been expecting you.

Other Espers

Cold room guards

Hello Yushisu. I am Rutsu, the last Esper of Algor. I can see you seem to be surprised that I know your name. I have already seen you once, when you were 10 years old. You were on a space trip with your parents, when that accident occurred. Both of your parents died in that accident, including you. However, I brought you back to life with the light of awakening. I had awakened because I heard Arisa's scream (note: Richard translated this as "I have awakened," but I changed it to "I had awakened"). Yes, you are the last descendant of Arisa, who fought and protected Algor nearly 1000 years ago. You have seen the nightmare. Yes, that nightmare in which the beautiful symbol of Algol, Arisa, is fighting the force of darkness, Daruku Farusu. Daruku Farusu once attempted to destroy Algol. But, Daruku Farusu failed. However, that did not eliminate all of the forces of darkness attempting to destroy Algol. Now we face those forces of darkness, Yushisu. You must fight them, and stop them. Collect the weapons of Nei in order to vanquish them for eternity. I shall give you this Aeroprism. With this you can see what you were not able to see before. I shall find out if you are the truly the "chosen one" if you can find the weapons of Nei. Only then I shall tell you the forces of darkness' plot, and guide you to them to stop them.

Use Aeroprism- The prism gives off a strange light when raised into the sunbeams.

Talk to guards without weapons of Nei
You are the chosen one, Mr. Yushisu. We are counting on you to protect Algol and its future. I believe it will be a harsh battle, but I know you can do it.

Talk to Lutz with weapons of Nei
You are indeed the descendant of Arisa, Yushisu. You are worthy to inherit the light's power and the memories of darkness. 1000 years ago, Alyssa and her team's battle to bring peace back in Algor was successful. People understood the true meaning of happiness, where they did not ask for more than what their loved ones gave them, and gave more than what their loved ones asked for. However, after the appearance of the Mother Brain, Algol began to change. The Mother Brain created more than what we needed, and caused everyone to forget what was really important. People began to fight for what Mother Brain created, and forgot the kindly philosophy of Arisa. People are now even beginning to believe they will not be able to live without the Mother Brain. I feel there is a trap of the devil hiding behind Mother Brain, a mastermind who made the Algolians weak and feeble. I feel it! It is a powerful force attempting to destroy Algol again. I don't know who is or why someone would do this, but we must stop them before it is too late. This box contains the Nei sword. Take this with you, and then I shall teleport you to the domain of the darkness.

Talk to Lutz without Nei Sword- Take the sword, Yushisu.

Talk to Lutz with Nei Sword- Yushisu, do you have the courage to fight the forces of darkness?

Reply no- Then I shall pray for you. Oh the mighty gods of Algol, please give these warriors the strength and courage to fight the forces of darkness.

Reply yes- I am counting on you to protect and defend the future of Algol. I shall wish that you will return home safely. If you are to fail, use the Nei Sword, and it shall return you home to safety. Now go on Yushisu! Go to the ones who are looking at us from high above the sky in outer space!


Daruku Farusu's box
Yushisu- What is this? I feel a strong force of pure evil and destruction!

Voice- Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Welcome to the ultimate trap, the Pandora's box! Inside it contains the force of darkness that you call the Dark False. This is our little gift to your world from us!

Mother Brain
Narrator at MB's spot- So this is the source of evil that controls all of Algol, the Mother Brain! Yushisu and his team almost become overwelmned by the evil aura the Mother Brain emitted. However, Yushisu must protect the future of Algor! But, should they really destroy the Mother Brain? <question 1>

Reply yes to question 1- Suddenly, Mother Brain's thin, gray lips cracked a smile.
Mother Brain-You feeble misguided fool... Do you even know what will occur if you destroy me? The entire world will fall into total chaos! The feeble Algolians cannot do anything without me anymore. Once you grow fond of the luxurious life filled with technology, you will not be able to return to a life without it. If you kill me, Algor will die along with me. If you are happy with that, go ahead, destroy me! <question 2>

Reply No to question 1- Then Mother Brain began to laugh victoriously.
Mother Brain-Ha, you will not be able to destroy me since I am merely your mother who protected you and raised Algol. You are my children, so when I tell you you shall become extinct, then you shall obey me! <question 3>

Reply Yes to question 2- See "Reply no to question 1"

Reply No to question 3- You are such a disobedient child. Then you shall simply die.

Ending Scene
Yushisu and his party stood dumbfounded where Mother Brain used to stand. Finally, Algor has been freed from the evil machine's rule. Although the systems Mother Brain created were now useless, the dawn of a new era was approaching. An era where the people of Algor no longer had to be adhered to the laws of a machine, but to the laws of their own. Now, let us return to Motabia, where everything will begin...

Rutsu- Yushisu you must not come back yet! That ship you are aboard, Noah, must contain something else, something that created Mother Brain. You must not come back yet!

Yushisu- What is going on? Who are these people?

Captain- Welcome aboard Noah, Algolians.

Yushisu Who are you people?

Captain- Now let's not be too hostile, you must be thinking we are your enemy, are you not? <question 1>

Reply Yes to question 1- Well that's sad to hear. Indeed, we must say you are our hated enemy too after you have destroyed our Mother Brain.

<point A> Yushisu-So it is you who created Mother Brian, is it not? Who are you people?

Captain-We are not Algorians. We come from a far away planet called Earth. It is one of the planets that supported life. We created a large civilization there, which flourished for millions of years (note the word millions...clearly, Bill Gates isn't behind Mother Brain after all). We are the last bloodline of the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Yushisu-The last bloodline?

Captain-Yes, our home no longer exists. Do you wish to know why? <question 2>

Reply Yes to Question 2- By looking at it now, we must regret that we were fools. We knew the evil force, Dark Farusu, existed in our minds, but was unable to suppress it. We soon began to grow fond of controlling the natural world through scientific means. We only recognized we were killing ourselves when the planet began to crumble before our very own eyes. The survivors, which you see now, barely made it to this ship and escaped. We wondered hopelessly through the universe searching for another home. Then we found Algol, your star system. We gloated over your peaceful lives, your lives without the presence of evil. That was when we vowed to ourselves to take over your star system no matter what it took. Soon, we were able to destroy your planet of Parma. Certainly you are no fools to oppose us with such a powerful force, are you not? You shall now die for us and for our future.

Reply No to question 2- Well, certainly it make no sense for you to learn why we ended up like this, since you are going to die anyway is that not right? <question 3>

Reply Yes question 3- We are simply taking what we lost from you, there is nothing else to it. We lost Mother Brain, but with our remaining technology, we will be able to rule Algol with ease. You are the only ones opposing us. Algol shall be ours if you are not present. All of our opposition shall die, including you.

Reply No to question 3- Well, if you wish to hear our desperate struggle, we shall certainly tell you. (goto Reply yes to Question 1)

Reply No to question 1- Yes, we are merely your creators that helped you modernize with Mother Brain's help. (Go to point A)

Narrator-Suddenly, reinforcements sent by Rutsu's teleportation arrived inside Noah's cockpit.

Captain-You fools! It will be all over, Algor will soon become destroyed! What you are doing is no use!
Yushisu- Cease you spawn of the devil!
Narrator-Suddenly, Yushisu and his team began to attack hundreds and thousands of humans inside the ship.

<music do do doooo doooo dodododooo dodododo oddodo......climatic scenes roll by>
Rudoga- I shall show you what it means to lose those whom you love!

Annu- I see your eyes are startled and confused. This is what you get for attempting to destroy us!

Kainzu- Damn it! You jerks screwed up Algor. Our Algor!

Shiruka- We will not be controlled by destiny, we will merely control destiny itself and create our future!

Hyuui- You have taught us the pity to live. But I will not forget the beauty of life itself.

Amia- If we are going to die, we will at least try to take you down with us!

Ending- What would these warriors see once they complete their task...

Roll Credits (in English, BTW)

I would like to make sure that Richard Hirata gets due thanks for this project. He put quite a bit of effort into this, and he deserves a hand. When I asked him, he said that he wanted to thank all the essays he had to write in English class. I'm not sure why this is, unless they were what gave him his excelent knowledge of English (he's native Japanese despite his first name, and yet he speaks with less of an accent than I do), but that's what he called for so that's what I'll put.