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Chapter Seven

" Damn it!" Chaz exclaimed as he stood up. He had charged the door in an effort to break it down and had been repelled. Snorting with frustration, he tried again. His shoulder was black and blue from the bruises he gained from constantly ramming the door. He had been trying to break the door for hours, and not succeeding in any way was really trying his patience. Hahn and Chaz were back in the tower. Hahn was laying against the bed, in pain. He had only recently regained consciousness from the beating he and Chaz had gotten earlier. Chaz had never gone unconscious, even though he was in horrible pain. He had remained awake just to spite Zio.

Hahn watched Chaz. When he had awaken, he saw Chaz charging the door. Hahn tried to convince Chaz that he couldn't break the door, but Chaz was being stubborn. Finally, after one last charge, Chaz gave up. He slumped next to Hahn. " Now what?" he asked as he rubbed his aching muscles.

" Pray that our friends save us in time," Hahn answered.

" What if our friends are dead, like Zio said?" Chaz asked.

" Then, we just pray," Hahn whispered.

It had been an hour since the Palmans had left Nan's house. Nan sat in her chair, staring at the table. There was a tap at the door. " Come in!" she said. A beautiful woman walked in, followed by a black wolf. The woman had the tail, teeth, ears, claws, and wings of a dragon. She had brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a dirty cloak and a gray tunic. The wolf bowed to Nan and smiled.

" You wanted to speak to us?" she asked.

" Yes! I have urgent news!" Nan exclaimed as she stood up. She embraced the woman. She then embraced the wolf. The woman regarded her. Nan motioned to the chairs around the table.

" What?" the woman asked. She walked over to the table to sit in the chair beside the one Nan had been using. The wolf followed.

" It's about Chaz!" Nan said as she sat down. The woman stopped dead in her tracks. She had been in the middle of pulling out the chair she was going to sit in. She now stood very still, her breath sounding like sharp rasps. The woman's heart beat fast and her eyes were large with surprise and terror. The wolf let out a startled bark. The hair on his back bristled and he stared hard at Nan. The woman turned to look at Nan.

" What?! What has happened to Chaz?!" she demanded.

" Questar has him! He's going to sacrifice Chaz to Corrosion! In return, he'll revive the Profound Darkness!" Nan exclaimed. The woman hissed as if an arrow had been shot through her heart. The wolf growled in anger. He leaped, reared on his hind legs, barked, and swore.

" Monster! Demon! That's what he is! I can't believe he would do such a thing!! I don't believe he would do such a HORRIBLE act!" the wolf howled.

" I do," the woman said, bitterly. She stared out the window.

" What can we do, Fenrir?" Nan asked the wolf. The wolf snarled.

" I'll tell him a thing or two! I don't care who he is! Turn him over my knee and spank him black and blue!" Fenrir answered.

" I won't let Questar sacrifice Chaz!" the woman yelled. " I'll go help his friends save him! Where are they?" the woman said

. " I don't know," Nan said, tears running down her face. She didn't like not being able to help her friend very much. She felt as though she had failed her firend.

"Hush, Nan. It's all right. Fenrir will help me. Please!" the woman said, tenderly. She smiled at Nan and wiped a tear from Nan's face. " I'll find them!" she added as she left the house. Fenrir followed the woman. Nan looked after them.

" Safe journey, Daystar!" Nan whispered.

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