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The Story

Space Century 342. The planet Palma, one of three known planets to orbit Algo, patriarch of the aptly named Algo Solar System, floats in space. Palma is a lush world, much like earth, with rolling hills, dense forests, and vast oceans. The populace, though, which is fairly technologically advanced, lives in fear of their world, for the Palman countryside has now become overrun with gruesome monsters. Lassic, their once benevolent ruler, has become a tyrant, imposing huge taxes, while crushing all opposition with his ruthless Robotcops. Only the brave, desperate, or stupid leave the relative safety of their towns. To venture to the outside is to invite death as a companion.

Yet, as always, oppression breeds freedom fighters. Despite the danger, many resistors organize underground efforts to dethrone Lassic and return peace and prosperity to their world. Nero, one such fighter, is killed by the Robotcops. Alis Landale, her sister, cradles him in her arms as he dies, vowing to avenge him and depose Lassic. Her brother tells her to find a brave fighter named Odin who will join her cause. Left now with only her strength and courage, she sets out to fulfill her promise to her brother.

Alis locates Odin in a dank cavern south of her home town of Camineet, but he has been turned to stone by the monstrous Medusa. And so she continues on, eventually finding a strange ally in a mutant cat, Myau, who holds the key to freeing Odin. Together, they rescue Odin, who immediately pledges to help Alis avenge her brother's death.

Through guile (and a little bribery) they manage to gain an audience with the governor of Motavia, the arid desert planet of the Algo system. He tells them to seek out an Esper named Noah in the mountains of Motavia who can help them in their quest. Despite the myriad dangers of the desert region, they find Noah, who becomes the final member to join the party.

What follows is a whirlwind journey back and forth between the planets of the system, including the ice planet, Dezoris. The quartet gains experience and knowledge as they continuously battle the monsters that inhabit the worlds. They find transportation modules, like the Landrover and Hovercraft; they gain a robot named Hapsby who pilots the Luveno, their own personal spaceship. They gather mysterious items like the Prism, Crystal, and Eclipse Torch. And they liberate the supremely powerful Laconia gear-- weapons and armor dangerous enough to let them challenge the mighty Lassic himself.

And now, the moment they have fought long and hard for has finally arrived. They journey to Lassic's mystical Sky Castle to confront the dark lord. He is no longer the peaceful, benevolent ruler he once was; now, he is a twisted, hideous, menacing tyrant, encased in a fittingly evil suit of armor. Lassic, who has been transformed by a dark religion from beyond the galaxy, gives the heroes one last chance to abandon their quest to defeat him. The heroes decline, and a hellish battle ensues.

Swords flash. Lasers blast. Claws swipe. Tornadoes fly. Each side trades blow after blow after blow. It is clear that no one will escape this melee unscathed.

And then it is over. The tyrant Lassic has been destroyed, consumed by the very seeds of the world he had sown. Alis, Odin, Myau, and Noah stand over their vanquished foe. Feelings of calm and relief fall upon them. But suddenly, an ethereal voice speaks out, "Quickly! Go see the Governor on Motavia!" The quartet fears that their victory may now be premature, as they race back to Paseo on Motavia.

Entering the governor's palace, they are immediately transported to an eerie dungeon. Knowing that they must continue on until they are sure that Algo is free from the grip of evil, they go deeper and deeper into the maze, eventually landing in front of a mystical door that seems to reverberate with tangible evil. The group opens the door, unsure of what new nightmare they will face on the other side.

The room is dark, silent. Myau tenses his claws, as his eyes try to focus in the darkness. Alis' sword seems to pulse with power, as if in anticipation. Odin, steadfast as ever, grips his axe tightly, ready to strike at any moment. Noah, the esper, feels a sudden burst of black magic; before he can shout a warning, the room is blazened with a bright light, which quickly assumes the form of a hideous monster, unlike any the group has encountered before. It is a hulking mass, humanoid in shape, with sharpened claws, bared fangs, and eyes black enough to absorb the sun. Alis and the others are momentarily overcome with an intense fear, as their hearts are filled with a desire to escape, to run away from this dread being.

But inside Noah's sack, the crystal begins to glow a deep red; their feelings of panic vanish, as they prepare to destroy the unknown evil.

The force of darkness grins.

Odin is the first to react, as his Laconian axe crashes down upon the monster's shoulder. Myau is quick to follow, as he delivers two shredding blows to the creature's mid-section. It seems unfazed by the attacks, so Alis and Noah launch mystical torrents of fire and wind. The creature is taken aback, but it regains its poise and lashes out with a magical blast of dark power. The group is partially shielded by Noah, but they immediately know that this battle will be their most difficult ever.

Holding nothing back, both sides wail upon the other with heretofore unseen levels of power, viciousness, and strength. Would there have been any witnesses to this battle, they surely would have recorded it as being the most violent clash ever between man and beast.

After what seems to be hours of fighting, the heroes begin to show signs that they are on their final legs. Noah has drained nearly all his magical techniques. Myau is near death, desperately trying to evade the monster's attacks long enough to get in another strike. Odin, the strongest of the group, is barely able to stand, yet he refuses to give in, and gathers all his strength and drive for one last blow with his axe.

Myau raises his claws and lunges at the creature, but is easily knocked aside by a brutal blow from its fist. He lies motionless in the corner.

Odin brings his axe down upon the monster's head, his final blow. It seems to have no effect. An intense wave of light leaves the hand of the dark force, and Odin is destroyed.

Noah, the being responsible for choosing the champions of the Algo system, knows that he may have failed. Another blast of magic blankets the two remaining heroes, and Noah falls to his knees. He knows inside that this last blow has been fatal; he is dying. But as the life begins to pour out of him, he gathers all his remaining skill, all his remaining power, and all his remaining hope into one last spell. As it is cast, he falls, dead.

Alis, now the last, suddenly feels a strange and overpowering force envelop her. She feels the souls of her three companions, senses their presences, as she is energized with their hope and love. It feels as if every atom of her being is alive with a new, immense source of energy and determination. She knows what has happened. Noah has gathered the souls of her fallen comrades, including his own, and melded them into her being; she now contains all the power of all the heroes.

Radiating with a light that seems to make the creature shrink in horror, she raises her sword, says a silent prayer of thanks to her friends, and drives the Laconian weapon deep into the monster's heart. The creature staggers backward, the sword still in its chest. As Alis watches, motionless, the sword explodes in light and sound, seemingly ripping the beast apart from the inside. As the light becomes brighter and brighter, Alis turns away and shields her eyes and ears from the blinding and deafening display.

And then it is gone. From the silence, Alis hears the voice of Myau laugh out load. She opens her eyes and turns around, only to see her three friends standing, smiling at her. She runs to them, embracing them all as tears form in her eyes.

Returning to the governor's mansion, they learn that the governor himself had been possessed by the dark force; that is how they had not detected the beast until the very end. The monster's destruction by the Laconian sword had reversed all the black magic it had brought to the world, as well as bringing the fallen heroes back to life. The once dangerous countrysides had been cleansed, the roaming monsters had disappeared. Gentle breezes now washed over Baya Malay, as the skies cleared, bright blue once more.

The governor tells Alis that her father was once king of the entire Algo system, and that she may claim his throne as the queen, if she so desires. The question will be a difficult one for Alis, but for now, she stands with her three friends, these champions of the planets of Algo, content that on this day they have freed the world from the greatest evil it had ever known. And Alis knows that where ever her brother Nero now is, he is proud of what they have accomplished.

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