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Chapter Two

Daystar had indeed disappeared. She disappeared in to the mountain. It had been morning when she entered the mountain. She muttered to herself as she walked through the tunnels. After a while, she finally came to a huge cavern. Inside was something absolutely mindboggling. It was a huge town. The houses were made from white stone, polished to perfection, with red crystal window and door frames. Above the town was an opening in the mountain. It was large and it let sun and rain in to nurture the many flowers and trees that grew in the town. The castle was made in the very center of the town. It was also made from white stone and red crystal. It's largest tower reached high in the sky. The very last floor of the tower stuck out of the opening in the mountain. There was a doorway that made it easy to walk on the top of the mountain, where a spaceport was. The mist and snow made the tower impossible to see from the air so there was no danger in being discovered. Daystar gazed at the town. It was far more beautiful than any human town, in her opinion. Suddenly, a voice from behind her made her turn around.

" Where have you been, Princess Daystar?" the voice said. Daystar looked at the creature behind her. It was General Fenrir. He was a wolf bio-monster.

" Good to see you, General Fenrir. Is there something wrong?" Daystar said, casually. General Fenrir stared at her.

" We have been searching for you! Your father wishes to speak to you!" he said as he puffed up his chest and saluted her. Daystar sighed.

" Where is daddy?" she asked.

" He is in his throne room. Pardon me while I go check on the troops. They should be guarding the tunnels." General Fenrir said.

" The tunnels? I saw no sign of anyone!" Daystar said as she walked to the castle. General Fenrir leaped up, eyes glowing with rage.

" What?! Those slackers! I'll teach them a lesson! How dare they be so lazy!" he barked as he ran towards the soldier's barracks. Daystar walked through the town, waving to those who waved at her. Then she came to a fork in the road. Instead of going down the road leading to the castle, she took the one leading to Grandma Rudia's home. She was the oldest of all Ancient Espers. She was very wise and was not prejudice. No one complained about it, though. She was too highly respected. She had been alive since the creation of the races. She was one of the first Ancient Espers and the only one left alive. The others had died in wars. No one knew who were her descendants so they all called her Grandma Rudia. Daystar ran to her house. Inside, Grandma Rudia was rocking in her rocking chair. She looked human, except for a gray cat tail and cat ears. She looked up at Daystar and grinned.

" Ah! Is that my Daystar? My eyes aren't what they used to be." she said kindly. She motioned Daystar to enter.

" Grandma Rudia! I saw something in the human town of Camineet!" Daystar said as she entered the house.

" What was it?" Grandma Rudia asked.

" A human that looked exactly like mom!" Daystar said as her voice broke. Grandma Rudia was silent for a while. Her eyes were full of sadness.

" She wasn't her, am I right?" Grandma Rudia asked. Daystar shook her head. " I am sorry child. I miss her as much as you. It has been far too long since I have heard her laugh. But, you need to go home now. Your father was worried about you. I wouldn't mention the human to him, though. He might not be able to handle it." Grandma Rudia said. Daystar nodded and ran toward the castle. That night, she laid in her bed and wondered about her mother. She hoped her mother was alive and happy. Before she went to sleep, she wondered why her mother had abandoned her.

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