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Creator Credits

Total Planning--- Ossale Kohta
Story By--- April Fool
Scenario Writer--- Ossale Kohta

Assistant Coordinators--- Fino Pata, Otegami Chie, Gamer Miki
Total Design--- Phoenix Rie
Monster Design--- Chaotic Kaz
Design--- Rocky Nao, Sadamorian, Myau Choko, G Chie Yonesan

Sound--- Bo
Soft Check--- Works Nishi
Assistant Programmers--- Com Blue, M Waka, Asi
Main Program--- Muuuu Yuji

Sega Saturn Magazine v.16 96/9/27 p. 118

SSM: This article is entitled "Gamer Miki", but where does that come from?

Miki: Well, it's kind of a long story. I entered Sega quite a while ago. At the time, they were releasing games like Space Harrier and Outrun (1985), so I really wanted to work in the arcade games division. But I finally ended up entering CS (home game system) division and was involved with making three Master System and two Mega Drive games. At that time, Sega employees used pen names in the credit rolls and mine turned out to be "Gamer Miki".

Around that time, the people among CS were (?) of Sonic Team, Koji, Eida, and others. We were all part of SPEC (Sega Players Enjoy Club) - sure is nostalgic! The games at the time (such as Phantasy Star) came from this relationship.

SSM: Any words for our readers?

Miki: I've got this magazine, BE Mega, and Beep! Mega Drive (laughs). They're all over my room...but Sega is still putting out interesting games. I want to put out really fun games.

Miki Morimoto Databank:

Height: 164cm
Weight: secret
Age: (your favorite age here)
Hobbies: reading, making things

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