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Chapter Four

When she landed on the frozen planet of Dezoris, she had not expected what she found. There were towns in places that were once wastelands. Daystar could hardly find the mountain where her home was. But she finally found it. The tunnels were more complex in these mountains so she had to be very careful. There were some Ancient Espers that had liked in the mountain long before King Levit had escaped to it. There was Yakkara, a fool and a joker. He found everything funny. Then there was Thunder. He was a kindly old soul. He was the weapon smith. He lived in a cave far up in the mountain. He wasn't prejudice and he chose to live where he could be reached by anyone who needed him, human or Esper. He was a large creature, though he had a kind eye. He looked like an armadillo but he had a huge muscular chest and arms strong enough to smash a boulder. Then there was Nan. She looked like a horse and she took care of all baby Ancient Espers. Daystar could hardly wait to see her father again. As she ran down the tunnels, she stopped suddenly. Before her, no more than twenty feet away, walked General Fenrir. Daystar's face filled with joy. They had survived! She ducked behind a large rock and watched Fenrir walk by.

" Some general. Can't even spot an intruder!" Daystar laughed. Fenrir turned around and snarled. Daystar walked into view. Fenrir leaped backwards, surprised. His eyes grew wide as he stared at Daystar.

" Princess Daystar! You are alive!" he gasped. Then, his eyes strayed to the bundle in her arms. " A baby human?!" he asked, surprised. He stared at her suspiciously.

" His mother gave him to me before she died. All the humans on the spaceship I boarded were murdered by a strange black beast. I couldn't leave it to die because it's just a baby." Daystar explained. Fenrir looked at her, surprised.

" You've changed. I don't know how, but I like the change!" he said as he smiled. Daystar grinned. Fenrir motioned toward the end of the tunnel and led her to the city. The city was just like the original city on Palma. All except for the castle. It had white stone and red crystal on it but also blue crystals. As she walked through the streets she noticed that the people were staring at her. Not the type of stares you give somebody when you see them after a long period of absence but the type they gave humans. This worried Daystar. She felt rather alone. Only Fenrir gave her proper respect.

" What is going on?" Daystar thought. She saw Grandma Rudia and ran to her. Fenrir gasped in surprise. Daystar hugged Grandma Rudia. Grandma Rudia smiled happily, her eyes shining with joy.

" You are back!" she said as she hugged Daystar again. She suddenly gasped and stared at the baby. Daystar explained what had happened. Grandma Rudia smiled sadly. " What a horrible way to die." she whispered. Daystar nodded. Fenrir smiled and nodded towards the castle. Daystar followed him, waving to Grandma Rudia. Inside the castle, Daystar handed Chaz over to Nan, who she told to take care of and guard with her life. Nan, who could never be prejudice of a baby, agreed and sung to the baby. Nan absolutely adored the baby.

" How could something be inferior if it is so much like us?" Nan asked Daystar. Daystar shrugged and followed Fenrir. King Levit was sitting on his throne. Questar stood next to him. Fenrir told Daystar to stand outside the door. Fenrir entered the room alone.

" What do you want?!" Questar snarled.

" I must speak to King Levit." Fenrir said, ignoring the horrible glare he got from Questar. King Levit looked at him.

" I am still in mourning since Daystar did not return, why bother me with anything?" King Levit asked. Questar stared at him.

" This news will stop your mourning!" Fenrir said, happily. He motioned to Daystar. Daystar entered the room. King Levit leaped to his feet and cried with joy. He rushed down the stairs and hugged her. Daystar hugged him back. Questar stared and hissed to himself.

" Father! I have missed you so much!" She said through tears. King Levit smiled. He wiped her tears away.

" What happened?" King Levit asked. Daystar told her father what happened, though she left the part about Ganchi and protecting the baby out. She said that the monster was trying to kill her and didn't even see the baby. King Levit listened.

" Oh, father! It was so ugly and nasty! What was it?" she asked. King Levit looked thoughtful.

" I do not know. So, it killed all the humans except for the baby and it tried to kill you?" he said. Daystar nodded. " You killed it?" Levit asked. Daystar smiled and nodded.

" I killed it! It never even scratched me! It was so stupid!" she said, triumphant. King Levit smiled.

" We must call a meeting to decide what to do with the baby." he said, his face hardened.

" Yes! I don't know what to do with it!" Daystar agreed. Questar smiled.

" You won't have to worry about it any more." he hissed quietly. He fingered his sword and smiled.

That night, at the banquet table, King Levit, Questar, Daystar, Fenrir, Nan ( who held the baby), and many others sat. Daystar again noticed that she didn't get that much respect. Only her friends Nan, Fenrir, Grandma Rudia, and Yakkara treated her with respect.

" We have gathered here to discuss the fate of this Palman baby." King Levit said. Daystar slightly frowned. Why won't he use the baby's name? she thought. Her father looked around. The baby, Chaz, stared silently in Nan's arms. It was as though he understood what was going on.

" What is there to discuss? Kill it!" Questar snarled. Daystar stared in horror. Was she really hearing this? She narrowed her eyes. Fenrir saw her. The clouds before the storm, he thought to himself.

" Are you suggesting we kill this infant?" Nan asked, horrified. Questar turned to her.

" You don't like it, leave!" he said.

" Watch yourself, Questar!" Nan snarled. Everyone regarded her. " I am not made to stay here! I can go to Motavia and live with your uncle! King Bahum will accept me! I don't owe you a thing! I can leave at my hearts content!" she snarled then sat down angrily. Questar just looked at her. Daystar wanted to cheer.

" Since the baby was brought here by Daystar, isn't it her responsibility? Shouldn't she decide what to do with it?" Fenrir asked. Daystar gazed at him.

" Who's side are you on?!" King Levit asked, suddenly.

" Side, sir?" Fenrir asked, startled.

" What are you talking about, father?" Daystar asked, surprised. King Levit turned to look at her.

" Don't play innocent!" Questar snarled.

" What's that supposed to mean!?" Daystar asked, her voice controlled.

" Never mind. If it is her responsibility, then it is mine. She is not an adult and I am her father. I decide what happens to it." King Levit said. Nan narrowed her eyes. Daystar clenched her claws. How dare he! She thought. Fenrir stared. The storm is about to erupt! He thought.

" What shall you decide, father?" her voice frightfully calm. Questar and King Levit didn't notice it.

" I think it should die." Questar commented.

" It IS inferior and we will just be getting rid of a spawn of vermin." King Levit said.

" Death." Questar said as he stood up and drew his sword.

" Wait a minute! I didn't say you could kill it! What gives you the right..." Daystar yelled, as she stood up.

" You have some nerve, young lady!" King Levit said as he stood up. Daystar looked at him. " You come home after almost a thousand years with a human baby! You rescued a human baby! You parade around the town with it like a human wh....." King Levit stopped. Daystar was trembling with anger. Her eyes were glazed red and her claws were digging deep into the table. She stared hard at her father.

" Continue, father..." she hissed. Her voice dangerously quiet. Fenrir stood up.

" Daystar! He didn't mean..." Fenrir began. King Levit stared at her, his face pale and cold.

" You were about to say 'human whore'!" she hissed, her voice quivering with rage. She held on to the table for support.

" Go to your room!" King Levit said, sternly.

" So that is what I am to you!" Daystar said, ignoring her father.

" Sister! Obey your father! And as for what we call you, you brought it on yourself! You saved a human baby! You get upset when you mention what happened on the spaceship! I see it in your eyes! You act as though humans and Ancient Espers are equal! You act the same way that scum ball mother of ours.... AAAAHHHHH!!!" Questar yelled as he clenched his cheek. Three slashes ran down the side of his face, dripping blood. Daystar was standing up, her right claw dripping with her brother's blood. She stood tall and defiant, her eyes red with anger.

" Don't you EVER talk about our mother like that again!" she snarled. Questar glared at her.

" How dare you! He spoke the truth! Your mother cared about humans! She abandoned you so she could be with them!" King Levit yelled.

" No, father! She didn't leave because of me or Questar! She left because of YOU! You chased her away! She left to get away from you!" Daystar screamed. King Levit glared.

" You dare to speak to your father that way?!" he shrieked.

" I only speak to you the way you deserve! Mom was right when she left you!" Daystar snarled. She stalked over to Nan and grabbed Chaz. She stormed up to her room and packed everything she owned. She then walked out the castle door, her head held high.

" What do you think you are doing?!" King Levit yelled as he chased her.

" I'm doing the sensible thing! I'm leaving you!" Daystar snarled. Questar tried to grab her arm. Daystar whirled around and struck her brother down. He stared in horror at her.

" If you leave, you can never come back!" King Levit screamed.

" I don't intend to come back!" Daystar said.

" You are turning your back on your people!" King Levit yelled.

" No! Only on you!" Daystar answered, bitterly. As she approached the space shuttle she had used to escape the spaceship, she saw Fenrir, Yakkara, Nan, and Grandmother Rudia waiting for her. " Don't try to stop me!" she said, warningly.

" We don't plan to stop you. We want to come with you!" Nan said as she stepped forward.

" I am sick and tired of young Questar! He is nasty!" Fenrir said.

" He mocks me. I don't have to take it any longer so I won't." Grandma Rudia said. Yakkara burst out laughing.

" He's a fuddy duddy! A stiff neck creep with a large barbed wire stick up his..." Yakkara was cut off by Nan when she slammed her hoof over his mouth.

" You wish to come with me?" Daystar said as she stared at her friends. They nodded.

" Where do you go?" Fenrir asked.

" Motavia. I will fulfill his mother's last wish." Daystar said as she smiled at the baby.

" Afterwards, I suggest we go visit your uncle. His kingdom is not far from a new town called Piata. It's some sort of learning center." Nan suggested. Daystar smiled.

" That is a good idea. Uncle Bahum will welcome us." Daystar said. She opened the shuttle's door. Nan, Fenrir, Grandma Rudia, Yakkara, and Daystar entered. Behind her, Questar had taken his sword out and charged the shuttle.

" That baby will not leave this place alive!" he screamed as he charged. Daystar handed Nan the baby and turned to face Questar. She narrowed her eyes. She pressed a button and the shuttle doors shut. Questar beat on the doors but could not get through. Daystar walked over to the controls and sat in the pilot seat. She took off, leaving Questar screaming and swearing. She looked one last time at her father, her eyes full of tears. They weren't sad tears, they were tears of rage and bitterness. Then, she left the mountain, left Dezoris' atmosphere, and headed for Motavia.

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