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Chapter Sixteen

In the stillness of space, something drifted towards the fighter plane. It looked like a shadow. A shadow of something once alive but not anymore. It drifted like a cloud, slowly at first. Then, it sped up. It drifted quietly. Quietly and quickly.

Yakkara's seriousness did not last as long as those around him might have wished.

" Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Yakkara sang. Chaz gritted his teeth, trying desperately to ignore Yakkara. Gryz had his fingers in his ears.

" We'll be landing in a few minutes," Dazzle said. Yakkara smiled.

" Where we landin'?" he asked. Dazzle peered at him.

" Right by the Mansion," she said. Yakkara frowned, slightly. His ears shot upward and he listened.

" What?" Chaz asked. Rika slammed a hand over his mouth and listened. There was silence.

" Yakkara.... what is it?" she whispered. Rune cringed.

" It's no Dark Force, I know that!" Rune whispered. Wren stared at them.

" No abnormalities are showing..," he said.

" Something's COMING!" Yakkara hissed, his teeth baring.

" I know, I feel it too!" Rune said as he grabbed the psycho wand and glanced around. Chaz shuttered.

" I feel it now too! Like my blood has turned to ice!" Chaz said. He shivered. No one spoke. Dazzle grabbed her slashers and narrowed her eyes. Suddenly, the engine of the BLACK ROSE shut off. But the ship continued moving. Wren turned to the dash board and tried to get a system's check. When he pressed a button, he was flung backwards by an electrical shock.

" Wren!" Gryz cried. He jumped up from his seat and ran over to the limp form. Chaz jumped to his feet too but was slammed back down as the seat belts wrapped around him like a snake. Chaz yelled as he desperately tried to break free. Rika and Rune tried to help him but their seat belts did the exact same thing. Yakkara barked viciously. He attacked the seat belt and tried to rip it.

Yakkara! How pleasant it is to see you! a voice whispered. Yakkara, startled, fell on his backside. Chaz found the voice very familiar. Unfortunately.

" QUESTAR!!" Chaz cried.

Yes, Chaz Ashley. I told Daystar that I would kill you! That is why I am still here, even though my body is gone. I am not finished! I will be when all the scum of Algo are dead! Including you! How ironic that you will die in the very ship that saved you so many years ago! Questar hissed.

" What are you talking about?" Chaz demanded.

I don't think you should be worrying about THAT right now! Haven't you noticed where you are now going? Questar snapped.

" The same place we were going to begin with!" Dazzle snapped, as she looked around.

Yes! But at too fast a speed... Isn't that right, you walking garbage heap?? Questar laughed. In a few minutes, you'll be nothing more that a splat! HAHAHAHAA!! he giggled, hysterically. Dazzle brought up her slasher in order to slice open the seat belts. A black shadow leaped out of the control panel at her. Yakkara growled and leaped at the shadow. Yakkara fell right through it. Just then, the BLACK ROSE reached Dezoris' atmosphere. The gravity of the planet caused the ship to shake. With no one steering, the ship would land anywhere. Questar continued to laugh. The ship went in to a nose dive. Chaz struggled to break free. The Dezoris landscape sped by, faster and faster. The ship jarred hard against something, sending Dazzle and Gryz flying. The ship crashed to the ground, knocking everyone unconscious.

" Fenrir, are you sure this is a wise decision?" Daystar asked. She, Nan, and Fenrir were standing on a cliff high in the mountains by Termi. The wind was blowing hard, cold because of the altitude. Daystar's cloak flapped in the wind.

" Our scouts said they saw the army heading this way. They will be going to the Ladea Tower. They know about the Psycho Wand. They will want to destroy it. They do not know that it's already on it's way to Dezoris in the hands of the Lutz," Fenrir answered.

" Why?" Nan asked as she gazed at the town in the distance.

" It is a powerful magical item. A thorn in their side. There are other thorns. The Eclipse Torch, the Elsydeon, and the Telepathy Ball to name a few. Levit wants to destroy the other races' only defenses against them. Levit ( who is probably going by Levitain at this moment) is no fool about war. He may be a fool about EVERYTHING else, but war is his specialty. He will not want to leave any loose ends," Fenrir said.

" I agree. If only we could talk to them, try to convince them that it's wrong...," Nan began.

" Look! I see the army!" Daystar interrupted. Fenrir bristled. The army was marching up on Termi. They would slaughter the whole town, just like Piata. It didn't matter if they were really after Ladea Tower, Termi was in the way and infested with people. Fenrir howled loudly. A few miles off, a howl answered.

" Our army is on their way. We must try to stall the Dezoris Ancient Esper army! But first, we need to evacuate Termi," Fenrir said. He leaped down the cliff and started to descend. Nan and Daystar followed. They ran as fast as they could. " We should be able to reach the town before the army. We are few, they are many!" Fenrir barked. As they ran, their battle armor was plain to see. They were dressed in green and yellow armor with the symbol of the Motavian Ancient Espers on it. The symbol was of a white dragon flying with a blazing sun in the background. The symbol of the Dezoris Ancient Espers was of a three headed dragon flying with snow falling in the background. Palma's was of both dragons with a beautiful tree in the background. It was no longer seen, since Palma was destroyed. The only thing that still had the symbol of Palma was a golden shield in King Levit's possession. Daystar and the group arrived at Termi. The people saw them and panicked.

" BIO-MONSTERS!" a woman screamed.

" No! We aren't...," Fenrir tried to explain. People ran in to their buildings. The Ancient Espers watched as the humans ran for cover. Daystar sighed.

" We are Ancient Espers! We have come to warn you! The Dezoris Ancient Espers are on the march! They've come to this planet to kill all Palmans and Motavians! There's an army approaching this town now!" Daystar yelled. No one seemed to hear her. She shook her head sadly. If no one would listen, no one would live. The Dezoris Ancient Espers would slaughter man, woman, and child. She could not think of anything to convince them. " Listen! Please! I am telling you the truth!" she cried. Nan had had enough. She was sick of everything. She had not slept all night, due to horrible visions of death and destruction. To top it all off, she didn't even get to have her coffee that morning! She had to sleep ( or try to sleep) high on a stupid mountain above the ungrateful town with bitter winds, no coffee, and the people had the NERVE to run away!

" Lifespark AND Great Light damn you all! We came here to warn you and you go running off like bugs! Like sniviling vermin! If you think it's a lie, go on and continue with your lives! When the army comes to rip out your stomachs and shred you like they did at Piata, it'll be your own fault!" Nan screamed. A man slowly opened the door.

" The army is responsible for what happened at Piata? My son was there! I heard all about it!" the man cried. Nan glared and nodded slowly.

" They plan on doing the same to every village, city, and town on this planet. They come now!" Nan said. Doors opened. Nan was surprised that these people had heard of the massacre of Piata so soon. People cautiously approached Daystar. Daystar had learned to ignore the fear she caused on other races. In fact, it surprised her when someone showed no fear at all.

" Why do you warn us?" a woman asked, suspiciously.

" I may be of the same race, but I am Motavian. Those from Motavia do not believe what those from Dezoris believe. The Dezoris Ancient Espers want to completely wipe out the other races, we wish to defend them. I came to warn you so you can evacuate before they get here. Our army is on it's way but they might not get here before the Dezoris Ancient Esper army gets to Termi. You must leave or they will slaughter you!" Daystar explained. The people were silent. A small little girl broke the silence.

" Will they destroy our statue of Alis Landale?" she asked.

" Absolutely. It is of a Palman Hero. They will not let it stand," Fenrir answered. A cry of indignation rose from the crowd. The people yelled out in disapproval.

" Destroy our statue?" " We'll defend it!" " They'll have to kill us to destroy it!" the people screamed. Daystar was surprised.

" I don't believe I am hearing this," Fenrir whispered. A man stood above the crowd.

" We will defend our home and our statue! We won't let these Dezoris Ancient Espers destroy it!" he yelled. The people cheered and ran to their houses. They grabbed weapons and armor. Daystar, Fenrir, and Nan stood still, absolutely surprised. They stared as the people armed themselves and began to built barricades around the town using boxes and sandbags which they covered with dirt so they wouldn't catch fire. A woman brought the Ancient Espers to their senses.

" Are you going to help?" she asked, annoyed.

" Oh! Uhh... yes! We were just surprised. We had expected you to evacuate!" Fenrir said. He ran to help with the barricades.

" I'm going to set up a hospital!" Nan ran off. She went up to the gift shop by the statue. " We need this place heavily protected! We'll treat the wounded here," Nan explained to the shop owner. He nodded. As Nan handed out weapons that had been sold to the shop keeper, he ran out and began to line the shop's walls with sand bags. Daystar headed toward the army.

" I am going to try to stall them! You will need more time," she called to Nan. Then, she took off running and leaped in the air. She spread her wings and flew off. " I just hope I can hold them!" she whispered.

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