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Complete Script

                        Phantasy Star

                       Complete Dialog


  Space Century 342

  Camineet on Palma


  --Cinema Display--

  -Guard- Scum!  Do not sniff around in Lassic's affairs!

       Learn this lesson well!

  -Alis-     Nero!  What happened!  Don't die!

  -Nero-   Alis, Listen!  Lassic is leading our world to destruction.  I tried to discover his      

             plans, but I could not do much by myself.

        I have heard of a man with great strength named "Odin."  Maybe the two of you

             can stop Lassic.  Alis, it's too late for me.  Be strong.

  -Alis-      I will make sure that my brother died not in vain!  Watch over and protect me            



  Houses- Here is the home of Alis.

     - I'm Nekise.  One hears lots of stories, you know, but some say that a fighter             
	   named Odin lives in a town called Scion.  Also, I have a Laconian Pot

            given by  Nero.  That would be helpful to you in your task.  I wish I

            could help you more.  I pray for your safety.

     - You need a dungeon key to open locked doors.

     - I'm Suelo.  I know how you must feel, dear, no one can stop you from doing            
	   what you know you must do.  But if you should ever be wounded in

             battle, come here to rest.  *Please rest yourself.  You are welcome here

             at any time.*

     - Do you know about the planets of the Algol Star System?

        YES- O.K.  Good day.

        NO - There are three planets; Palma Motavia and Dezoris.  Palma is a world of               
		          green.  Motavia is a world of sand.  Dezoris is a world of ice.  The

               Algol Star System is currently facing a great crisis.

  People- In some dungeons you will not get far without some sort of light.

     - There is a spaceport to the west of Camineet.

     - If you want to make a deal, you should head for the port town.

     - The Camineet residential area is under martial law.

     - (Guard)- Unless you hope to die, you had best stay here.

     - (Guard)- You cannot pass without roadpass.



  Houses- This is Parolit residential area.

     - The forest is a dangerous place.

     - Medusa has been reborn and lives in a cave to the south.  If you see her, you will

             be turned to stone.

  People- From the Spaceport you can go to Paseo on Motavia.

     - There is an underground passage to the Gothic Forest somewhere to the west of              

     - To the east lies a port town called Scion.

     - (Guard)- Same as guards in Camineet



  Houses - There is a hill named Baya Malay to the north of this town.  But none of us dare             
                  approach it.

     - A door locked with magic can only be opened with magic.

     - They say that there are Motavian living on Motavia and Dezoriann on Dezoris.               
	    I'd sure like a chance to talk to someone.

     - Odin set off to kill Medusa.  He went with an animal that can speak!  The

             animal had a bottle of medicine hanging from its neck, but I don't know

            what that is for.

     - You need a compass to pass through the Eppi Forest.

     - I recently found a talking beast in the cave where Medusa lives.  I sold him for a

             good price to a merchant from Paseo!

     - A cave called Iala can be found on the peninsula to the south of Scion

  People- This is the port town Scion.  Long ago, we thrived on trade.

     - A cave called Naula lies on the north coast of Baya Malay.

  Second-Hand Shop  (buying "Secrets"  200M)

     -1- I don't know who told you that.  You had best forget it.

     -2- I tell you no one can do.  Go on back to wherever you came from.

     -3- All right, all right.  I give up.  But don't tell anyone where you got this, O.K.?

     -(Roadpass is now in inventory)-


     (Guard in Camineet and Parolit, with roadpass)-  You may proceed.



  People- This is Palma's Spaceport.  From the Spaceport you can go to Paseo on Motavia.

     - The Governor is in Paseo.  He rules all of Motavia.

     - Long ago, a spaceship was built in the Gothic Laboratory.

     -(Guard)- Do you have you passport?

        YES- Don't be a fool!  

        NO - You may not pass.

  Shop -  You can file for a passport here.  Do you want a passport?

        NO - I see.  Have a good day.

        YES- Have you ever done anything illegal?

             YES- That's not good.  You'll have to come back later.

             NO - Do you currently have an illness?

                  YES- That's not good.  You'll have to come back later.

                  NO - The passport fee is 100 Meseta.

      Would you pay it?

        NO - I see.  Have a good day.

        YES- You passport is ready here.

  (Guard, with Passport)- You may proceed.


  Shuttle- Bound for Motavia.  Getting on?

        NO- (exit)

        YES- (shuttle takes off)



  Houses- This is Paseo Motavia's capital.

     - It's not possible to pass through ant lion on foot.

     - The Governor loves sweets, I hear.

  People - There is a cave called Maharu in a mountain to the north of Paseo.

     - Some intelligent monsters have their own language.

     - A gift is needed if you wish to see the Governor.

     - Motavia's Governor and Lassic are not on good terms, it is said.

     -(Guard of Exit)- You had better not leave the residential area.

     -(Guard of Passage to Governor)- ZZZ...ZZZ...

  Shop   - I have an rare animal here.  Would you pay 1 billion meseta for it?

        YES- You are a liar!

        NO - I see you have a strange pot.  Shall I trade the animal for it?

          NO- I see.  Have a good day.

          YES- All right, there you go with him.


  ---Cinema Display---

  Alis- We will be fellow travelers.  I'm Alis; What's your name?

  Myau- I'm Myau.

  Alis- Myau, have you ever heard of a man named Odin?

  Myau- Yes, but he is turned to stone!  If he drinks this medicine, he'll be O.K., but I      
               cannot open the bottle.

  Alis- Well, then, we'd better go save Odin together, O.K.?


  ---Medusa's Cave---

  ---Odin in Stone---

    SRCH- It seems to be a man who has been turned to stone!  I wonder if he can be          
	             returned to his original form?

    ITEM-->Alsulin-->USE- Alis takes out Alsulin.  The bottlecap opens and the contents           
	               quietly leak out.


  ---Cinema Display---

  Odin- Thanks for saving me.  I guess if Medusa can stop me, I don't have much hope of   
              killing Lassic, do I?

  Alis- My brother died trying to kill Lassic.  Before he died, he told me to seek your help.

  Odin- Is that so?  Well, I must not let your brother die unavenged.

  Alis- Why did you try to kill Medusa?

  Odin- Because Medusa has a mystic axe.  Unfortunately, she got away from me.

            Anyhow, I have a compass in one of the passages of this cave.  Let's go get it


  (Use compass to get through Eppi Forest)



  Person- Welcome to Eppi.

  Houses- The governor of Motavia might possibly help you well.

     - Noah lives on Motavia.

     - Do you know what the hardest, strongest material in our world is?

        YES- O.K.  Good day.

        NO - It's laconia!  Arms made with laconia are the best to have.

     - Dr. Luveno had a laboratory in the Gothic Forest long ago, it is said.

     - Are you looking for a dungeon key?

        NO - O.K. Good day.

        YES- I've hidden a dungeon key in the warehouse in the outskirts of the                     


  (Using Dungeon Key to see the Governor without a gift.)

  Robot- Do you have a present to give to the Governor?

        YES- I don't think you have a suitable present.

        NO - Go back to your home now.


  (Meeting Noah before meeting the Governor)

  Noah- Who are you?  I'm busy with my training now!  Do not be a nuisance!


  ---Naula Cake Shop---

  Man- I'm sorry I have a shop in such a place.  Shortcake for 1000 Mesetas!

           Will you buy one?

        NO - Well, come again.

        YES- Thanks!  Come again!


  ---Back to Paseo---

  Robot- YES- I'll take the shortcake now.


  House- Please rest your weary bones.  I am praying for your safety.

  Governor- I'm the Governor.  I'm told that you intend to try to kill Lassic.  I admire your            
                     courage.  In the Maharu Cave lives an esper named Noah.  I will give
                     you a letter of introduction to present to her.  I have faith that you will             
                     kill Lassic and return here eventually.  You should rest here awhile after
                     your long journey.

     - You fell into a deep sleep.

     (Fight Saccubus...and die.)

     - You had a bad dream.

  Governor- I have faith that you will kill Lassic and return here eventually.


  ---Maharu Cave---

  Noah- Who are you?  I'm busy with my training now!  Do not be a nuisance!

  Alis- I've received a letter from the Governor.  Please read it.

  Noah- Let me see it.....our duty is clear;  We must protect the planets of the Algol System
              from evil.  We must first go to the Gothic Forests and find Dr. Luveno.  We can      
	  		  use an underground passage from a manhole in the spaceport.


  ---Manhole Passage---

  Man- I'm busy.  Don't bother me.



  Houses- (Empty)

  People - Could ya spare me a cup of cola?

        NO- I got nothin' to say t'ya!  Get lost!

        YES- Thanks!  This was once the lab.  of Dr. Luveno.  He went bonkers, though

            and be imprisoned in Triada to the south of here.

     - Could ya...cola?

        NO- I got nothin' to say t'ya!  Get lost!

        YES- Don't go near the tower at the far end of the narrow road which goes from

            the Gothic Forest through the mountains.  A magic beast lives there. 

  Look           at it and ya turn to stone.

     - You cannot come through here.  This is my area.


  ---Triada (Prison)---

  Robot- Do you have your roadpass?

        YES- You may proceed.

        NO - You are a fool!  You will die!  (Fight)

  Man  - Could ya...cola?

        NO- I got nothin' to say t'ya!  Get lost!

        YES- Spider monsters are actually very intelligent.

  Man  - The tower deep in the Gothic Mountains is known as Medusa's Tower.

  Spider- Polymeteral will dissolve all materials except for laconia.

  Man  - I haven't seen anyone for a long time.  Will you talk with me?

        NO- Oh, nevermind.

        YES- I've got a friend in Bortevo.  He's probably having a hard time because of

                the lava.  Why not visit him?

  Man  - Do you know the robot Hapsby?

        YES- Oh, nevermind.

        NO - It's a robot made of laconia.  But it has been abandoned somewhere as              
		         being useless.

  Man  - On the far side of the mountains lies a pool of molten lava created by a volcanic     

  Luveno- (1st Visit)- I'm Luveno.  If you've come for help, you had best forget it.  Leave!

     - (2nd) - You want me to build a spaceship for you?  Not a chance!  I can't accept           
	                such a responcibility.

     - (3rd) - You are certainly persistent.  Well, if you do as I say, I will help you.  Is

            it a deal?

        NO - If you don't obey me, I cannot help.

        YES- O.K.  I will go to Gothic Village nearby to make preparations.  Come

            then.  Do not waste worry on me.



  House- Luveno- Ah, It's getting late!  Fetch my assistant.  He's likely hiding in the   
                underground passage.


  (Underground Passage)

  Assistant- What?  Dr. Luveno has returned?  He will build another spaceship?  I will be                
                      there right away.


  Luveno- Now that my staff is assembled I can begin.  There is however, a slight fee of         
                 1200 Mesetas involved.  Will you pay?

        NO- That's too bad.  And you have come so far, too.

        YES- Thank you.  I can now get to work.  Please wait one moment.

     - (Return)- It cannot be hurried!  Please show a bit more patience!

     - (Return)- It cannot...more patience!

     - (Return)- Success!  I present a superb spaceship The Luveno.  But you cannot fly

        a spaceship.  You must find a robot named Hapsby.  He can fly a spaceship.



  Man  - In this pile of junk, somewhere, there is s'pposed t'be a usable robot, but you

  know    how rumors be.

  Man  - Bortevo is my turf.  Don't ya mess 'round here, now git!

  (Through tunnel and around lake.)



  Man  - This town is called Loar.  We have been in decline thanks to the work of Lassic.

  Houses- Do you know about Laerma Trees?

        YES- Oh, nevermind.

        NO - They grow on the Altiplano Plateau on the planet Dezoris.

     - There is a villiage called Abion on the western edge on this island.

     - Have you heard of a gem called "The Amber Eye"?  Some say the Casaba             
	   Dragon has one.

     - You are going to try to kill Lassic I hear.  That's great!  I have heard that a

        certain crystal will block evil magic.



  Houses- A strange man came to this town.  He seems to be performing animal                
                  experiments.  He brought a large pot or something.

     - Some cats, if they eat a certain type of nut, they become huge and can fly.  It's          
	    really very wierd.

  People- Welcome to Abion.

     - I'd like to travel in outer space.

     - Help!  Lassic has come to this town!

  (Through passage to center of town)

  Dr. Mad- Hey, bring that cat over here!

        YES- Myau died.  OOHH, Ha, Ha!  The cat will die!

        NO - I will kill any who interfere! 

        (Either choice results in a battle)

  (Buy Polymtrl)

  (ITEM-->Polymtrl-->USE- Alis takes out Polymtrl.  It stinks!)


  ---Back to Bortevo---

  House- (USE-->Polymtrl)- Alis takes out Polymtrl.  The bottlecap opens and the contents

           quietly leak out.

     -Hapsby - I'm Hapsby.  Thanks for finding me.  I can fly the Luveno for you.


  ---Back to Gothic---

  Luveno- We can board The Luveno and be on our way!

  Man     - Well, if Dr. Luveno sent you, I guess I have to let you through.

  (Go to bottom-left of village...SRCH- You found flute.)


  ---(At the Luveno)---

  Hapsby- Where are we going?

     Gothic      (If choice matches current location:  Hapsby- We are at ____.)

     Uzo          (New location:  Hapsby- We are heading for _____ on Skure            



  Guard- The Spaceport is closed.  We are confiscating your passport.

            - (Return)- The Spaceport is closed.



  Houses- have you heard about the soothing flute?

        YES- Oh, nevermind.

        NO - It's a secret, but I buried one at the outskirts of the town of Gothic on               
		         Palma.  Don't tell anyone.

     - Have you heard about mantles made Frad fibers?  They are light, but provide           
	   great protection.

     - There is a town called Casaba to the south of here.

     - This town is called Uzo.

  People - If you use a vehicle called the Land Rover, the ant lion will not be able to harm           

     - There are dragons living in the Casaba Cave.  These dragons have gems in their             


  ---Casaba Cave---

  (Fight Blue Dragon and get Amber Eye)



  Houses- Have you heard of vehicle called the HoverCraft?

        NO - It's a good thing to have.  It move across water.

        YES- I bought it in Scion on Palma but it seemed broken so I abandoned it in                 
		          Bortevo.  It probably can still be used though.

     - There are legends of a mystic shield in a village surrounded in mist it is the

               shield Perseus used in days to conquer magic beasts.

     - Don't believe your own eyes in the depth of the dungeons.

     - There is poison gas above the sea to the west.  No one can go near there without             
	    some protection.

  People - This town is called Casba.

     - Fierce dragons live in the cave near, and I'm scared of them.


  ---Back at Bortevo---

  House- SRCH - You found the HoverCraft.  Hapsby has restored it to working order.


  ---Drasgow (on the ocean of Palma)---

  Houses- Long ago I saw a giant rock float through the sky.

     - The top of the hill called Baya Malay is always hidden by clouds.  Something          
	    must be up there!

  People - Welcome to Drasgow-- A small town on the ocean.

     - There is a magic sword in a tower on a forgotten island.

     - You are daring to have found your way here even though the sea lanes are

               closed to ships.

  Dungeon- Man- I heard that they sell gas shield here, but I don't know where the shop is! 

                  What a mess!

     - I bet you are surprised to see a shop in a place like this!  A gas shield is only

                 1000 Mesetas!  Pretty cheap, huh?  Will you buy one?

        NO - Sorry, that was your only chance.

        YES- Thanks!  See you again.


  ---Sopia  (town within poison gas)---

  Houses- This town is called Sopia.  You are brave to penetrate the gas.

     - Before Lassic came to power, even our town had plenty.

     - I'm the head of this village.  Because of the cloud of gas, we are cut off from           
	    other towns, we are therefore very poor.  Will you donate 400 Mesetas?

        NO - I see.  We must go on suffering...

        YES- Thanks!  According to our legends, the very sheild Perseus used to                      
		          overcome Medusa is buried on the small island in the

                    middle of a lake.

     - Hi!  I'm Miki!  Do you like Sega games?

        YES- Of course!  Sega games are best.

        NO - I can't believe it.  If you don't like the game,....why have you played so              

     - Could ya spare me a cup of cola?

        NO - Tightwand!

        YES- Thanks!  Come again!

     - There is a monk named Tajim in the mountains to the south of the lake.

     - I've heard that the Palma is a beautiful planet.  Is that true?

        YES- I'd like to go visiting someday.

        NO - No?  I'd like to go somewhere the air is more clean and fresh.


  (At small island mentioned by head of Sopia)

  SRCH- You found Mirr. Sld.


  ---Tajim's Cave---

  (There is a major name difference here...His name is printed as Tarzimal in the cave.)

  Tarzimal- Ah, my young pupil, Noah.  You are preparing to face Lassic?  Come, you

          must pass you final test---We will duel!

          (Defeat)- You are not yet ready!  You must go still undergo more training.

          (Victory)- You have become much stronger...You are well prepared.  I'll                        
		                    give you a Frad Mantle as a gift.  It protects you from danger!

     -(Return)- I have nothing to teach you more.


  ---At "forgotten island" (Tower)---

  Man- If you plan to turn back, now is the time.

  (Fight Red Dragon...get Laconian Sword)


  ---Medusa's Tower---

  Man- You will soon find out the truth!

  Man- How brave!  But be careful of traps!

  (Fight Medusa...get Laconian Axe)



  Houses- If you really hope to kill Lassic, you had best find a sword, axe, shield, armor            
                  made of laconia.  Such weapons are strongest.  I pray for your safety.

     - Dezoris is a world of ice.

     - There are places in the mountains where the ice is soft and impassable to those

             on foot.

     - The Altiplano Plateau is at the top of the ice mountain.

     - An eclipse occurs on this planet once every hundred years.  A torch lit during an          
	    eclipse is called an "Eclipse Torch" and is regarded as holy by the


     - The dead Guaron Morgue have been called back to life!  What fear!

     - Arms made of laconia conceal holy power.  Lassic fears this power and has been

             running and hiding in different places in the planets of the Algol


  People - Welcome to Skure on Dezoris.  It's freezing outside, isn't it?

     - Most emigrants from Palma settle here.

     - I don't know a lot about this planet, but word has it that there is a town of native

            Dezorians in the far reaches of the mountains.


  ---Dezorian Town---

  (Left Side)

  Houses- The neighboring village are all liars!  Don't listen to them!

     - Ze Corona Tower stands on ze far side of ze mountain to ze north of zis village.

     - To ze west of the Corona Tower is ze Dezoris Cave.  Our friends are in zere.               
	    Give zem our best, O.K.?

     - Laerma Trees grow ze Laerma Berries.  Zose berries are our most important             
	    food, but it shrivels up after a few moments, unless it is put in Laconian


     - Do you know what an Aeroprism is?

        YES- I'd like to see one sometime.

        NO - It lets you see another world.

     - We of zis town hate Palmans.

  (Right Side)

     - The neighboring village are all liars!  Don't listen to them!

     - There is a spring of life in the Corona Tower.  There is, yes.

     - You can warp from the 10th level of the dungeon under Dezoris, yes.

     - Laerma berries are blue laerma nuts used in dyes, yes, they are , indeed.

     - If you use a crystal in front of a Laerma Tree, it will become, yes, a Laerma Nut,

             yes, indeed.

     - This town welcomes all Palmans, yes, indeed, we do.


  ---Cave Deep within Mountains (Dezoris)---

  Woman- Raise the Aeroprism towards the heavens- You should then be able to see the              
                  Dark Castle.

  (Fight Titans...get Prism)

  (ITEM-->Prism-->USE- Alis raises prism towards the sky.  Nothing happens, however.)


  ---Guaron Morgue---

  Dezorian- What have you come for?  Do you intend some mischief?

  (Behind door with trap in front of it...Trapped chest...- Found Laconian Armor)


  ---Corona Tower---

  Dezorian- What have you come for?  Do you intend some mischief?

  Dezorian- This fire was lit during the eclipse which occurs once every 100 years.  If you              
                     give me a gem from a dragon, I'll give you some of this fire.  How about it?

        NO - No?  Then what did you come for?

        YES- Here, take this eclipse torch.

  (ITEM-->Torch-->USE- Alis raises torch towards the sky.  Nothing happens, however.)


  ---Cave South of Corona Tower---

  Dezorian at Entrance- Be careful up ahead.  At the break in the road, go to the left!

  (If you go left, you drop through five floors after entering a door.  Can't get out)

  (Find chest...- Found Laconian Shield.)


  ---Altiplano Plateau---

  Lone Tree

  ITEM-->Torch-->USE- Alis raises torch towards the sky.  Alis takes the Nut of Laerma                      
                  and puts it in the Laconian Pot.


  ---Gate to Baya Malay---

  Man  - All who face Lassic lose their souls to his magic!

  Dezorian- Have you found the armor in Guaron?

        YES- Well, aren't you something?

        NO - It can be found at the far side of a pit trap.

  Man  - It's foolish to try to get Lassic!

  Man  - Get me out of here?  But it's in vain.

  Woman- Lassic is gonna sacrifice us!  Agh!

  Man  - There is a tower of the top of Baya Malay.  Something secret is hidden at the top

  of      the tower!

  Man  - There are guards up ahead!

  Robot- Do you have your roadpass?

        NO - You are a fool!  You will die! (Fight)

        YES- This is a fake!  Do you think you can fool a robot?  Off to jail we go!

          (Taken to a corridor.  Escape through hidden door.)


  ---Baya Malay Tower---

  Damor- I'm the Great Damor, Soothsayer!  Do you believe in my prophecies?

        NO - Leave my sight, unbeliever!

        YES- Good!

      You're searching for something?

        NO - Leave my sight, unbeliever!

        YES- Good!

       You are searching for Alex Ossale?

        NO - Leave my sight, unbeliever!

        YES- Good!

       Everything I've said is correct?

        YES- Then, come again, anytime.

        NO - Do you contradict the Great Damor?!?

             YES- Leave my sight, unbeliever!

             NO - Of course not!  You are a promising young lass!  I will give you a                      
			           magic crystal for a reward.

  (Reach top of tower)

  (ITEM-->Prism-->USE- Alis raises prism towards the sky.  A vision of a celestial castle                         
                  appear in the sky.)

  (ITEM-->Nuts-->USE - Myau ate the Nut of Laerma.)


  ---Cinema Display---

  - When Myau eats the Nuts of Laerma, he becomes clothed in flame and emits a blinding

  light.  When he is visible again, he has been transformed into a beautiful winged beast. 

  Myau flaps his wings proudly.


  (Fight Gold Dragon)


  ---Air Castle/ Dark Castle---

  Houses- ..........

     - Don't believe your own eyes in the depth of the dungeons.

     - ..........

     - Don't go against Lassic!

     - Serpent (Fight)

  Main House- (Long Dungeon)

  Shadow- I have watched all your actions.  Attack me now, if you dare. (Fight)

     - I'm but only Lassic's shadow!  Even if you defeat me, you've gained nothing at             

  Lassic- Ah, my children, you have done very well to come this far.  You are very lucky          
                indeed.  Do you really wish to kill an old man?

        YES- All right!  Then we will forget this as an unfortunate mistake. (Fight)

        NO - Even now you try to fool with me?  You shall repent!  (Fight)

  (Victory)- Lassic is killed.  Lassic has died.  Alis accomplished her wish.  Nero is

  satisfied now in heaven.  Hurry to the Governor!



  Mansion- The place is empmty!  It has something strange.  Where is the governor, I                

  (Fall through pit trap into dungeon...Eventually come to Darkfalz and fight him)


  Governor- I'm sorry, I must have been possessed body and soul by evil.  You rescued our           
                     world just in the nick of time!  If you had come any later, it might have been
                     too late we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

                     Alis, your father was once king of Algol.  The Dark Castle has been destroyed, 
                     Lassic killed... Do you, Alis, wish to ascend your father's throne and become        
                     the Queen of Algol?

        YES- Good!  You are now Queen of Algol.

        NO - No?  That's fine, if you so desire.  You will always be welcome here.


  ---Ending Cinema Display---

  -The sky gradually clears and the peace is returned to the Algol System.  A gentle breeze

  caresses Baya Malay.  But does the breeze knows of the hardships that they endured?

  Alis    Odin    Noah    and Myau

  -Eventhough the memories of evil fade away, their names will be kept in the hearts of the

  people of Algol forever.


  (Shows awesome group shot...fall through pit runs through a dungeon

  stopping at walls which show the credits.)


  ((While typing this, I left all the spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors within the

  game.  It is possible, however, that I missed a few people strewn throughout the

  dungeons, and I apologize if I did.))

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