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Chapter Nineteen

" Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Yakkara sang. He was feeling a lot better. His anger was gone and showed no sign that he had ever been angry. B'jak and his comrades kept their mouths shut, unwilling to cause Yakkara to explode again. Dazzle sat in the very back, lost in her own thought. Rune stared at her still unable to get over the fact that she had been willing to fight for him. Even though she had repeatedly shown that she hated his guts and would rather see him eaten by a bio-monster. He stood up, walked over, and sat next to her. Dazzle drifted out of her thoughts and became aware of Rune. Dazzle watched him from the corner of her eye.

" Why did you defend me?" he asked her. Dazzle snorted.

" I didn't," she snapped. Rune eyed her.

" Yes, you did! You stood up for me. Why?" he asked.

" I haven't the foggiest! Why would I stand up for YOU?" she snarled. She turned away. Rune leaned closer.

" You're lying! I can tell! What's wrong, babe? Falling for my manly charms?" he mocked, in his usual manner. Dazzle turned and stared at him, in the eyes.

" You mean you're a MAN? I thought you were a little boy who wandered far from home!" Dazzle retorted. Rune stared at Dazzle.

" You don't know what you're getting in to! Don't play a man's game!" Rune warned. Dazzle laughed.

" Then why are YOU playing it?" Dazzle mocked. Rune smiled, wickedly. Rune quickly leaned over, kissed Dazzle passionately on the lips, then made a mad leap to dodge Dazzle's swing at his face. " You @#$*&$#!!! Get back here!" Dazzle screamed, leaping at Rune. Rune ducked and dodged the furious Dazzle. Raja snickered. B'jak peered at them, then at Yakkara.

" Do they do this often?" he asked.

" Ohhh!! Not often enough, I'd say," Yakkara answered.

" Wren, any sign of the Esper Mansion?" Chaz asked as he looked out the window. Wren, who was driving, turned his head slightly.

" Negative. But, we should gain sight of it as soon as we get around this bend," Wren responded. Chaz nodded.

" Chaz, do you have any idea what we are supposed to do when we HAVE the handle?" Rika asked. Chaz went pale.

" Uhhh... no...," Chaz said. Rika's mouth dropped. She struggled to say something.

" No?? When, how are we supposed to get the sword fixed if we don't know where to go?" Rika demanded. Chaz smiled sheepishly.

" Don't worry, Rika. There has to be someone at the Mansion that knows what to do to get the Elsydeon fixed!" Wren said, calmly. Rika sighed.

" There it is!" Chaz called as he pointed out the window. Rika leaned to look. The Mansion was in view, getting bigger and bigger. Wren dug through the ice, getting closer and closer. The Mansion shined brilliantly as the sun's light reflected off it. The Mansion was a wonder to behold. Wren parked a little ways from the door to the Mansion. Chaz, Rika, and Wren stepped out and approached the Mansion. The guards to the door ran up to them.

" Protectors! It is good to see you!" one called. " Where is the Lutz?"

" He has gone to speak with the Dezorian President. Meese was attacked and most who were there slaughtered," Chaz answered. The guard flushed.

" TemLe Kyra must hear of this!!" The guard cried. He motioned for Chaz and the rest to enter the Mansion. When they were inside, the guard lead the group through the Mansion to the Lutz' chamber. Inside, the group found Kyra and the old man who had been there the first time Chaz entered.

" Chaz!!!" Kyra cried. She ran up and gave Chaz a huge bear hug. " Baby brother!!! How nice to see you!!" she said. Chaz rolled his eyes. He wasn't fond of how Kyra insisted on calling him her 'baby brother'.

" TemLe Kyra, this is very important! Meese has been attacked!" the guard interrupted. Kyra looked at him.

" What happened??" Kyra demanded.

" I think we'll start from the beginning...," Chaz began.

Breathing heavily, Daystar gazed about at the damage she had caused. Quite a few Ancient Espers were dead. But, it was but a small hindrance to the army. She had been forced to run after the first few blasts. She was by far outnumbered. She sat, panting, on a rock. She had managed to lose her pursuers, for the moment. She growled to herself. So caught up in her anger, she failed to notice someone sneaking up on her.

" Who are you? What are you doing here?" a voice commanded. Daystar whirled around, fangs bared. Behind her, were five hunters and three Motavians. They had their weapons out and were ready to attack. Daystar stared.

" What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here? Don't you know a huge army has come by here, on it's way to trash Termi?" Daystar said.

" We know. That is why we are here! The Hunters Guild and the Motavians wish to offer their services to Termi!" a Motavian said. Daystar stared.

" You're going to help?" Daystar gasped, overjoyed. " They need you! They were reinforcing the town when I left to slow down the army but there are WAY too many for them to handle! I managed to get a few but...," Daystar explained.

" If there are so many, how can we get OUR army past to the town? A good deal don't know Ryuka!" a Motavian demanded. Daystar thought for a moment.

" Lead me to your army! We have to hurry!" Daystar cried. The Hunters and Motavians looked at Daystar, uneasily. They lead her to the army. After an hour of walking, they came to the army. There was a good deal of Hunters and Motavians, all waiting to fight. There were also Palmans who were not Hunters. They had come to fight as well. Daystar walked through the army up to Grandfather Dorin and the leader of the Hunter's Guild.

" Daystar!" Grandfather Dorin called. He walked up to her. " I'm glad to see you!!" he said. Daystar smiled.

" We are going to have to Ryuka the army to Termi, to get by the Ancient Esper army....," Daystar explained. The Hunter leader walked up.

" How do you propose we do that?" he asked.

"Just get everyone ready...," Daystar said. Grandfather Dorin nodded. They prepared the army, though only Grandfather Dorin had the slightest idea what Daystar was up to. Daystar sat high on a rock, watching for any sign of danger. She freaked at what she saw. A party of Ancient Espers were approaching. If they found the army, they would be able to cry a warning to the army itself before they could be silenced. Daystar slid down the rock and ran to Grandfather Dorin.

" Okay! When you get there, ask for Fenrir!!!" she screamed. Grandfather Dorin and the Hunter Leader nodded. " RYUKA!!" Daystar called as she pointed at one group. It disappeared in an aura of white light. " Ryuka!" she called again, pointing to a bigger group. They also disappeared. Daystar continued to Ryuka the soldiers. She worked quickly. When half the army was gone, Daystar began to feel very drained. " Damn!! I won't be able to do much more and only half the army is gone!" Daystar gasped, frantically. She turned. " Okay... this is going to be difficult... but it's the only way....," Daystar whispered. " Everyone get close together!" Daystar called. She backed away, closed her eyes, and began to chant. An aura of light engulfed her. The soldiers stared, surprised. She opened her eyes suddenly. They were glowing white. " MASS RYUKA!!!" Daystar screamed. The whole army was surrounded by a white aura and disappeared. Daystar nearly collapsed. She knew she would not be able to cast another spell for a while. She sat there, panting. Just then, the Ancient Esper scouting party burst in to view. Daystar gasped, leaped to her feet, and broke in to a run. She heard one of the Ancient Espers chanting. Before Daystar could react, she was struck by a Githu. She collapsed to the ground. Her body ached and she slowly lost consciousness. She gazed up slowly and watched as the group came down to her. " At least... they... escaped..," she thought. Then, Daystar fell in to the darkness.

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