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Chapter Eighteen

As the ice digger carrying the accursed Esper went along it's way, a small group watched from above. A Dezorian pointed at the ice digger and spoke to his friend.

" It's him! He shall pay for what happened!" the Dezorian growled. The others agreed. They hopped in their own ice diggers which waited for them. Then, they drove to meet their enemy.

" Hey, Rune, are you expecting company?" Yakkara asked, suddenly.

" No, why?" Rune asked.

" Because some ice diggers wit' the Dezorian President's mark are heading for us. And I don't think they're coming to invite us to tea, either," Yakkara answered. Chaz and Rika peered out the window, trying to see what Yakkara was talking about. Sure enough, three ice diggers with the Presidential mark were heading towards them.

" Why would they...," Rune began. The ice digger shook violently. The Dezorian ice diggers were firing on them! A Dezorian climbed out of one of the hatches to the attacking ice diggers and signaled for Wren to stop. Wren obliged, since it was three to one. " What is the meaning of this??" Rune screamed, angry, as he hopped out of the ice digger. The others followed. Yakkara remained hidden.

" Rune Walsh, you are under arrest for the destruction of Meese!" the soldier said, sternly. " Any resistance and we will be forced to use force!" the soldier added as he signaled to his comrades. Yakkara giggled quietly.

" Forced to use force? Is that CORNY or what?" Yakkara asked.

" He writes his own dialogue," Raja whispered to Yakkara.

" OBVIOUSLY," Yakkara giggled. Dazzle stormed up to the Dezorian.

" What proof have you got?" she snapped.

" No Dezorian would do such a thing and there were no Palmans present! The Espers are responsible. Rune Walsh is their 'Lutz' so he must take the blame!" the Dezorian answered.

" You have no proof! Only guesses! No way you're going to pin this on him!" Dazzle growled. The Dezorian raised up a blaster he had strapped to his back. Before anyone could react, Dazzle whipped out her slasher and had knocked the Dezorian to the ground. Her slasher was pushed dangerously against the Dezorian's throat. His comrades froze in their places. " You can't pin Rune for this!! I WON'T LET YOU!!!" Dazzle growled. Rune stares, thoroughly surprised that Dazzle was defending him so viciously. The Dezorians made as if to attack.

" THAT'S IT!!! Stop it or I'll spank you all!!" Yakkara yelled as he stepped in to view. The Dezorians almost fainted. Yakkara smiled at their expressions.

" A BIO-MONSTER??? You travel with a BIO-MONSTER??" one gasped. Yakkara stopped smiling and growled. His eyes glowed with rage, something that shocked the group. Never had they seen Yakkara so angry. In fact, they thought it was impossible to get on his bad side.

" Bio-monster? You DARE call an Ancient Esper a filthy, snot nosed, gook oozing bio-monster??" Yakkara screamed. He raised his paw and glared at it. His fur stood up as if electricity was coursing through him. He flashed violently.

" Yakkara! No Explosion!" Chaz cried out.

" Why? He called me a BIO-MONSTER!! I am an ANCIENT ESPER!!" Yakkara growled. The Dezorian who had called Yakkara the name backed away. " I'll toast him, roast him, and EAT HIM!" Yakkara snarled. " I'll bet he tastes just like CHICKEN!" Yakkara added. The Dezorian who had tried to arrest Rune stepped in front of Yakkara.

" Accept my apologizes on my comrade's behalf. We have never heard of your kind before...," the Dezorian calmly said, trying to soothe the angry Ancient Esper. Yakkara bared his fangs.

" He called me a bio-monster!" Yakkara growled.

" He didn't know you were an Ancient Esper!" the Dezorian answered. They stood, silent, staring at each other. Suddenly, Yakkara's fur stopped standing up. With a puff of smoke, the small fireball that had just appeared in his claws disappeared. Yakkara grumbled something about his fun being ruined. He walked back to the Ice Digger and flopped, dejectedly, next to it. " I am sorry for the misunderstanding. You see, Meese was attacked during the night two days ago and almost everyone was slaughtered," The Dezorian explained to the group.

" I thought the Dezorian Ancient Esper armies were on Motavia! They were the ones that slaughtered Piata!" Chaz said. Yakkara looked up.

" Levitain would have split his army. He wouldn't send all his army to one planet, leaving another without a single soldier. He kept half his army here," Yakkara explained. The group stared, dumbfounded.

" You mean all those Ancient Espers were only HALF of the army?" Rika gasped.

" Maybe even less," Yakkara said. " He doesn't think highly of the other races. Perhaps he doesn't believe that half the army was even needed," Yakkara said. Chaz struggled to say something, completely furious. But, his anger prevented him from saying anything. " As a matter of fact, he believes the other races are vermin. He may not even have half his army mobilized. He's NEVER thought ANY of the other races were worth ANY trouble at all," Yakkara said. A mumble of discontent rose from those present.

" Mister... ah.. Yakkara, I believe it was....," the Dezorian soldier said. " Would you be so kind as to come with me and explain this to the President? You too, Lutz, I think this involves you greatly," the Dezorian added.

" We are ALL coming!" Dazzle growled, angrily.

" You will have to go. I need to get the sword fixed," Chaz said.

" Chaz, Wren, and I will go get the sword fixed. Rune, Raja, Dazzle, Yakkara, you go with... what IS your name?" Rika said.

" My name is B'jak. Come with me," the Dezorian soldier said. Dazzle, Rune, Raja, and Yakkara headed for the Dezorian ice digger. It started up and rolled away. Rika, Chaz, and Wren hopped in to their ice digger and started the engine.

" Lifespark help us! There are more than I had originally thought!" Daystar gasped as she peered over a rock. Before her, only a few feet away, was a huge camp full of Dezorian Ancient Espers. Daystar could not help but feel that the villagers of Termi were doomed. Their only hope was if the army was reduced drastically. And she knew that she alone couldn't perform that miracle. She sighed and shook her head sadly. As she stared, she failed to notice an approaching figure.

" Princess!" came a cry. Daystar whirled around and saw a Dezorian Ancient Esper staring at her. All activity in the camp ceased. Daystar knew that everyone noticed her now. She knew the gig was up. Daystar bristled.

" Yes?" she snapped.

" The king, your father, said you were dead!" the soldier cried.

" Ha! He wishes! I'm surprised he even bothered to come up with an excuse!" Daystar roared. Sixteen year old bitterness came flooding back. She had thought it was all behind her. That she didn't care anymore about what had happened. Now she knew better. " So how's my 'daddy' doing? Killed any defenseless babies lately?" she snapped bitterly, her eyes glowing. Silence. " Oh yeah! I forgot what had happened at Piata! I suppose he had you attack at night? Not give them a chance? Or did he have you poison the water, to weaken them so they can't defend themselves? That's just what a coward like him would do!" she growled, rage beginning to take over her.

" You shouldn't talk about your father like that!" a Dezorian Ancient Esper cried. It was an orange bird.

" I can talk about him any way I want! He could talk about me like that! He DESERVES it! I was hoping he was dead but I guess I'm not that lucky, huh?" Daystar growled. " He must be pretty disappointed as well!" she added. One Ancient Esper, the leader while General Malo was gone ( and since General Malo WASN'T coming back, the Ancient Esper was the new general) approached. He was a tiger.

" I telepathically talked to your father. He wants to speak to you. Reach out your mind and....," he began. Daystar slapped the Ancient Esper.

" Don't tell ME what to do, Jerold! I don't ever want to even THINK about him again! Not after what he did and said to me!" Daystar snarled. She knew all the Ancient Espers' names by heart so it was no surprise she knew the new general. Jerold stared, hard. He was obviously relaying Daystar's answer. Daystar narrowed her eyes. She didn't want to hear the reply. She didn't care. Listening to her father had given her nothing but grief and she still remembered that fight they had.

" Princess Daystar, your father has given me permission to take you and bring you back to Dezoris. We wants to speak to you and he WON'T take no for an answer!" Jerold said. He approached Daystar as if to take her captive.

" Will he take a Megid instead?" Daystar hissed. She began to concentrate her anger. Jerold wasn't stupid. The moment Daystar raised her claws, he ducked and dashed out of the way. " MEGID!!!" Daystar howled, shooting hot burning fire fueled by her rage from her body. She had never felt so angry since she had attacked a certain monster 16 years prior. Before anyone knew what was going on, some Ancient Espers laid dead. Daystar saw the army approaching her. She skipped and leaped around, dodging Ancient Espers and blasting those she could. She would NOT go back to Dezoris without a fight. And she planned on making it one doozy of a fight!

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