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Chapter Six

" Slow down you little rat!" a young Esper yelled. He was chasing a smaller Esper around their home, the Esper Mansion.

" Leave me alone, Jema! I didn't do anything to you!" the small Esper yelled as he pushed past some adult Espers. He quickly mumbled an apology and ran. Jema didn't apologize as he plowed through all who were in his way.

" Marc! You little rat! Of course you did something to me! You, my little runt of a brother, got the job I wanted!" Jema yelled. Marc dashed down a corridor.

" Can I help it if the teacher chose me to clean the Elysideon and the statue of Alis instead of you?" he mumbled. No one but those chosen were aloud to know of the magic sword's existence. His brother didn't know what the job was, only that Marc got to go to the sacred Lutz's room. He gazed back at his older brother. Jema had brown hair much like Marc but instead of blue eyes, like Marc had, he had green eyes. Marc saw that he was approaching the guards to Lutz's room. He dashed past them and ran towards the room. One guard was about to give chase when the other guard grabbed his shoulder.

" He was chosen to have the job of Jai, while she is in Meese." he said. The other guard looked at him.

" What is this job?" he asked. His friend shrugged.

" We aren't allowed to know." he answered. Jema was just approaching when he saw the guards. He stopped and frowned.

" Marc has to come out sometime." he muttered. Inside Lutz's room, Marc approached an old man who watched over the place.

" Ahhh! Young Marc! You have come to wash the sacred sword?" he said as he smiled.

" Yeah, among other things.." Marc said. The old man frowned.

" Jema chasing you again?" he asked. Marc nodded. " You must stand up to him!" the old man said. Marc stared at him.

" Stand up to a giant bully like Jema? Yeah, RIGHT."

Somewhere far away, someone waits. Or should I say something. It is evil and It is plotting.

I have already sent Dark Force down there. Now all I must do is destroy the only thing that can stop me! the evil creature thought. Suddenly, it shot a huge black energy ray straight down to it's target. On Dezoris.

Inside the Esper Mansion, Marc talked to the old man. Suddenly, the entire mansion shook as a huge black energy blast struck the place. After a few minutes, the place stopped shaking. Marc looked at the old man. A guard rushed in.

" What was that? Nothing in the mansion was harmed!" he said. Marc gasped in horror. He dashed down to the room bellow. He quickly opened the secret passage. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Suddenly, he stopped and screamed. At his feet was the sword Elsydeon, in tiny pieces. The statue of Alis was in one piece. Marc kneeled and stared. Tears formed in his eyes.

" How...." he whispered.

" Quite easy, I'm afraid." Marc looked up. The old man walked up to him. " The sword wasn't expecting this. The Profound Darkness surprised the sword." the old man said. Marc looked at him.

" You act as though the sword was alive!" he said, suspiciously.

We are alive! a woman voice said. Marc leaped up and looked around.

" Who said that?" he asked. The old man gazed at him.

We did! the voice said again. Marc gazed about him, alarmed.

" The sword! Is it talking to you?" the old man said, surprised. Marc nodded. His eyes shone with fear.

Do not be afraid, Marc. It is I, Elsydeon. Please! You must fix us! You are not the one Lutz chose to possess this sword against Dark Force but we must be fixed! Find the Ancient Espers! Only their knowledge can fix us! the voice said.

" Do you know who the Ancient Espers are?" Marc asked. The old man nodded. " I must find them and get Elsydeon fixed. It err... she... said to find them. " Marc said, confused. The old man motioned to Marc. Marc gathered the shattered Elsydeon and followed. The old man handed Marc a bag. Marc put the fragments in the bag and sealed it.

" Do not let anyone touch the sword!" the old man said. " If only He wasn't at Motavia..." the old man muttered.

" How do I find them?" Marc asked, ignoring the last statement.

" They are not that far from here. The kingdom of the Dezoris Ancient Espers is in the mountains by this very mansion. It is very secluded. Find the one called Thunder. He will help you. I can't send any guards out to help you for we must not let anyone know that the sword exists or that is is now shattered. There would be panic! Here are some dimates in case you run into trouble." he said. Marc gulped. He took the dimates. He nodded and left the room.

" So! Pipsqueak finally leaves!" Jema snarled as Marc walked away from the guards. Jema reached for the bag.

" I have an important job to do! Go bug someone else!" Marc snapped. Jema leaped back, surprised at his brother's boldness. Marc walked to the exit of the Mansion.

" You are going out there? Ha! You'll be torn to shreds by those bio-monsters!" Jema laughed. Marc turned to stare at Jema.

" I have more of a chance than you! You're so loud they'd find you the moment you left the mansion! At least they won't easily find me!" Marc said. He then turned and walked out the door. As he headed towards the mountain, he was grabbed. Marc whirled around, frightened. He then frowned. Jema was there, holding his favorite weapon, two slashers. He smiled a mischievous smile at Marc.

" You go without any weapons? You definitely need me now! At least now you won't be slaughtered!" Jema said. " You weren't the right one to be chosen, you know that? You can't even defend yourself out in the wild." he snapped. Marc dashed ahead of Jema. He looked behind him. Jema followed him, smiling. Marc ran faster. When he got to the foot of the hills, he gazed around.

" How do I find this Thunder? I don't see anything!" he said, to himself.

" Climb the mountain!" Jema said. Marc looked at him. Jema put his slashers neatly in his pack. He then grabbed a hold of some rocks and began to climb. Marc tied the bag containing the sword to his belt. He began to climb along with his brother. After a few hours, they were far above the mansion. Marc stared in horror at how high he was. He shuttered and clutched at the rocks. Jema gazed down at him. " Hurry up!" he called as he climbed some more.

" It's not so easy!" Marc yelled. Jema shook his head.

" You are pathetic! Don't worry! There's a path up a bit farther!" Jema called as he climbed. Marc climbed some more and was soon on a great path. It looked as though it had been used a lot. Marc looked upward.

" We should follow the path upward!" he said. He walked up the path. Jema pulled his slashers out and followed. He seemed awfully impatient. Soon, Marc grew impatient too. " I think we are being watched." he mumbled.

" No duh!" Jema hissed. Marc ran up the path. Jema followed him. Soon, they came to a cave. The path stopped at it's opening. Marc swallowed hard and entered the cave. Jema followed, frowning. As they walked through, Marc shuttered.

" I don't like this. I'm sure something is watching us!" he whispered. Jema didn't answer. After a while, they came to a sign. It was written in some form of ancient language. Marc stared at it. An arrow pointed down a cavern. A light flickered from down the passage. Marc followed the arrow. Suddenly, he was grabbed by a pair of strong hands. Marc screamed. Jema dashed up and froze, his eyes large with surprise. Marc looked in to two large bloodshot eyes. They stared at him, glinting dangerously. Marc stammered something unintelligent. The creature's eyes narrowed. Just then, the creature burst out laughing. Marc felt himself be set down roughly. He gazed up and gasped. It was a giant armadillo-like creature! It was very masculine and it wore a green and blue tunic. He had brown eyes, which he used to gaze at Marc.

" You are the first kid I have met that didn't faint the very moment you saw me! Even if you did say something stupid!" it said. Jema stared.

" Who are you?" Marc managed to say, though he felt his throat grow dry. The creature regarded him.

" I am Thunder the Sword-smith. Who are you?" it said. Marc's eyes lit up. He clutched at the bag and smiled.

" I am Marc! This is Jema! We have come in search of you! You see..." Marc said. Thunder waved a huge paw.

" Slow down! We should not talk here! If you are here on business you must come inside. This is my shop!" Thunder said as he motioned down the cavern. Marc and Jema followed. When they got to the end of the tunnel, they were completely surprised. There was a stone couch, a very long one. There was a desk made of stone and a room in the back where there was an anvil and a fire. There was a cat-like creature behind the desk. It stood on two legs and it wore the same clothes as Thunder. It smiled.

" I am Kitti! I am an apprentice to Thunder. I'm an Ancient Esper too!" it said. Kitti smiled and motioned to the couch. On it sat three bio-monsters and a robot. They turned and looked at Marc and Jema. They then turned away and waited. Jema was surprised. He clutched Thunder.

" Don't worry. The sign outside says that there is to be no fighting in here or in the cavern. I punish those who disobey." Thunder said as he flexed his muscles. Jema nodded as Thunder walked in to the back room. Marc sat at the far end of the couch and motioned to Jema. A few minutes later, Thunder reappeared.

" Okay! Who wanted me to fix the plasma dagger?" Thunder roared as he entered from the room with the anvil. The robot stood up. He walked over to the desk, handed Kitti some meseta and took the dagger. It then left the cavern. Marc was astounded. Another Ancient Esper entered carrying a huge chest. The Esper looked like a Numan. It had the ears, teeth, tail, and claws of a dog.

" Okay, Mister. Your meseta chest is reinforced. There is no way anyone can open it without the key!" he said. A bio-monster walked up to the desk and looked at the chest. It handed some meseta over to the Esper and took the chest. It smiled broadly as it tried to open the chest without the key, which was on a necklace around it's neck. The Esper gazed at Kitti. " All right. Which do I do next?" he asked.

" Well, Fadac, you have to do fix an axe damaged from some armor." Kitti said. Fadac nodded and picked up the chipped axe. He walked in to the room with the anvil. Thunder walked out again, carrying a weapon. Marc couldn't believe it was happening. These dangerous bio-monsters were paying this Ancient Esper to fix stuff. He silently admitted to himself that it was better to pay meseta to get something fixed than through it away. Soon, there were no more customers. Marc gazed in his pocket. He had four hundred fifty meseta. He gazed at Jema, who gave him one thousand five hundred meseta. Marc nodded and approached Kitti.

" Uh, hello? We'd like a sword fixed. How much is it?" he said. Kitti regarded him.

" One hundred meseta. Please hand me.." Kitti said.

" My Elder told me not to let anyone hold it except Thunder..." he began, confused. He pulled out the Elsydeon's handle. Kitti jumped back and stared.

" He's right. Only Thunder may touch it other than you. Please wait here." Kitti said as she eyed Marc. " Aren't you kinda young to be the chosen one?" she asked.

" I'm not. You see, a black energy bolt shot down from the sky and shattered it. The sword told me that though I am not the chosen, I have to get it repaired." Marc said, feeling rather silly.

" I see. Thunder!" Kitti yelled. Thunder walked up to him. Thunder regarded Marc.

" Aye, Kitti?" he asked.

" He has IT." Kitti said. Thunder looked at her.

" What is it?" he asked.

" What's left of the Elsydeon." Marc said, quietly. Thunder's eyes grew big. He motioned to Marc to follow him to the back room. There, Thunder took the handle and the bag. He shook his head. " Can you fix it?" he asked.

" Of course!" Thunder said. He walked over to the anvil. He began to hammer the sword handle and it's shattered fragments. Marc fidgeted. A few minutes later, Thunder roared happily. He walked over to Marc, carrying the Elsydeon. It was completely fixed. " THIS time, It'll only break if it wants to!" he roared. Marc held the sword.

" Is it okay?" he asked.

Yes, we are much better. Thank you, Thunder! the sword said.

" Anytime, Elsydeon!" Thunder said as he bowed to the sword. Marc smiled.

" I am glad you are okay now!" he said.

And stronger than before. Thank you. the sword said.

" Now we will return home!" Marc said as he pulled out the payment. He handed it to Kitti. She gazed at Thunder, then smiled. She handed Marc the money back.

" Won't except payment. Just glad we could help!" Kitti said as she smiled.

" It is an honor to have the chance to fix the Elsydeon!" Thunder said as he waved him and Jema off. Jema gazed at the Elsydeon. When they were out of the shop and on their way down the cavern, he gazed at Marc.

" That is what you came here to do? Fix a stupid sword?" he asked. He stormed up ahead. He stopped then turned around. He took back his meseta and then stormed off again. Marc shrugged and walked. After a while, he grew very uncomfortable.

" Something's wrong." he muttered. He felt as though he was being watched. By something none the least bit friendly. He raced ahead. " Jema! Jema! Jem aaaAAAHH!" Marc screamed. Before him was a giant monster. It was all black and it looked like a walking glob of mass. It stared at him and smiled wickedly. He stepped forward. Marc clutched the Elsydeon. Jema came running around the bend. He stopped in his tracks and screamed.

" Leave my brother alone!" Jema yelled after he regained his senses. He grabbed his slashers. The creature grabbed at Jema and flung him across the cave. It then reached for the Elsydeon. Marc clutched it even harder. The sword drew blood from Marc's hands as he tightly held it. His eyes shone with fear.

DARK FORCE!!! the sword yelled. The creature turned one of it's hands into a blade. It raised it, smiling wickedly. Marc closed his eyes, bracing himself. The creature brought down the blade. Marc heard a swish then a thump. He opened an eye and saw that the blade was right up against his head. He looked up and gasped. Thunder was there, holding the creature's arm.

" You're gonna get these boys over my dead body!" he snarled. He threw the creature far from him. Jema dashed over and grabbed Marc. The creature screamed in rage. It stepped towards Thunder. It leaped. Thunder ducked and smashed the creature in the ribs with his huge two handed hammer. The creature screamed in pain. It shook itself and glared at Thunder. It slashed at Thunder with it's blade. It racked Thunder across the shoulder. Thunder staggered backwards. The creature grinned viciously at him. " And even THEN you won't get them!" he yelled as he brought the hammer down hard on it's head. The creature screamed. It fell on it's back, screaming in pain. Thunder rose his hammer and smashed the creature's chest. Blood flew from the creature's mouth. Thunder rose his hammer one last time and smashed the creature's skull. Thunder kicked the creature. After a while, when Thunder was sure it was dead, he walked over to the terrified Marc. " You should leave now. Your Elder is going to worry." he said. Marc hugged him. Jema shook his hand.

" Thank you! Thank you so much for saving my life!" Marc said. Jema nodded. Thunder waved then walked down back to his shop. He ran in to Kitti and Fadac. They held weapons. They smiled at him.

" I told you I didn't need help!" Thunder said.

" We know. We just came in case you did." Kitti laughed.

" Such a cute human child. Not at all what ol' fussy Levit and his brat Questar said they were." Fadac said. Marc and Jema dashed down the path. When they were above the Esper Mansion, they began to climb down. Finally after hours of climbing, Marc and Jema ran into the mansion. Marc dashed in to Lutz's room, the sword hidden under his cloak. Jema waited outside. The old man stared at Marc as he held the Elsydeon.

" It's fixed! Just in time too! You were up there for a long time. About three and a half days! Lutz has already come by this way! Thank goodness he didn't go to look at the sword!" he said. Marc smiled. Marc took the sword and went down into the passageway. He placed the Elsydeon back in the statue's hands.

" I hope you are okay now, Elsydeon." Marc said.

Yes, we are fine. Now all we must do I wait for the chosen one. Rest assured Marc, that there is nothing wrong with us! Goodbye Marc... the sword answered. The statue of Alis moved slightly and smiled. Marc stared in surprise then smiled. He waved goodbye and walked out of the passage. The old man waited for him.

" It is fine, I hope?" he asked.

" Absolutely! It told me that it is fine!" Marc said. He smiled and headed out the door. Jema was standing by a statue, smiling.

" Come on, Marc!" Jema said. Smiling, they walked down the corridor together. Deep bellow the mansion, the statue of Alis smiled again. Then, it returned back to it's original form to await the arrival of the chosen one.

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