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Chapter Twenty

" The defenses are coming very quickly!" Fenrir commented as he gazed about Termi. The barricades had been reinforced with heavy boulders and rocks. A wall of rock had been put up around the town. There was a huge wooden gate made from tables, fence posts, and scrap wood found about the town. The town now looked like a mini fortress. The roofs of the houses were covered in sand, to prevent them from being caught on fire. Fenrir had been the general for the Dezorian Ancient Espers years before and knew the tactics the Dezorian Ancient Esper army would use. He planned on making the defenses as best as he could make them. People at the moment were making the wall around the town thicker as well as reinforcing the 'hospital' which used to be a gift shop.

" Even with all these defenses, what hope do we have of defending Termi?" Nan asked as she approached Fenrir. " There aren't enough people!!!" she cried. Suddenly, there was a knock at the gate. Fenrir whirled around. He jumped to the top of the wall and looked to see who was knocking. He peered over and stared, in surprise. A Hunter stood there.

" Who are you?" Fenrir demanded.

" Are you Fenrir?" the Hunter called. Fenrir stared in surprise.

" How do you know my name?" he demanded.

" We were told to ask for you," the Hunter answered.

" WE???" Fenrir repeated, looking around.

" We Ryuka'd to only a little ways away from here. We are an army of Hunters, Motavians, and Palmans. We wish to come and help," the Hunter answered. Fenrir stared, wide eyed. " Daystar told us to hurry," the Hunter added. This snapped Fenrir back in to the real world.

" Get your army and enter! Before the Dezoris Ancient Espers arrive!" Fenrir commanded. The Hunter nodded and ran off. Fenrir jumped down from the wall and walked up to Nan. " What were you saying?" he asked.

" I guess we have a bit of a chance of victory after all," Nan answered, smiling for the first time.

" What's with the detour?" Rune asked as he noticed that the Ice Digger was taking a new course.

" We are going to totally go around this area! We must avoid it at ALL costs!" B'jak said, very nervously.

" Why?" Rune asked as he looked around.

" This area just so happens to belong to a band of horrible thieves! If they catch us, we will not make it to Gumbious Tower! That's where the President is," Raja said. Dazzle looked up.

" Describe them!" she hissed.

" They are horrible cut-throats! I hear the boss loves to throw prisoners down in to a pit with hungry bios and watch as the bios rip them to shreds!" B'jak whispered. Dazzle closed her eyes. She nodded slowly. Rune stared at her, quizzically.

" You know them?" Rune asked. Dazzle opened her eyes and gave him such a mean look that Rune instantly shut up. B'jak and Raja looked at her. Dazzle closed her eyes again and completely ignored them.

" She knows something but she won't talk! She knows something but she won't talk!" Yakkara chanted.

" No one outside of the band knows the leader's name! They are the only ones who have ever seen him!!" Raja said.

" Well, I don't want to be the first to see him! Let's hurry up and get out of here!" B'jak snapped as he sped up the Ice Digger.

" And that's what happened," Chaz said. Kyra stared at him, speechless. They all sat in the Lutz's chamber. Rika sat on the floor gazing at those about her. Wren stood by, waiting. Rika had added in things Chaz had forgotten ( or in some cases, wasn't there to know about). Kyra stared, completely shocked.

" Looks like you'll have to get what's left of the sword," the old man stated. He turned and walked down the stairs. Chaz and the rest followed him. The old man walked up to the secret wall that hid the entrance to the holding place of the Elsydeon. He opened the secret passage and motioned to Chaz. Chaz nodded and went in to the cave. He remembered the way by heart. He walked through the cavern, knowing exactly where he was. As he walked, he thought about what had happened and what might happen. He didn't realize he had arrived until he bumped in to the altar the statue of Alis was placed. He gazed up. In the hands of the statue was the handle to the great sword Elsydeon. He walked up to the statue.

" The great sword....," he mumbled. He grabbed the handle and held it. It didn't feel as powerful as it once had. He could feel it pulsate, though. Just barely. " I wonder how we can possibly get this fixed!! We don't even have any of the blade!!" Chaz muttered. His once flaring hopes died the moment he had gazed upon the handle.

You can't give up, Chaz Ashley! Think of all the people who are counting on you!! You must save them! someone cried. Chaz leaped. He whirled around. Behind him stood a transparent numan. She had purple hair and a sad look in her eye. I am Nei, the numan stated. Chaz, you can't give up hope! Even at the bleakest of times, you must have hope!! Nei cried.

" How can I have hope? I can't fix the sword!" Chaz said. Nei stared at him.

You can have hope. All you need to do if believe in yourself, Nei whispered. Chaz sighed.

" But everything seems so hopeless! The Ancient Espers are more powerful than us! All we have is a sword! And, right now, we don't even have THAT!" Chaz said. Nei smiled.

All you need is the blade.... I can not help you very much except by telling you that it does still exist. In pieces. You must find the pieces... talk to a physic.. you know of one..., Nei said. Chaz stared, stupefied. Nei smiled at him. There is always hope, Chaz. You just need to believe in yourself..., she whispered. Then, Nei was gone. Chaz stood where he was, unsure of what to do. After a few more minutes, he headed back through the cave to where his friends were waiting. When he arrived, Rika ran up to him.

" Do you have it?" she asked. Chaz nodded and displayed the handle. Rika sighed. " We need the blade or the handle's useless," she moaned.

" I was told to talk to a Physic.... and I know of one... but she's at Aiedo.....," Chaz whispered.

" Can you use your telepathic powers?" Rika asked as she looked at Kyra.

" I'm not strong enough to reach all the way to Aiedo...," Kyra said.

" But an Ancient Esper is," the old man said.

" THAT'S IT!" Chaz said as he leaped to his feet. " Kyra! Please contact Rune and ask him to have Yakkara talk to her!" he said. Kyra nodded.

Rune..... Rune, can you hear me? Kyra telepathically called.

Loud and clear, TemLe, Rune answered.

We need you to ask Yakkara to talk to a Physic Chaz knows in Aiedo! She will know where pieces to the Elsydeon are! Kyra said.

Okay, Rune thought. He turned to Yakkara.

" I know! I read her thoughts! I'm calling her now!" Yakkara laughed. Rune frowned slightly. Yo! Physic lady! You there? Yakkara thought.

Who is this? What are you doing in my head? a woman frantically thought.

I want you ta tell me where some pieces to the Elsydeon are! My friends need it! Use ya powers! Yakkara said. Hesitation.

I shall. Here goes..... the Physic thought. Silence. Yakkara motioned for someone to get something to write with.

TemLe, I'll tell you what the Physic says. Write it down, Rune thought. Kyra grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil from off a desk and waited. B'jak handed a piece of paper and a pencil to Dazzle, who took it and nodded. Yakkara smiled brightly and giggled. On Motavia, the woman peered deep in to the crystal ball before her. She stared hard, looking and searching. Suddenly, a white aura encircled the crystal ball. The Physic began to speak, using a voice not of her own.

Sword so sacred, shattered into four
Only hope of victory for our world
Key to future, gift from past
No evil it could not defeat.
Ye who have heart and have strength
Rebirth of the sword must be fulfilled
Or doom shall take us as it deems
Ruling us without mercy.

I shall reveal that the first piece
Lies in the hands of a king of cons
Making life hard for those around
Enjoying cries of torment they cause.
Espers, changed for purpose of war
Enjoy the beauty of the next piece
Peace farthest from owner's mind
Not well loved by his final blood.
Technology surrounds the third piece
Concealed from eyes yet it's always seen
Embedding within the midst of space.
Location of last piece is hidden within words
Search with thine eyes and you shall find it.

" That's it? A riddle?" Dazzle said, loudly, when she finished writing it all down. She glared viciously at Rune, as if it was all his fault.

That's all I can see..... I am weary. Please leave me, the Physic said. Yakkara 'canceled' his 'connection' to the Physic's thoughts.

Kyra wrote as fast as she could so she could get all the lines down before she forgot any. When she had the Physic's entire speech down, she looked at it.

" Oh my..... how can we solve this? We'll never be able to!" she said.

" You had better solve it," the old man said. " Or we have no hope of having a future."

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