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Chapter Fifteen

The BLACK ROSE flew through space, heading for Dezoris. Yakkara had been telling terrible jokes the whole way.

" I don't know if I can take much more!" Rune said as he slammed his hands over his ears.

" Doesn't he have an OFF button?" Dazzle snapped.

" Nope! I keep going... and going.... and going...," Yakkara giggled. Dazzle glared at Yakkara.

" If you don't shut up, I'll MAKE an off button!" she threatened. Chaz was about to comment when the intercom began to buzz. He switched it on.

" Hello?" he called.

"... Chaz Ashley?" a familiar voice asked.

" Wren!" Rika cried, clapping her hands together.

" Rika? Where did you get a Palman Fighter Plane?" Wren asked, static making his voice come out fuzzy.

" We borrowed it from a friend! What have you been up to?" Chaz answered.

" Scanning the systems of Algo. What brings you up here? Have time to land on Zelan?" Wren asked. Chaz looked at the others.

" More the merrier! They could be a big help!" Yakkara barked. He obviously knew more than he was telling. Chaz shrugged.

" Okay. Here we go!" he said as he headed for Zelan. When they arrived, they found Wren and Demi waiting for them. Yakkara leaped out of the ship. He was on all fours and was sniffing the walkway. He noticed Wren and Demi and stared at them.

" What manner of creature...," Wren began. Yakkara leaped to his hind feet, bowed respectfully and smiled, his fangs glistening.

" Greetings! I am Yakkara! Ancient Esper extraordinaire!" he said. Chaz walked up from behind him.

" Yakkara, meet Wren and Demi," Chaz said.

" Pleasure's all your's, I'm sure!" Yakkara said. He gazed at Demi from the corner of his eye. " Whoa! Love the hair!" he said. He waltzed by them. " I got to check this place out!" he said, then disappeared in to the satellite.

" Didn't even asked for permission!" Rune snorted.

" You think an Ancient Esper needs to ask for permission? Who's going to stop him?" Dazzle asked. No one answered. So, the matter was dropped.

" Where were you going?" Wren asked.

" We need to get the Elsydeon fixed. The Profound Darkness is alive," Chaz said. Wren stared hard at him. Wren opened his mouth. Before he could say anything, Yakkara interrupted them.

" Hey guys! Ya got some uninvited visitors!" He called on the top of his lungs. Everyone ran as fast as they could into the control room. Chaz skidded to a stop and stared, stupidly. Ten wizards stood in front of the controls to Zelan. Yakkara stood before them.

" What are you doing here?" Chaz demanded.

" Whatever we feel like doing! NAFOI!" one of the wizards snapped. He sent a fire blast straight for Chaz. Quickly, Yakkara leaped up, grabbed the blast in his mouth, and swallowed it. He burped up some smoke then smiled wickedly.

" You think a pathetic puff of smoke like THAT can harm me?" Yakkara giggled. He glanced at his paw then held it high in the air. His fur began to stand up as if his body was filled with static electricity. He began to glow reddish orange and flash violently. Yakkara's eyes burned orange and he pointed at the wizards. " EXPLOSION!!" he howled. Out of his paw, a fireball twice as big as Yakkara blasted at the wizards. They didn't even have time to react as the ball disintegrated them. Yakkara leaped in the air, did a flip, and landed back on the ground. He then began to jump up and down and clap his hands in joy. " You see that? I did that! WEEEE!!!" he cried. Chaz and the others just stared, surprised.

" The little joker did THAT?" Rune asked. No one could answer.

" I am BAD! Aaarrroo!! Can't touch this! Da da da da! MC Yakkara!" Yakkara began to dance some weird dance. Chaz stared, unable to figure him out. " Who's da Esper? How's da Esper?" Yakkara asked. Wren approached the systems to see if anything had been damaged.

" There is nothing wrong.... seems to me we got them before they could do any tampering!" Demi said.

" Wow! What a nifty computer!" Yakkara said. He began to type on the computer and clearly knew what he was doing. After a few seconds, he turned to Wren." I'm kinda disappointed. Not as complicated as most of the computers I've seen on Palma," Yakkara sighed. Wren stared, surprised.

" You were on Palma?" Wren asked.

" I was in my thirteens then," Yakkara explained. This confused Wren.

" Thirteens?" he asked.

" Yeah. Thirteen hundreds," Yakkara answered. Chaz was about to comment when he changed his mind.

" I doubt I'd understand the answer," he said. Chaz walked away and found Rune by the BLACK ROSE. Dazzle was cleaning her slasher. Yakkara hopped up to her, followed by Wren and Demi.

" Yakkara has filled us in on what has happened. We'd better hurry to Dezoris...," Wren said.

" What if those wizards come back?" Dazzle demanded.

" I'm staying here," Demi said.

" I will too," Hahn said. He smiled. " I'm going to be needed here far more than you'll need me. Then again, what good can I do? I only have a knife," he said, slightly depressed.

" More than you think," Yakkara answered. Hahn stared at him, surprised. " All you need is a bit of help," Yakkara added, slyly. He reached in to his tunic and pulled out a pendant. It had a bird made of red crystal on it. " Here! Use this when you desperately need help. A friend of mine will come," he said. Hahn took the pendant and stared, surprised.

" I don't know what surprises me more. The pendant or Yakkara being serious without telling a single pun for so long!" Chaz whispered to Rika.

" Thank you!" Hahn said, interrupting Chaz. Then, Yakkara and the others boarded the BLACK ROSE. Within a few minutes, they were heading for Dezoris.

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