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Phantasy Star Original Dialogue Version
Japanese to English Retranslation
by Paul Jensen
Original Dialogue Copyright ©1987 Sega

	This document is designed to enlighten and entertain people about the original Japanese-
language version of Phantasy Star for the Sega Mark III video game system.

	This document is not intended to be an extensive walkthrough, although it does contain
certain helpful information for the sake of convenience.

	This document assumes that the reader is familiar with the gameplay of the original
Phantasy Star (i.e. menus, battles, locations, methods of transportation), and will likely be
enjoyed most by readers who have played one of the published versions to completion.

	This document was modeled after Ben Morse's compilation, the _Phantasy Star I Complete
Script_, which can be found on James Maxlow's _Phantasy Star Pages_ in the Phantasy Star section.
For additional reference, I also made use of Wolfgang Landgraf's _Phantasy Star Walkthrough_.

	This retranslation was done solely by me, and I assume responsibility for any and all
errors and/or omissions that may exist in this document.  If you happen to find an error or
omission in this document, please notify me at (

	The most current version of this document can be found at:
	- (

	Phantasy Star Walkthroughs can be found at various locations on the Internet, notably:
	- The Phantasy Star Pages (
	- Wolfgang Landgraf's Ultimate Phantasy Star Homepage (


-Paul Jensen


Opening Cinema

  Narrator:	Spring, AW 342
	  	Camineet Residential District on the planet Palma

  Guards:	You little bastard -- poking your nose into LaShiec's business like that!
		Maybe from now on you'll try to mind your manners!

  Alisa:	Nero!  What happened?!  Hang on!

  Nero:		...Alisa... listen...
		...LaShiec has brought an enormous calamity upon our world...
		...The world is facing ruin...
		...I tried to find out what LaShiec is planning...
		...But by myself, I wasn't able to do anything...
		...I heard rumors of a mighty warrior named 'Tairon' during my journey...
		...If you combine forces, you might be able to defeat LaShiec... and restore
		...It’s too late for me...
		...Please forgive me... for leaving you alone...

  Alisa:	I will go and fight to ensure that my brother did not die in vain!
		Keep a sharp watch over me, big brother!


[Camineet, Palma] (NOTE: Get 'Laconian Pot' from Nekise)
  Alisa's House
	- This is Alisa’s house.  Nobody is here.

	- (First visit) 
	  My name is Suelo.  I know how you feel, Alisa.  No one will be able to stop you
	  [from doing what you must do], but don't overdo it, okay?  If you are ever injured
	  in battle, please come here to relax and recover.  You will always be welcome.
	  (HP/MP Restored)

  	- (Later visit(s))
	  Please relax and recover.  Don’t overdo it, okay?  You will always be welcome here.
	  (HP/MP Restored)

	- (First visit)
	  My name is Nekise.  I just found out that the hero Tairon is staying in the town of
	  Shion.  Oh, and, your brother entrusted me with this jar -- it’s called a
	  ‘Laconian Pot.’  Here, you should take it with you.  It may come in handy later on.
	  (Get 'Laconian Pot')

  	- (Later)
	  Forgive me, but there is nothing more I can do.  May you[r journey] be safe.

	- You will not be able to advance through certain dungeons if you don't have a light.
	- West of Camineet?  That's the Spaceport.
	- Do you know the planets in the Algol Solar System?
		(Yes)	I see.  Never mind.
		(No)	There are three planets: Palma, Motabia, and Dezoris.
			Palma is a planet of greenery.
			Motavia is a planet of sand.
			Dezoris is a planet of ice.
			There is a crisis drawing near to Algol...
	- They say that all sorts of business goes on in the port town.
	- The Camineet residential district is under martial law.
	- You need a ‘Dungeon Key’ to open locked doors.

  Guards at exit(s)
	- Stay inside the residential area if you know what's good for you.
	- Want to stay alive?  Then stay here!

  Guards at road
	- I can’t just let you pass through here!
	- Nobody gets through here without a 'roadpass'.

[Parolit, Palma] (NOTE: Visiting this town is entirely optional)
	- This is Parolit residential district.
	- I hear that the monster Medusa has returned to the cave South of the city.
	  They say if you look at it, you'll turn to stone!
	- When you're in the forest, you need to be especially cautious.
	- If you travel East, you will reach the port town of Shion.
	- You can travel to Paseo, on the planet Motavia, from the spaceport.
	- I hear you can get to the Gothic Forest -- which is West of Parolit -- through an
	  underground passageway.

	(Same dialogue as the guards as Camineet)

[Shion, Palma] (NOTE: Get 'Roadpass'; find out about Tairon and Myau)
  Tool Shop Owner (NOTE: BUY 'Secret Thing' for 200 meseta three times)
	(First time)	Who the hell told you that?  You’d better just forget about it if you
			know what’s good for you.
	(Second time)	Give it up, willya?  Now get outta here!
	(Third time)	You just don't quit, do you?  I give up.  If you're gonna keep bugging
			me, then just [take it].  But don't tell anybody.
			(Get 'Roadpass')

	- Tairon?  He went to slay Medusa!  That guy, he was with a TALKING ANIMAL!
	  And the animal -- it had a bottle of medicine around it's neck.  I wonder if it has
	  any special purpose?
	- (Same person as above, later)
	  You’re on a quest to defeat LaShiec, huh?  Well, good luck!
	- I found a talking animal in Medusa’s Cave earlier, see?  Then I sold it off to a trader
	  in Paseo and made a bundle!  Heh, heh, heh!
	- (Same person as above, later)
	  Times have been rough lately, don’t you think?
	  I wonder if there’s anywhere I can go to make money.
	- This is the port town of Shion.  This place used to be busy with trade.
	- If you go North from this town you will reach the hill of Baya Mahrey.
	  However, we aren’t able to get near to it.
	- Magically-sealed doors can be opened only with magic.
	- On Motabia, there are the Motavians. On Dezoris, the Dezorians.
	  I’d like to hang out and talk with them sometime.
	- On the beach North of Baya Mahrey, you will find Naula Cave.
	- On the peninsula South of Shion, you will find Iala Cave.
	- The Eppi Wods are confusing.  You need a ‘Compass’ just to pass through them.

[Eppi Woods]
	- (Without 'Compass')
	  The road is totally obscured by the thick forest.

[Camineet or Parolit, Palma]
  Guards at Road
	- Okay, you may pass.

[Palma Spaceport] (NOTE: Buy 'Passport' for 100 meseta)
  Passport Office (NOTE: Answer YES, NO, NO, YES)
	- You can apply for a ‘passport’ here.  Would you like to apply?
	(Yes)	Up to today, have you ever done any bad things?
		(Yes)	That's too bad.  Please come back some other time.
		(No)	Are you suffering from an illness right now?
			(Yes)	That's too bad.  Please come back some other time.
			(No)	The fee is 100 mesetas.  Is that agreeable?
				(Yes)	Well then, we will issue you a passport.
					Here you go.
					(Get 'Passport'; exit)
				(Yes, not enough money)	
					It looks like you don’t have enough money.
					Please come back later.
				(No)	I see.  Well then, take care.

  Luggage Handlers (the guys with the carts)
	- This is Palma Spaceport.  You can go to Paseo, on the planet Motavia.
	- The Governor-General lives in Paseo.  He rules all of Motavia.
	- Rumor has it that the Gothic Laboratory was once used to build spaceships.

  Airstrip Guards 
	- Do you have a passport?
		(Yes)	Okay, you may pass.
		(No)	??
  Conductor (the guy standing by the spaceships)
	- All aboard for Motabia!  Getting on?
		(Yes)	(Go to Motabia Spaceport)
		(No)	(Exit)

  Other Guards
	(Same dialogue as the guards in Camineet and Parolit)

[Paseo Spaceport]
  Luggage Handlers
	- This is Paseo spaceport, on the planet Motabia.
	- I’ve heard rumors that there are vicious ‘Ant-lions’ in the desert!

	- All aboard for Palma!  Getting on?
		(Yes)	(Go to Palma Spaceport)
		(No)	(Exit)

[Paseo, Motabia] (NOTE: Trade 'Laconian Pot' for Myau and 'Alsulin')
  The Trader (NOTE: Answer NO, YES)
	- I gotta real rare animal here.  You can have it fuh 10 billion mesetas. Wuddayuhsay?
		(Yes)	Yeah, right.  You gotta be kiddin’ me!
		(No)	Say...  That’s a real unusual pot you got there... 'dat a ‘Laconian Pot’?!  How ‘bout I give you da animal,
			you give me the pot?  Whuddayuhsay?
				(Yes)	Alri---ght, there yuh go.  Take good care uv‘im.
					(Lose 'Laconian Pot')
					(Get Myau)
					(Get 'Alsulin')
				(No)	Nevuh mind.

	- (Later)
	  That laconian pot was worth a fortune!  Thanks a bundle!
	  (Yes, I added the lousy pun)

	Alisa:	I guess we’re gonna be traveling together from now on, huh?
		I’m Alisa.  What’s your name?
	Myau:	Myau.
	Alisa:	Well, Myau, tell me what happened to Tairon.
	Myau:	Someone turned him into stone.  I can heal him with this medicine,
		but I can’t open the lid, so...
	Alisa:	I see.  Let’s go help him!

	- (ITEMS|'Alsulin'|USE)
	  Alas, Myau was not able to open the lid to the bottle.

	- This is Paseo, capital of Motabia.
	- ...Actually, the Governor-General seems to be on very bad terms with LaShiec!
	- Maharu Cave is located in the mountains to the north of Paseo.
	- I hear that intelligent monsters have monster languages.
	- You need to have a gift in order to meet with the Governor-General.
	- The Governor-General loves sweets.
	- There’s no way to pass over those ant lions on FOOT, [but...].

  Guards at the Road to Paseo Spaceport
	- Okay, you may pass.

  Guards outside Underground Passage to Governor's Mansion
	- zzz... zzz...

[Cave South of Camineet, Palma] (NOTE: Get Tairon, find 'Compass')
	- (SEARCH Tairon)
	  It seems that something turned this person into stone!
	  Maybe he can be returned to normal...

	- (ITEMS|'Alsulin'|USE on Tairon)
	  Alisa opened the lid to the bottle, and the contents quietly spilled out.
	  (Tairon returns to normal)

	Tairon:	Thanks for rescuing me.  I don’t know if it’ll do any good though.
		If we got taken down by Medusa, I don’t think we can even stand a chance
		against LaShiec.
	Alisa:	My brother ended up dead when he tried to overthrow LaShiec.
		Just before he died, he gave me your name.
	Tairon:	I see... All right then, for the sake of your brother,
		let’s join together and destroy LaShiec!
	Alisa:	Tell me something first -- Why did you try to kill Medusa?
	Tairon:	See, Medusa has this magical axe, and I wanted to get it, but she got away from
		me.  Damn...  But anyway...  I hid a 'Compass' at a dead end in this cave.
		We should go get it.
		(You can now find the 'Compass' on the East side of the cave)

[Eppi Village, Palma]
(NOTE: Need 'Compass' to enter the woods the village; talk to man about 'Dungeon Key')
	- Welcome to Eppi Village!
	- I wonder if Motabia’s Governor-general might aid you in your quest.
	- On Motabia live the great ‘Espers’.
	- Are you by any chance searching for the ‘Dungeon Key’?
		(Yes)	I hid the ‘Dungeon Key’ in a secret place, inside the warehouse
			located on the outskirts of Camineet residential area.
			(You can now find the 'Dungeon Key' in Camineet)
		(No)	You’re not?  Never mind then.
	- A doctor named ‘Luveno’ used to have a laboratory in Gothic Forest.
	- Do you know what the hardest, strongest material in the world is?
		(Yes)	You do?  Never mind then.
		(No)	It’s ‘Laconia’!  Laconian weapons are the
			strongest [in the solar system].

[Camineet, Palma] (NOTE: Get the 'Dungeon Key' from the cave)

[Naula Cave, North of Shion, Palma]
  Shortcake Salesman
	- I’m sorry for having a store in a place like this.
	  Shortcakes are 1000 meseta.  Would you like one?

[Paseo, Palma]
  Guard inside Underground Passage to Governor's Mansion (NOTE: Need 'Dungeon Key')
	- Did you bring a present for the Governor-General?
		(Yes, choose ‘Shortcake’)
			Well then, I’ll look after this ‘Shortcake’.
		(Yes, choose other item)
			That is NOT a suitable gift. 
			Leave at once!

[Governor-General's Mansion, Paseo, Palma]
	- I am the Governor-General of this planet.  I understand you are on a quest to
	  defeat LaShiec.  I commend you for your courage.
	  In Maharu Cave you will find an Esper named Lutz (pronounced 'roots').
	  Please take this letter to him.
	  I am absolutely certain that you will defeat LaShiec and return here.
	  (Get 'Letter from Governor-General')

	- (Later)
	  I am absolutely certain that you will defeat LaShiec and return here.

  Lady in Guest House (first visit)
	- You must be tired from your long journey.  You should relax here for a while.
	  You enter into a deep sleep…
	  (Nightmare battle)
	  What a frightening dream !
	  There’s no time to lose!  Have faith in yourself.  I’ll be praying for your safety.

  	- (Later)
	  Please rest before you go.
	  Please return safely somehow.  I'll be praying for you.

[Maharu Cave, North of Paseo, Palma]
  Lutz, before getting 'Letter from Governor-General'
	- Who are you?  I'm in the middle of training right now.  Please don’t interrupt.

	Alisa:	We came to deliver this letter from the Governor-General.
		Won’t you read it please?
	Lutz:	I understand...
		Together, we must protect the Algol system from the hand of evil.
		To do that, we must first meet with Dr. Luveno in the Gothic Woods.
		If I recall correctly, there is manhole that leads to the village. 

[Underground Tunnel from Palma Spaceport to Gothic Woods]
	- I’m busy right now, so please don’t interrupt.

[Gothic Woods, Palma]
	- Hey, you mind if I bum a ‘Perolimate’?
		(Yes, with 'Perolimate')
			Thanks.  This place used to be the lab of a scientist named ‘Luveno’.
			But he turned crazy, see, and got locked up in Toriada, the prison
			to the South of this village.
		(Yes, without 'Perolimate')
			Don’t f--- with me!
		(No)	I ain’t talking to you, then.  Get the hell away from me.
	- Hey, you mind if I bum a ‘Perolimate’?
		(Yes, with 'Perolimate')
			In the heart of the mountains, there's a tower that can be reached by
			one of the roads leading out of Gothic.  Inside the tower, they say,
			there's a freaky monster that, if you just LOOK at it, will turn yuh tuh

  Villager near open field
  	- The area beyond here is my territory, so stay the hell out!

[Toriada Prison, Southwest of Gothic, Palma]
  Guard Near Entrance
	- Do you have a roadpass?
		(Yes)	Okay, you may pass.
		(No)	You are very brave.  Please allow me to kill you...
			(Fight Guard)

	- Hey, you mind if I bum a ‘Perolimate’?
		(Yes)	Thanks.  Y’know, no matter what people say, spiders are actually very
			wise creatures.
		(No)	Then I ain’t talking to you.  Get the hell away from me.
	- The tower nestled in the Gothic Mountains is called ‘Medusa’s Tower.’
	- There’s this chemical called ‘Polymeteral’ that they say will dissolve any material
	  except laconia.
	- Whassup?  I haven’t seen any people in a long time!  Let’s talk!
		(Yes)	Y’know, I’ve got a friend in Bartevo.  But those lava pools are making
			things real tough right now, I guess.  If you see my friend, could you
			tell him I said ‘hi?’
		(No)	Seriously?  You suck!
	- Do you know of a robot called ‘Hapsby’?
		(Yes)	Really?  How boring!
		(No)	It’s a robot made out of laconia!  But it seems to have been dumped into
			a scrap heap!
	- I hear that on the other side of the mountains there's a whole bunch of lava because
	  of the volcanic eruptions.

  Dr. Luveno (NOTE: Talk to Dr. Luveno three times)
	(First time)	I’m Luveno.  You came here to rescue me?  That’s not really necessary.
			You should go home.
	(Second time)	What?  Did you say 'build a spaceship?'  [BAKA MO YASUMIYASUMI IE.]
			Do you think I want to be responsible for something like that?
	(Third time)	Hmmm…  Didn’t I tell you to--  Aah, I give up!  You must promise to do
			whatever I ask.  Agreed?
			(Yes)	Good.  Well then,  I’m going to go to Gothic Village and make
				the proper arrangements.  Meet me there later.  Oh, don’t worry.
				I can make it there myself.
			(No)	Well, if you won’t promise, then I’m afraid I can’t help you.

[Dr. Luveno's Laboratory, Gothic, Palma]
	- Ahh, you’re late!  Quickly!  Do me a favor and bring my assistant back here.
	  He’s probably hiding in that underground tunnel.  It really irritates me
	  shy a person he is.
	- Stop fooling around!

[Underground Tunnel]
	- Huh?  You say Dr. Luveno is back... and he’s going to build a spaceship?!
	  Well, I guess I have no choice [but to help].  I’ll go there right away.

[Dr. Luveno's Lab]
  Dr. Luveno (NOTE: Give Luveno 1200 meseta, talk to him three times)
	- Okay, it looks like my staff is assembled.  Manufacturing expenses come to
	  1200 meseta.  Will you please give it to me?
		(Yes)	Thanks.  Now then, let’s begin construction, shall we?
			Please wait for a little while.
		(Yes, less than 1200 meseta)
			You don’t have enough?  I’m sorry, but must get some
			more money.
		(No)	What a shame.  So your journey ends here, I suppose...

	(First time)	I can’t create a suitable machine if I rush production!
			Be a little more patient!
	(Second time)	I can’t create a suitable machine if I rush production!
			Be a little more patient!
	(Third time)	At last, the spaceship is finished!  I’m pleased to present to you,
			the ‘Luveno’!
			But you won’t be able to pilot the spaceship yourself.

[Bartevo, Palma]
	- I heard that a high-performance robot got dumped inside one of these scrap piles.
	  I wonder if it’s true?
	- Bartevo is my territory.  Don’t be screwin’ around!
	- I came looking for a robot called ‘Hapsby’, you see.  'Habspy'... now THAT robot
	  could proabably pilot a spaceship.
	- The drug store in Abion sells Polymeteral, I hear.

[Lore, Palma]
	- This is the Village of Lore. Thanks to LaShiec,  it’s become a wasteland.
	- Now this is just a rumor, but supposedly there are crystals that protect against
	  evil magic.
	- Huh?  You’re going to defeat LaShiec?  Awesome!
	- Do you know of a jewel called the ‘Carbunkle Eye’?  Rumor has it that it’s being
	  held by the Casba Dragon.
	- Do you know about the ‘Laerma Tree?'
		(Yes)	Really?  What a bore!
		(No)	I hear the Altiplano Plateau on Dezoris is totally covered by them.
	- On the West end of this island, there is a village called Abion.

[Abion, Palma] (NOTE: Buy 'Polymeteral' at tool shop)
	- This village is called Abion.
	- Some weird freak just moved to this village, and he was carrying a jar or something.
	  It seems he’s been doing experiments on animals.  I gotta bad feeling about that guy.
	- They say if an animal called a ‘Musk Cat’* eats a certain type of berry, it’ll grow
	  large, and become able to fly!  Wierd, huh?
	  *Myau is a Musk Cat
	- The evil hand of LaShiec has extended to this village as well!  Please help us!
	- I want to try and travel the stars.

  The Mad Doctor (NOTE: Choose 'no')
	- Hey, cat!  C'mere!
		(Yes)	(Myau Dies)
			Hee hee hee!  You guys wanna die too?
			(Fight Mad Doctor)
			(Win - Get 'Laconian Pot')
		(No)	I will kill anything that gets in my way!
			(Fight Mad Doctor)
			(Win - Get 'Laconian Pot')

[Bartevo, Palma] (NOTE: Use polymeteral on the scrap heaps to find 'Hapsby')
	- I am Hapsby.  Thanks for getting me out of that scrap heap.
	  Let me pilot the ‘Luveno’ for you, okay?
	  (Get 'Hapsby')
	- (ITEMS|'Hapsby'|USE):
	  Hapsby has a hard head.

[Gothic, Palma]
	- Now then, you can use the Luveno to fly through space.
	  Go outside the village and take a look.  It’s a brilliant piece of work.
	  (Spaceports closed)
	- (Later)
	  How’s the ‘Luveno’ holding up?  Please be careful with it.

  Villager near open field
	- Well, I guess I gotta do what Dr. Luveno says.  Go ahead and pass.

  Hapsby (NOTE: Choose 'Skray')
	- Where would you like to go?
		(Gothic)This IS Gothic.  Where would you...
		(Uzo)	Destination: Uzo, on Motabia.  Confirm?
			(Yes)	Now departing.
				(Fly to Uzo)
			(No)	Where would you...
		(Skray)	Destination: Skray, on Dezoris.  Confirm?
			(Yes)	Now departing.
				(Fly to Skray)
			(No)	Where would you...

[Skray, Dezoris] (NOTE: Buy 'Laser Gun', 'Psycho Wand', and 'Spiky Fur')
	- This is Skray, on the planet Dezoris.  Pretty cold outside, wasn’t it?
	- Nearly all of the Palman immigrants live in this town.
	- What?  ‘Overthrow LaShiec?’  If you really are going to do that, you must gather
	  all of the Laconian weapons:  Sword, Axe, Shield, and Armor.  These weapons are
	  more powerful than any others.  I’ll be praying for your safety.
	- Planet Dezoris is made of ice.
	- There are places inside the ice mountains that can be easily broken.
	- I don’t know much about this planet, but I do know that there are some native
	  Dezorians living in a village inside the the northern mountains.
	- The area around the Altiplano Plateau is encircled by mountains of ice.
	- This planet has a solar eclipse once every hundred years.  There is a flame lit at
	  this time called an ‘Eclipse Torch’.  It is regarded by the Dezorians as sacred. 
	- I heard that all the dead people in the Guaran Morgue have come back to life!
	  How creepy!
	- Weapons made from laconia conceal holy powers, y’know.  I heard that LaShiec despises
	  them, so he hid them here and there throughout the planets of Algol.

[Uzo, Motabia] (OPTIONAL: Talk to villager about the 'Soothe Flute')
	- This is Uzo Village, on the planet Motavia.
	- Do you know about the ‘Soothe Flute?’ (NOTE: Choose 'no')
		(Yes)	Really?  What a bore!
		(No)	Well, this is a secret, but when I went to Palma, I buried it on the
			outskirts of Gothic Village.  Don’t tell anybody!
			(You can now find the 'Soothe Flute' in Gothic)
	- Have you heard of the ‘Frad Cloak?'  They say it’s light in weight, but has superb
	  defensive power.
	- It seems that a dragon has settled in Casba Cave!  That dragon has a jewel or
	  something embedded in it’s head!
	- To the South of Uzo, there is a village called Casba.
	- You can pass over antlions if you have a ‘LandMaster.’

[Casba, Motabia] (NOTE: Buy 'LandMaster'; OPTIONAL: Talk to villager about the 'FlowMover')
	- This is Casba Village.
	- There is more than meets the eye in the dungeon.
	- One time I traveled north of the lake, and a frightening, fog-like poison gas
	  was spreading all over! Whatever you do, stay away from there!
	- The people in the village surrounded by gas tell a tale of a legendary shield.
	  They say that a long time ago, [a man named] Perseus used that shield to confront
	  a monster.
	- Do you know about the ‘FlowMover’? (NOTE: Choose 'yes')
		(Yes)	Well, I bought one on Palma, in the town of Shion, but it turned out to be
			broken, so I ditched it in Bartevo.  What a waste!
			(You can now find the 'Flowmover' in Bartevo)
		(No)	With a FlowMover, you can glide smoothly across the the top of the water.
			They can really come in handy!
	- There’s a dragon living in Casba Cave!  I’m so scared!

[Casba Cave] (NOTE: Defeat the Casba Dragon and get the 'Carbunkle Eye')

[Gothic, Palma] (NOTE: Search the dead end to find the 'Soothe Flute')
	- You found the 'Soothe Flute'
	- (ITEMS|'Soothe Flute'|USE)
	  The beautiful tone relaxes the soul.	

[Bartevo, Palma] (NOTE: Search the scrap heaps to find the 'FlowMover')
	- You found the ‘FlowMover’!
	  Hapsby fixed the areas that were damaged, so you can use it now!
	- (ITEMS|'FlowMover'|USE)
	  You can't use that right HERE!

[Drasgow, Palma] (NOTE: Need 'FlowMover' to reach it; buy 'GasClear' for 1000 meseta)
	- This is Drasgo, a tiny town on the sea.
	- Amazing!  You managed to make it here even though they shut down the sea routes
	  and we are no longer allowed to use boats!
	- [You are] such a small young woman...  Good luck on the rest of your journey.
	- I once saw a huge floating rock in the sky!
	- I hear that there's an enchanted sword in Abion Tower.

  People inside Drasgow Cave
	- I heard that a store in this city sells an apparatus called a ‘GasClear’,
	  which protects the body against poison gas.  The only thing is,
	  I can’t find the damn store!  Sheesh!
	- This is an item shop.  What can I do for you?  Haah haah!
	  Sorry, I’m just kidding!  Please forgive me.

  'GasClear' Salesman (NOTE: Buy 'GasClear' for 1000 meseta)
	- You must be pretty shocked to see a store in a place like this, huh?
	  ‘GasClears’ are 1000 mesetas.  Pretty cheap, no?  You wanna buy one?
		(Yes)	Thank you.  Please come again.
		(Yes, less than 1000 meseta)		
			Huh?  You don’t have enough money?
			What the hell?!  I’m not selling you ANYTHING!
		(No)	Hey, what the hell?!  I’m not selling you ANYTHING!

[Sopia, Motabia] (NOTE: 'Need' 'GasClear' to reach it; 'Donate' 400 meseta to village chief)
  The Village Chief 
	- I am the chief of this village. Due to the gas, Sopia is cut off from other towns
	  and villages, and is therefore very poor.  Could you by any chance offer a
	  contribution of 400 mesetas?
		(Yes)	Thank you.  According to local legend, the shield that Perseus used when
			he defeated Medusa is buried under a cactus on the island in the middle
			of the lake.
			(You can now find the 'Shield of Perseus')
		(Yes, less than 400 meseta)
			You are poor as well, eh?  What a sad world in which we live.
		(No)	I see.  What a pity.  Hmmm…

  Gamer Miki-chan
	- I'm Gamer Miki-chan!  Do you own a Master System? (yes/no)
		(Yes)	Wow!  I guess we game the same!  After all, the FM sound system is way
			cool, huh?
		(No)	Aawww!  That’s no good!  Hurry up and buy one!  Hmph!

	- This village is called Sopia.  I’m glad that you were able to brave your way through
	  the poison gas.
	- I heard that Palma is a very beautiful planet. Is it really true?
		(Yes)	Ooh, I want to go there soo bad!
		(No)	Oh, I see.  I want to go to a place with cleaner air.
	- There’s a monk named Tajimu living in the mountains South of the lake.
	- Hey, you mind if I bum a ‘Perolimate’?
		(Yes)	Thanks.  Please come again.
		(Yes, no Perolimate)
			Don’t f--- with me!
		(No)	Cheapskate.
	- Before LaShiec’s powerful grasp, this village was very wealthy.

[Island in the lake, Motabia]
	- (SEARCH the cactus)
	  You found the 'Shield of Perseus'

[Tajim's Cave, South of Sopia, Motabia] (NOTE: This is optional)
	- (Without Lutz -- which is impossible, I think)
 	  Who, may I ask, are you?  I have a student, Lutz, in the Cave of Magic.
	  Do you know him?
	  	(Yes)	There is something I must tell Lutz.  Would you please escort him to me?
		(No)	I see.  In that case, I guess it’s pointless for us to talk.
	- (With Lutz)
	  Ah.  My student, Lutz!  I see you are finally on your way to defeating LaShiec.
	  That being the case, I'll give you your final test: a duel with me!
	  (Lutz alone fights Tajim)	  
			You’ve become strong, my boy!  You have all the power you’ll ever need.
			Please use this Frad Cloak. It is my gift to you.  It will protect your
			body from harm.
			(Get Frad Cloak)
			Well then, you’d best be on your way.
			You still haven’t trained enough.  You should come back later.
	- (Later)
	  There is nothing more I can teach you.

[Native Dezorian Town, Dezoris] (NOTE: Buy 'IceDecker')
  West (Left) Side - Honest Dezorians
  (NOTE:  Most of the Honest Dezorians end their sentences with 'zura')
	- Corona Tower lies on the other side of the mountains to the North of this village, eh.
	- To the West of Corona Tower is Dezoris Cave, eh.  Please send my regards to our
	  comrades there, eh.
	- Laerma trees make berries called ‘Laerma Berries’, eh.  Those berries are real tasty,
	  eh.  We wanna use them for food, eh,  but if we don’t put them into a ‘Laconian Pot’,
	  they just get all shriveled up, eh.
	- Do you know about the ‘Aeroprism’?
		(Yes)	I’d really like to see it at least once, eh.
		(No)	I hear you can use it to look at other worlds, eh.
	- All the people in this village hate those Palmans, eh.
	  (The truth really does hurt, I guess)
	- Those guys in the village next to us are all a bunch of liars.  Be careful, eh.
	  (He is telling the truth)

  East (Right) Side - Dishonest Dezorians
  (NOTE:  Most of the Disonest Dezorians end their sentences with 'dasu')
	- There's a Life Spring/Fountain of Youth in Corona Tower, y’know.
	- There's a warp on the 10th underground floor of Dezoris cave, y’know.
	- Laerma Berries are colored blue.  We use them as a dye, y’know.
	- If you use a crystal in front of the Laerma Tree, berries will grow, y’know.
	- This village welcomes Palmans.
	- The neighboring villagers are all liars.  Be careful.
	  (He is a liar)

[Guaron Morgue, Northwest of Frost Dragon Cave, Dezoris] (NOTE: Find 'Laconian Armor')
	- What is your business here?  Don’t cause any trouble!

[Dungeon Southwest of Corona Tower, Dezoris] (NOTE: Need 'IceDecker'; find 'Laconian Shield')
  Dezorian (NOTE: He is a liar)
	- You gotta be real careful from here on in.  Turn left at the fork.

[Corona Tower, Dezoris] (NOTE: Trade 'Carbunkle Eye' for 'Eclipse Torch')
	- What is your business here?  Don’t cause any trouble!
	- Don’t let this get out, but there's a fortuneteller named Damoa who is in posession
	  of a crystal that LaShiec hates.  There must be something secret about that crystal.
	- I’ve got a baad feeling about this...

	- This flame is lit during each centennial solar eclipse.  If you give me a dragon’s
	  jewel, however, I’ll share the flame with you.  Do we have an agreement? 
		(Yes)	Well then, please accept this ‘Eclipse Torch’.
			(Lose 'Carbunkle Eye')
			(Get 'Eclipse Torch')
		(Yes, without the Carbunkle Eye)
			You mean to say you don’t have the jewel?!  Don’t toy with me!
		(No)	You don’t want it?!  Then, ah, for what did you come here?

[Aeroprism Dungeon, Southwest of Frost Dragon Dungeon, Dezoris)
  Otegami Chie-chan (NOTE: This dialogue is different in the non-Japanese versions)
	- I am 'Otegami Chie-chan!’  Thanks for all your letters.
	  Please tell us how you feel about this game.  We’ll be waiting.
	  (I guess this was a request for fans to write in...)

[Altiplano Plateau, West of clearing between Cave 2 and Frost Dragon Cave, Dezoris] 
(NOTE: Need 'IceDecker')
	- (ITEMS|'Eclipse Torch'|USE)
	  Alisa held the 'Eclipse Torch' over her head.
	  (The ice on the tree melts)	
	  Alisa took the ‘Laerma Berries’ and put them in the ‘Laconian Pot’.
	  (Get 'Laerma Berries')
	- (ITEMS|'Laerma Berries'|USE)
	  Myau was not hungry, so Alisa put the berries back.	  

[Abion Tower, East of Shion, Palma] (NOTE: Defeat Red Dragon and get 'Laconian Sword')
	- Leaving? Better do it now.

[Baya Mahrey Prison, Palma]
	- Have you gotten the armor from Guaran?
		(Yes)	Damn!  You’re pretty cool!
		(No)	It’s on the other side of a pitfall!
	- All those who have gone up against LaShiec have had their souls taken by his magic.
	- I wonder if you could help me escape from this place, but it’s hopeless.
	- Defeat LaShiec?! That’s nonsense!
	- We will all be sacrificed in the name of LaShiec!  Agh!
	- There is a tower on top of Baya Mahrey knoll.  There must be secrets hidden inside.
	- You’d better not go any further, ‘cuz there’s a guard station up there.

  Robot Police (NOTE: Answer 'No')
	- Do you have a roadpass?
	(Yes)	Let me see here...  Hm?  This is a fake!
		Don't think you can fool me just because I'm a robot!
		Let me show you to your cell.
		(Get locked up; escape through hidden passageway)
	(No)	You are extremely brave.  I will kill you now.
		(Fight Robot Police)

  Man in Cell
	- Oh!  So you’re locked up in here as well?  How tragic.
	  There IS a way to get outside, but I'D rather stay here where it's nice and cozy.

[Baya Mahrey Tower, Palma)
  Damoa the Fortuneteller (Note: Answer YES, YES, YES, YES, NO)
  	- I am the World’s Greatest Fortune Teller, Damoa!  Do you believe in my amazing powers?
		(Yes)	Good.  Good.
			I sense that you are looking for something, yes?
			(Yes)	I see that you are looking for Alex Ossale, yes?
				(Yes)	Everything I say is correct.  Understand?
					(Yes)	Do you oppose me?
						(Yes)	In that case, perhaps you should come
							back later.
						(No)	Is that so…  You show considerable
							promise.  I shall give you this
							crystal as a reward.
							(Get 'Damoa's Crystal')
				(No)	In that case, perhaps you should come back later.
			(No)	In that case, perhaps you should come back later.
		(No)	What did you say?  You are very disobedient.  I think you should leave.

[Top of Baya Mahrey Tower]
  Myau's Transformation
	- (ITEMS|'Aeroprism'|USE)
	  (Aerocastle appears)
	  The illusionary ‘Aerocastle’ materialized in the vast open sky.
	  (ITEMS|'Laerma Berries'|USE)
	  Myau took a bite of the ‘Laerma Berry’.
	  As Myau chewed the Laerma Berry, his body was envoloped by a warm and dazzling light.
	  Suddenly, Myau transformed into a beautiful large-winged beast.
	  He proudly flapped his wings.

[Midair battle with Gold Drake]
  If Myau dies...
	- Alisa and her companions were flung into the sky.

[The Illusionary Aerocastle]
  People in Houses
	- There is more than meets the eye in this dungeon, fools.
	- Don’t disobey King Lashiek.

  The Shadow Warrior
	I can anticipate your every action.  Come to me!
	I am King LaShiec’s shadow warrior*.  You have gained nothing by defeating me!
	Hee hee hee!

	- And so you finally arrive. How fortunate you are.  Do you really wish to defeat me?
		(Yes)	I see.  Then perhaps I should show you the error in your judgment!
		(No)	You have already wasted too much of my time.  I shall make you regret it!

  Death of LaShiec
	- What?!  Could it be that I die?  What a disgrace.  I shall live again!
	- LaShiec has fallen.  Alisa’s wish has come true.  Surely even Nero will be rejoicing
	  in heaven.
	  Now let's hurry back to Paseo and see the Governor-General!

[Governor-General's Mansion, Paseo, Motabia]
	- Hey.  That’s wierd...  Where’d the Governor-General go?

Ending Scene

	- Oh!  My friends, please forgive me.  My mind and body seem to have been enchanted by
	  some sort of evil force.
	  Well done!  You have saved the world!  If you had taken any longer, terrible events
	  might have come to pass.  I extend you my utmost appreciation.
	  And now, Alisa, I have something I wish to tell you:
	  The truth is, your father was once the King of Algol.
	  Now that the demon’s fortress has been destroyed, and LaShiec is no more,
	  will be your father’s successor and become the Queen of Algol?
		(Yes)	I see.  Then indeed, you are the daughter of the King of Algol,
			[and our new Queen].  Please let me help you [however I can].
		(No)	I see.  [You must do as you wish].  You are welcome to return at anytime.

  Narrator:	Gradually, the sky brightened, and peace was restored to all.
		Baya Mahrey is covered by a refreshing breeze right now...
		...but does the breeze know of their long and difficult journey?
		and Myau.
		Though the dark memories will fade away, their names will continue to remain
		in the hearts of the people.

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