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By Alan Goldfarb (Voltron)
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Phantasy Star is now 10 years old, and to celebrate, I've released a
little trivia file I wrote a while ago. I originally intended it to send
it to Sega Visions magazine, but they folded before I could mail it out.
I've held on to it for a long time, not sure what to do with it, and after
finding the Phantasy Star pages on the Web, thought that this would be a
good place to send the Trivia file to. I waited until now, since the
Trivia File is a good way to commemmorate the 10th birthday of Phantasy
Star. See how many questions you can answer without going back into the
game. :)

Good luck!


1) What is the name of Alis' brother?
2) In which Residential Area does Alis live?
3) How many weapons may Alis use?
4) Why can't Alis board the roadway at the start of the game?
5) Are there any puzzles in the game that can't be solved without Alis?
6) What does Alis say when she meets Myau?
7) What is the first spell Alis learns?
8) Alis' most powerful weapon is guarded by what?
9) What secret does Alis learn at the end of the game?
10) Which residential area(s) is/are most important to Alis? Why?


1) In what ways does Myau differ from an Earthly cat?
2) In which Residential Area does Myau live?
3) Are there any puzzles in the game that cannot be solved without Myau?
4) What is Myau's position in the party lineup?
5) Does Myau ever get more hit points than Odin?
6) Do any of Myau's weapons or armor have to be found? If yes, where?
7) How much does the most expensive Armory item available for Myau cost?
8) What monster is most detrimental to Myau's health?
9) Why does Myau agree to join Alis?
10) In which residential area do you learn of a secret power Myau has?


1) In which residential area does Odin live?
2) What is the first thing Odin says when Alis meets him?
3) Why does Odin want to kill a certain monster?
4) Does Odin eventually get more magic points than Myau?
5) Are there any weapons that Odin *cannot* use?
6) Can any part of Odin's strongest available armament be bought?
7) Which residential area tells you where to get Odin's best shield?
8) Are there any puzzles in the game that cannot be solved without Odin?
9) Why is Odin able to use certain weapons Alis cannot?
10) Where can you buy the weapon Odin is using at the start of the game?


1) Why does Noah agree to join Alis?
2) Can Noah join Alis before Odin does? If no, why not?
3) Where does Noah live?
4) When does Noah learn her final spell? What spell is it?
5) How many weapons may Noah use?
6) Are there any puzzles in the game that cannot be solved without Noah?
7) Can Noah use any shields? If yes, which ones?
8) How many magic points are used in Noah's most powerful attack spell?
9) Is Noah friendly to Alis when they first meet?
10) How many residential areas can you find before Noah joins you?


1) On which planet does the game end?
2) Which planet has the game's most hazardous natural feature?
3) A man in Camineet tells you that each planet is a world of what?
4) Which planet cannot be reached from a Spaceport?
5) Which planet is most important?


1) An encounter with what monster(s) boasts the most hit points?
2) Which dragons are found on which planets?
3) How many monsters will communicate with you? Which ones?
4) An encounter with what monster(s) yields the most money?
5) Which wandering monsters always carry items? What do they carry?
6) Which monsters can cast spells? What do they cast?
7) Can you run from any monsters you meet only once in the game?
8) How many monsters (including human types) have 200 or more hit points?
9) In an encounter, what is the maximum number of monsters you will meet?
10) How many monsters are encountered only in mazes and never on planet


1) How many spells can be cast by two of the characters?
2) Which of Myau's spells does the most damage to enemy monsters?
3) Which spells have effects that can be duplicated by miscellaneous items?
4) At what level does each character learn their first spell? Their last?
5) What spell used by two characters differ in function for each?


1) Which mazes can you access at the start of the game?
2) Which mazes have more than one exit?
3) What cave has the most levels? What tower?
4) You are not told where Guaron is. How do you know when you've found it?
5) Does any maze seem to be on the wrong planet? If yes, why?
6) How many mazes are found on each planet?
7) What maze(s) has/have more than one important item?
8) Name as many differences as you can between caves and towers.
9) Which mazes are the most plentiful? The least?
10) Which mazes cannot be explored until very late in the game? Why?


1) How many residential areas are on each planet?
2) Name as many differences as you can between towns and villages.
3) What major problem is faced in the Native Dezorian Village?
4) In what residential area(s) do you have a hostile encounter?
5) What residential area sells the game's most expensive item?
6) From which residential areas can you access a Spaceport?
7) From which residential areas can you access the Luveno?
8) Which residential areas sell a miscellaneous item unavaiable in any
other residential area?
9) Can any Armory items be bought in more than one residential area?
10) What residential area has the saddest part of the game? What is it?


1) On what planet does Lassic live?
2) How many hit points does Lassic have?
3) What does Lassic ask you when you confront him?
4) What two unique creatures guard the path to Lassic?
5) Are any people in Lassic's castle?
6) How does the Crystal function in the showdown with Lassic?
7) How does Lasic fight you?
8) Do you actually have to have the Laconian items to defeat Lassic?
9) What happens if you kill Lassic?
10) Does Lassic have a doofey face?


1) How do you slay Medusa?
2) Is there any way to tell if you are winning the fight with Darkfalz?
3) What happens in Triada if you tell the RobotCop you have no Roadpass?
4) Why can't you show your Roadpass to the RobotCop at the Baya Malay
Wall Tower?
5) If you say Yes to the Dezorian who asks if you found the Laconian
Armor, how does he respond?
6) What is the maximum number of mesetas you may have at any time?
7) All characters must participate in every fight. Are there any
exceptions to this rule?
8) What happens when Dr. Luveno says you are ready to board the Luveno?
9) How must you answer Damor's questions to earn his good favor?
10) Which character in Phantasy Star is most important?

BONUS 1: Write up a cross-table chart showing EXACTLY how many experience
points each character needs to reach each level, from 1 to 30.

BONUS 2: List the Closing Credits.

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