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Magic Man


Ashlyn Dumont studied her reflection in her hand mirror critically, then applied a bit more gloss to her lower lip. Pleased with the effect, she snapped the compact closed and returned her makeup to its place in her handbag. She checked her watch. It was six fifty-eight.

Her intercom beeped.


"Ms. Dumont, there's a Mr. Richard Denton here to see you."

Ashlyn sighed. She didn't have time for this.

"Have him make an appointment for tomorrow."

There was a pause, and then her secretary's voice returned.

"Ma'am, he says he does have an appointment with you, for seven this evening."

"That's impossible! I specifically--" She broke off suddenly as the explanation occurred to her. A slow, catlike smile spread across her lips. "Very well; send him in."

She was still smiling when Redflare walked into the office and the door was shut behind him.

"So that's your real name, magic man," she said with satisfaction. "You never did get around to telling me."

"I thought it sounded more appropriate for visiting a corporate bigwig in her office than 'Redflare.'"

"Yes, no doubt my secretary agrees. So it's 'Richard,' then, is it? It makes me wonder what to call you." The catlike smile widened, and Redflare could all but see half-a-dozen double entendres flit through her mind. She rejected them all in favor of a more tactful approach.

"Well, if you don't like my street handle, it's usually Rick," he told her.

"Rick it is, then. Redflare the magician doesn't dress like that."

His clothes were casual, but stylishly so--dark gold button-down shirt and charcoal slacks. He could afford them, since SDE had come through with a nice fee to Dace's crew for "exposing corporate treachery and safely preserving SDE property"--in other words, nailing Herrod and giving back Dumont and the project files.

"Oh? You mean Research and Development Division Chiefs don't date street magicians? A bit of rough and all that?" he teased. Ashlyn just laughed.

"Don't be silly. That would be if I was dating Dace. You're far too clever to be anybody's boy-toy, as a certain red-wearing gentleman of our former acquaintance can testify."

Redflare shuddered.

"Please, don't go there."

"Was it really that bad?"

He shook his head.

"You really can't know." Swiftly, he changed the subject to help clear the memories. "I still can't believe they gave you Herrod's job."

Ashlyn shrugged.

"Why not? The position needed to be filled, and XD Kendrick prefers to promote from within. It encourages company loyalty when you can see that there's the possibility of advancement. Plus, it also addresses any lingering issues they might have had about my own loyalty. After all, if I was to be tempted to leave, it would be by a job offering more money and more authority--so they got rid of that possibility by giving me exactly what I would ask for."

"Clever," Redflare replied, meaning not only the strategy but also Ashlyn's carefully chosen words. No doubt just in case Reiko Yoshida had a few discreetly placed spy-eyes monitoring Ashlyn's actions. It was, after all, much easier to be confident about someone's loyalty when they were under surveillance. He doubted that Yoshida had anything to worry about. Ashlyn had her promotion, and it wasn't likely she'd be trying for more anytime soon.

Redflare, too, had no desire to push the envelope. Julian's death meant that his connection to the Esper underground (now there was a vid-thriller term if he'd ever heard one) was gone, and no one else had come out of the woodwork--yet--to take his place. It didn't bother him, though. He'd had most of his illusions knocked away, but all in all he still liked his life as a magician and hunter and he wasn't going to be giving up either anytime soon. Especially not on a mad search for magic power. Like he'd told the Gi-le-Farg, that hadn't been his reason for being since he'd left the WizKids. Plus, he'd had a very good example of what could happen to people who went digging in the wrong corners of Esper magic.

Not to mention the fact that he had a relationship on his hands. He had no idea where it would end up--he'd lost out on a previous relationship that had started during a job, because they couldn't bridge the differences once out of danger--but he was going to make sure it got where it was going.

He held out a hand to Ashlyn. She rose and hooked an arm through his.

"Shall we be off? I've arranged for reservations for two at LeMarais tonight."

"How did you manage that? Corporate XDs and media celebs end up on a two-week waiting list."

"XDs and celebs don't have Nima arranging their booking," he answered with an easy grin.

"Using your contacts and connections to insure superior service, Rick? We'll be making a corporate man out of you yet."

" it too late to cancel?"

Ashlyn laughed, then turned and kissed him on the cheek.

"Far too late. Worldly power, dear, is far more difficult to reject than even the most tempting black magic."

"I can see this relationship is going to be quite an education."

"Those worth having always are."

* * *

The Haven Clinic was crowded. It always was; that was the nature of a charity medical facility. The beds were choked with the sick and wounded. The waiting room, too, had more than its share. Here was a woman, her face purple with bruises, clutching a broken wrist feebly. The cause, Nurse Angela Riordan noted as she glanced at a chart, was listed as "a fall." Repeatedly fallen on her boyfriend's fist, maybe. Next down the list was a man suffering from a knife wound to the abdomen. First aid had been applied and he'd been left to wait, as he would last longer than the friend he'd dragged in whose street-banger's jacket was shredded by the flechettes of shotgun ammo that had done the same to the flesh beneath.

Angela might have stopped to think about the futility of it all, but the truth was that she didn't stop to do anything while she was on-shift. It was all go-go-go at top speed, without a chance to rest. If she rested, someone would probably die.

A man staggered into the reception area. He was thin and pasty-faced, with sandy hair and spectacles. A sheen of perspiration covered his skin and his eyes were wild. Metachem addict, Angela deduced at once. She'd seen these signs before, far too many times. At least this one was ambulatory; they might be able to keep his heart from popping--this time--clean his system, maybe even reverse some of the effects of brain degradation. He wouldn't stick with the rehab, though, and would end up right back where he'd started, at least according to the probabilities.

The man made it across the lobby to her desk.

"I...I...I need help," he pleaded, eyes staring as his hands clutched spasmodically at the narrow surface outside her window. Not for the first time, Angela was thankful for the armored plastiglass screen separating her workstation from the patients.

"We're here to help you, sir. Do you have a citizen ID?" It wasn't necessary, and a good percentage of the clinic's patients did not, but it could make processing easier.

"ID?" he babbled. "ID? By all that's holy--I have seen the end of the world!"

She didn't mention it out loud, but Angela reflected inwardly that she got a good ten or so of those each week. In fact, just the day before had been the "magic date" according to one trancer, but she was still there. Idly, even as the man's fists began to beat on the plastiglass, she wondered if perhaps he was a mental case rather than a metachem or wire abuser. The tox scans would sort that out, of course.

Staff robots approached the screaming man. Their shape was basically human, but they lacked the sophisticated AI required to class them as androids. They were not unlike the Polezi used by the DLE and certain security firms, but lacked integral weapons and combat programming.

"Come with us, sir," they said, their metallic hands grasping his arms. They steered him to the waiting area, where another nurse ran a quick scan and, apparently detecting no chemicals that would react badly, efficiently administered a fast-acting sedative. He did a quick frisk of the doomsday soothsayer and, finding a wallet, removed an ID smartcard before returning the wallet to the man's pocket. He brought the card over to Angela.

"Why does our shift always get the crazies?"

"I don't know, Mike. Thanks, though; I'll log this one in."

Angela slotted the card and watched as the man's identity information popped up on-screen.

"Gaffney, Peter J. No family listed. Maybe your employer will take care of you." She programmed the computer to send an automated message to Nakagaki--basically a "hi, your employee's here, please come transfer him to the primary medical facility specified in his contract" with the implied addition "so we can spend our limited resources on the charity cases who need us." Smoothly, Angela then opened a datafile on Gaffney, downloading the information from his ID, then adding the date, time, and circumstances of his arrival. That done, she slotted him onto the waiting list.

The object of her efforts lay slumped in his chair, head lolling to one side. Despite the relaxant efforts of the drug, his eyes remained wide and staring, looking out not at the sterile white of the waiting room but at a future he believed to be full of darkness.

"It's coming," he tried to shout, but was barely able to whisper, "The darkness is coming for us. I've seen it. The end of every one of us..." on and on again in an endless litany to the damnation that had shattered his spirit.

For, of course, he was right.

The dark force was coming.

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