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Chapter Thirteen

Everything was peaceful and quiet. Chaz was snoring softly. Rune, who had waken earlier, stared at him. Rune had figured out about the potion because when he woke up, his arm was in a bandage. He shook his head and smiled at how Nan had tricked them. He laid his head down and closed his eyes. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion. The entire building shook. Rune leaped to his feet. Chaz was wide awake.

" What was that?!" he exclaimed as he sat up.

" Come on!" Rune yelled as he dashed out of the room. All the Ancient Espers were out in the streets.

" What's going on?" one exclaimed.

" It was an explosion!" another screamed.

" It came from outside the mountain!" Daystar yelled to Rune and Chaz. Hahn, Gryz, Dazzle, and Rika left the house and ran towards the exit to the town. Once outside, they quickly descended the mountain. Hahn was the first one down. He ran, then froze. His eyes opened wide with terror and shock. Chaz and Rune had just reached the ground when they heard Hahn scream. They ran as fast as they could. When they got to Hahn, they saw him on his knees, sobbing. Then, they saw why. Piata was destroyed! Buildings were burned, and the school was nothing but a charred pile of rubble. The smell of death and blood was strong. Rika walked slowly up to them.

" The whole academy! They're all dead!" she whispered.

" NO! That can't be!" Hahn cried as he got to his feet. He ran to the school building. Chaz, Dazzle, and Rune searched everywhere. Rune opened a door to a building that was missing it's roof. Inside, he saw a woman with a knife in her back, dead. By her was a man with a huge claw mark on his face. He was also dead. Chaz searched a dorm. Inside, he found the dorm owner, a sword sticking out of his back. All the students inside were dead. Dazzle walked to another dorm. She opened the door, stepped in, and gazed around. She quickly stepped out and shut the door. Hahn ran to the principal's office. He found the principal dead, with a slasher sticking out of his back. His lifeless eyes stared at Hahn, his blood dripping and forming a puddle on the desk. Hahn felt sick to his stomach. He ran out of the office. Daystar arrived, along with Fenrir.

" Daystar. Look," Fenrir whispered as he stood over an object. It was a shield. A shield with the symbol of the Dezorian Ancient Espers. Daystar picked up the shield and stared at it, surprised.

" Father. How could you?!" she whispered. Anger ran through her body. Fenrir stared at her.

" Princess Daystar!" a voice said. Fenrir growled, all the black hair on his back sticking up. Chaz and his friends stared in surprise at what they saw. Before them, at what was left of the gate to Piata, was a huge bull-like Ancient Esper. He had the body of a bull, and he was standing on his hind legs. He wore blue and gray chain mail, a blood covered sword, and a feathery helmet.

" Malo," Daystar said, as if the name alone explained everything.

" GENERAL Malo," the bull laughed. Fenrir growled.

" So you are the one that replaced me. Bad choice," he snapped. General Malo glared at him.

" I won't accept that from a traitorous simpleton like you!" General Malo growled. He waved his sword menacingly.

" SILENCE!" Daystar screamed at General Malo. He stared at her, shocked. She returned the stare, her eyes filled with rage." Murdering beast! How dare you show your face here!" Daystar hissed.

" He did this?" Hahn demanded. The group began to walk towards General Malo. General Malo sneered at them.

" Of course, puny Palman. King Levit has ordered the complete destruction of the lesser races!" General Malo laughed. Daystar stared, startled.

" He can't do that!" Chaz yelled. He drew his sword.

" He can! We are far stronger than any of you! What makes you think you could possibly win against us? All of the other races shall die!" General Malo sneered.

" This is not his planet! Levit has no say in what happens here! You are trespassing!" Daystar said.

" KING Levit does as he wishes," General Malo snapped.

" LEVIT can not do that! KING Bahum will not accept this! None of the Motavian Ancient Espers will!" Daystar growled. Her insult to King Levit didn't go unnoticed.

" They are a bunch of cowards! They would not risk war with us!" General Malo said. Daystar glared.

" I won't allow you to murder anyone else! You'll pay for this!" Chaz snapped. General Malo laughed loudly.

" I could kill you all easily. In fact, I think I will!" General Malo said as he began to advance on Chaz.

" You'll kill them over my dead body!" Daystar hissed. Fenrir growled and leaped at General Malo. He sunk his teeth deep into General Malo's shoulder, being unable to get to his throat. General Malo tried to get Fenrir off of him and didn't notice Daystar. She slashed him across the face. Fenrir released General Malo's shoulder blade and leaped back a bit. Then, Fenrir charged General Malo and crashed in to his stomach, ripping and tearing. General Malo grabbed Fenrir and was about to throw him when Hahn leaped up and dug his knife into General Malo's back. General Malo stared at Hahn. His face was of complete shock. Then, he collapsed to the ground, dead. Fenrir gazed at Daystar, then Chaz and the others.

" We must inform King Bahum," Fenrir said. Daystar nodded. She clutched the shield she picked up earlier.

" Proof," Daystar said before Chaz or anyone else could question her.

" Like a burned town full of dead people isn't enough?" Hahn cried, bitterly. Hahn walked up to the dead body of Malo and yanked out his weapon. As he wiped the blood off of his knife, he stared at what was left of Piata. Daystar put her hand on his shoulder.

" It's hard, I know. At least you didn't have to SEE them die," she said. Hahn gazed at her. Pain was in Daystar's eyes. Pain from a memory of long ago. Hahn nodded. They headed back up to Radian. Daystar was quiet all the way back up the mountain. She led them straight to the huge castle in the middle of the town. The two guards of the door, one looked like a large Numan with the ears and tail of a lion and the wings of a hawk and another a giant porcupine, approached her.

" This is important," Daystar said before they could say anything.

" How important?" the porcupine asked.

" Let's just say that the Dezorian Ancient Espers just destroyed an entire Palman town and are calling you cowards," Fenrir said, bluntly. The guards flinched and let the group in. Chaz, Rune, and the others walked down the hall to the throne room. The whole castle interior had red carpets and white walls, along with green curtains. Chaz gazed around in awe. Suddenly, the hall opened up in to a huge room, covered in gold, diamonds, and other precious jewels. The hall was filled with Ancient Esper guards and staff members. On a golden throne was a huge black dragon with red eyes. He had a red belly, and he wore a red robe with green and white trimming. He stared at them, interested. He was twice the size of Daystar.

" Daystar! And Palmans! And a Motavian! And a Numan! And an Esper!" the dragon said, surprised.

" Uncle! Levit has just destroyed Piata! He's going to assassinate all the races!" Daystar said as she handed King Bahum the shield. He gazed at it. The whole hall was silent for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, King Bahum growled and snapped the shield in two.

" How dare he! I can NOT stand that! I will not allow him to go murdering innocent people on THIS planet!" King Bahum snapped. He spread his huge black wings and roared. The sound shook the castle, causing Chaz and his friends to fall on their rears. Only Daystar and Fenrir were still on their feet. King Bahum leaped off his throne and stormed out of the castle. All the Ancient Espers were gathered there, watching him. King Bahum gathered his wits and stood straight and tall. " Ancient Espers of Motavia! I suppose you all heard the explosion?" he said. The Ancient Espers nodded and muttered. " It is the work of King Levit. He is trying to wipe out all of the other races! Innocents will die. I can not allow that!" he roared. The Ancient Espers cheered in agreement." So, it is my decision that I shall now use my FULL name! I am King BAHUMAT!" he roared. The Ancient Espers gasped, then cheered. Chaz nudged Daystar.

" What's this deal about full names?" he whispered.

" An Ancient Esper king NEVER uses his full name unless there is war," Daystar answered. Chaz gasped.

" You mean...," he began.

" Yes. The Motavian Ancient Espers and the Dezorian Ancient Espers are going to war," Daystar said.

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