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Chapter Eleven

Chaz could not accept that the Profound Darkness was alive. It was impossible. He would need proof that it was true. He got it. Rune struggled to his feet and glared at Zio, who laughed hysterically.

" You will pay for this, Questar!" Daystar yelled.

" It is you who shall pay! You should have stayed out of this, sister. Now, my sweet revenge on Chaz has been postponed!" Questar answered. Daystar roared and leaped at Questar, who jumped out of the way and crashed through the roof. He dug his talons in to the wall of one of the towers and began to climb. Daystar followed close behind her brother. Back down in the temple hall, Zio shook his head.

" And to think I just had the place remodeled," he said. Suddenly, another section of the temple's roof was ripped clean off. A bolt of black energy landed right before Chaz. The energy began to take shape.

" I don't believe it!" Chaz gasped. Before him was Dark Force! This time, Dark Force was even more hideous than ever. He had four arms and the wings of a bat. He still looked like he was made from a pile of squirming mass. That hadn't changed. His eyes glowed red with anger.

" See! The Profound Darkness lives!" Zio yelled. Dark Force growled as he stepped towards Chaz. Chaz grabbed a sword from a soldier near him and slashed Dark Force. The blade broke instantly. Dark Force smiled viciously. It raised one of it's claws and slashed Chaz. Chaz flew backwards and crashed in to the wall. Blood trickled from a long gash down his chest. Dark Force roared in triumph. Rune began to chant.

" Nawat!!" he yelled. Dark Force caught the magic in one of his claws. He looked at the magic, shrugged, and threw it back at Rune. Chaz struggled to his feet, cringing as the pain in his chest grew worse. Chaz swayed on his feet and struggled forward. Dark Force just laughed. Dazzle leaped at Dark Force and dug her sword in to it. The sword broke, a piece of it stuck in Dark Force's back. Dark Force screamed in pain. He swirled around and struck Dazzle across the face. It sent her flying back, crashing in to Chaz. Zio laughed as he watched Chaz and company try desperately to fight the new and improved Dark Force.

On the tower, Daystar tried to catch up to Questar. The night sky seemed to swallow them both as they climbed.

" Give it up, sister. You've grown weak. When was the last time you killed a Palman?" Questar sneered.

" When was the last time you brushed your teeth?" Daystar answered.

" Droll. Very droll," Questar said. He climbed to the top of the tower and stared at Daystar. " What do you think you're going to do? You won't fight me. You're too soft. I can kill you easily," he said.

" That just shows how much you know, doesn't it?" Daystar hissed. She spread her wings and flew right above his head.

" You are making a big mistake. One that will cost you your life!" Questar hissed. He bared his fangs and got ready to leap at her.

" Am I supposed to be scared?" Daystar asked. Questar growled and leaped at Daystar. She dodged and slashed Questar along the back. She landed on the roof and prepared herself for the next attack. Questar glared at her.

" Negatis!!" he roared. Daystar just barely put up her magic shield in time.

" You call that magic? Hah! what do you think about this? EFESS!" Daystar screamed. Questar was struck by the blast of light, knocking him backwards. He snarled and began to chant.

" Well, 'sister', you seem to be able to handle normal magic. Can you handle special magic? DIVINITY!!" Questar screamed as he leaped in to the sky. The sky filled with electricity, all of it radiating from Questar. Bolts of electricity began shooting out from Questar while blasts of lightning shot down from the heavens. Startled, Daystar fell backwards. A blast of lightning struck her shoulder, causing her to cringe. " You see? I too can channel my emotions to create a super spell. The emotion responsible for this spell is 'prejudice'. Such a lovely word, isn't it?" Questar yelled as shot another blast at Daystar. She leaped out of the way.

" You were wrong to try to kill Chaz so many years ago. You are still wrong for trying to kill him now! Though it pains me, I will have to stop you!" Daystar hissed as she gathered her wits. Then, she began to chant.

" What can you possibly do to harm me?" Questar asked. Daystar began to glow red. " You know what will happen if you do kill me!" Questar said, beginning to get worried. Daystar levitated a few feet off the ground. Her eyes closed and she began to chant even quicker. " Dad won't stand for a traitor like you killing his only son!" Questar cried as he shrunk back. The burning hot aura around Daystar began to grow. " You're crazy! You won't kill me!" Questar snapped, his courage returning. Daystar opened her eyes, they flashed red.

" MEGID!!!!!" she screamed. Questar screeched as he became engulfed in fire born of Daystar's hatred. He felt his body begin to evaporate. A huge blast shot through his chest. The entire roof evaporated. They fell and landed on the top floor of the tower, now without a roof. Then the fire stopped. Questar fell to the ground, bleeding due to the hole in his chest and partly disintegrated legs and arms. Daystar stared at him, horrified at what she had just done.

" Y-you won't kill me so easily. Chaz... will.... DIE!!!" Questar whispered, coughing up blood. " You will be sorry! I will.....," Questar didn't finish his sentence. That instant, he collapsed. He took one last gasp, then ceased breathing. His lifeless eyes stared up at the night sky. Daystar collapsed to the ground, sobbing. A scream echoed from the hall. Daystar leaped to her feet. She leaped off the roof of the tower and began her decent from the tower.

" Please don't let me be too late!" she thought.

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