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Chapter Five

Sara and her husband Roni sat on their porch. They owned a house in the town of Nayal. As they sat, they watched the sky.

" Beautiful, ain't it?" Roni asked as he leaned back in his chair. Sara smiled. Suddenly, she jumped to her feet.

" What it that!?" she cried as she pointed to a metallic object in the sky. Roni leaped to his feet. The metallic object landed not far away from Nayal. Roni grabbed his wife and ran to where the object landed. After an hour, he approached what appeared to be a small spaceship. Sara gasped. She tapped on the door. It swung open and there stood a woman wearing a cape. Behind her was another woman, obviously much older and also wearing a cape. There was a horse and a wolf with her. The first woman walked up to them.

" Where are we?" she asked.

" You are on Motavia, near the town of Nayal." Sara answered. The woman gazed at the bundle in her hands. It was a small baby. Sara clapped her hands in joy.

" It's so adorable! Is it yours?" she asked. The woman shook her head.

" A.... friend of mine died and asked me to find suitable parents for it." the woman said as she stepped down. Roni approached the baby. He smiled. The woman studied them for a minute. She gazed to the elderly woman and spoke in a weird language. The elderly woman nodded. She then turned back to Sara and Roni. " Would you take care of him for me?" she asked. Sara stared at her.

" You just met me! what makes you think I am a good mother? I would be honored but..." Sara said. The woman grabbed her hand. It wasn't threateningly, it was friendly.

" I sense something about you! I have a feeling my friend would want you to take care of him! My friend behind me also feels it! Will you take him?" the woman said. Sara looked at Roni. She smiled.

" Yes!" she said. The woman handed the baby over to Sara. Sara smiled and crooned to the baby a song.

" His name is Chaz Ashley. Please keep it that way. I want him to bear the name. It will bring honor to his mother.." the woman's voice broke. Sara nodded.

" We will! I promise I will take good care of him!" Sara said, as she hugged the baby delicately. Roni put an arm around Sara.

" He will be treated like our own son!" he said. The woman smiled.

" I will return awhile from now to make sure everything is okay! Could you point me to Piata?" the woman said. Roni pointed. The woman nodded. " Thank you! Good-bye... Chaz!" the woman said as she boarded the shuttle and headed in the direction. Sara waved. She smiled and walked back to Nayal, cradling the baby Chaz.

Ten years later, the woman returned and found Chaz and his new parents all happy. The woman was greeted by Sara and Roni. Chaz gazed at her. As the woman talked to Roni, Chaz approached his foster mother.

" Mom, she looks awfully familiar! Who is she?" he asked. Sara smiled.

" She saved your life when you were a baby, Chaz!" Sara said. Chaz stared in wonderment at the slender woman. Roni motioned to Sara. She approached. Roni held Sara close.

" Lady, for a few weeks, Chaz has been acting rather bored. We are afraid he will run away to go find adventure! What will we do?" Roni said.

" Nothing. It is his destiny to do so. A woman in my dreams told me this." the lady said.

" She has also told us.." Sara began.

" Then trust her. She knows what she is doing." the lady said. She nodded and glanced a final time at Chaz. " Good-bye! Don't worry! He'll be fine!" she said as she walked off.

That night, Chaz did leave as his foster parents had said. He had climbed out the window. He wandered the streets for months afterward, not wanting to return home. One day, Chaz was running down a dark street. Suddenly, he bumped into someone. He looked up and saw a woman in Hunter's clothing smiling at him. Chaz backed off quickly and stared. The woman extended her hand and spoke.

" Hi! My name is Alys! What's yours?"

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