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State Of Being
by Chris Vogel

Light flared.

In a million galaxies

In a billion realities

In countless possibilities that will never be

there was light.

And perhaps it was light, or what light was then, in the dawning moment of the universe. Or perhaps it was what became light, or perhaps the form it took was derived from light.

Nonetheless, it was light, and it was a beginning.

The light which-might-have-been flared for a fraction of time so minute that it's length defied comprehension by linear minds and mortal creatures.

And when it was gone, the Entity Became.

Emptiness, it registered. Nothingness.

Then, I.

I am.


And it filled the emptiness.

Light, it declared, almost contemplatively, Lightlightlightlightlightlightlight.

Balls of superheated gas, burning in the hollow, airless, empty void appeared, spun out of nothingness with no more then that momentarily contemplation as a trigger. The Entity created them, filling the boundless Emptiness with their light. It sent them gently turning upon a central axis which penetrated the Emptiness through the point in which the Entity currently located itself. It drifted amongst them, drinking in the light as if it was something physical that it could hold and grasp and clutch.


Indeed, noted the Entity.

A moment of silence passed.

A single, agonizingly long second had passed since the creation of the Universe and the dawn of time.

I are two, the Entity stated, confused. This is highly anomalous.

I had decided as much, the Entity affirmed. Perhaps further investigation would be warranted.

Perhaps. Duality is something I had never considered a possibility. It could be interesting for I to experiment more with this new sensation.

I concur. What do I suggest?

I suggest that I remain separate from I until I can determine whether this duality is beneficial or harmful to I. There was a pause. I have created much light.

I believe that I successfully achieved the goal which I set out to accomplish. There is no longer emptiness.

What purpose serves this light?

Must all things have clear purpose?

If it is to be employed to the advantage of I. There is great possibility for I here, if I choose to make use of it. I believe that I have found a purpose for this light I have created.

A new creation. A ball of dirt and ice and air. Molten core, heating the surface, and warmed by the nurturing light of the Entity's creation. The Entity set it about one of the gaseous balls, allowing the force they created to clutch this new orb and draw it into a circuit about the light source. The orb itself spun gently upon it's axis, allowing every fraction of it's surface to be exposed to the light of the Entity.


I am well pleased. I shall go observe this creation closely. I have yet more Purpose.

Then the Entity was on the outer surface of the orb, where the force exerted by the orb itself, mirroring the force exerted upon the orb by the light source, held all objects close against it.

Three seconds after the creation of the Universe, the Entity created a planet.

There is much light here.

And come, I have done yet more. The Entity shot along the surface of this new orb, taking everything, missing nothing, processing and understanding everything this new creation had to offer. The Entity stopped after the briefest fraction of time, on the side of the orb which was most distant from the light source.

See what I have made, the Entity exulted. It is called Darkness.


The absence of light.

There is no appreciable difference.

Not so. I would be foolish to define that which is empty as that which lacks light. Instead, let I define emptiness as that void which exists beyond this frail orb, for now, when there is not light, I have created something which means it shall not be empty.

This Darkness I have created is very much like the Emptiness I sought to dispel. It has no substance, it exists merely to fill that which is Empty. It has none of the Purpose I sought so recently.

As the light nurtures, the Darkness will sustain when light is absent.

I believed that I sought Purpose. What Purpose holds this orb of Darkness and light?

I have yet done much. Observe carefully that which I have made.

Four seconds after the creation of the Universe, the Entity made Life.

A single cell, unaware, unknowing, unseeing, uncomprehending. Yet, to the Entity, it was boundlessly fascinating, more even then the light had been. From a distance it watched the creature, observing it's movements and it's amorphous form, gently probing and learning from the new creation.


Truly. Yet it serves no purpose which I can ordain. It is meaningless. The Entity reached out and obliterated the light source, drawing away the light and shattering the orb. And in that brief moment when the Entity tore the fabric of the light source away from the Emptiness, it found something akin to it's Darkness. It examined this newfound force for a second and then obliterated more of the Emptiness, tearing more of this new force out into it.

I have found something, the Entity noted, approaching the Force. Perhaps I can ordain it's Purpose.

What have I done?

I merely obliterated that which was meaningless. It served no purpose. Bolts of light, yet not light, played at the edges of the Force the Entity now approached. This force is amazing. So much raw power-what Purpose I could forge with a Force such as this. It is…profound.

It had much Purpose. There was much I could have learned from it's existence.

Existence is not a Purpose, it is a state of being. It does not warrant existence. Existence is only warranted when a Purpose is inherent. Come examine this new Force with me. I am sure you will find it fascinating.

What am I saying? I do not understand the meaning.

Come and observe. It is Darkness and yet it is not. I can feel it's Purpose stretching to all corners of your Emptiness.

That which has no Purpose has no right to exist?

Existence is only warranted when Purpose is inherent! I ask only that you abandon your light for a moment and come examine this new Darkness with me. When I am finished here I shall create you more Life if it will make you happy.

I do not understand that which I say.

Very well, the Entity said, abandoning the new Darkness for a moment. If you will not examine this new Force with me I will not have you distracting me from ordaining it's Purpose. Be gone.

The light at the edge of the Emptiness flickered for a moment, and then, to the surprise of the Entity, the light sources it had crafted began to collapse in on themselves with astounding speed. The Entity shot through the Emptiness, helplessly recreating the suddenly vanishing light sources as fast as the old ones died.

Eight seconds had passed since the Universe came into being.

The power inherent in this Force is…profound. Yes. Profound. See what I can do with it!

The light was dying faster, and now at the edge of the new Darkness the bolts of dark light began to stretch out and draw in the light, eating away at the Emptiness from within. Surrendering to this unstoppable force, the Entity returned to the new Darkness.

And suddenly there was another.

The Entity faced itself across the rift where the star had once been. The bolts of dark light curved about them and continued to devour the light. No longer dual but wholly separate, they faced each other.

What is happening?

This is amazing! The new Entity shifted it's place in time and space and then hung suspended above the rift. This Darkness is far superior to mine. See how it consumes and grows and makes all over in it's image!

The Entity paused.

Ten seconds.

What has happened?

We are no longer alike. Now where the universe was but one it is two.

I had never considered this possibility.

Nor had I, the other conceded. Nonetheless it is a situation I intend to rectify. Do you not see the Purpose of this Darkness I have found? It makes all else perfect by consuming everything that is not itself. It makes all it touches over in it's image.

You. Not a retort but a statement of fact. I.

Yes. Come, join me and we will fuse ourselves together with this Darkness. We will be whole again, and joined with the only thing in your Emptiness which is perfect.

My light?

Will be consumed by that which is greater then itself. Let it go. It serves no purpose other then to nurture that which, in and of itself, is meaningless.

Existence is a purpose.

So be it.

Twelve seconds after the creation of the universe, the two Entities clashed.

The struggle lasted seconds that seemed infinite. The Darkness spread to engulf the last of the light and began to devour the Emptiness. The Entity stretched out helplessly as the Darkness struck at it and tried to create more light. Faster and faster it drew from what Emptiness remained more light then it had thought it would ever need. The Darkness withdrew from this strong light, and, even through the assaults of other Entity, it created more light, trapping the Darkness in the rift where the first light had once been.


The Entity and the darkness fused and became one as the Darkness withdrew. The second Entity plunged itself fully into it's Force, surrendering it's being and allowing himself to be completely remade. It surged from the rift again, battering at the light.

See now what you have denied? With one great sweep of it's fist, the Entity of Darkness obliterated thousands of the light sources, tearing away huge chunks of the other's creations. Those who deny perfection and it's Purpose will fail.

The Entity lashed out at the Darkness with it's light, hurling light sources into the center of it's being. The Dark One howled and withdrew. Bit by bit, the Entity forced it backwards into the rift it had created.

The Entity drove the Dark One as deeply into the rift as it could, binding the rift with a seal of energy and then fleeing the farthest reaches of the Emptiness. It was, at best, a temporary solution. It began to craft it's light, it's strength, the weapon from which the Darkness fled.

Then it heard the Dark One.

It had easily shattered the bonds the Entity had hastily wrapped about it, and now the Dark One howled across the intervening Emptiness towards him, screaming in rage. The Entity slowed the Dark One as best it could, hurling the light sources in it's path, then, struggling to keep it's other away, collapsing them into themselves and casting the resultant force into it's path. Nothing slowed it and the Entity fled with the Dark One snapping at it and devouring the light.

The Entity lashed out at the Dark One with the light, slowing it, and the Entity began to work backwards through the Emptiness, to the gaping rift from which Darkness still leaked. And then the Entity cast itself into the Rift, forging as it did so a light source and one of the Dark One's orbs.

Within the rift it was hard to maintain it's identity. How seductive the Darkness was, the swirling nothingness that hovered just at the edge of the Emptiness. How easy it would be to succumb. The Entity struggled against it as it drove itself farther into the rift, deeper into the chaos of the places where reality did not exist.

It heard the Dark One follow it in.

The Entity halted, suspended in the swirling chaos and then, as the Dark One approached, it struck back, lashing at the Dark One with the light source, driving away the chaos and it's other. The Entity forced the Dark One further and further down into the chaos, and then cast the light source into the center of the Dark One's being.

The Dark One screamed and pulled away from the light source, withdrawing deeper into the chaos, and the Entity fled. It tore free of the rift, and the dark light clung to it, but it shrugged it off.

The Dark One approached again, racing towards the maw of the rift, struggling through the lazily eddying chaos to where the Entity lay in wait.

And then the Entity placed a light source at the center of the rift's opening. And into this light it poured all of the light of a hundred thousand light sources so that it flared more brightly then all else.


The Darkness seemed to shudder and withdraw from the star, and the rift slammed itself shut, drawing itself as far away from this new star as it could. The screams of the Dark One faded away to nothingness.

Looking at the star, the Entity recalled, so many seconds ago, how there had been an orb here, and a single life upon it. Yes. Life. The Dark One had called it life.

Three of the Dark One's orbs, subtly crafted and wholly different, bound by the blessings the Entity lay upon each of them. It carefully forged each, the core and the skin of the orb and lay them about the brightest star.

Thirty seconds.

And then the last orb it crafted with the greatest care, not out of dirt and ice and sand, but of a fraction of itself, coalesced into a living crystal formation. Into that formation it gave life such as the Dark One could not comprehend.

A life who's very existence fulfilled it's Purpose.

The Entity shifted space and was on the surface of the orb. The life, an amorphous mass of crystal of the same kind as the orb was forged, it's shape never constant, ever changing.

You are Life.

"I am."

Do you know your Purpose?

"I do. I am to be the last defender of the Dark One's seal. I am the one who will stand between chaos and order when you cannot. I am your soldier."

Le Roof.

"As you wish."

Then the Entity was gone again and it brought the Life, this Le Roof with it, shifting space so that it was once again amongst the emptiness. It hung there, suspended, for quite some time, staring at what it had created. It could already sense the first stirrings of the life it had impregnated the orbs with. Soon, soon.

Fifty seconds.

"What is it, master?"

It is the seal you are to guard.

"I see."

You are it's last defender. Keeper of the seal.

"What lies beyond the seal?"

Profound Darkness.

"What is Darkness, master?"

It is the absence of light.

"I see." The Le Roof was silent. "What am I to do?"

Whatever you deem appropriate when the time is right.

"I understand. What is it to be called, Master?"

Parma. Motavia. Dezolis. Rykros. It is the seal. I shall call it Algo.

One minute.

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