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Chapter Three

It had been many many years before she had left the mountain again. The date, as she knew it, was now Space Century 352. It was to be the start of something she would never forget.

" What do you mean the planet's going to explode?!" Daystar yelled as she stared at the woman before her. The woman was packing quickly. She was moving remarkably fast for someone who was as old as she.

" The government say that Mother Brian plans on destroying Palma! We must evacuate immediately! The evacuation spaceships leave in five hours! I have to pack what I will bring with me!" the woman said, not looking up. Daystar narrowed her eyes. She dashed off, running home. Within an hour she was at the foot of the mountain.

" Maybe it is nothing but human gossip but I don't want to take the chance!" Daystar said as she dashed toward the mountain entrance. She ran down the tunnels, into the town, and in the castle. She found her father, King Levit, in the throne room. He looked like a large blue dragon. His eyes were green and he wore a red robe. He wore a golden crown on his head and he bore a staff with the royal crest, which was of the two gods they worshiped. The gods they worshiped were Corrosion ( an evil god) and Lifespark ( a good god). They were both in the form of dragons, Corrosion a three headed one and Lifespark a single headed one. The royal crest had them so their tails were tangled ( representing balance) with Algo between them. King Levit was staring at his staff. " Father! The humans are evacuating Palma! Mother Brain is going to blow it up!" Daystar said. Her father turned around quickly and stared at her.

" How could she?" he asked, very doubtful.

" Father! What if it is true? Our people will all be killed!" Daystar cried. King Levit studied her.

" You are right. We must leave. Fenrir!" King Levit yelled. General Fenrir ran into the throne room. " Evacuate the city! The spaceships we have stored in the warehouse on the mountain top must be quickly made ready!" he ordered.

" We only have ONE spaceship, Sire. The other was scrapped." Fenrir said as he wrinkled his nose. His displeasure of the idea was plain on his face.

" Then make that one ready! Hurry!" King Levit bellowed as he directed his servants. Daystar turned and suddenly bumped into someone.

" Questar! Brother!" Daystar exclaimed as she looked upon the Esper. He looked almost exactly like her except that he was more muscular and had blonde hair.

" Sister! Is it true?" he asked.

" I am afraid so." Daystar answered. Questar's eyes narrowed.

" Those scum balls tell you that?" he asked, bitterly.

" Yes. But I won't consider it rubbish, brother. I don't want to chance our death." she said. Her brother regarded her.

" I guess you are right." Questar said as he walked away. Daystar turned and ran to her room. She didn't have many things. She had some books, small statues, a few dresses, her cloak, and her boots. She quickly packed and ran up the stairs that lead to the top of the mountain. The top of the mountain had a section of it flattened out, like a spaceport. A large warehouse made out of white stone sat at the far end of it. The doors had been opened and the spaceship which was stored there was taken out. As the Ancient Espers in charge of mechanics checked it out, the others began to load the belongings and supplies they were going to take. Ancient Espers prepared to load the ship when the King spoke up.

" The spaceship has been deemed too small! We have only enough room for most of you! I am afraid that one person will be forced to stay! We are going to be very cramped and one more person will cause serious problems. Who will volunteer to stay?" he asked. The Espers began to talk among themselves. One man, a father of three, sadly nodded to his neighbors and was about to volunteer.

" I will." Daystar said, suddenly. She was immediately answered by shouts of disapproval. Daystar raised her hand. The people silenced. " Do not worry. I will stay behind. I can't allow a family man to do it!" she said as she pointed to the man. He stared. " I will board the human spaceships. Though it will be a very uncomfortable experience, it is a sacrifice I must make for my people. I will be fine! With my boots and cloak on, the humans believe me to be one of them, though the very idea disgusts me!" she said. Her father stared at her.

" Daughter, are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

" Yes, it is for my people. The idea that I am helping them will help me get through." Daystar said. she then turned to the people staring at her. " Goodbye! I shall see you... where are you going, anyway?" she said.

" We go to my castle in Dezoris. Do you remember where it is?" King Levit said.

" Yes, I do. I shall see you in Dezoris! Take care!" she said as she walked toward the tower. She turned and waved goodbye to her father. She saw her brother wave at her as he rushed up.

" Why do you do this?" he asked angrily.

" It is a small sacrifice to make for..." Daystar began.

" Yeah, right!" Questar snorted.

" You would not do the same to save one of our people's lives?" Daystar asked, confused.

" He is a peasant! He is not important! Let him die!" Questar snarled. Daystar stared at him in horror and surprise. " You shouldn't go near humans! It is better to die than be on the same spaceship with them! I believe all humans should be killed! They are vermin! Scum! And I say that all sympathizers should die along with them!" he hissed as he stormed off.

" Sympathizers like mom?" she whispered. She waved a final time to her father, brother, and her people. Then, she turned and walked down the castle. As she left the castle and walked through the town, she felt an emptiness build inside her. Everything was empty and quiet. Even Grandma Rudia was gone. Her house was totally stripped. Daystar walked down the tunnels and she felt totally alone. Her heart ached and she wanted to turn around but the words of her brother and thoughts of her mom made her continue. When she was out of the mountain, she turned around a final time and stared at her home. A bitter tear ran down the side of her face. Then, she turned around and walked towards the human spaceport. She clutched her cloak around herself and walked fast. Her boots made dull thumping sounds as they hit the earth. The bag her belongings were in thumped against her back. When she reached the spaceport, she was greeted by the woman she had earlier talked to.

" You made it! I was worried!" she said to Daystar. Daystar stared at her, surprised.

" Why? You hardly know me!" Daystar exclaimed.

" You're a nice girl. I've grown fond of you." the woman said as she pulled Daystar towards the docking pads. Daystar was speechless. But, instead of being bitter and disgusted, she was comforted. A soldier smiled and pointed towards some stairs. The woman and Daystar ran up the stairs and entered a spaceship. A young stewardess greeted them and smiled. Daystar wondered why they were so calm about what was happening. She suddenly bumped in to a woman ahead of her. The woman was middle aged and obviously pregnant. The woman was in great pain and moaned constantly. The old woman called over a stewardess.

" P-p-please! Don't bother!" the middle aged woman gasped. Her husband looked worried.

" Nonsense!" the stewardess said, smiling though concern was in her eyes. She approached the woman. " I will put you in one of the suspended animation tubes. You'll sleep through the flight and when we are on Motavia, you will go to a hospital for proper care! Don't worry, your baby will also be in suspended animation. It won't harm it. It'll be just as if time had stopped." she said, warmly. The middle aged woman smiled with relief.

" That would be wonderful!" she said. Her husband smiled. Daystar was rather disgusted. She turned to the old woman, who stared at the middle aged woman.

" What is your name?" the stewardess asked.

" Maricaz Ashley. My husband is Char Ashley." the woman said as she was led away. Her husband followed. Daystar snorted silently. The old woman touched her shoulder.

" You know, I haven't asked you your name! I am Ganchi!" the old woman said. Daystar hesitated.

" I am Daystar. Pleased to meet you, Ganchi." Daystar said. They continued on their way. A few minutes later, the spaceship took off.

Unknown to anyone, something was aboard. Something not wanted. Whatever it was, it was evil. It lurked in the shadows. Slowly it made it's way to the control room. The captain of the spaceship had just finished putting the ship in orbit when he turned around and gasped. He was instantly silenced. Then, the creature smiled. It was an evil smile. It's eyes glinted as it approached the controls. It turned to the life-support system control. It raised a dark claw and sliced the controls to ribbons. Then, it turned and walked away. As silently as it came, it was gone.

The people walked leisurely around the spaceship. Daystar walked with Ganchi. She would not have been able to stand being around so many humans if Ganchi had not been there. The woman was so calm, so happy. It was impossible for Daystar to hate her. Suddenly, red lights began to flash. Ganchi stopped in her tracks. She frowned.

" What is going on?" she asked. Suddenly, she gasped. " The life-support system!" she yelled. Daystar noticed people screaming.

" What is wrong, Ganchi?" Daystar asked.

" We are going to run out of oxygen! We'll die!" a person by them yelled. Ganchi stared. She remained calm though fear was in her eyes.

" I am sorry it has to end like this for you." Ganchi said, sadly.

" Don't be." Daystar said. Ganchi gasped as she looked around.

" It's as if the oxygen is being sucked out!" she said. Daystar felt slightly uncomfortable. But it was nothing compared to what was happening to the humans. They were gasping for air, but finding none. People were screaming. Ganchi lost control of her legs.

" Ganchi?!" Daystar gasped. Daystar grabbed Ganchi and held her.

" There... is... no.. oxygen.. left... why.... aren't... you..." Ganchi wheezed.

" I'm sorry!" Daystar cried.

" Of... course! An.. ancient... Esper!" Ganchi said as her eyes began to glaze over.

" Yes, Ganchi. I am. I only need oxygen to cast spells. I'm sorry I didn't tell you." Daystar said.

" No.. matter! As.... long.. as.. you... will.... be.. o... kay.." Ganchi gasped.

" Ganchi! Please! Don't go!" Daystar cried, tears rolling down her eyes. Daystar was surprised at herself. Weeping over a human! But this was no ordinary human. It was her friend. " Goodbye, Ganchi my friend..." Ganchi smiled one last time, then she closed her eyes. She never moved again.

In the suspended animation room, Char beat on his wife's tube.

" Maricaz! No...." he gasped as he sagged. Maricaz didn't even notice, for she was still in suspended animation. The tubes were not affected by the trashing of the life support control system. Char lost consciousness as he stared at his beautiful wife.

Daystar never felt more alone. She didn't have her family, she didn't have Ganchi, she didn't even have any of the other horrible humans to talk to. It can be down right boring to be marooned in a spaceship all by yourself. She longed to go home and try to forget what happened on the ship. But, for as long as she'll live, Daystar will never forget the scene of people dying all around her. To get her mind off Ganchi and those that died, Daystar searched the ship for an escape route and for a supply of food. She found the food in the spaceship's storage compartment. There was enough there to feed ten armies, which was how many humans there used to be on the ship. The escape shuttle crafts were locked behind a huge door made from solid titanium. She could have melted it with magic but she needed oxygen to do that. For three days she tried to claw her way through but she didn't have much success. She made some scratches but that was all. Daystar decided to search the place.

" Maybe I will find a blaster or something to shoot the door." she said. She searched everywhere and found nothing. In the control room, she found the mauled body of the captain. She shuttered and turned to look at the controls. It was a mess. " What did this?!" She asked as she traced the huge claw marks. She turned and walked out. She searched the halls and explored everywhere. Soon, she lost all tack of time. She saw that the spaceship was like a whole world. It had four huge rooms, each with land, grass, trees, and water. There were also towns but they were full of dead bodies. Daystar decided to avoid the towns. After a long time, Daystar found her way to the suspended animation tube room and found the body of Char, leaning against his wife's tube. She gazed at the tube. The woman inside was still alive! Daystar narrowed her eyes. " Why do you get to live while Ganchi dies? Filthy human! All of you! I can't wait until I find a way to get off this accursed, human-filled, death trap!" she hissed bitterly. She turned and stalked off, slamming the door shut. For months Daystar searched and found nothing. Finally, she returned to the locked door to the shuttles. She stared at the scratches she had made. Narrowing her eyes, she slashed at the door over and over again. For days she clawed and clawed, her anger and resentment growing. After a while, she sat down exhausted and frustrated. She nibbled a piece of food she pulled out of her bag as she wondered about what to do next. " What day is it, anyway?" she wondered. She stood up and wandered toward the control room. " I wonder how long I was up here." she mumbled.

Somewhere else on the ship, in the suspended animation tubes, Maricaz wakens. She sees her husband dead against the tube. She screams his name but there is no answer. Beating frantically on the glass, she screams for help. She sat down, very upset, and cries. Suddenly, she felt greet pain.

" My baby!" she cried. Beating frantically, she breaks open the tube. All the oxygen rushed out of the tube. The oxygen is too weak for her to survive long so she smashed the rest of the suspended animation tubes. Their oxygen supply escapes in to the room and fills it. Maricaz shuttered and stifled a cry. Outside, Daystar walked towards the control room. When she got there, she avoided the dead captain and peered at a clock at the far end of the controls. She gasped and held her hand over her heart to make sure it was beating.

" Lifespark help me! We got on in the year 352, right?" she said to herself. She seemed to calculate it on her claws. When she was done, she swallowed hard and gazed back at the clock. The clock at the far end of the controls said it was the year 361.82. " I've been trapped on this stupid ship for 982 years!" she whispered. Daystar felt rather weak. She sat down and cried bitterly to herself. Later, she went back to the locked door and tried to open it again. Bitter and sad, she gave the door one final kick and then she sat down and leaned against the door. Suddenly, to her surprise, the door crashed open and she fell through. She ran and looked at the shuttle. She walked over to the control board that opened the hatch leading to space. According to the status panels, the shuttle had a full supply of oxygen and fuel. Daystar clapped her hands together in joy. Suddenly, she heard something she had not heard in years. Human voices. She ran to the source. It came from the suspended animation room. She walked in and closed the door. She stared in horror. Maricaz was on the ground, in great pain. In her hands was a baby. Maricaz was bleeding and moaning. She turned to Daystar.

" Is there any way to escape?" she gasped. Daystar nodded. " Please, take my baby. I have lost too much blood. I'm going to join my husband. Please!" she said. Daystar narrowed her eyes in anger and rage. " I know what you are. Please! I know you hate humans but please! Don't take it out on a small baby! He never did anything to you!" Maricaz whispered. Daystar's expression softened.

" You are right, I have no right to kill him. I'll take him." Daystar said as she removed her cloak and wrapped up the baby. Maricaz smiled weakly. Her eyes began to glaze over.

" He should live on Motavia. He couldn't survive on Dezoris with how cold it is. His.. name.. is... Chaz...." she said, then closed her eyes. She never opened them again. Daystar held the baby in her hands, unsure of what to do. Then she stood up. She gazed at the baby. He had a small crop of blonde hair on his head. His eyes were blue. He stared at her, quiet and peaceful. Daystar smiled and a small tear appeared.

" Poor thing. He doesn't realize his mom's dead.." she whispered. " I know how it feels to be without a mom. Don't worry. I'll find you the best mom you could ever get!" she said. She walked towards the door and stopped. " There's no oxygen out there.." she said. She brightened. " But there is in here! I can cast a spell!" she said. She began to chant and two bubbles appeared. They were big enough to fit around their heads. She filled them with oxygen and she put them over their heads. The baby giggled as he touched the bubble. Daystar walked out the door. She turned a final time to look at Maricaz and Char. Her face was no longer filled with hatred and bitterness. She closed the door and walked to the launching pad. She was unaware that she was being watched.

In the shadows, the creature responsible for almost all the human's deaths watched Daystar walk towards the launching pad. The baby in her arms giggled and laughed. The creature's eyes narrowed.

It must die! Master commands it! So close! I am SO CLOSE to winning! I must destroy them BOTH!! the creature smiled wickedly as it followed Daystar.

" Almost there!" she said as she smiled at the baby. It smiled at her. Suddenly, Daystar stopped. " Something's wrong..." she muttered. She turned. Nothing. Daystar narrowed her eyes. She clutched the baby protectively and snarled threateningly. There was nothing. The baby began to cry and scream. Daystar quickly turned her head and gasped. There, no more than fifteen feet away was a demon! It was impossible to describe. It stood up like a man but it was large and it's body was a blackish color. It stared at her with wicked eyes. A cruel smile appeared and it raised it's black claws. " YOU! You destroyed the controls! You caused all those people to die! YOU KILLED GANCHI!" she hissed. The demon pointed to the baby. " You want him? Come get him!" she growled. She placed the baby on the ground against the wall. She stepped forward and crouched. She narrowed her eyes at the monster and roared. The beast accepted the challenge. He leaped at her, slashing. Daystar dodged and slashed at it. Her claws raked three huge slices down his hideous face. The beast roared, full of fury, and slashed at her again. She dodged again and dug her claws into the demon's back. It screamed and tried to slash her. While it tried to get her, she clawed at his back. Blood oozed from the scratches as Daystar screamed in rage. She slashed and ripped as though she was possessed. The demon grabbed her tail and slung her off. As it did so, her claws that were in it's back raked across. It screamed and crashed to the ground. Daystar leaped back and began to chant. The demon looked up and screamed a challenge. The challenge died instantly when Daystar cast her spell. Her hatred and rage combined with the spell. It formed a spell so powerful that the demon itself couldn't win against it. It was engulfed in fire burning hot with rage. The demon felt itself melt. It screamed one final time before it died. Daystar breathed heavily. Her face was of total surprise. She gazed at her claws, red hot and burning with magic. " How did I do that?" she whispered. After a few moments of consideration, she smiled with satisfaction. She turned and picked up the baby. She walked to the shuttle, purposely stepping in the puddle of melted goo the monster turned into. She smiled as it made a 'squishy' sound. She got in the shuttle and placed the baby in a seat. " I know your mom said to take you to Motavia but I must first go to my father. I'll ask him what to do." she said to the baby. She turned one final time, then she flew off. " Good-bye, Ganchi. Good-bye Maricaz and Char." she said. The spaceship now empty of all life. It floated alone in the darkness of space.

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