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Tears Down The Sad Sky
by Alys Rysel

The sky was nice that sad night; with all those stars above the Esper's head were a fantastic show to contemplate. But the Esper didn't want to admire the sky, but to find a refuge for his pain. Although the sky gave his white robe a wonderful tone, he just wanted to cry. But he couldn't. "Why everything that I touch ends up so badly?", was Rune's question to the sky, to the unknown thing that created that galaxy.

His heart was full of despair, full of rage, full of pain... The despair came from the death of his good friend Alys Brangwin, who was attacked by a mysterious black wave, cast by the evil –and insane- magician Zio. The rage came from Chaz, her partner, who thought that Alys was only fighting for money – or at least that was what he insinuated. Finally, the pain came from the impotence he felt. He couldn't save his friend, who sacrificed herself for that silly partner. "What's more, it isn't the first time it happens!!", he told himself sharply.

He remembered that moment when he was chosen as the Fifth One. With only fifteen years, he had to handle huge obligations, that weren't appropriate for a kid of his age. Anyway, he accepted almost immediately, thinking that it would be a cool "job". Besides, he hadn't another choice. But he never thought that it would hurt so many people.

He always was a bit insensitive, but learning all those things from ancient ages changed him all. He turned more insensitive and reserved, and when he opened his mouth was to say some bigheaded phrases, that were also part of his "old-him", but this ones were worst than the others. He was too busy receiving the proper training with the Elders. Not that his magic power had always been too small, for the contrary, but to learn how to control all that additional power.

One by one, the few friends he had left him, until a nice Esper gal remained. Tzíe was her name. She tried to help Rune, to give him the support she knew he needed, but that he had never asked. But he ended up hurting her emotionally, so she left him, by his request. How could the Reverent Fifth One receive support from an ordinary Esper?

He also started arguing with his parents, who tired to convince him to mix his obligations with other activities. But the Elders, who thought that the "hope" of all Algo was going by the right path, "silenced" them. And so, Rune was left alone.

The Elders thought it was better for him to train in Motavia, so he left the Mansion. In Motavia, he joined a Hunter and her apprentice, who was Alys. The first time he saw her, he made one of those big headed comments, such as "What can a girl do with us? Will she cook or what?", thing that she answered back with a hateful glance and some good battle technique. He soon learnt to respect her, and soon he liked her.

They were together for some years, like finger and nail, until the Hunter died. Then, feeling that he was needed in Dezoris, he left her, giving no explanation. He disappeared in the night, just as a scoundrel would have done in his place. Something deep down him told him to stay, but he paid no attention to it and left… feeling something strange inside himself.

Back at the Mansion, the things weren't very nice for him. They all treated him distantly, coldly. He saw a look of pity in Tzíe's eyes, a look of sadness in his old friends eyes. The reason? His parents had died some years ago, without seeing his son for the last time. He wasn't able to apologize to them. Instead, he realized, a bit late, all the damage he had done to the others... and to himself. He ruined the good relationship he had had with his parents. He lost the few friends he had. He spoiled the hypothetical love relationship that he would have had with Tzíe, his long time friend, the one that tried to be by his side no matter what. And he left alone another gal, with no one in the world to take care of her, or to support her…

He always knew that what he had of magic power, he lacked it in social interaction; however, this was a big shock for him. He decided to put all his energy on his "work", leaving the social interaction behind.

Time passed, and he knew that all the ones that once were close to him were widespread all around the world. Even Tzíe, full of pain, had left. She knew she had no choice to change Rune, and decided to participate in a mission. He had never seen her again since that day.

He decided to wander through all over the world, with the excuse of gaining experience and memories for the next Lutz, but he really wanted to bury his pain. After all, he was also human and had feelings. And when Dezoris became very familiar to him, he returned to Motavia, wondering if that gal that he had left alone would be all right.

He went on training and wandering, avoiding the cities. He only liked Molcum and Termi. The first one, because there lived a wise motavian, Grandfather Dorin. The second one, because there was a statue of the Heroine, the one the Espers worship. He spent some long years going from town to town, gaining experience in the sandy, silent deserts of Motavia.

And then, he met Alys again. She had changed a bit with the years: her hair was longer; she became very skilled in the "art" of slashers (although he already knew that from townspeople gossip). However, something about her was intact: the same look of her eyes, which showed pain and loneliness. Behind that powerful, intimidating woman there was someone looking for love... or something similar.

She was very surprised of seeing him again. She was traveling alongside a "shorty" Hunter and a scholar, who was anxiously looking for Alshline. Then, he seemed too cheerful, but deep inside him, he was excited. He was in front of the one he left behind so many years ago, and she was still alive. And he felt he had found a thing he was looking for, someone who could understand him. Loneliness is a heavy thing to cope with, but in his job as a Lutz was full-time, without holidays, that was the commonest thing. Of course, he already knew that.

He invited himself to join her group, and she remembered those times when Alys blushed so easily… different times, different situation, but the same fate for both of them: loneliness.

When they arrived to Termi, he decided to leave them. Only that this time he said goodbye and didn't escape like a rat... Again, the sad expression in Alys' eyes... However, he couldn't stay, no matter what.

And then, this. Trying to pick that Holy Artifact, he met Chaz, "Shorty" and his party. He decided to grab the Artifact first, then he would return quickly to Krup. She would be all right…

Sadly, he arrived too late, just to see her dying. Seeing her pretty eyes closing for the last time, her youth spoiled in a sacrifice, her soul at last in peace, at last free of the hostile fate she was given… although there were happy times, loneliness and some "key people" rejection spoiled everything…

And now, he has to look after her young partner, Chaz. It would be a very difficult task. What's more, the beginning wasn't very pleasant, with Chaz thinking that Alys did everything for money…

He's staring at the stars, trying to find an answer to a question that doesn't seem to have one. Some meters far from him, Rika is cheering up Chaz, and he seems to understand, but what about him, Rune Walsh? Only one word comes to his mind. Fate. It's only that. He was chosen to have this life and he accepted it, so now he has to put up with it. But what about Alys? Did she ever choose to loose her parents and having a different life? It couldn't be that... Maybe her sacrifice, her death, could be the event that triggered a reaction in Chaz, in the others, in him. She always made him think about life and fate; she tried to be his companion. Just like Tzíe.

Now the stars seem to have a different bright... A gentle breeze caresses Rune's face so gently, that it seemed like a soft hand. Those stars where he was looking for an answer seemed to invite him to go on, to hold up... Alys died trying to make the world a better place, she didn't even think when she pushed Chaz and got hit by the Black Energy Wave, so why would he give up everything? Especially now, that Alys was no more there? He had to go on, to avenge her death and fulfill her dream: to make the world a bit better… After all, that was the mission of a Lutz. Would he bring shame to Lutz's name and let down certain people? He couldn't do that. No one could ever forgive him if he dared to commit that "crime".

Fate. It had to be the only explanation to their whole lives. Evidently, they were all gathered to fulfill a mission, no matter the costs. Maybe their whole lives have already been "programmed" by someone. Anyway, Rune could feel hope now. Seeing Chaz being a bit happier by Rika's side seemed also to help to recover himself from his depression... Suddenly, it was like he understood everything. Life must go on. A whole solar system is waiting its salvation.

"Maybe someday I can change... maybe not everything that I touch will end up bad…", Rune thought, staring at the "couple" Rika and Chaz made. Just then, a star shone brighter than the others, as if it approved his thought.

"Let's see what fate has in store for us... Alys, wherever you are, please help us", he thought, starting at the shining star.

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