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Chapter Twenty-One

" We need to start figuring out the riddles....." Rune said as he sat back. " Well, the first part describes the Elsydeon....

Sword so sacred, shattered into four
Only hope of victory for our world
Key to future, gift from past
No evil it could not defeat.
Ye who have heart and have strength
Rebirth of the sword must be fulfilled
Or doom shall take us as it deems
Ruling us without mercy....,"

" Basically, it's saying that there are four pieces. It also says we must find all the pieces and fix the sword or the world is doomed," Dazzle said. " Okay, Yakkara, tell Chaz and the others that they are to find pieces three and four. We'll find one and two," Dazzle said. She knew that Rune could have easily replayed the message. She chose to forget he was alive. Rune growled. Yakkara relayed the message. Then, he turned to those in the Ice Digger.

" Well, let's get solvin'!" he said. Dazzle held out the piece of paper. Before they could do anything else, B'jak interrupted them.

" We are two minutes away from the Gumbious Tower," he said. The group looked up and nodded.

" We'll solve this thing later. Right now, let's get back to our seats," Rune said. He walked over to the chair he was supposed to sit in and buckled the seat belt. Everyone else did the same. Dazzle peered out the window and watched as they approached the religious capital of Dezoris. Rune watched her. " So... when are you going to acknowledge that I am alive?" he asked.

" Oh! Have we met before? Wait! I know your name.... it's.... Randy! No.. wait...," Dazzle said as she smiled innocently.

" RUNE. My name is RUNE," Rune growled.

" No, that's not it.... hmm.... Raphael.... Rob... Rudolf... Rick... I got it! Your name is Ruby! Pleased to meet you Ruby!" Dazzle said. Rune growled.

" Umm... I don't think you impressed her, Rune...," Raja whispered.

" My name's Ruby," Rune answered as he snorted. He crossed his arms and sat back in his chair.

" Well.... I guess we should start solving," Chaz said as he gazed at the riddle. He looked at those around him.

" I think we should get the Silver Tusk..... it will be valuable. We will also have to warn the Musk Cats of the army! I'll travel to Myst Vale and get it," Kyra said. Rika walked up to Kyra.

" I'll go with you," she said. Kyra nodded. She turned to Chaz and Wren.

" You two get cracking at the riddle while we go to Myst Vale," Kyra said. Chaz and Wren nodded. Kyra and Rika walked out of the room and disappeared. Kyra had used Ryuka. Chaz turned to Wren.

" This third piece may be somewhere you know about.... it says... that technology surrounds the third piece.... it's concealed from eyes yet it's always seen... it's embedding within the midst of space...," Chaz said. Wren nodded. " It's surrounded by technology so if the piece is in space, the technology must be in space too...," Chaz added.

" A satellite?" Wren suggested.

" But which one? I never saw it on Zelan....," Chaz said.

" It says that the piece is concealed from eyes yet always in view.... so it must be hidden in plain sight but overlooked by everyone....," Wren said. Chaz nodded.

" What are we going to do? We should go check out either Zelan or Kuran but we have no spaceship," Chaz said.

" There should be a communication's system at the Climate Control Center here on Dezoris. Why not go there and ask Demi and the others to look for it?" Wren said. Chaz nodded.

" Let's get packed up and head that way!" Chaz said.


Rika and Kyra appeared with a shimmering light. They were in the town of Reshel. Rika grabbed her claws from her pack and adjusted them.

" Let's go. We'll have to walk," she said. Kyra nodded and took out her slashers. They weren't as fancy as Dazzle's but they were still deadly. Then, they both headed for Myst. They walked through the knee-deep snow, the wind biting at them. Bio-monsters growled and stalked through the snow. But most of them avoided Rika and Kyra. Those that did attack were easily killed. After a while, Rika and Kyra were forced to seek shelter among some trees. The wind had gained speed and grown colder. Kyra shivered.

" We are almost there," Kyra stated as she gazed about. " We should wait for the wind to die down before we try to go any farther. We could freeze to death," Kyra added. Rika nodded. She snuggled deeper in to her coat and closed her eyes. She tried to forget about the snow but that was impossible. Kyra sat down next to her. " So.. how are things with you and Chaz?" she asked. Rika smiled.

" Wonderful!! I really enjoy being with him....," Rika said.

" Do you think he'll pop the big question?" Kyra asked.

" I don't know...," Rika answered, slowly. " I love him... but... what if he doesn't love me as much as I love him?" Rika asked. Kyra smiled.

" I think he does love you. A lot. But, that's something you must ask him," Kyra said. " You should talk to him when we get back," Kyra added.

" I will... how are things with you and Rune?" Rika asked.

" We're good friends. And that is how I want it to be. We are only friends...," Kyra said. " It gets me so MAD! All the Espers seem to think that just because I'm his friend that makes me his GIRLFRIEND! I don't like him like THAT! I only like him as a friend!" Kyra yelled, angry.

" Why are you getting so upset?" Rika asked.

" Because everyday I hear ' So Kyra, when are you and Rune going to tie the knot?' or ' Hey Kyra! I hear you and Rune are a hot item!' I'm sick of it! All the guys avoid me because they think I'm Rune's! It's not fair! I'm going to remain single and alone and it's all RUNE'S fault!!!" Kyra wailed. Rika put a comforting arm around Kyra.

" Have you talked to Rune about this?" she asked.

" No. How can I?" Kyra said.

" Just go up to him. I'm sure you can fix it! Don't worry. Look, the storm has stopped. We can go get the Silver Tusk. Then, when we get back and find Rune, we'll both talk to him. Okay?" Rika said. Kyra nodded. They got up and continued their walk through the snow.

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