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Chapter One

A figure wearing a dirty brown cloak briskly walked down the streets of Camineet. It's head is bowed, staring at the street and the brown boots on it's feet. Ahead, some Robotcops were running towards a warehouse. The figure removes it's hood to get a better look. It's a woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She stares with great interest as the Robotcops grab their blasters and aim at a man walking out of the warehouse. The man is obviously distracted and doesn't see that he is about to be shot in the stomach. The woman narrows her eyes. Before she could say anything, the man is blasted. The look on his face is of bewilderment and pain. Then the Robotcops run in to the warehouse and blast whoever was in there. She stares as the 'cops laugh. The commander kicks the man in the stomach then walks away laughing. A woman runs up to the man and begins to weep. They exchange a few words. The woman in the shadows can only make out a few words. She now knew the woman's name.

" Alis.." she whispered, considering the name. Her voice sounds like the wind. Suddenly, she hears the woman Alis speak.

" I will make sure that my brother died not in vain! Watch over and protect me, Nero!" she cries as she cradles the man. The woman watches from the shadows and snorts in disgust. She turns and walks away.

" A true human trait. Murdering those of their own race! Pitiful humans." she muttered as she walks down the street. Then she disappeared into the shadows once more.

Later, the woman was once again walking down the street. She mumbled to herself as she walked. Suddenly, she stops and straightens up. She sees Alis and a few other people bury the man who was shot.

" What was his name again? Nero?" she said, to herself. She then shrugged and continued to walk. Soon, she came to an exit out of Camineet. It was well guarded and the woman didn't approach. She turned and walked back down the road, swearing silently.

" To think that I, Daystar PRINCESS of the Ancient Espers, am being kept in a city by humans! No more! Tonight, I leave! No matter what. I shall leave even if I must fight my way out." she snarled. She noticed that Alis had entered a house not far from the murder site. Someone else, a woman, enters the house. Daystar stares then shakes her head. She walks away, busy thinking many things. She wonders what they are talking about, wonders if the woman will survive and fulfill her vow, she wonders about how she can leave without having to shed blood, and she wonders what her family is having for dinner that night. " Perhaps roasted bio-monster. It better not be one of those giant fly-thingies! They taste like boots!" Daystar mumbles. She walks down the street to the warehouse where Nero was murdered. She gazed inside. The bodies of the other victims were still there. They glowed violently from radiation. Daystar snorted. She was about to walk away when she noticed one of the women. Daystar sharply inhaled. " Mom? No, you can't be mom! You're human! But, you look exactly like mom! Well, exactly like her before she left daddy." she said. Daystar knew the human wasn't her mom but the resemblance made her very uneasy. " I shall do what my mom would want me to do. She did not believe humans were inferior, though I know she was wrong. I will only do this to honor my mom's memory!" she said. She began to chant some words. The bodies began to levitate. Suddenly, the bodies disappeared. The guards outside the town saw six new graves appear next to the one of Nero. Each one was marked accordingly. The guards gasped and rubbed their eyes.

" I didn't see anything if you didn't!" a guard said to his partner.

" S-s-see what?" the other guard stuttered as he turned away. Back at the warehouse, Daystar stood straight and tall.

" I hope you are proud of me, mom. I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for your memory. Why you left dad, I'll never understand." She muttered. She walked away, thinking of her mom.

That night, the guards at the exit to Camineet saw a clothed figure approach the gate.

" Let me pass." the figure said.

" Where are you off to? Transporting anything?" a guard asked.

" No, I am not transporting anything. I am merely going home." the figure asked. The guard studied her. It was definitely a woman, since her frame could be seen through the dirty cloak. The guard raised his blaster.

" Sorry, but you ain't going anywhere." he said. The woman suddenly removed her hood. The guards gasped in horror. This woman had the ears, teeth, wings, claws, and tail of a dragon! She wore a gray tunic and she had a scary mischievous smile on her face. It was Daystar.

" And who will stop me?" she asked. Her eyes glinted dangerously at them. The blasters were aimed at her. Suddenly, She snarled and sliced the blasters in two with her claw. The guard yelled angrily as the blasters fell uselessly to the ground. Daystar began to walk through the gate, head held high. The other guard grabbed her.

" You aren't going anywhere!" he yelled. He yanked her shoulder to force her back in to the city. Daystar suddenly snarled and slashed the guard. He fell dead, blood dripping from three slices running down his face to his stomach. She turned to the other guard, who was charging her. She smiled, her fangs glistened. She slashed at the guard. His head rolled down the pavement while his body crashed to the ground.

" Stupid humans. Definitely an inferior race." Daystar mumbled as she walked away. She headed toward the mountains. Later, when some Robotcops were making their rounds, they found the bodies of the guards and called for backup. They searched the streets and the land beyond Camineet. The next day, when they returned, they had found no sign of the attacker except footprints that mysteriously ended at the very foot of the mountains.

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