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In the Beginning...

Somewhere drifting in space is the beautiful Algo Star System. Around the 
parent star, Algo, whirl its three children-- Palm, Mota, and Dezo.

Closest to Algo is Palm, the economic and intellectual stronghold of the
system. Thinkers and rulers live here, high in ivory towers, away from the
hubbub of everyday life.

Next is Mota, the shining jewel. This fertile farm planet is a tropical 
paradise, peaceful, prosperous, and happy. On Mota everyone has everything
they want. No one has to work hard-- or even work at all.

Dezo is farthest out-- and the most mysterious. Not much is known about this
dark planet.

Among the planets, Mota's history is the most troubled. From far in her past
comes the legend of Alis, the courageous young woman who fiercely fought-- and
succeeded-- in ridding Mota of the evil oppressor Lassic.

But now another tragedy oppresses Mota. This is one far worse than Lassic, being
not a person, but an unknown evil! Everything is affected by it-- the climate,
the machinery, even nature!

On Mota, strange vicious creatures infest the countrysides. They terrify and
destroy! No longer does anyone venture outside a city-- unless they don't want
to return.

What's happened to Mother Brain, the controlling entity on Mota? Why have things
gone so wrong? Who is smart enough to solve the riddle? And who is brave enough to
save the planet?

Take Control!

Here's how to use your Genesis Control Pad:

Start Button
--Press to start game.
--Press to pause the game during play. Press again to resume play.

Direction Button (D-Button)
--Press up or down to move the red marker on the Start Game screen.
--Press up, down, right or left to select a letter or command on the Choose
  Name screen.
--Press up, down, left, or right to walk in any one of those four directions.
--Press up when standing in front of a building to enter that building. (You
  won't be able to enter a building that's been dynamited.)
--Press toward a set of stairs to ascend or descend.
--Press up and down to move the red marker in a Selection box.

Button A
--Press after walking up to one of the townspeople to begin a conversation.
--Press during a conversation to see the next Dialog box.
--Press at the end of a conversation to close the dialog box.
--Press while facing a building or other object to inspect it for information.

Button B
--Press to cancel a command you just selected in a Selection box.
--Press to close the most recently opened Selection box.

Button C
--Press to open the Update box.
--Press to open Selection boxes within the Update box.
--Press to activate your commands and other selections in a Selection box.
  When you do this, the Selection box will close

Prepare for Adventure!

When you turn on your Genesis Game System, the Sega screen appears. Then the
Phantasy Star II Title screen appears. Watch the opening story to read the 
history of the Algo Star System as you fly over the planet Mota.

When the Phantasy Star II Title screen again appears, press the Start Button.
The Genesis Game System checks your game data. Then the Start Game screen

The Start Game screen has three options: New Game, Continue, and Erase Game. 
Press the D Button up or down to move the red marker to the selection you want.
Each selection is described in the following sections.

New Game

If this is the first time you're playing Phantasy Star II, select New Game.
You'll also select this option when you want to play a new game from the 
beginning instead of continuing a previous game. Then press Button C. The Choose
Name screen appears.

NOTE: If you've already saved four games, a message appears telling you there
is no room to save another game.

Press Button C to work your way through the messages, and press the D Button
to answer the questions. Answer Yes if you want to play a game without saving
it. Answer No if you might want to save the game. Then choose Erase Game from
the Start Game screen. (The instructions for using Erase Game are on page 11.)

Using the Choose Name Screen

Use the Choose Name Screen to name the characters in Phantasy Star II. You can
use up to four letters in each name. In a New Game, the first character you 
name is yourself, the hero.

Press the D Button up, down, left, and right to move the flasher. When the letter 
you want is flashing, press Button C. The letter appears at the top of the screen
in place of the question mark. In the same way, choose up to three more letters
for the character's name.

To leave a space between letters, choose ADV (Advance) and press Button C. A
space counts as one letter in your name. To delete the last letter you selected,
choose RUB and press Button C. (Or press Button B without choosing RUB.)

When your name is the way you want it, choose END and press Button C. Read the
message that appears, then press Button C again. The game begins.

NOTE: If you don't want to name the hero, leave the question mark at the top
of the screen. When you choose END, the hero will automatically be named ROLF.


Move the marker to Continue on the Game Start screen when you want to resume
playing a game you've already saved. 

NOTE: You save games at a city's Data Memory while you're playing the game. If
this is the first time you're playing Phantasy Star II, or if you haven't saved
any games yet, you won't be able to use Continue.

After choosing Continue, press Button C. The Saved Game box appears. 

This box lists the games (up to four) that have already been played and saved.
It also shows the level each game was at when it was saved. Press the D Button
up or down to mark the game you want to play now. Then press Button C.

The Data Memory clerk tells you the points needed by all characters to increase
their levels. Press Button C to scroll through the conversation. You may even want
to write down how many points each character needs. When the message ends, press
Button C again. The game resumes from the point where it was saved.

Erase Game

Move the marker to Erase Game on the Start Game screen when you want to erase
a game that's been saved. Erasing a game makes room to save another game.

After choosing Erase Game, press Button C. The Saved Games box appears. Press
the D Button up or down to mark the game you want to erase. Then press Button C.

In the Selection box that appears, move the marker to Yes to erase the game.
Remember, once you erase a game it will be gone for good. You won't be able to
get it back. If you decide not to erase the game, move the marker to No.

After selecting Yes or No, press Button C twice. Choose either New Game or
Continue and follow the instructions in the manual sections describing those

The Nightmare

You're asleep, but you're not at rest! A nightmare grips you with its terrifying
images. What do they mean? And what do they have to do with you, Mota, or anything 
at all? You've got enough to think about... but your dream leaves you feeling
utterly powerless!

Press Button C at each screen to move on to the next one. The dreary feelings
of your dream fade-- but worse worries replace them! When you report for work,
the Commander gives you a very important assignment. Your new mission will affect
the future of Mota and everyone you care about-- including yourself!

Why are these problems arising? Life was easy, sweet. Mother Brain controlled
everything, and everyone was peaceful and prosperous.

Where do Biomonsters come from? What's happened in the Biosystems Lab? If, IF,
you can recover the recorder, will the Commander be able to solve these vital

Nei's worried about you-- and she refuses to let you go alone. The mission is
too dangerous. Yes, it'll be good to have her along.

In the city, people seem sad, angry, and confused. Some almost sound like they've
already given up hope. Just talk to anyone to feel that fear slowly creeping up...

Paseo: The Plot Thickens!

You and Nei are on the street. Walk around by pressing the D Button up, down,
left, and right. You'll be able to walk just about anywhere except through trees
and buildings.

Begin by questioning the townspeople. To start a conversation, walk up to someone
and press Button A. The person may turn away, but keep at it. You'll have to be facing
the person when you press Button A to get them to talk.

Keep pressing Button A to read all the dialog boxes. A person may have more to say than
you'd think at first. Pressing Button A closes the last Dialog box when the 
conversation is over.

Speak to people quietly-- aspoonful of sugar goes a long way. Just make small
talk. Sooner or later someone's going to drop a hint or a clue-- valuable
information hidden in the simplest statement.

For instance, from the people of Paseo you'll learn that the Biosystems Lab has
made Mota flourish; that Paseo's the biggest town on Mota; that the lake's dried 
up; and that a strange man named Darum is causing serious trouble onthe bridge
on the North River.

It's a good idea to write down facts, rumors, and even opinions so you can look
at them later for clues. When you're trying to solve a riddle, you never know
what's going to be important!

Touring the Architecture

Someone in Paseo suggests that you go to the library to find out more about Mota.
In fact, you should tour every building. Each one has something vital to your

To enter a building, walk up to it, face it, then press up on the D Button.

NOTE: If you can't enter a building, press Button A to inspect it for clues.

When you get inside, press Button C to open Selection boxes. Use these to choose
whatever the person in the building has to offer.

--Press Button C to open Selection boxes, activate the item you chose, and close
  all Selection boxes.
--Press the D Button up and down to mvoe the red marker to the item you want in
  a Selection box.
--Press Button B to close only the last Selection box that was opened.

You'll need meseta-- money-- to buy things. The amount of meseta you have shows
up in the top right corner of the screen when you enter a building.

Since you start out with only 200 meseta, you won't be able to buy much. You get
more meseta every time you're victorious in a battle with the Biomonsters.

The next few sections describe all the buildings in paseo. You'll come across
similar buildings in other cities. But each city may not have all the buildings.
And the shops in other cities may sell different items.

As you walk around the cities and investigate their architecture, you may want
to draw maps. Mark the locations of different shops and other buildings of interest.
Having a map will save time when you're on the brink of disaster and need to get
someplace fast!


You live here. Sooner or later, the word gets out about who you are and what
you're doing, and visitors show up. Come home every once in a while to see who
dropped by. You may want to recruit that person into your group.

Home is your safe house-- a good place to take account of your strength and
resources, have a war pow-wow, or just rest.

Central Tower

Paseo, as the capital city of Mota, proudly boasts a Central Tower. This is where
your meeting with the Commander took place, when he gave you your assignment.

Drop into the library to learn more about your planet. Talk to the librarian.
She'll give you information on some very important topics. Write things down--
you never know when a few facts will take you a long way.

If you want to travel light, leave some of your baggage in the Room. You can 
always come back for it later.

Shops and Stores

Shopping is fun! Check out the shops for your combat needs. They're always open
and there's never a supply shortage. Depending on the shop, you'll be able to
pick out tools, weapons, armor, and other protective gear.

In the Armorer Shop and Protective Gear Store you can buy items as long as you
have enough meseta. The clerks who fill your orders may give you their personal 
opinions-- free of charge-- about your selections.

In the Tool Shop you can buy special techniques that are crucial to staying alive.
You can even sell some of your other stuff to the clerk if you don't have enough
meseta for what you need. Think about it before you leave the shop empty-handed.
Some of the techniques are much more valuable than weapons and protective gear.


Ask the doctor to heal your injuries after battle, and to cure you when you've
been poisoned. You can rely on him to fix you up. He's not a quack, and he won't
charge for services if nothing's wrong with you.

Clone Labs

Combat fatalities can be resurrected in the Clone Labs. The Clone Clown will
produce an exact copy of a dead comrade, with all memory, experience, and 
possessions intact. You and your friends can all be cloned after battle, as long
as one of you is still alive.

Teleport Station

Rapid-transit at its best. The Station uses the "object transfer" invention,
which reads the memory of the traveler. The clerk can teleport you to the city
of your choice as long as you have a memory of being there before. Due to this 
single glitch in an otherwise marvelous machine, you must already have gone to
a city on foot before you can teleport there later.

Data Memory

Here's the valut where all important information is kept up to date. The clerk
will give you updates on Hit Points (HP), Technique Points (TP), and points 
needed for level increases.

Saving a Game

Go to Data Memory to save your game and all its data. Answer Yes when the clerk
asks if you want to save the game. Then choose a label for your game from the 
Choose Name screen that appears. (See the section Using the Choose Name Screen
on page 9 for instructions.) Also tell the clerk what position (1, 2, 3, or 4 in
the Saved Games box) you'd like to save the game to.

The game is saved at the current point in the game. You can save the same game
again under a different name. Later, you can resume the game at the point it was 
saved by selecting Continue from the Start Game screen. Or you can delete it by 
selecting Erase Game.

NOTE: You won't be able to save a game if all four positions in the Saved Games
box are full. In that case, the clerk gives you a chance to erase another game in
order to make room for the one you want to save.

Comrades in Arms

There are others on Mota as determined as you to find out what's happened to
their peaceful world-- and stop it if they can! These valiant ones arrive at your
home, looking for you. When someone knocks on your door, press Button C to let
that person in.

His beloved wife and little daughter were murdered by Biomonsters. Once a soldier
dedicated to peacekeeping, Rudo is now a deadly hunter of Biomonsters. Cool under
fire, Rudo's a master at using the cannons and vulcans.

Anna is a guardian, trained to protect the simple townsfolk from savage hunters.
Beneath her gentle ways lies a very tough lady.

this beautiful young doctor is a whiz at treating injuries. Since her heart is
in healing, not injuring, she's a weak fighter. But she's invaluable at keeping
others alive!

Medicine and biology are the only loves of this brilliant scientist. He's very
quick at learing new ways to destroy enemies. Hugh has more brain than muscle,
so he can't carry heavy weapons.

This young man's only desire is to work with machinery. But a strangeness always
overcomes him and he ends up thrashing any machine he can find. Kain now wants
to use his wrecking powers against the enemy's machinery.

Because she always had everything she wanted, Shir turned to stealing for kicks.
At times she'll disappear suddenly. When she returns, Shir may have something
of great value to your success. Just don't ask where she got it.

Recruiting Your Visitor

Continue pressing Button C to have a conversation with the newcomer. Visitors
will describe their life and explain why they want to travel with you. When they
suggest a name change, press button C. Use the D Button to move the red marker
to Yes or No in the box that appears. Then press Button C again.

If you answered Yes, the Choose Name box appears. Use it in the same way you did
to name yourself at the beginning of the game. (If you answered No, the visitors
will keep their original names.)

See Strength
Now you have a change to see the strength of all the characters so far. In all the
boxes tha appear, use the D Button to mark available choices. Press Button C to
see the next box. Press Button B to go back to a previous box.

Choose See Strength, then choose a comrade's name. This screen appears:

The box at the top right tells you the person's game level, profession, and
experience points. The box below it shows that person's points for these
characteristics: Strength, Mental Awareness, Agility, Luck, Dexterity, Attack
Skills, and Defense Skills. (There characteristics are described in the Strength
section on page 32.)

The levels and points for each comrade will differ. You'll want to stay aware of
each person's condition. You'll need this information to decide who to include in
your party, and who needs help.

This choice lets you set up your group for your next foray into the cities and
wilds. In the boxes that appear, you'll determine who'll be in the party (you and
up to three other comrades.)

Choose Outside and press Button C to return to the streets.

Exploring the Planet

Don't wait too long to start your journey. Buy what you can for protection in the
stores and shops (your meseta is shared by the whole group.) Then head out of
Paseo through one of the city gates. You'll begin walking through the countryside.

The cities are separated by wilderness packed with danger, terror, and surprises.
But you've got to roam in order to make progress, earn money, and gain valuable
information. You'll find certain things in the wilds beyond the cities.

Walk through these to cross rivers and other impassable features.

Inspect dams by pressing Button A when you're near them.

Dungeons are very creepy and dangerous-- but very important. While in a dungeon,
you can:

--Enter a chute to move up and down automatically between levels.
--Press Button A to open containers. If the container is locked, you'll need
  a key to open it. Containers hold surprises-- some good, some disgusting.

Draw maps as you wander. They'll save you many steps later on.


Out in the wilds, Biomonsters lurk! Alone or in gangs they wait to ambush you!
Suddenly you're enveloped in light, then find yourself facing a horde of fierce,
blood-thirsty beasts!

Use your D Button to move the red marker. Press Button C to activate a choice
or open the next box. Press Button B to close a box and return to a previous box.

Comrade Status Boxes

Hit Points (HP)
--The number shows how hard a person can hit.
--A skull means the person's been poisoned.
--PZ means the person is numb and cannot move.
--ZZZ means the person's been knocked out temporarily by a sleeping potion.
--A grave means the comrade has been killed.

Technique Points (TP)
--The number tells how much power the person has available for using a technique.

--The symbol shows what weapon, shield, or magic the person is using.

Decision Box

In the Decision box you can choose to either fight (FGHT) or plan your strategy

Fight (FGHT)
With this marked, press Button C to start fighting! The screen flashes as the
Biomonsters attack. The result of each clash shows in the Biomonster's I.D. box.
If the enemy has the power to recover, the Hit Points he earns will also show in 
this box. The fight continues until the combatants break apart, or until one side
or the other is victorious.

Strategy (STGY)
Plan your strategy before starting a fight! With this marked, press Button C.
In the next box, mark Order (ORDR) and press Button C. A red triangle appears
next to the name of the first comrade on the left. Press left or right on the 
D Button to move the marker to the comrade you want. Then press Button C. The 
Strategy Selection boxes appear. Move the marker to one of the four symbols in
the Strategy Selection box and press C.

This lets you know if the comrade is ready to fight. If you're facing more than
one Biomonster, you can choose which enemy the person will tackle.

Select this symbol, then choose a technique to use during a battle.

Choose this symbol to arm yourself with one of the weapons you carry.

Choose this when the comrade isn't able to fight. It protects your friend with
a shield, emel, or other covering.

If you're not ready fight, run! Sometimes you'll get away. At other times the
Biomonsters will have you cornered and you'll have to fight.


Every time you're victorious in battle, you gain enough experience points to
face more powerful enemies. You also earn meseta. Press Button C to see the full
results. Many times comrades will earn Hit Points, Technique Points, and even
increase their Levels during battle. Finally, press Button C to return your journey.

How Powerful Are You?

You'll always want to have an up-to-the-minute idea of how your comrades are
feeling and how they're equipped. Whenever you're walking around a city or in
the countryside, you can press Button C to see the Update box.

In the Update box and all its sub-sets of boxes, press up and down on the D Button
to move the red marker. Press Button C to activate an item, open the next box,
or close all the boxes when all selections have been made. Press Button B to close
the last box you opened and return to the previous box.


This set of boxes lets you use, change, and discard gear.
--In the first box that appears, choose the person whose list of equipment you 
  want to see.
--In the list of equipment that appears, choose the item you want. Each person
  can carry up to 16 items. Up to eight items can be listed in one box. If the 
  comrade has more items, select Next to see a box listing the rest of the items.
  An item is energized when an "E" appears next to it. You can energize an item
  by using a feature in the Equipment (EQP) boxes.
--Next, decide whether to use, give away (GIV), or discard (TOS) the item.
--When you give away an item, you'll also choose who receives it.


Choose State to give your comrades a physical checkup, and to rearrange their order
in the group.

Choose State in the box that appears to check the condition of all the comrades.
A box opens for each comrade.
--Hit Points (HP) is life power. The number on the left is the current HP. The 
  number on the right is the maximum HP available. If the current HP reaches 0,
  that person dies.
--Technique Points (TP) is technique power. The number on the left is the current TP.
  The number on the right is the maximum TP available. The current TP decreases 
  whenever the person uses a technique. If the current TP reaches 0, that person 
  won't be able to use any of the techniques.
--The Level (LV) number depends on the comrade's performance so far. Courage in 
  battle and other activities all count towards raising the level.
--The amound of meseta (MST) the group has at this points appears in the box at
  the left of the screen.

Choose Order to rearrange the lineup of your comrades. In the boxes that appear
next, you'll select who leads the group, and then how the others will be arranged.
The leader faces the worst of the enemy attack. Weak comrades or those with low
HP should be sent to the back of the line.


Use Technique (TECH) to see and use the medicines and magic your party is carrying.
--In the list of names that appears, choose the comrade whose techniques you 
  want to see.
--In the list of techniques that appears, choose the one you want. Each person
  can carry up to 16 techniques. Up to eight of them can be listed in one box. If
  the comrade has more techniques, select Next to see a box listing the rest of them.
--Next, decide which friend to use the technique on.
--When the technique is used, it increases the HP of the person it is used on. It 
  also decreases the TP of the person who uses it.


Strength lets you check on your comrade's strength by looking at their physical
condition and equipment.
--Choose a comrade. Four boxes open up.
--The box at the top left shows that person's level, profession, and battle 
  experience (EXP) points.
--The box at the lower left shows what equipment that person is wearing and
--The box at the top right shows that person's HP and TP. The numbers to the left
  are the current points that person has. The numbers to the right are the 
  maximum points that person is able to earn.
--The box at the bottom right show personal characteristics:
--Strength: As strength increases, the maximum HP points also increase. The 
  person will be able to withstand more injuries, and damage the enemy more 
  effectively and severely.
--Mental: As mental awareness increases, the maximum HP points also increase. This, 
  along with restored current TP, give the person the ability to use more 
--Agility: A person becomes more coordinated in battle as this number increases.
--Luck: Techniques become more effective as luck increases.
--Dextrty: Handling weapons in battle increases a person's dexterity and the 
  amount of injury that person can inflict on the enemy.
--Attack: As this number increases, a person's attack skills increase.
--Defense: As this number increases, a person's defense skills increase.
--Finally, press Button C to see the techniques the comrade has mastered. The
  box on the left lists techniques for healing injuries. The box on the right
  shows attack and defense techniques.


Choose this to equip your party for battle.
--Choose the person you want to equip. Four boxes open up.
--The box at the top left shows that person's level, profession, and battle
  experience (EXP) points.
--The box at the lower left shows what equipment that person is wearing or carrying.
--The box at the top right shows the equipment available to that person. An "E"
  appears next to an item if a person is wearing or carrying it. Select items 
  without an "E" to pick them up. (Select items with an "E" to put them down.)
  Each person can have up to 16 items available. Up to eight of them can be listed
  in one box. If the comrade has more items, select Next to see the box listing
  the other items.
--If the item can be held, you'll now select either the right or left hand to hold
  the item. Generally, the comrade should hold a weapon in one hand and a shield
  or other protective gear in the other hand. Some weapons must be held with two
--The box at the lower right shows the comrade's agility, attack skills, and 
  defense skills.


This section in an inventory of items you'll need to succeed in your vital mission.
You can buy many of the goods in city stores. Shop wisely, and take the clerk's
advice before making decisions. Your comrades are not all strong enough or skilled
enough to use every item.

Experiment with wearing and carrying different pieces of equipment. Test all the
techniques and medicines to find out what situations they're best for. During your
mission, you'll have plenty of chances to use all the equipment, goods, and 
potions. Be sure to carry as much gear as you can afford before leaving a city.

NOTE: Not all items can be bought in stores. Some of them you'll have to find
or earn. And not all items are described here. Mota has plenty of surprises
waiting for you.


Over thousands of years the Algo Star System has formed and created many magic
techniques. And different life forms, such as humans and Biomonsters, have evolved
their own special and protective magics.

Some techniques you'll learn. Others you'll earn as you succeed in battle. The
most valuable are those techniques you receive as presents from other beings in
the Algo Star System.

Use the techniques for attack, defense, healing, and bringing back to life. As
you travel with your comrades, you'll discover the unique knacks each one has
for using techniques.

Anti Magic
Cleanes poison from the body of anyone who's been poisoned by Biomonsters. Only
two comrades can use this to help others.

Deban Magic
Creates a dense air barrier that keeps the enemy from attacking.

Doran Magic
Impairs an enemy's aim so his attacks miss their mark.

Fanbi Magic
Use this to draw life power away from your enemy and into yourself.

Foi Magics
Available in three strengths: Foi, Gifoi, and Nafoi. All three compress oxygen
in the air until it ignites, enflaming the enemy it's directed at. Gifoi also 
burns through metal. Nafoi incinerates an enemy to ashes.

Gra Magics
Its three forms, Gra, Gigra, and Nagra, create sudden gravitational waves that
compress whatever is in the area. Gigra's pressure crushes a body or object into
a tiny leftover. Nagra's action is so fast the victim explodes. This magic is
very effective in narrow corridors.

Hinas Magic
Use this to escape from mazes.

Machine Magics
These were created during the research and development of new machinery. Brose
and Conte magic damage computers so they can't control machinery. Crash magic
weakens machinery. Eijia corrodes machinery so that it falls apart. Forsa makes
machinery malfunction, and Rimet paralyzes machinery.

Ner Magics
Ner speeds up one comrade. Saner speeds up all comrades.

Numbing Magic
Both Rimit and Shimb numb and confuse an enemy for a short time, giving them a
chance to escape.

Res Magics
In all three forms it heals wounds. Res is regular strength, Gires works faster
than Res, and Nares is the most effective of all.

Rever Magic
Brings dead comrades back to life. Ineffective in cities.

Ryuka Magic
Transports you to the city where your travel information is stored.

Sak Magics
Very special magics, with which you offer your own life to save a comrade's.
When you give your life with Sak, the comrade who receives it recovers and gains
the ultimate life power.  With Nasak, you sacrifice your own life so that all
your comrades recover and gain ultimate life power.

Shiza Magic
Annihilates an enemy's central nervous system so he can't use his special attack

Shu Magics
Shu increases the defensive power of one of your comrades. Sashu increases the
power of all comrades.

Tsu Magics
All three forms, Tsu, Gitsu, and Natsu, concentrate the light of the Algo Star
System into a fatal laser beam. As the magics increase in strength, so does the
devastating power of the laser. Tsu is regular strength; Natsu is the most powerful.

Zan Magics
Used in three forms: Zan, Gizan, and Nazan. It works by creating a vacuum in the
atmosphere which draws all air out of your enemy and crushes it. Gizan's crushing
action is so powerful, the enemy's body splits into fragments. Nazan power
completely destroys an enemy so nothing is left.

Ocarina Pipes

Carrying Ocarina Pipes increases your powers. These items disappear after one use.

Use this to escape from a maze.

Constantly vibrates at an ultra-high pitch heard only by very weak creatures.
As a result, they don't hang around to get in your way.

When you're deep in the wilderness, injured, and almost out of Hit Points (HP),
the power of this pipe will return you to a city. Mazes confuse the Telepipe
and make it powerless.


Just what the doctor ordered-- for healing, restoring, and raising them from the

When you're poisoned by a Biomonster, you're scarred with a "skull" that appears
on the screen. Only this medicine or the Anti technique can cure you.

Monomate, Dimate, and Trimate
These three potions heal injuries. Monomate is regular strength, Dimate is twice
as effective, and Trimate is the most potent of all.

Moon Dew
Brings lost comrades back to life. You won't find it in a store.

Combat Clothes

Even the best-dressed combatant needs a change of clothes every once in a while.
What you wear makes a difference in how well you survive battles.

Some clothes are ligthweight; others are so heavy they are used as armor. Clothes
made of laconia, titanium, crystal, or ceramic are sturdy and nearly indestructible.
Any clothes named after Nei are of the highest strength, quality, and power.

Wearing combat clothes increases your powers, and sometimes supplies you with
the strength of certain magics. Taking off clothes will lower some of your power

Almost everybody wears these inexpensive and lightweight outfits. Nei is the only
one who doesn't like them.

Ceramic and Crystal Chests
Sleeveless body armor. The Crystal Chest is as powerful as Gra magic.

Ceramic Fibers and Armor
Protective gear made of ceramic.

Crystal and Nei Fields
Very strong, effective battle capes.

Fiber Coats and Caps
Protect you from poison and acid. Men and women wear them differently.

Titanium Fibers and Armor
Protective gear made of titanium so heavy that not everyone can wear it.


Protect your feet, ankles, and legs with the proper footgear. In the
cities you won't need as much protection as when you're hiking through 
the wilds or groping your way through tunnels. You'll gain or lose power,
depending on what you wear on your feet.

Garda Boots
The most protective and effective boots you can wear.

Hirza and Shune Boots
Highly protective but very lightweight, these boots are built for speed.

Knife Boots and Long Boots
Increase your attack power. Knife boots have knives sticking out from the toes.
Long boots protect your legs all the way up past your knees.

Leather Shoes and Boots
Most people wear these. Boots are higher than shoes and protect your ankles.

Sandals and Shoes
Lightweight, inexpensive footwear for walking around cities. Nei especially likes

Helmet and Head Protectors

You definitely need to protect your most important combat tool you have-- you had.

Did you know that cats could talk? And the people of Dezo have private thoughts?
Wear these caps and find out.

Crescegear and Storm Gear
Have the same powers as Gires and Gizan magic.

Women's wear. Very strong, highly protective, and in some cases as powerful as

Fibergear and Titanigear
Two strong helmets, one made of fiberglass, the other of titanium.

A leather head covering that increases your protective power.

Plain, Silver, and Jewel Ribbons
Nei's specialty.

Wrap yourself in these for the same effect as Zan and Ner magic.


Some weapons can be held in one hand; for others, you'll need both hands. Almost
every weapon has a special use-- and a special person to use it. Listen to the
clerk for wise advice on your weapons purchases. Match your weapons with
coordinating combat clothes for effective fighting.

Bow Gun
This man-sized weapon speeds razor-tipped arrows to their mark. It takes two
hands to handle a bow gun.

Having two edges, it's more effective than a knife.

Fire Staff
This weapon is as effective as Foi magic.

Knife and Ceramic Knife
Light-weight defensive weapons. The ceramic knife is sturdier.

Laconia Dagger and Sword
Ah, laconia-- the sturdy metal found only in the Algo Star System. You can 
almost always depend on weapons made of it.

Laser Shot and Laser Cannon
Like all laser weapons, they fire lethal light beams that burn on contact.

Nei Sword
A very dangerous weapon that only you can handle.

Pulse Cannon and Pulse Vulcan
Rapid-fire weapons that can do a lot of damage in an amazingly short time.

An excellent defensive tool from a doctor's point of view.

This powerful piece fires tranquilizing Silent Shots, toxic Poison Shots, and
caustic Acid Shots.

Slasher and Laser Slasher
Amazing weapons that can attack two or more Biomonsters at the same time, as long
as they're the same species.

Steel, Ceramic, and Laser bars
Frightening, deadly weapons to anyone on the wrong end. But only Nei can use them.

Sword of Ango
The might sword of legend, only you can use it effectively.

Shields, Emels, and Body Protectors

Shields and Emels are classic gear for overall body protection. Being stronger,
the men carry shields, which are heavy and thick. Women carry lightweight emels,
which they can move around rapidly to fend off attack from any angle.

As effective as Gires magic.

Carbon Shield or Emel
Absolutely necessary as combat protection.

Fiber Shield or Emel
Fiberglass construction for special purposes.

Mirror Shield and Emel
Made of mirror glass. Reflects light and laser beams.

Nei Emel
A treasured gift from the Espers, a super-race of humans, now extinct. The Nei
emel is the strongest of all protective gear.

As effective as certain types of magic.

Other Handy Gear

Color Cards
Four cards, each a different color, unlock matching dams.

Opens locked containers.

Key Tube
Opens the door in the Zema path.

When you get this letter, show it to Tiem (if you can find her). It helps you save
Tiem from her kidnappers.

Maruera Gum
Have some of this when you're nervous-- or when you want to swim underwater.

Lets you see things invisible to most people. Someone from Dezo is hiding this.


Travel on to meet all the adventures waiting for you on Mota. You'll fly a scooter,
battle mindless but vicious robots, confront Biohazzards, and learn Muzik. You'll 
also get caught up in Climatrol's chaos. Don't give up-- success is in sight!

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