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By Damien Marsault

Created September 3rd 1998, by the 1st French PS Fan in the world... Um.

The Phantasy Star Quiz
Quite a funny one... Just give it a try, and see how many points you get ! 
(inside the bracks is the PS game related to the question. Take care.)

1/(PS4)Which nickmane Kyra gives herself ?
a. Fat Sister Kyra
b. Big Sister Kyra
c. Tiny Sister Kyra
d. Fishy Sister Kyra

2/(PS2)Which great pianist is famous at Oputa ?
a. Phil Collins
b. Berlioz
c. Ustvestia
d. Tyler

3/(PS3)Which monster is definitively the strongest among these 4 ?
a. Eindon
b. Dire Moos
c. Chirper
d. Titan

4/(PS3)Oh my... One of these isn't a boss !
a. Lyle
b. Dark Force
c. Dark Dragon
d. King of Cille

5/(PS4)Well... What's the name of Ruyon's bartender ?
a. Olfar
b. Raja
c. Gyuna
d. Maxwell

6/(PS1)Myau is...????
a. A cat
b. A dog
c. A scrapy monkey very useful to steal money
d. Nothing from PS1, the word has been created...

7/(PS2)After drastic researches, the truth finally came out. 
The grandma lab is...
a. A Dezolisian with a funny disguise.
b. An ugly man
c. An undead who created the proceed for himself (Oh my... Ouch... )
d. None of these " drastic researches " have been made.

8/(PS4)This question, very hard, counts double : who's the hero 
(clue : he only can handle a mysterious " Elsydeon " ) ?
a. Seth
b. Wein
c. Chaz
d. I don't need a " bonus " question to prove my PS knowledge.

9/(PS3)A good way to reach a far away island where your beloved is 
held captive is...
a. Hiring a boat
b. Swimming ( love's stronger than pain and tiredness ! )
c. Having Wren along, searching fly parts, and hoping for an aeroport 
to be on the island
d. Making 2 moons approach each other

10/(PS2)When used, the Nei sword does...
a. Nothing, there isn't any item doing something in this game !
b. Megid.
c. A quick return near to your dear Lutz
d. A feeric tiny tune

11/(PS1)And what about Odin ?? He( or it) is a...
a. Very powerful axe for Noah
b. An antic Celtic god
c. You fool, he is an antic SCANDINAVIAN god !
d. A strong man you must put back to normal

12/(PS4)A 1500 meters is organized. Who wins ?
a. Hicham El Guerrouj
b. Land Rover
c. Hydrofoil
d. Ice Digger

13/(PS3)Where did Lena & Rhys spent their holidays ? ( clue : the answer 
is not far )
a. Hazatack Beach, the sea is at 30C, heaven !
b. Terminus, hunting Carders, Imps Viles and Goat Dukes
c. What holidays !! Anywhere, as far as I know... What a stupid question !
d. I chose Maia
e. Er... " not far "

14/(PS2)What are the dams' colors ?
a. Blue, like the ocean.
b. Which dams ?
c. Blue, Red, Yellow and pink
d. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

15/(PS1)Which spelling is correct ?
a. Alys
b. Alice
c. Alis
d. Dang ! Never can remember the correct one !

16/(PS4) "There isn't anything in particular that's strange ". From who is 
this brilliant summary of the current situation ?
a. Raja
b. Gryz
c. Hahn
d. Could you please repeat the question ?

17/(PS4)Which girl is the prettiest ?
a. Kate Moss
b. Marion Jones
c. Geri (Spice Girls)
d. Kyra Tierney, you stupid, the 3 others aren't in a PS game !

18/(PS1)Noah is...
a. A centaur
b. A great tennisman of the 80's
c. A magician
d. A spaceship were both Dark Force & Mother Brain settled.

19/(PS2)How can you distinguish a real maruera tree ?
a. It is yellow while others are green
b. It produces maruera leafs
c. You can only find it in Dezo, near Raja's Temple.
d. Only a scientist can.

20/(PS1)Who is Myau... Er, no, this question has already been asked... 
Well... (PS3) Why is Aridia called this way ?
a. It is made of a huge desert, and desert are not very fertile...
b. It has an underground passage where you can find Laya ( Laya, 
Aridia... Um )
c. A monster called " Aridia " is very frequent, and causes great damage 
to the bananas 
d. Titus the Sage ( 455 bw - 421 bw ) named the planet this way.

21/(PS4)A tinkerbell dog, it is well known, is always in need of...
a. A bone
b. A female dog
c. A shortcake from Naura
d. A bell, especially a tinkerbell.

22/(PS3)What is the game sub-title ?
a. End of Millenium
b. Generations of Doom
c. Generations of Fun
d. Call of the Wild ( copyright Jack London )

23/(PS1)This great game, the most wonderful RPG on 8 Bits, is on...
a. The SEGA Saturn
b. The Game Boy
d. None, the game can only be played on a special channel, although 
expensive ( 55 $ per hour )

24/(PS3)Can you recite the ENTIRE message contained in the Laya's 
Pendant ?
a. Yes, I can
b. I admit it, no
c. A Laya's Pendant ? This is news for me...
d. You joking ! Which message !?
e. Yes, quite simply : I use the item and repeat meticulously what is said.

25/(PS4)How old is Dark Force ?
a. Easy, 39 years old. ( Remember Seth, ah ah ! )
b. Which Dark Force ?
c. Dark Force has no age
d. I've just finished my calcul : exactly 1,524,684,245,831,578 years old, 
based on radioactive carbon found in a piece of his cells.
( copyright " Science ", from Hahn )

26/(PS2)Which simple monster stands a chance against a full " Nei-equiped " 
Rudo at Lv50, moreover carrying a bag with plenty of the greatest items ?
a. None, of course
b. Mother Brain, releasing her awesome rays of energy
c. Fanbite, throwing his deadly claw
d. Pinchant, with his paralyzing attack

27/(PS2)What's the use of the Prism given by Lutz
a. Il decomposes light in the 7 primary colors
b. It allows you to see the 4 dungeons hiding the Nei items
c. It casts the Megid technique
d. It has the same use as a Hidapipe, but is full of jewels, consequently
much precious and much expensive.

28/(PS3)What happens after Shu is casted ?
a. Definitively NOTHING
b. A character may be quicker
c. A character may have his defense hability risen
d. 1TP is immediately lost

29/(PS4)How can you do " Purify Light " ?
a. By using the Eclipse Torch
b. By combining a Rune technique and a Wren technique
c. The Elsydeon naturally does it
d. It's a special technique of Kyra
e. By combining a Rune skill and a Raja skill
f. What the...? ( see, it's the 1st " f " )

30/(PS4)You kill sandworms, take their skin and decide to open an armor shop. 
What will you sell ?
a. Titanium Armors
b. Ceramic Armors
c. Leather Armors
d. Drinks, food, souvenirs, and sandworm goodies such as dolls, cards...
e. Sandworm skins

31/(PS3)Except the Nei one, which slicer is the best ?
a. Planar Slicer
b. Lune's Slicer
c. Royal Slicer
d. My kitchen slicer, I use it to cut chickens or something...

32/(PS3)How can you make " Planar " weapons ?
a. By using raw mithrils
b. By melting the Orakio Sword
c. I don't know, only two merchants know it and the secret is very well 
d. By recreating the exact " Planar " composition : 44% Ceramic, 
37% Lacon, 14% Royal, 2% Titanium, 1% Chirper beak, 1% Maruera 
wood, 1% rare gaz.

33/(PS2)Shir will never steal...
a. A visiphone
b. Money to the rich and give it to the poor
c. A sil crown
d. A star mist

34/(PS1)What's the 1st town name ?
a. Alis Town
b. Landale
c. Camineet
d. Ashline

35/(PS4)In Dezo, what is the cause of the gigantic storm ?
a. The winter season
b. Raja's anger
c. One of the satellite isn't functionning, due to Dark Force intrusion
d. The Garuberk Tower

36/(PS3) Nial's parents are...
a. Rhys and Maia
b. Rhys and Lena
c. Aron and Mieu
d. Lena and her secret lover

37/(PS1) Odin can use...
a. The light blade
b. Nails and furs
c. Fists, and these are really painfully !
d. axes and shots

38/(PS2) While confortably sitting in your living room, watching neglectingly 
the tv ads, you suddenly hear your CAT starting the conversation in a perfect 
and sweet english...
a. Am I mad ?
b. Will you please stop this stupid joke...
c. Dang ! Again forgotten to put off the magic cap !
d. Well... At a second though, "mewww" isn't really a conversation start...
e. Want your Kitekat ?

39/(PS3)Who has terrific nightmares ?
a. Dark Force, thinking of Aron/Sean/Crys/Adan
b. Laya, she revives the terrible years of her childhood
c. Wren
d. Gwyn, she sees herself falling into deep pits...

40/(PS?)Who said " I'm still lacking in training and experience " ?  
( clue : it is the most frequent one )
a. Nei
b. Lyle
c. Rune
d. Hugh
e. Never heard of this " PS? "

Here are the results. You can get your score if you want but let's admit it, 
the real goal of this quiz was only fun fun fun...

01/  00 02 00 00
02/  01 -2 02 00
03/  00 02 01 -1
04/  -1 -2 02 00
05/  00 -1 02 00
06/  02 -2 01 -1
07/  01 00 00 02
08/  00 -4 04 04
09/  -1 01 00 02
10/  -2 -1 02 01
11/  00 -2 00 02
12/  01 00 02 -1
13/  02 01 -2 00 -1
14/  -1 00 00 02
15/  -2 00 02 -1
16/  00 00 02 00
17/  01 -2 -1 02
18/  -2 -2 02 -1
19/  -1 02 00 -2
20/  02 01 -1 00
21/  -1 01 02 -2
22/  -1 02 01 -2
23/  00 -1 02 01
24/  01 -1 -2 -2 02
25/  02 01 00 -1
26/  -1 -2 02 00
27/  00 02 -1 01
28/  01 01 -2 02
29/  -1 00 -2 -1 02 00
30/  -1 -2 02 00 01
31/  02 -2 01 00
32/  -2 -1 02 01
33/  -2 02 00 -1
34/  00 -1 02 00
35/  -1 00 -2 02
36/  -1 02 -2 02
37/  -1 00 -2 02
38/  00 00 02 01 -01
39/  01 -2 -1 02
40/  00 00 02 00 -2

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