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Chapter Twenty-Six

" Owch!" Rune cried as a heavy book flew across the room and smashed in to his head. He whirled around. Dazzle innocently searched through a pile of books that lay on the table before her. " What was that for?" he demanded as he rubbed the small bump that was appearing on the back of his head. Dazzle glared at him.

" That's for what you were thinking about me!!" Dazzle answered.

" I wasn't thinking anything about you!!" Rune snarled.

" And why not? What, am I not good enough for you to think about??" Dazzle snapped. Rune gritted his teeth.

" It's pointless to argue with you!" he growled.

" Correct. It's about time you realized that I am always right!" Dazzle said. She turned her back to Rune and sorted through the books. Rune narrowed his eyes and turned away. Ignoring the gentle throbbing that came from his bump, he searched through the books before him. They were in the Dezorian President's Library, searching for information that could aid them against the Ancient Espers. They couldn't get a sensible answer out of Yakkara, who obviously didn't have any sense to begin with. They had been in the Library all morning and had found nothing.

" Yakkara.... I am beginning to think that there is nothing in any of these books about your kind!" Rune said to the silly hyena, who at that moment was balancing books on his head.

" You're right. There isn't anything in any books about us," Yakkara said, smiling. Rune glared at him.

" All this searching and you never told us??" Rune growled, furious. Yakkara laughed.

" Ya never asked!!" he answered, smiling widely. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It opened and a Dezorian guard poked his head in.

" Lutz. There is someone here to see you. A Musk Cat. He keeps mumbling something about a TemLe Kyra and a Silver Tusk. He's seriously wounded and barely conscious. We've placed him in one of the guest rooms and he is being tended to," the guard said. Rune whirled and dashed out the door. Surprised, Dazzle followed. Yakkara dropped the books that he had been balancing on his head and ran after them. They hurried to the room where the stranger was being taken care of. When they walked in, they saw a small wounded Musk Cat kitten on the bed. It was bleeding pretty badly. Rune walked up to the kitten.

" What happened? Who are you? What do you know about TemLe Kyra and the Silver Tusk?" Rune asked. The kitten looked up, dazed with pain.

" I... am... Tundra.... The.... thieves...... have taken.... TemLe Kyra and.... Rika...," the kitten managed to whisper. " I came... to... get help... told to... seek.... Rune! They tried.... to stop me.... but I escaped.... they need help!!!" Tundra whispered, in serious pain. Then, he passed out. Rune checked the kitten's pulse.

" He's alive. He'll be okay," he said.

" Musk Cat kitty's hurt, what a pity! But don't be upset, don't say a peep. Ought to be better after a good night's sleep!" Yakkara sang. Everyone breathed a bit easier and cast the singing Yakkara a dirty look. It didn't seem to dawn on him that it was no time to make silly songs. But, then again, he didn't seem to care. Rune turned to those present.

" So.... those thieves B'jak talked of earlier have taken Kyra and Rika..... We must save them!" Rune said. Dazzle glanced at Rune.

" Who is this Kyra woman? Your girlfriend?" Dazzle asked, a hint of suspicion in her voice. Rune looked at her.

" No. She isn't my girlfriend..... Why? My dear Dazzle! Are you jealous?" Rune said, smiling wickedly. Dazzle snarled, purely angry.

" JEALOUS? Of what? YOU? Don't flatter yourself!" Dazzle growled. She crossed her arms and glared at Rune.

" She likes you! She likes you!" Yakkara chanted. Dazzle kicked him roughly. Yakkara giggled and stuck his tongue out at Dazzle. Raja laughed.

" I don't know what she sees in him! I'm far more attractive!" Raja said. Dazzle glared.

" Dazzle and Rune sitting under a tree....," Yakkara sang.

" I don't see ANYTHING in him!! And as for you, you old fart, the day I am attracted to you is the day I poke my eyes out!" Dazzle screamed.

" K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love.....," Yakkara continued.

" Enough!!! We must go and help Kyra and Rika. As soon as the kitten is healed, we shall head out," Rune said.


" I am receiving no answer from Master Wren.... Something MUST be wrong.....," Demi said as she typed away at the computer. Hahn peered over her shoulder, holding the shard in his hands.

" Maybe we should take the BLACK ROSE or the LANDALE down and give them the shard...," he suggested. Demi and Gryz nodded.

" One of you will have to go. I am needed here," Demi said.

" You go, Hahn. I shall remain here to help Demi," Gryz said. Hahn nodded. " Take the BLACK ROSE. It has weapons that may come in handy," Gryz added. Hahn ran to the docking bay and stepped in to the BLACK ROSE. He activated the engines. Then, he flew off towards Dezoris.


" Father!! Leave him alone!" Daystar cried. King Levitain ignored her. He continued to walk down the hall. Daystar chased after him. " FATHER!!!" she screamed.

" Hush, daughter. You can not change my mind!" King Levitain growled. Daystar grabbed his rode.

" Father! PLEASE!" she begged. King Levitain snorted.

" Don't beg, daughter. It is not becoming of you," he said. He pulled his robe free. Then he turned and continued on his way. Daystar sunk to her knees and watched her father, totally horrified.

" Chaz!!" she thought, frantically. King Levitain walked towards a huge door at the end of the hall.

" Open this door immediately!" King Levitain commanded. The doors opened and he stepped in. The doors lead to the dungeons. Two Ancient Espers, a Minotaur and a fox, held a blonde haired Palman. King Levitain approached the Palman. " Chaz Ashley....," he hissed. The small ( well, small compared to the King) Palman looked at him, confused. Obviously the Palman knew nothing about what was going on, King Levitain decided. He glared at the two guards. " Leave us!" the King growled. They hesitated.

" But... sir... the boy's dangerous..," the Minotaur began. King Levitain slammed his huge scaled tail against the floor.

" Do you seriously think this puny child could pose ANY threat to your KING?" he screamed, enraged. The guards hastily retreated. King Levitain watched them run then turned to look at the Palman. Chaz calmly stood before the towering blue dragon. His unconcerned attitude annoyed King Levitain. He glared down at Chaz. Silently, Chaz noted that the dragon seriously dwarfed even Wren. He could just imagine what he looked like to the towering Ancient Esper. When he saw the anger in Levitain's eyes, Chaz remembered what Farsight had said. When King Levitain bared his fangs, Chaz shied away, pretending to be afraid in order to humor the large blue dragon. King Levitain smiled sweetly. " Chaz....," he crooned. Chaz didn't like the King's tone. He tried to slowly back away but King Levitain quickly swooped his tail around him, forming a barrier. " Little Chaz.... I remember seeing you as a baby!" King Levitain said. Chaz looked at him. King Levitain smiled sweetly. " You grew. How old are you now? I have forgotten!" King Levitain asked, sounding very casual. Chaz stared at him.

" I'm 16.....," he answered.

" A baby. A mere baby," King Levitain growled. " I will never understand the aging process of scum!" he thought. Chaz looked at him, confused.

" How do you know who I am?" Chaz asked. King Levitain smiled sweetly. He leaned over to the Palman.

" Speak without being spoken to again and I will rip your head off. AFTER I rip your arms and legs out of socket," he hissed. Chaz stared at him, horrified. King Levitain smiled, thoroughly enjoying himself. He leaned closer to Chaz. " Did you know it was YOUR fault that my daughter left me?" he whispered. Chaz shook his head, confused. " Well, it is!" King Levitain hissed. " I tried to have you killed but Daystar prevented it. She took you out of my reach," King Levitain said. He leaned closer. " And now.... you are back in my reach!" he hissed. He touched Chaz's chin with one of his huge claws. Chaz swallowed hard. Suddenly, there was a timid scratch at the door. An Ancient Esper squirrel peeked in.

" Your Highness! It's Princess Daystar! She has attacked two of the guards!" the squirrel squeaked. King Levitain turned to look at the squirrel. Suddenly, Chaz noticed what was hanging around the King's neck. A glimmering shard attached to a golden chain.

" Elsydeon!" Chaz thought. King Levitain turned to look at Chaz.

" Elsydeon?" King Levitain growled, suspicious. Chaz jerked, surprised. " I shall talk to you later, Chaz Ashley. GUARDS!" King Levitain snarled. The Minotaur and fox came running. " Lock him back up in his cell!" he commanded. The guards hauled Chaz away. King Levitain then walked out the door he had entered.

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