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Chapter Fourteen

Chaz and the others sat in Nan's home. They were shocked by what Daystar had said. Nan was quiet for a long time, listening to them talk.

" War! I can't believe it," Chaz mumbled.

" A blood war. Cousin against cousin, brother against sister. Oh, Chaz! this is terrible!" Rika exclaimed. Dazzle gazed at them.

" It's their decision. They will fight for what they believe in," Nan said, speaking for the first time.

" Don't you believe the same thing?" Hahn asked.

" Yes. But, I am a healer. I can't stand killing anyone. I wish there was another way to settle this, but, I've known King Levit for years and years. He will not rest until the races are killed or he is killed. No talking. I will need lots of healing supplies," she said as she stood up abruptly and walked off. No one spoke. There was a knock on the door. Dazzle went to get it and was knocked down as a hyena leaped in to the room. He was dressed in a bright orange and neon pink tunic and he wore a huge, silly smile.

" Hello hello! I am Yakkara!" he giggled as he began to do hand stands. " Where's Nan? Say! Have you heard this one? How many Ancient Espers does it take to screw in a light bulb? None! We don't have light bulbs!" Yakkara seemed to think that he just told the funniest joke in the world.

" This guy's worse than Raja!" Chaz whispered. At that moment, Yakkara was pulling on Rune's cape.

" Cool cape! What's it made of? Poly-ESPER?" he giggled. They all groaned at the joke. " Where's Nan?" Yakkara asked as he danced around. Chaz pointed in the direction Nan went. Yakkara picked up Chaz and began to balance him on his head.

" Yakkara!" Nan snapped as she entered the room. " Don't you know that the Ancient Espers are going to war? What were you thinking? Joking around at a time like this!" she asked, disgusted at Yakkara's obvious lack of interest in the war.

" Seemed like the wrong thing to do at the time," Yakkara giggled. Nan slapped her forehead.

" Why do I even bother?" she mumbled.

" I don't know. Why?" Yakkara said, smiling. Nan gave him an icy stare.

" What do you WANT?" she demanded.

" Daystar wanted to chat! Chit-chat-patty-whack! Let's have tea for two! None for me, please. Soda will do!" Yakkara began to sing.

" Tell me where she is, Yakkara," Nan said. Yakkara smiled brightly.

" Ice Cave! Nice Cave! Get your coat and scarf Cave!" Yakkara sang.

" Aren't you in the least worried about the war?" Nan asked one last time.

" If you worry about something, it becomes something to worry about. If you fret, it becomes something to fret about. I don't want either, so I choose to laugh!" Yakkara said. Nan went to get her coat, which hung from a hook in a far corner.

" I almost forgot! Dazzle! I need give you this back," Chaz said as he handed Dazzle her bandanna. Dazzle smiled.

" Thanks!" she said as she tied her bandanna around her forehead. " I'm gonna have to get my sword fixed," Dazzle said as she looked at her smashed sword.

" That reminds me! We have to get the Elsydeon fixed!" Rune said.

" You mean it CAN be fixed?" Chaz exclaimed, as he remembered the great battle with the Profound Darkness when they killed it. The sword had shattered, trying to protect them. The thought of that battle made him remember that the Profound Darkness was alive. You could no longer talk of it in 'past tense'.

" It can, but, we need to get the handle from the Esper Mansion," Rune said.

" But it's on Dezoris! How can we get it?" Rika cried. Nan gazed at them as she tied a red scarf around her neck.

" You need a spaceship?" Nan asked, thoughtfully. Everyone looked at her. Yakkara stared at Nan, horrified. " Please wait here a minute," Nan said as she dashed out the door. Everyone looked questioningly at Yakkara. He shrugged. Nan came back a few minutes later, with Daystar and Fenrir. They were all covered with snow.

" You need to get to Dezoris?" Daystar asked.

" Yes. We have to repair the Elsydeon!" Chaz said. Daystar looked at him.

" I have a spaceship," she said. Rune leaped to his feet.

" Where did you get one? When did you get it? How did you get it?" Rune asked, in a hurry. Daystar looked at him.

" All of those questions are not going to be answered. I have a spaceship. Use it to go to Dezoris and fix the sword," Daystar said. Rika gasped.

" You're not going with us?" she asked. Fenrir barked with surprise. Daystar opened her mouth to say something and quickly shut it.

" Go to Dezoris?" Fenrir asked.

" I can't!" Daystar said.

" Why?" Chaz asked. Fenrir looked at Daystar, who was obviously tongue tied. Fenrir stepped forward.

" Daystar and her father, the king of the Dezorian Ancient Espers, are not on good terms. They both are angry at each other and Daystar obviously doesn't want to see him again," he said, gazing at Daystar for a reaction.

" EVER," Daystar said, furiously.

" What did they fight about?" Rika asked, curious. Fenrir looked at Daystar. Daystar was about to protest when she realized that she was broadcasting her thoughts loud and clear. Rune gazed at her. Daystar suddenly remembered that he was an Esper and also had telemental powers. She knew that he had seen some of what had happened. Daystar didn't protest.

" It was about a baby. A baby Palman I found. My father wanted to kill it. So did Questar. I refused. We fought, I left him to live with my uncle King Bahum. Or should I say Bahumat?" Daystar said.

" What's the baby's name?" Rune asked. Daystar flinched.

" It's name is not important," Daystar said.

" Oh, but I think it is!" Rune said. Daystar stared at him.

You say ONE THING, Lutz, and I'll reach down your throat and tear out your stomach! Rune jerked back. Daystar's voice was full of anger and Rune knew that she wasn't joking or making idle threats. Rune remained quiet. No one else heard what had been said. All they knew was that Daystar was glaring at Rune VERY hard and that her eyes were glowing red.

" What was that all about?" Gryz asked. Daystar straightened up.

" I'll take you to where I stashed the spaceship. Come on," she said. They followed her. She walked out the door and headed down the road. She walked to the very edge of the town and down a cavern. The cavern was covered in snow and ice. Rika shuttered as she walked through the knee-deep snow. Chaz looked all around him and slipped on some black ice. He bit back a cry as he landed with a THUMP, right on his rear.

" Where's the spaceship?" Gryz asked as he carefully made his way after Daystar. Daystar looked at him, then delicately slid her claw over a wall's surface. The wall began to move. Behind it was a large black spaceship, almost like the LANDALE. Except it was called the BLACK ROSE and it had huge laser cannons on it's wings. A fighter spaceship. Rune rubbed his eyes and stared. Daystar smiled.

" I named it. It's weapons were originally stashed in crates in the cargo room. I repaired it," she said, her voice full of pride.

" Where did you get it?" Rika asked. Daystar didn't answer immediately. " I found it. The owners were murdered by a huge monster. I used it to escape with the Palman baby," Daystar said. She opened up the hatch and stepped inside. " Look! You see those wires over there?" Daystar said as she pointed. Dazzle climbed aboard and looked. " They are connected to a virtual reality helmet. You can control all the weapons on the ship through it!" she said. Dazzle stared, awed.

" Man! Our ancestors were smart!" Dazzle said to Chaz. He nodded.

" How are we supposed to get it out?" Hahn asked. Daystar smiled, amused at all the questions. She walked out of the spaceship and over to the wall opposite of the entrance. She walked over to a rock and moved it. Under it was a control panel. She pressed a button and the wall opened wide, revealing a beautiful scene of the ocean.

" Any more questions?" Daystar asked. Hahn shook his head. " Then, prepare to launch! You must hurry and get that sword fixed. I have a feeling that every minute counts...," Daystar said, a shiver running up her back. Hahn ran back to the house and gathered all of their equipment. When he returned, Yakkara and Nan were with him.

" I want to go too! It sound's like a whole lot of fun!" Yakkara said.

" I guess it would be a good idea. Get you and your jokes out of my hair," Daystar began. Chaz stared, horrified. " Don't let his appearance fool you! When he's in battle, he's a great fighter. Take care of the BLACK ROSE!" Daystar said as she backed away. Yakkara leaped up in to the spaceship. In the cockpit, there was a piolt seat, a co-pilot seat, and eight seats ( which lined the walls). Yakkara sat down in a chair next to Rune. Rune stared at him.

" Guess what! You and I are going to be sitting together for the whole trip!!" he giggled to Rune. Rune scowled. " I'll bet you haven't hard all my jokes! While we go, I'll tell you them ALL!!" Rune's head jerked back in surprise.

" Bye!" Rika said as she closed the hatch. Daystar stepped out of the way. Rika ran and got in to a seat. Chaz gazed at the controls.

" Just like the Ice Digger!" Chaz exclaimed as he sat down. He began to turn on the engine. Daystar watched as the ship took off. Fenrir stood behind her.

" I wish I could go with them," Daystar said.

" I know. I wish I could go too," Fenrir said.

" Yakkara will protect them. You know that though he's a joker, he's dependable and won't let anything happen to them," Nan said. She watched as the BLACK ROSE disappeared in to the sky.

" I know, but," Daystar said, with a sigh," I still wish I was going too."

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